Chinese and American COOPERATION on CREATING covid virus & pandemic described by RFK Jr

@RobertKennedyJr tells @jimmy_dore the CIA, DOD, and Tony Fauci taught Chinese military scientists how to build weapons of mass destruction. Then Bill Gates, a former CIA director, and China’s CDC director collaborated on how to censor a lab leak at Event 201 in Oct. 2019:…

Former CIA Director Avril Haines and China’s CDC Director George Gao discuss censoring a lab leak at Event 201 in Oct. 2019:

“My staff told me that there is misinformation. Some people believe that this is man-made or a pharmaceutical

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Let’s talk Covid controversy! Which of my scientifically controversial takes do you support? ~ Dr Simon Goddek

Covid is simply a rebranded flu that has been around long before 2020. The Chinese Communist Party, along with the Gates Foundation and other global players, carried out a PsyOp to hold the world hostage so that a Great Reset could be implemented.

The increase in mortality rates is solely due to the spread of fear and panic, as well as the implementation of arbitrary measures. It was known that staying home alone, avoiding sunlight, and neglecting exercise would increase the chances of premature death.

Without Drosten’s fraudulent Covid PCR protocol, Covid would have been perceived only as a common cold. The test is the pest.

Béchamp’s theory was right all along. It’s time to return to true science and reconsider the foundations of virology because it is not a genuine science. In my opinion, good sanitation, sunlight, exercise, and nutrition are the keys to good health.

The lab leak debate is a mere distraction from the pressing issues we face. We are constantly changing our stance, and those responsible for gain-of-function research have yet to face any consequences. If the evidence is truly compelling, why are Daszak and Fauci still at large?

Masks lack a scientific basis and harm one’s health. Breathing in fungi and microplastics while elevating CO2 levels in the blood is known to have negative effects on health. Corrupt scientists like Fauci and Drosten were aware of this and warned against it until 2020, but they have since changed their stance.

The purported Covid vaccines are gene therapies that cause more harm than good. The overwhelming evidence suggests that they can cause cardiac issues, weaken the immune system, and result in higher mortality rates, particularly among younger individuals. There are valid reasons why Pfizer and other companies refuse to be liable for vaccine damage and have resorted to pressuring governments worldwide.

You are the CO2 that Bill Gates wants to reduce. He is only interested in power, and couldn’t care less about your health.


I am not convinced on paragraph one. Analyses do show covid originated in a lab. I also am not at all sure of how much if any cooperation existed between Western and Chinese actors. China had strong motives to release covid due to losing the trade war with Trump. Western actors had strong motives to remove Trump from office. This explains the timing of covid, not necessarily deeper motives underlying it. I can see some sort of plausibly deniable cooperation between China and Western actors in and around government.

A major point is how covid spread and why it spread so quickly. This seems to indicate that covid was deliberately released again and again. Recall how quickly Omicron spread from a corner of South Africa, or how quickly Monkeypox spread (and then was dropped from the psyop because few were frightened by it). I suppose the spread of covid could have been a medical-testing illusion/psyop. Besides these points, I agree with the above. ABN

Army spied on lockdown critics: Sceptics, including our own Peter Hitchens, long suspected they were under surveillance. Now we’ve obtained official records that prove they were right all along

A shadowy Army unit secretly spied on British citizens who criticised the Government’s Covid lockdown policies, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Military operatives in the UK’s ‘information warfare’ brigade were part of a sinister operation that targeted politicians and high-profile journalists who raised doubts about the official pandemic response.

They compiled dossiers on public figures such as ex-Minister David Davis, who questioned the modelling behind alarming death toll predictions, as well as journalists such as Peter Hitchens and Toby Young. Their dissenting views were then reported back to No 10.

Documents obtained by the civil liberties group Big Brother Watch, and shared exclusively with this newspaper, exposed the work of Government cells such as the Counter Disinformation Unit, based in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and the Rapid Response Unit in the Cabinet Office.


Elon Musk slams NY Times for ignoring his exposé of how Twitter censored Hunter Biden laptop – as woke outlets including Washington Post, CBS News and ABC all avoid the story too

  • Musk promoted the ‘Twitter Files’ on Friday – which some outlets have ignored 
  • The Files contain leaked Twitter correspondence about the Hunter Biden laptop
  • The NYT and Washington Post are two major outlets that had not covered them 
  • Publications that had covered the files include: POLITICO, CNN and NBC
  • NBC dampened the news by suggesting the emails didn’t reveal anything new

MSM is not covering these revelations because they were doing it too. Simple as that. Their not covering shows how widespread the problem of mind-control through fake news is in USA. I bet FB, Reddit and all the other social media will ban, shadow-ban, cancel, or downplay this huge story as well. Buddhists, if you ever wondered how and why delusion causes the First Noble Truth of “suffering” or “stress,” you can see it now in all its massive glory. A major psyop has been exposed and the perps pretend nothing has happened. ABN

UPDATE: Elon Musk says Twitter’s censorship of Hunter Biden laptop story was the ‘definition of election interference’ and that firm ‘was acting as an arm of the DNC’ and Liberal journalists rush to smear reporter Matt Taibbi for releasing Elon Musk’s explosive ‘Twitter Files’ that exposed censorship of Hunter Biden laptop. ABN

Breaking the Voting Psyop Addiction

Every election cycle offers up the same replay loop from hell. A globalist puppet mouths recycled platitudes while the crowd jumps up and down like mentally challenged “Price is Right” contestants. “Hope and Change,” “Make America Great Again,” “Build Back Better”- this time it’s going to be different. It’s worse than Lucy repeatedly pulling the football away from Charlie Brown at the last second. In the US voting hustle, after Charlie’s flat on his back, Lucy beats him over the head with a ball peen hammer. Yet people still vote.

Like Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX crypto scheme, the Ukraine money laundering war, and the covid virus/mRNA bioweapon attack- voting is another scam in the Empire’s wealth transfer/population control playbook. Participating in this scam only enables the abuser. It’s like playing blackjack in a casino owned and operated by Goldman Sachs, and expecting to win the jackpot. Not only is the game rigged, but the buffet’s contaminated with salmonella, the hookers have crotch rot, the bartender waters down the drinks, and the floor show is Zelensky in drag playing the piano with his penis. Oh wait a minute, we’re really in that casino. And they chain-locked all the exits.


Dark humor very well done, fun read. ABN

From our deposition of Fauci yesterday in the MO v. Biden case

1/ UPDATE: from our deposition of Fauci yesterday in the MO v. Biden case. Fauci confirmed that in Feb 2020, Fauci sent Clifford Lane, his deputy at the NAIAD, as the U.S. representative for the WHO delegation to China. Lane convinced Fauci we should emulate China’s lockdowns.

2/ The CCP had announced China had contained the virus through draconian lockdowns–a claim now known to be false. Given the China’s pattern of falsified information, Lane and Fauci should have approached this claim with skepticism. Lockdowns were wholly untested & unprecedented.

3/ As our lawyer, @Leftylockdowns1 put it, Fauci “was apparently willing to base his lockdown advocacy on the observations of a single guy relying on reports from a dictator.” Not exactly a double-blind randomized trial level of evidence, or indeed, any level of evidence.

4/ Days after Lane returned, WHO published its report praising China’s strategy: “China’s uncompromising and rigorous use of non-pharmaceutical measures [lockdowns] to contain transmission of the COVID-19 virus in multiple settings provides vital lessons for the global response.

5/ “This rather unique and unprecedented public health response in China reversed the escalating cases,” the report claimed. My colleague @jeffreyatucker at the @brownstoneinst gave a tongue-in-cheek gloss of WHO’s misty eyed report: “I’ve seen the future—and it is Wuhan.”

6/ Lockdowns quickly spread from China to the West, as a troubling number of Western apologists besides the WHO also looked to the Chinese Communist Party’s covid response for guidance.

7/ The U.S. & U.K. followed Italy’s lockdown, which had followed China, and all but a handful of countries around the globe immediately followed our lead. Within weeks the whole world was locked down.

8/8 From the very beginning, the evidential basis for this global policy catastrophe was always paper-thin.

We are now living in the aftermath.

More details and background on this case here…

Originally tweeted by Aaron Kheriaty, MD (@akheriaty) on November 24, 2022.

Emulating Chinese lockdowns on such flimsy evidence smells of a psyop with built-in plausible deniability. This adds to the suspicion that some people in USA cooperated with China on causing/creating the pandemic. China cannot be blamed for the US then making the pandemic a disaster by our terrible response to it. Banning early treatments, Remdesivir in hospitals, and injecting children with the synthetic mRNA are strong evidence of hybrid war against the American people, especially when paired with ferocious power aggrandizement. We are not at the point where we can identify who the top American actors were but we can see who many of the lesser ones are. ABN

“This Is Unprecedented”: Enron Liquidator Overseeing FTX Bankruptcy Speechless: “I Have Never Seen Anything Like This”

FTX’s new CEO and liquidator, John Ray III,  who also oversaw the unwinding and liquidation of Enron, admits that “Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information as occurred here.”

And just in case his shock at FTX’s fraud of epic proportions was not quite clear enough, he adds that “from compromised systems integrity and faulty regulatory oversight abroad, to the concentration of control in the hands of a very small group of inexperienced, unsophisticated and potentially compromised individuals, this situation is unprecedented.”


Article has a good overview backed by details. It was big-time fraud. Repercussions unpredictable, ultimate perps and reasons for no govt oversight to be determined (or more likely deep-sixed). Sort of looks like a super-size laptop from hell, which conveniently it overshadows. Timing, psyop, FTX is going to overshadow and hide many things. ABN

‘God knows we need a better understanding what we’re up against’ ~ Michael T Flynn

The Patriot Act of 2001 made it legal to spy on Americans. Obama made it policy to spy and do psyops on Americans. Flynn was targeted immediately after Trump was elected because he knew too much. Pence aided and abetted his downfall while also subverting the Trump presidency. The Russia collusion hoax was a psyop, as was the Mueller “investigation,” as were 2x impeachments, and election fraud. This stuff never stops and is always in your face all the time unless you live alone in the woods. Covid is/was a psyop, ditto the vaxxes, lockdowns, banning good treatments, perverse incentives for hospitals to murder people with bad treatments, etc. If you are afraid to talk about it, it’s probably a psyop. In today’s psyop American clownworld, a grown man dressed as a woman can flash his dick to children in school but we are all afraid to talk about who is in control of our country. ABN