The Amish Rejected Covid Vaccines, Lockdowns and Masks — The Result? 30X Less Deaths

Amish communities rejected Covid vaccines, refused to wear masks, and went about their normal daily activities while the rest of America was turned upside-down.

According to the CDC and mainstream media, the Amish were set to suffer from excess death due to Covid. In reality, the exact opposite happened.

The mainstream media will not touch this story because it completely dismantles the entire establishment narrative. It shows that all the COVID interventions were completely unnecessary.

While mainstream America was suffering through lockdowns, school closures and mask-related madness, the Amish returned to normal in May 2020. Read that again.

The Amish achieved herd immunity before the vaccines were even available.

Even if the vaccine worked and was safe, there was simply no reason for them to take the vaccine because 90% had already been infected in 2020. Taking a vaccine after you’ve already got natural immunity is nonsensical and counterproductive. However, in the US, we were told to get the vaccine even if we recovered from COVID. Many people lost their livelihoods if they did not comply.

How did the Amish achieve herd immunity so fast? They did the exact opposite of what the CDC recommended. They did not watch TV, they carried on with their normal lives, they got enough sunlight (vitamin D) and zinc, and they used drugs like ivermectin if they got sick.


Vatican BACKS Texas bishop who accused Mother Superior of ‘violating her vow of chastity with a priest’: Pope grants him ‘full governing powers’ over her convent after she challenged his authority in $1M lawsuit

Texas bishop who accused the Mother Superior of a convent of committing adultery with a priest has gained key backing from the Vatican, after she filed a $1 million lawsuit challenging his authority.

In a decree on Wednesday, the Vatican granted Forth Worth Bishop Michael Olson ‘full governing powers’ over the Discalced Carmelite Nuns, a small religious order that runs a monastery in Arlington. 

Last month, the nuns’ leader, Mother Superior Teresa Agnes Gerlach, filed a lawsuit accusing Olson of overstepping his authority by storming into the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity, ‘interrogating’ the nuns, and confiscating phones and other devices they use to run the convent.

In response, Olson issued a public statement saying his actions were part of an ‘ecclesiastical investigation’ into allegations that Gerlach had ‘committed sins against the Sixth Commandment and violated her vow of chastity with a priest.’

The nuns had contested Olson’s authority over them, saying that as a Catholic religious order they answer directly to Pope Francis — but the new Vatican decree naming Olson as ‘Pontifical Commissary’ deals a blow to that position. 


Bill To Legalize Psychedelic Mushrooms Advances In California Senate

A bill to decriminalize hallucinogenic mushrooms cleared the California Senate May 24, reaching the halfway point in the state’s effort to legalize the drug, despite increasing opposition by law enforcement and many citizens.

“We shouldn’t be criminalizing people for personal use of these non-addictive substances,” Wiener said in a May 24 statement.

If passed, the bill would allow the cultivation, transfer, and transportation of fungi or other plant-based materials that can be used as ingredients for the drugs, according to the bill text.

Psilocybin is found in a variety of mushrooms and can be produced synthetically. The bill would only allow plant-based psychedelic drugs for use by people 21 years old and older.


Jesus the Jew

…The implications of this short exposé are devastating for Christians and Christianity. Given the total lack of corroborating evidence, we can say with certainty that the miracle-man Jesus did not exist; therefore, Christianity is a farce and the Gospels are at least half fiction. If they contain even a shred of truth, then Jesus was an ordinary Jew whose life mission was to validate Old Testament prophecies and “fulfill the Law,” thus saving his fellow Jews from the evil Romans. In this case, Christians need to admit that they are worshipping a long-dead ordinary Jew who has no ability whatsoever to “save their souls.” Finally, in the case that there was no Jesus character at all, then Paul and the Gospel Jews are flat-out liars and need to be viewed with total contempt.

Any way we look at it, it’s bad news for Christians. Under any plausible scenario, they have been duped into believing in a long-dead Jewish rabbi and his fake sayings—all constructed, years after the fact, by a handful of Jews interested in undermining the hated Romans, and indeed all Gentiles.


Pastor makes a good apology for being wrong about covid vaxxes

He explains why he did it without using that as an excuse. He accepts full responsibility and by making this apology public he makes amends for his mistake. A full Buddhist apology would also include a vow to never be so lax and gullible again, but maybe that’s implied. What astonishes me is it is taking so long for some obviously good and well-meaning people to come to grips with vax malfeasance. ABN

Facebook Cracks Down on Christian Content, Labels It ‘Hate Speech’

Facebook has provoked a widespread backlash after the social media platform deleted Christian content and labeled it “hate speech.”

The issue was highlighted by journalist Billy Hallowell, a former Blaze writer.

Hallowell, a Christian, exercised his religious freedom by posting on Facebook: “Jesus died so you could live.”

However, despite his post reflecting one of Christianity’s core beliefs, Hallowell’s post was deleted by Facebook and he was accused of spreading “hate speech” on the Big Tech platform.

Hallowell shared about this on Twitter, backed up by screenshots, and a comment stating that the incident was “very, very bizarre.”


Father of Deputy Israeli Minister Under Investigation for Sexually Abusing Yeshiva Students

Israeli police are investigating Rabbi Efraim Tessler, father of Deputy Culture Minister Yaakov Tessler and former head of a Jerusalem yeshiva, on suspicion of rape and sexual offenses against students.

The investigation follows a January Haaretz report detailing the sexual abuse suffered by high school-aged students at Damesek Eliezer Yeshiva of the Vishnitz Hasidic community.

Yaakov Tessler, the deputy minister and the rabbi’s son, has not been summoned for questioning or as a witness by the police, even though he was involved in the agreement to exchange 100,000 shekels for a victim’s silence.


Disabled Reverend Mother Superior at Texas Carmelite convent sues ‘pure evil’ local bishop for $1M ‘after he interrogated her while she was high on fentanyl post-surgery and got her to admit to SEX with a priest’

The physically disabled prioress of a Catholic convent in Texas has filed a $1 million lawsuit against a ‘pure evil’ bishop accused of tricking her into sex [admitting] with a priest while she was high on fentanyl while recovering from surgery.

Reverend Mother Superior Teresa Agnes Gerlach, who leads the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity in Arlington, filed the bombshell suit against Bishop Michael Olson in Tarrant County Court.

The suit alleges that in April, Olson burst into the Carmelite convent, where the nuns spend most of their day in devotion and silent prayer, confiscating their cell phones and ‘interrogating’ Gerlach about her alleged sexual affair with an unnamed priest.

Gerlach, who has serious heath issues and uses a wheelchair, said that Olson even grilled her on the matter immediately after a surgical procedure that required general anesthesia, while she was still under the influence of fentanyl. The diocese says she admitted to breaking her vow of chastity, which forbids Catholic clergy from having sex.


The first paragraph above seems to have left out the word admitting, which I added. I may look into this further because it is quite weird. I personally have a lot of respect for Carmelite nuns. If anyone has relevant info, please post in comments or send it in by email. ABN

UPDATE: The article below has more information and clears up the sexual allegation with a clear denial: Carmelite Nuns Sue Fort Worth Bishop Over ‘Grave Misconduct’ in Investigation of Mother Superior.

Although the diocese alleges that Mother Teresa Agnes admitted to violations of the Sixth Commandment, her attorney Matthew Bobo said in a statement provided to CNA that she was “under heavy medication from a procedure” and does not recall what she admitted. 

“They are making it sound like she had some sexual liaison affair with another priest and that did not happen,” Bobo said. 


What people fear most about AI proves Buddhism

What people fear most about AI is: 1) it will lie to us and 2) it will tell us the truth.

The most basic teaching of all Buddhas is: Don’t do bad. Do good always. Purify your mind.

This is worth thinking about deeply because AI has revealed a profound philosophical consilience with Buddhism and Buddhist practice.

If more of us were Buddhists more of us would be prepared for the next stage of AI and human morality/ethics. ABN

There is deep meaning underlying this cartoon. The metacognition of intense identities and ecstatic politics, psycholinguistically, resides in the mind at the same place as religion. All religions are metacognitive categories or top-level rules for the cognitive categories that lie below them—values, intentions, behaviors, etc. Religious anything does not have to be rooted in something from the deep past though most of the traditions we have from the deep past have much to offer. Religion is a way to understand the world and align yourself with it. An important basis of religion is morality. A religion with weak, contradictory, or even absurd, morality must be abandoned or improved. Buddhism is a good religion because it has a strong moral foundation, an excellent philosophy, an accurate description of the human condition, and it is dynamic and open to new information. Putting religious weight on transient identities or political causes is a bad idea because it replaces your best metacognitive categories with lower thoughts. ABN

Young Americans turn to religion in post-covid era

The story of religious trends in America has been one of increasing disaffiliation among younger generations. But a new study reveals an unexpected resurgence of faith among youngsters in a post-Covid era. 

Some young adults had an awakening during Covid as the entire world crumbled around them. They were in search of a higher power to get through the government-forced lockdowns and controlled demolition of the economy, as well as watching loved ones and friends contract Covid-19 that some federal government agencies believe leaked from a Chinese lab.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, a new study commissioned by Springtide Research Institute found about one-third of 18-to-25-year-olds believe in a higher power, up from one-quarter in 2021. The findings were based on polling data from December. 


The essence of religion is insight. The rest is mainly vocabulary. ABN

Kenya starvation cult death toll hits 90 as morgues fill up: ‘Nothing prepares you for shallow mass graves of children’

The death toll from a suspected Kenyan starvation cult climbed to 90 on Tuesday, including many children, as police said investigators were pausing the search for bodies because the morgues were full.

The discovery of mass graves in Shakahola forest near the coastal town of Malindi has shocked Kenyans, with cult leader Paul Mackenzie Nthenge accused of driving his followers to death by preaching that starvation was the only path to God.

There are fears more corpses could be found as search teams unearthed 17 bodies on Tuesday, with investigators saying children made up the majority of victims of what has been dubbed the “Shakahola Forest Massacre.”


Eva Vlaardingerbroek converts to Catholicism

AMSTERDAM — Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a popular Dutch legal philosopher and political commentator who has become well-known in recent years for her criticism of increasingly prominent social ideologies in contemporary Western society, will be received into the Catholic Church along with her father on Sunday. 

Born to a Catholic mother and Protestant father, Vlaardingerbroek, 26, was brought up a Christian, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that fully awakened her to the reality of the spiritual battle the world is facing, and a realization that the Catholic faith is “the most powerful weapon” against the moral relativism of today. 


Linked article contains interview with Eva about her conversion. ABN