DOJ Asks Judge to Keep Affidavit for Search Warrant Used Against President Trump Sealed from Public Review

If the search warrant affidavit was revealed to the public, the DOJ Lawfare tribe targeting Trump – within the DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD), could not keep the benefit of selective leaks to their media stenographers.  It would be more difficult to frame the narrative.  [DOJ Filing pdf HERE]

On Thursday August 11th, Attorney General Merrick Garland said the justice department was committed to transparency in order to retain their integrity with the American public.  On Monday August 15th, Attorney General Garland asked the court to keep the records sealed.   The six-year pattern continues….


Too little, too late: Disband the CDC now

Dissolve the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Last week, the CDC released updated COVID-19 guidance. The agency now believes we should be taking an individual approach to mitigating our COVID risk. In layman’s terms, we are all Florida 2020 now.


The CDC is so bad it is now glaringly self-contradictory. On it’s covid vax webpage it still claims the vaxxes are “safe and effective” (as of a couple days ago, last time I looked). But on that same page they removed the statement that the vaxxes stay in your upper arm. If they don’t stay in your upper arm, they most definitely are not safe. My partner often says one of the mind-control methods being used on us is everything is so stupid and unreasonable, you have to lower yourself, your intelligence, to be able to follow their idiocy. CDC, FBI, DOJ, DOE are all doing this along with schools, children’s hospitals, doctors, media. It does seem to be a technique and probably also accounts for Biden/Harris/Pelosi as top three closest to the handlers of the presidency. ABN

Chinese police arrest woman for wearing a Japanese kimono during a photo shoot: “You are Chinese!”

This is an excellent example of ancient values, ancient beliefs still alive today. A fundamental principle of all Chinese political thinking is the central importance of the Chinese race. That value or belief comes from Sun Yat-sen, but is based on the historical ethnocentrism of Chinese civilization. My point is not to judge the cops in this video or the woman in the kimono but to alert readers to how common ancient beliefs are and how much they are affecting our world today. There are signs today that China is beginning to close itself off from the world, as it has done in the past. A deep core reason for this, if it is happening, will be the clash of its ancient values against the modern world. ABN