New study: A simple nasal wash reduces the risk of being hospitalized for COVID by >8X

Executive Summary

A simple nasal wash with a saline solution performed within 24 hours of symptoms done twice daily for 14 days can reduce the risk of being hospitalized for COVID by 8X.

This is much better than Paxlovid (only a 2.5X reduction if you believe the trial data).

This is much better than any COVID vaccine performs in practice and it’s much safer too.


  1. The entire pandemic response was completely unnecessary
  2. This treatment is still being ignored by every mainstream medical institution
  3. Universities should mandate students do nasal washes after getting COVID instead of taking vaccines.

Add Povidone iodine or hydrogen peroxide to the nasal wash and you can do even better. This is a new study but the treatment has been known for a long time. Why didn’t CDC encourage people to do it? ABN

Told an audience in Boise that what we have seen over the past three years has been characterized even at scientific meetings as “evil”

Told an audience in Boise that what we have seen over the past three years has been characterized even at scientific meetings as “evil.” Nothing else explains global therapeutic nihilism, and willful blindness to horrific and fatal safety events. Only one word applies.

Originally tweeted by Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ (@P_McCulloughMD) on October 5, 2022.

Dr McCullough, it’s war. The enemy is hidden but the war and its many battlefronts are obvious. It’s evil, yes. But the reality is it is a war. Covid pseudoscience was and is an attack on the world and especially Western civilization. It is but one of many battlefronts. ABN

Policymakers must pause the roll out. History will NOT be in their side & the public will not forgive them for it

Policymakers must pause the roll out. History will NOT be in their side & the public will not forgive them for it

Originally tweeted by Dr Aseem Malhotra (@DrAseemMalhotra) on October 6, 2022.

I am glad Malhotra is speaking up but much of this was known well over a year ago and strongly expected even before vax rollouts began. There should be thousands of doctors speaking out. They don’t because they are afraid of the “adverse effects” of being honest about the data. Their fear is a symptom of 1) civilizational decline or 2) mind control by a cabal that has taken over Western civilization. ABN

Transpacific Shipping Drops 75% During Peak Season as Joe Biden Energy Inflation Bites and Consumer Spending Collapses

The economic data coming in the past week is in alignment with prior forecasts.  Bottom line, energy driven inflation has collapsed consumer spending, inventories climbing, vendors are cancelling orders, and this is peak season for transpacific shipping- which has now recorded the most rapid drop in history.

A single transpacific container shipment cost $19,000 in 2021, then $14,500 in 2022 as the intentional slowdown began.  Now it’s only $3,900 as entire fleets of cargo shipments are cancelled due to lack of demand by U.S. purchasers.

Folks, get ready…. because it’s not going to get better.  Prior farm costs, an outcome of energy price increases, are now reaching the supply chain. Food costs will continue increasing throughout the holiday season.

All of this has to do with the intentional destruction of the oil, coal and gas industry.  Western national economic collapse is a feature of the Build Back Better agenda. 


This is the economic battlefront of the asymmetric war being waged against Western civilization by those who have infiltrated and usurped elite power. We have seen what the covid/vaccine battlefront has done, what the proxy war in Europe is doing, what the mind-control battlefront is always doing, now this. ABN

The importance of free speech and the danger of censorship

“Official-government-sponsored-covid-and-covid-vaccine-plus-no-early-treatment-science” was pure shit and proves censorship does nothing good for our society and never will. The ignorant and tragic dominance of covid shit pseudoscience from a historical and philosophical perspective should end forevermore the argument that the public cannot deal with real information or that they have to be led by their betters or that what they see and hear must be curated. Voices that support any of that nonsense are not your friends and do not have your good in mind. The lesson from covid is UNIVERSAL for all subjects: censorship is bad and is always going to be bad. Hail the First Amendment in All Its Glory & Wisdom.

I cite covid shit science because the contrast is so glaring and immediate and felt deeply by all of us. The universality of the lessons we learned from covid censorship should never be forgotten but etched in stone. Our power and capacity to speak and listen freely must never be abridged. ABN

CDC confirms USA suffered 338x increase in reports of AIDS-associated Diseases & Cancers in 2021 following COVID Vaccine roll-out

Official data made available by the U.S. Government and Centers for Disease Control strongly suggests that fully vaccinated Americans may be developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or a similar disease that is decimating the innate immune system.

But they are not alone, because further data made available by the UK Government and the Government of Canada suggests the vaccinated population in both of these respective countries are also developing the debilitating condition.


Judicial Watch Uncovers Biden Administration Propaganda Plan to Push COVID Vaccine

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it received 249 pages of records from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) detailing the extensive media plans for a propaganda campaign to push the COVID-19 vaccine…

Digital Media

  • Produce HHS question-and-answer videos featuring local Black doctors discussing the vaccines, how they work, and why the public should get vaccinated
  • Request that Tom Brady create a video with his parents encouraging vaccination (his parents had COVID last year and he has talked about their tough recovery).
  • Create custom partnerships with the social media platforms with algorithms to hit the audience.
  • Launch Hollywood comedy writers video content.


The material uncovered by JW is tons of stuff like the above slice of “Digital Media.” It’s full-on mind-control from many angles. I shudder at the vision of those who thought this was a good idea. I see it as mind-control, subjugating the population, demoralizing and infantilizing them. These themes are consistent across several decades for everything coming down from on-high. They know that by making the public weak, disorganized, uninspired, unable to to unite, they win. In their eyes most people are useless so if millions OD on fentanyl and boredom, it only helps them stay in control. ABN