Xi Jinping warns China is ready to ‘stand guard over world order’ as he holds four-hour Kremlin talks with ‘dear friend’ Putin who says he is ‘open to negotiations’ over Ukraine

Xi Jinping said he was ready to ‘stand guard over a world order based on international law’ as he met Vladimir Putin in Moscow today.

In his first state visit to Russia since the invasion of Ukraine, the Chinese leader spent more than four hours in talks with his ‘dear friend‘ Putin, discussing proposals to end the war previously outlined in a 12-point peace plan.

‘We are always open to negotiations,’ the Russian leader said, welcoming China’s plan to settle his ‘acute crisis’ in Ukraine. 

Xi meanwhile hailed his ‘close ties’ with Russia as Putin said the two countries had ‘plenty of common objectives and tasks’. 

Presented as a ‘journey of friendship, cooperation and peace’, the summit marks the deepening of ties between China and an increasingly isolated Russia, who have relied on Beijing to soften the impact of western sanctions by buying Russian energy and commodities.

The leaders are set to meet again tomorrow for more formal talks. 


More consequences of wrong-headed and aggressive US foreign policy with domestic affairs just as bad or worse. Sanctions and NATO/ neocon aggression in Ukraine has succeeded in pushing China and Russia closer together. This is a disaster especially when compared to what might have been if USA & Europe had formed an alliance with Russia, which properly is a major part of the West, or was. ABN

In September 2019, the Wuhan lab removed all 22,000 viral samples from its website…

In September 2019, the Wuhan lab removed all 22,000 viral samples from the website… So the Chinese government had to know this; George Gao had to know it. He’s there [at Event 201] in October of 2019, with the CIA former Deputy Director [Avril Haines] talking about ‘How do we quiet people when they start talking about it lab leak?’ And she says, quote, ‘Not only do we need to censor them, but we need to flood the zone with authoritative voices,’ which means propaganda.”

.@RobertKennedyJr: The Chinese CDC Director Must Have Known C19 Was Circulating Before Event 201

Full Interview: https://bit.ly/RFKJr-Part2

Originally tweeted by The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) on March 20, 2023.

There is considerable evidence indicating that some actors in USA/ the West cooperated with some actors in China to create covid, release covid, and then hide their cooperation along with the origin of the viral bioweapon. Each side hides their role, or implies the other did it, or states that outright. The evidence Kennedy is pointing out is real and his comments are valid to a point. But overall, the picture of covid origins is still murky. There is also some evidence there was no actual virus and better evidence that if there was/is a covid virus it could only have spread as it did by some group deliberately releasing it at multiple points across the world. ABN

Any force powerful enough to control and orient the levers of reward/punishment gradually comes to control the unthinking, self-seeking, greedy or naive.. which means they control the mass — which means they control the resulting prevailing culture

To the extent that a powerful force is able to largely wrest control over the societal incentives/disincentives – meaning, create a social/career cost to voicing certain things, and a benefit to voicing others – you not only come to control a massive subset of people (‘NPCs’), but you can then sit back and watch them do all of the dirty/difficult work for you.. like a wind up toy, set in motion.

Example – make it virtuous to disempower or speak poorly of White people, and you create a legion of individuals who then craft intellectual justifications as to why this belief is the proper and ‘just’ stance.. a massive swathe of academia, devoting much of their time and energy to ‘showing their work’ to justify this core concept.. fully fleshing out the idea, and it’s how/why.

This *is* how to climb the ladder, after all..

The forces of money/finance/capital helped craft several root-level poisonous ideas, largely subverted the ‘levers’ of reward and punishment, and now sit back and observe their useful idiots – clambering to create the multitude of branches, to fill out this disgusting tree.

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How Much Should You Freak out About AI?

What do modern AI programs do? They do giant math problems. Here’s an excellent video explaining neural networks, the type of program that recent specialized AI systems (like Dall-E, ChatGPT, or self-driving car software) use:

They do a very large, complex arithmetic problem, starting from an input string of numbers, using a set of numbers the program already has (acquired during “training”), and outputting another series of numbers. It’s a huge problem, but it is all just adding and multiplying little numbers.

Now to modernize Searle’s classic Chinese Room Argument: Imagine that we put you in a room with a giant book full of numbers. The book contains, say, 175 billion little numbers. A piece of paper with numbers on it comes in through a slit in the wall. You take the numbers on that paper, start multiplying them by numbers in the book, adding the results to other numbers, etc. It takes you about a million years, but eventually, after doing lots of addition and multiplication, you come up with a string of numbers that is the answer to this huge arithmetic problem. You write those numbers down on another piece of paper and pass them out through the slot in the wall.


Good overview of AI, how it works, why it is not very scary. I personally am optimistic about its potential. At the very least it will be able to provide an excellent second-opinion to anything we humans come up with. The main danger of AI is what could happen if bad people control it, which is not unlikely. My admittedly eccentric hope there is that the machine(s) will reveal to those bad people what jerks they are and also show them how to be kinder and have much more fun. Thus, I favor full steam ahead on AI. One other point is, it is impossible to stop tech developments if only because if we don’t do them someone else will. ABN

Documents Expose Barack Obama Ordered Construction Of Biolabs In Ukraine To Create Dangerous Pathogens

According to a removed web page retrieved by GreatGameIndia, former President Barack Obama pushed an arrangement that resulted in the development of biolabs processing “especially dangerous pathogens” in Ukraine.

The headlines come on the same day that Biden administration operative Victoria Nuland informed the United States Senate that the American government is anxious over biological research centers slipping into Russian control as a consequence of the escalating fighting in Eastern Europe.

Now, we have official confirmation from US Under Secretary that Russia indeed planned to attack Bioweapons labs in Ukraine and that Washington was working with Kiev on dangerous pathogens in those labs authorized by former US President Barack Obama himself.


The Silence of the Shams — Pay Attention to The Specific Silence, and What They are Waiting For

It is good that people are starting to realize the deception in the world of politics, specifically republican politics, by watching what is not done, who does not speak and what is not being said in the aftermath of a visible effort to indict President Trump by a politically motivated New York district attorney.

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence; however, the silence tells you something very specific when it comes to politics.  The corrupt and manipulative political system is designed to test opinion, that is what most professional politicians do before they take a position.  In essence, the ones who wait are the ones who manipulate.

The politicians who wait to express opinions on substantive issues, are the ones who are comfortable operating in the world where manipulation is the tool, and authenticity is something they do not carry.   In the biggest of big political pictures, this approach is what supports the maintenance of the professional political system.

Without manipulation as the primary agenda of focus, politicians do not need consultants, polling, managers or branding groups.  However, when the creation of an artificial premise, the manipulation itself, is the baseline for the character of the principal, all of these systems are needed.  This video by Vivek Ramaswamy has gained a lot of attention, because at the core of the purpose – he is correct.  WATCH:


However, the issue extends well beyond individual politicians; the issue goes all the way through the political apparatus into the systems and institutions itself.   This is one of the reasons why, when you fine-tune your discernment, you can predict “what systems” are carrying “what motives.”