Why China has gone silent: CCP enforces highest level of censorship to stop protests and all information about them

This illustrates the total control of the CCP over information and over China. We saw massive lockdowns of hundreds of millions human beings over the past year in China. A few brief days of protest erupted late last month. Then silence. It is hard to know precisely what is happening now but we can be very sure there is a crackdown even harsher than the lockdowns. Many surely have been arrested, disappeared. ABN

‘Risk/benefit ratio of a booster every two months is beyond upside down’ ~ Dr Robert Malone

It is hard to believe, but the CDC is actually recommending that everyone get a booster every two months. Why is that? Because the CDC wants everyone to think that this is how long people are “protected” after injection.

A new study shows that 94% of the US population were estimated to have been infected by SARS-CoV-2 at least once.

Now, as the new variants of Omicron are even less pathogenic than the last, the risk/benefit ratio of a booster every two months is beyond upside down. But let’s look at some of the more recent studies to back up this “claim.”


Top Republican senator says there’s a ‘much larger story’ behind Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’ on suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop: Ron Johnson teases possible report on social media ‘collusion’ in 2020

  • Top Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson suggested his office could release a timeline detailing alleged social media censorship efforts
  • House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, meanwhile, said investigations could be on the table for Google and Facebook as well  
  • The GOP’s leader on the House Oversight Committee James Comer has demanded Twitter appear before Congress for breaching the First Amendment 
  • It came after Elon Musk said that Twitter was acting on the orders of the federal government when it allegedly censored stories on Hunter Biden’s laptop 
  • Journalist Matt Taibbi Friday began publishing the damning internal documents
  • Taibbi conducted his probe with the cooperation of new Twitter chief Elon Musk
  • Emails showed staffers censoring tweets at the behest of the Joe Biden’s team
  • His campaign made requests for tweets to be taken down – and Twitter complied

It’s obvious Twitter was just one of many media outlets that suppressed and censored news that was crucial to the election and also many other issues. ABN

US outlines four scenarios for Chinese attack on Taiwan

The four courses of action against Taiwan according to the US DOD annual China Military Power Report, include an air and maritime blockade, a limited force or coercive campaign, an air and missile campaign, and a full-scale invasion.

During a joint blockade the PLA could cut off maritime and air traffic, stopping vital imports to force Taiwan’s surrender. 

A limited force or coercive campaign could include computer network or limited kinetic attacks against Taiwan’s political, military and economic infrastructure to induce fear among the public. PLA special operations forces could also infiltrate Taiwan and conduct attacks against infrastructure or leadership targets.

An air and missile campaign could see precision strikes against key government and military targets, as well as communications facilities “to degrade Taiwan’s defenses, neutralize Taiwan’s leadership, or undermine the public’s resolve to resist.”

An amphibious invasion of Taiwan, the fourth scenario, could envision a complex coordinated operation to break through shore defenses, build up combat power along the coastline and seize key targets across the entire island.


A Baseline Understanding Mostly Missing Behind the Twitter Discussion – Govt Influence Over Social Media Influence and the Surveillance State

I am ONE Hour into listening to the Three-Hour broadcast that Elon Musk joined tonight {YouTube Here}, and the amount of cognitive dissonance and circular discussion is off the proverbial charts.

Elon Musk joins the “Twitter Stages” conversation at 01:03:00 of the VIDEO HERE.  Musk noted that in addition to Matt Taibbi he has given the Twitter files to Bari Weiss. However, the debate over what DC bureaucrats did -and are doing- from within the Biden administration, to censor speech, take down social media content and stop information adverse to their political interests, is a futile conversation without the full understanding of the current U.S. surveillance state.

Some of the stage participants on the call with Mr. Musk have self-identified as targeted by the intelligence community, some are under active and ongoing investigation, yet they do not seem to have an understanding of what this U.S. social media surveillance system is.

We cannot fight our way through the issues until we first realize what lies at the root of the problem.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder did not create a weaponized DOJ and FBI; the institutions were already weaponized by the Patriot Act.  What Obama and Holder did was take the preexisting system and retool it, so the weapons of government only targeted one side of the political continuum.

This point is where many people understandably get confused.

Elevator Speech:

(1) The Patriot Act turned the intel surveillance radar from foreign searches for terrorists to domestic searches for terrorists.

(2) Obama/Biden then redefined what is a “terrorist” to include their political opposition.


This describes a major tool used by the usurpers of USA and indicates who some of the perps are. This is one arm of an multigenerational asymmetric war that has been fought against our country for many decades, especially those following WW2. ABN

USA versus Russia

It all boils down to usurpers of USA not wanting Russia and Europe to form an alliance. An alliance between Europe and Russia is the most natural alliance in the world and would mutually benefit both parties immensely. This is so obvious it needs no further explanation. A free USA not controlled by usurpers would obviously want to be part of this great alliance. A free USA would seek to bring it about. Instead, we have seen what our usurpers have done to our elections, our DOJ, our FBI, our social media, our schools, and our MSM. Their rabid desire to destroy Russia and hence a Russia-Europe alliance fits right in with all of that. ABN

FBI Official Admits Agency Colluded Weekly With Facebook To Flag, Take Down Posts

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) met weekly with large social media platforms to collaborate on moderating content, according to a deposition this week from FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan.

Chan, who was one of the two FBI agents who contacted Facebook ahead of its censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop warning of potential Russian disinformation operations, said that the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) officials met weekly with social media companies to remove specific accounts ahead of the 2020 presidential election, according to his deposition cited by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. The deposition was part of a lawsuit filed against the Biden administration for allegedly censoring Americans’ speech in the name of “misinformation” led by Schmitt and Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry of Louisiana.