More than 500 Orthodox churches to be built in Moscow

Moscow, August 30, Interfax – State Duma deputy Vladimir Resin who oversees the program for the construction of Orthodox churches in Moscow, known as the “program-200”, reported a significant increase in its scale.

“More than a dozen years will pass, and churches will be built. Moscow is developing, Moscow is growing. And if you have churches within walking distance (one church for 20-30 thousand people), of course, then we should not be talking about 200 or 300 churches. And not even about 500 churches,” Resin said during a visiting meeting.

At the same time, he admitted that it has already been possible to achieve the number of churches necessary for local residents in some areas of Moscow.

The program for the construction of Orthodox churches was launched in 2010 on the initiative of Patriarch Kirill. At the time of its implementation, Moscow, according to the estimates of the Russian Orthodox Church, was experiencing a special shortage of churches compared to other regions of Russia.

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Vax mandatory in Archdiocese of Chicago for ‘all employees and clergy’

CHICAGO (LifeSiteNews) — Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich released a new archdiocesan policy, ordering “all employees and clergy” to receive the COVID-19 injections no more than “five weeks” after full approval of “at least one of the three vaccines,” threatening “disciplinary measures” if priests and employees do not comply.  


I see only negative value in an unreasonable order like this. People in authority should trust the people whose lives they influence, not command them to obey or else. This is especially true in this case as Cupich is simply wrong. ABN

Archdiocese of LA nixes religious exemption for vax

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has said it is not providing religious exemption letters to individuals who object to receiving a vaccination against the coronavirus. If all this stuff wasn’t controlled by the same command structure, some power structure somewhere would have our back, even if just by chance. This is what you see when a coordinated intelligence operation spends decades identifying positions of power and influence and targeting them for control.


We are seeing the same phenomenon in the medical profession where the vast majority of doctors and nurses are going along with pseudoscience dictates from agencies, governors, medical boards, and hospitals to not allow effective therapeutics for early covid or even when people have gone to the hospital. I do understand that doctors risk losing their licenses, but is there really no way they can speak up? Weakness and fear from all our important institutions while Fauci strides forward, always wrong, never questioned. He is a psyop media cartoon playing grampa to the gullible. ABN

Unrestricted warfare and traditional America

However you define traditional America, we are at war with both foreign and domestic enemies. Unrestricted warfare means war that is not restricted in any way. The side that fights dirtiest wins. I am not saying we should fight the dirtiest but we must recognize that our enemies are fighting with everything they can. Treason, subversion, infiltration, blackmail, bribery, poison, murder, you name it they will do it. They are doing it.

Traditional Americans have a soft morality derived from Christianity and American political mores. Those rules are useless today. They do more harm than good. We are not going to love, reason, or tolerate our enemies away. We have to be fully aware of what they are doing and how. They are coming at us from every angle. Research the ones you can see and act on your knowledge to expose them or thwart them if you can. We can still win without breaking the law, but we will never win if we remain blind to the violence and mercilessness of the wars being waged against us today. ABN

Mittakali: No Time for Heedlessness

Going forth through conviction
from home into homelessness,
I wandered this place & that,
greedy for gain & offerings.
Missing out on the foremost goal,
I pursued a lowly one.
Under the sway of defilements
I surrendered the goal
of the contemplative life.

Then, sitting in my dwelling,
I suddenly came to my senses:
I’m following a miserable path.
I’m under the sway of
Next to nothing, my life —
by aging & illness.
Before the body breaks apart,
I have no time
for heedlessness.

After watching, as it actually was,
the rising & falling of aggregates,
I stood up with mind released,
the Awakened One’s bidding


How to understand why Buddhist rebirth does not require a self or soul

The basic reason no self or soul is reborn is neither exists independently of the mental universe that gave rise to our illusion of selfhood.

The mental universe within which we all exist is dynamic and so are we. In Buddhist terms, this dynamism is action or karma.

Buddhism does not say we do not exists. It only says that our selves are empty, that they do not ultimately exist. When we die our karma, the mental activity of this life, reconstitutes as a new being ensconced within the larger mental universe.

No one explains this better in modern terms than Bernardo Kastrup. In his essay Making Sense of the Mental Universe, he does not write about rebirth but rather about the conditions of our existence within the mental universe.

Nonetheless, his explanation of a “mental universe” shows precisely how rebirth can occur without there being any soul or pudgala or anything else that flies from the body upon death to transmigrate to another one.

I highly recommend reading the essay linked above. I have no idea if Kastrup is a Buddhist thinker. It’s even better if he is not, if his thinking arrived independently at a place consonant with original Buddhist thought.

Most Buddhists know that even Buddhists have trouble understanding how someone can be reborn without having a soul, self, or pudgala. What did the Buddha even mean by that? I know more than one university professor of Buddhist studies who explains Buddhist rebirth by saying, there is no such thing and neither is there such a thing as karma.

Those professors explain away karma and rebirth by claiming those fundamentals of Buddhist thought are nothing more than the Buddha “using the concepts of his day” to teach his moral doctrines and what amounts to his “atheistic Stoic” philosophy.

I mean no disrespect for the professors. It is hard to understand how something can be reborn and yet be empty of any perduring self or soul.

The essay linked above provides an excellent explanation of how that happens. I strongly encourage Buddhists or people who teach Buddhism or are interested in it to read Kastrup’s essay when you are in a good mood and want to learn something new and really interesting.

This essay can give you another angle on Kastrup’s thinking: Matter is nothing more than the extrinsic appearance of inner experience.

And here are some of my comments on Kastrup’s essay Making Sense of the Mental Universe.

first posted APRIL 2, 2020

Free will and divine intervention

Action in the physical world is a smaller set of options than action within the mind.

Thus, the locus of free will is the mind not the body or its actions.

We always have many options in the mind. Many choices are available for what we choose to think or how we choose to frame something.

A related idea that is not necessarily part of the above is if God or Dharma Protectors or some other being in a higher realm wanted to influence us, they would be most likely to do so by influencing our minds.

This influence could be a subtle guiding of our thoughts, actual channeling of their thoughts, or even a vision when we are alone.

When we are alone because in those moments the influence will be primarily on our minds not our bodies. Our eyes may see and our ears hear, but if no one else is there the influence will ultimately occur in our minds and remain in our minds as memory.

When we are alone because if another person is present and they see or hear the same thing, the influence will impact the physical world to a much greater extent.

It will not be contained within one human mind. Two people will be astounded by it, talk about it, share it with others. This extends the influence well into physical reality causing it to have a much wider impact.

Visions influencing more than one person have happened, but these should not be the standard of proof that events of that type do happen.

Indeed, it makes sense to assume that interventions into human affairs from higher realms happen to individuals far more often than to pairs or groups of people.

This also makes sense from the point of view that the locus of free will is in the mind.

A higher being can influence the mind and the will in this way without causing major distortions in the physical world.

first posted as Free will: its locus is the mind on JUNE 8, 2017

The Persistent and Exceptional Intensity of American Religion: A Response to Recent Research

Abstract: Recent research argues that the United States is secularizing, that this religious change is consistent with the secularization thesis, and that American religion is not exceptional. But we show that rather than religion fading into irrelevance as the secularization thesis would suggest, intense religion—strong affiliation, very frequent practice, literalism, and evangelicalism—is persistent and, in fact, only moderate religion is on the decline in the United States. We also show that in comparable countries, intense religion is on the decline or already at very low levels. Therefore, the intensity of American religion is actually becoming more exceptional over time. We conclude that intense religion in the United States is persistent and exceptional in ways that do not fit the secularization thesis.


Are religious charities a front for something else?

2 dead, 8 injured in downtown Minneapolis shooting. Import Somalia, and don’t be surprised if you get Mogadishu. Interesting sidebar on Somali migrants for the newbies –  You did not see pushes to import Somali migrants before Bush senior went into Mogadishu in the early nineties. I had a relative in Maine way back, just after the Somali adventures, and he talked about the state’s shock at some Christian organization up there who suddenly began importing Somalis en masse into Maine…

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And the cameras were rolling

This is a small cutout from a longer post linked below with excellent background information.

Given what is now public information about the Promethean Panopticon and the Roman Catholic Church’s lavender mafia, it’s not exactly hard to figure out how the abomination that is Vatican II came into being contra centuries of theology and tradition.

…I very much doubt it was “information” that was being shared at the apartment parties. There was almost certainly rather less in the way of “discussion” and rather more in the way of “underage gay discotheque” taking place there.

And the cameras were rolling

Macron receives second letter warning of civil war

‘We are not talking about extending your mandates or conquering others. We are talking about the survival of our country, the survival of your country,’ said the letter, which was addressed to Macron and his cabinet.

The authors described themselves as active-duty soldiers from the younger generation of the military, a so-called ‘generation of fire’ that had seen active service.

‘Civil war is brewing’: Serving French soldiers send Macron another chilling warning following earlier letter from retired generals calling for military action against ‘Islamists’