US offers $1,000 per month to promote vaccines

If you have 5,000 to 100,000 followers, the US government will pay you $1,000 a month to promote COVID-19 vaccines. Along these lines, guys, I have looked at the science recently, and realized I had it all wrong. This vaccine is safe, effective, and will make you immune to the virus – I really think we should all get it. Seriously, I could pimp their vax all day, and this money would never flow my way. These payments are being dished out by the assets of the machine to other assets of the machine. You could be an influencer, play by the rules, and find yourself confused by how, for some reason, none of this money flowed your way. All of this is Cabal funding its control machinery with your money.


The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

This is good film/essay. In today’s world we must construct “parallel structures” of communication in defiance of Big Tech, Big Gov, even Big Pharma and their organs of misinformation and social control, including censorship, isolation, medical mistreatment, and even death. Worldwide the numbers of people killed due to deliberate “failure to treat” or deliberate “perverse treatment designed to kill” rivals the mass murders of any twentieth century totalitarian regime. ABN

Questions about conservative influencers

Rising Republican party influencers got their start at a talent agency run by an Israeli pornographer. Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren, etc. Melisa Cantrone, who was claiming she witnessed election fraud with Rudy is one of them too, so I hope he is aware she might be an actress hired by somebody. Lauren Boebert appears to have a giant back tattoo running from her ass, all the way up her Obliques. So far, I’ve liked her public personae, but that has to be one crazy-ass chick, and she may sadly be owned by somebody, and the whole Shooters Grill and national recognition with news coverage was engineered. Disappointing. I always wondered, she seemed like she was on our side, but how did she get prime placement in the Fake News for a pro-gun restaurant story, unless she was Cabal. So she might betray us, or even the God Emperor at some point if the order comes down. I have no idea what is up with this, but one scenario that should be obvious is desperate girl willing to turn to porn for money does an “audition tape” and then is offered a higher paying job as a conservative influencer which doesn’t require having public sex regularly. She might even have been issued an earpiece too, or even given orders to try and throw herself at Trump to generate a scandal. Once they are owned, you never know. This will be a huge story, and feels kind of like it might be part of the plan exposing how everything is controlled with actors. You see how fake all of this is. This is why they can’t have people who are honest with you get anywhere near that world. If they see this, they will talk to you about it, and word will spread. So anyone honest has to be suppressed and kept from acquiring an audience.


Take everything with a grain of salt, including this. Knowing how easy it is to slur somebody (Donald Trump) or protect somebody (Hunter Biden and dad), we can never be sure of anything in current USA. Sex slurs are among the simplest to do because it’s so easy to find or create compromising material. If someone is on our side, support enthusiastically but unemotionally, always ready to discover they were a plant, a traitor. Information war, unrestricted warfare is all about confusing the enemy, who often is you. ABN

What BOTS look like

Unrestricted warfare includes weaponizing false information as well as pseudoscience, authoritarian mandates, banning effective treatments and more. Covid and the US response to it constitutes an excellent example of how unrestricted warfare is conducted. Notice also the glaring indifference to 100s of thousands of unnecessary, preventable American deaths. ABN

J6 Committee Hearing Has The Same Lawfare Producers, Directors and Script Writers as Christine Blasey Ford “Beach Friend” Hearing

What does Laufman showing up at another political pantomime disguised as a hearing tell us?

It tells us the same Lawfare crew is producing, directing and writing the script for democrats again.  The cast of characters, vis-a-vis witnesses, are different; however, the script is exactly the same.  This is what they do.  This is all political theater, written, directed and produced for public consumption. Nothing more.

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Says a lot about USA

Australian Cartoon watched by kids in America is causing them to speak with an Australian accent. Look at the power of MK Ultra. It is like that researcher who spoke of studying Macaques monkeys for the Agency as part of MK Ultra, and finding monkeys who saw a high status monkey, reprogrammed their own brains without thinking to mimic everything that monkey did, as part of a subconscious fake-it-to-make-it psychological design of the brain. I see much of it now in super hero movies (Deadpool is one example), where the hero is a clueless goof, ignores what threats he sees in front of him, takes nothing seriously, pursues reckless Hail Mary’s, focuses on smart-ass one-liners, his power is a gift from the sky rather than the result of years of diligent practice and effort, and he always gets a lucky break that just hands him victory at the end.


Chinese see Americans as lazy, sloppy, disorganized dreamers. Xtianity, sorry to say, encourages weakness and over-reliance on Divine intervention. Most Americans, are descended from peasants, grunt labor, and former servant/serf/slave classes. Accustomed to underling stations, we inflate far too much for even small status upgrades. We’re easy to program and easy to lead off the cliff. ABN

The left broke Kavanaugh

Filed under “war.” Recognize that most of America has been Kavanaughed. This is how we lost all of our high-ground: media, Big Tech, DC/DS, all of academia. Study covid to see how mind-control works. Think back to when you were a student; who encouraged you in your studies, who misdirected you? ABN

This was about disabling the non-Cabal kids with potential

Jeffrey Epstein ‘befriended’ his first victim with Ghislaine Maxwell at an exclusive $38,000-a-year arts camp in Michigan when she was 13 years old, under the guise of them offering scholarships to artists. This was about disabling the non-Cabal kids with potential. I’ll bet this girl was a gifted artist, in addition to being pretty, and if it had been a meritocracy, she would have taken a high position in the world. These wolves got around, and started targeting kids early to control who rose, what with that picture of Jon Benet Ramsey at a kiddie beauty pageant, with Ghislaine just happening to be talking to somebody in the background.  Poor Jon Benet’s photographer was even nailed on Child Porn recently, and I’ll bet his positioning was no accident, and he was greenlighted to molest certain kids. This machine has really been a threat to any non-Cabal member’s kids, if they had any sort of potential. And it was lurking everywhere.


Consider how easy it is to identify high intelligence in infants and young children. Intelligence shows early and is very stable throughout life. So if you want to conquer a nation without anyone even knowing what you are doing, you take out the talented kids and young people. By high school it is obvious who has ability and is independent-minded. These are people you do not want in power. Take them out while at the same time promoting manipulable mediocrities. Within a few generations, you will own that country by controlling the mediocrities you promoted. Don’t expect any of this to be glamorous. It’s a dirty, smelly, sociopathic way of waging war. See Military thought experiment Parts 1, 2, 3 for a more detailed explanation of how this was done.

Also, those people who hate Boomers or any other American generation, realize that what you hate is the result of what is described above. The people you hate were promoted by an unseen enemy while the people you would have admired have been maimed, made crazy, socially destroyed, or even killed. Think like the enemy for a moment: isn’t it better to keep damaged people alive rather than kill them? For the rest of their lives they will be ineffectual and disappoint everyone. Hating a generation is playing into the hands of the enemy just as much as if you had consciously signed up to be the “useful idiot” you are. ABN