“This is evil at the highest level”: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings

From a KOBK point of view, this phenomenon of top-down evil can be seen as part of a ruthless endgame to enslave and kill much of the world’s population. This is what Michael Yeadon has described as his greatest fear and it is well-worth considering. In Yeadon’s view, mass murder will come with booster shots that are more deadly than what is being used now. Another way to view this from a KOBK point of view is the vaccines are noise being used to divide and anger the public, setting multiple factions against each other which thus police themselves. The signal is escalating power-aggrandizement by top Western powers through health agency dictates designed to distract the public from the rollout of Central Bank Digital Currencies and a “social credit system” that permits them to spy and control even more. Either way, top elites will secure more power over even more subjugated populations. A bright side of this is the totalitarian world government that will result possibly will not be horrible and may even be sort of good. I do not want any of this to be happening and I am not advocating for any of it in any way. I am simply describing what I think is happening. ABN

If you know everything about everybody and you know how everybody is connected to everybody else, can you know for certain who is at the top?

[This essay provides an essential background for understanding KOBK (Kill-or-be-Killed) game-theory on both the interpersonal and societal levels. Like all psychological phenomena, KOBK is fractal, potentially operating at all levels of society: from the individual to the social collective. ABN]

For the most part, you can’t.

Look at it this way—how does someone like Dick Cheney, say, know he knows what he is doing, or was doing as vice-president? [This essay was written in 2012, hence the reference to Cheney. No other references are dated.]

He had a semiosis about what he was doing and where he stood within the American political/military hierarchy, but how did he know that that semiosis wasn’t a front for another semiosis (game plan) hidden behind it? How would someone like Cheney find out that there was no other game plan hidden behind the game plans he knew about?

I don’t think he did know or could have known. Did Cheney realize that? Does he realize it now? I can’t answer.

One way someone like that could get information that shows he at least knows a lot, if not the whole thing, is to exercise power. If someone can exercise power and not be stopped, they can be kind of certain that the semiosis they are working within is “true.” Their game plan worked, so there is a greater chance they are in control than if it had not worked. But how can they be certain? I don’t think they can be.

Take another example: A crime boss in the 1980s might have done his thing for years believing all the while that he had the system figured out. Because he kept getting away with his crimes (because he was able to continuously exercise power without being stopped), he may have come to believe that his game plan worked, that he was at the top of his power structure, that his semiosis was “true.”

But we know that many of those bosses in the 1980s were wrong. For years their phones and meeting places were bugged, leading to successful prosecutions under RICO laws. The bosses thought that they had found a way to distance themselves from the nitty gritty of their crimes, but they were wrong. Their game plan (their semiosis) was wrong.

So, law enforcement and the courts had a better game plan, a “truer” semiosis. But how did they know the real quality of their semiosis? Sure, they busted the Mafia, but did they bust all of it and who did they not even look at? How do they know that there aren’t more gangs or secret societies that may even now be controlling them?

I don’t think they do know or even can know. Before you start thinking I am paranoid, consider that behind-the-scenes control of American politics, or any politics, is common; Tammany Hall, Mafia control of NYC politics decades ago, Hoover’s denial that the Mafia even existed, the current state of our two-party “political” system, Libor, etc.

A similar sort of analysis can be applied to news. The problems politicians have with really knowing the deep game plan or ever speaking about it filters through our less-than-perfect news media to be consumed by citizens as bits of information structured into stories that are easy to follow. The American people do not govern themselves but rather at most serve as a weak brake on groups at the top who do almost anything they want.

How do those groups know which one is on top? I am not sure they do. Is NSA domestic surveillance actually an attempt to find out?

If you know everything about everybody and you know how everybody is connected to everybody else, can you know for certain who is at the top?

If so, that will be a first in human history. I do recognize it is possible, though there would be problems with who controls the data, who analyzes it.

A basic point I want to make in this post is that power is very much about meaning, about semiotics. If you can exercise power and not be stopped, you know something about your semiosis. That sure as heck is not the Buddhist way to go about it, but that is the way a great deal of power and semiotics actually works in this world. Power defines meaning.

When this function of power and meaning gets down to the levels of ordinary people, it greatly affects what we say to each other and how we think about each other. Basically, far as I can tell, it causes most people to live in fear because we all know that if we say anything unusual, other people will start wondering about us. If we say the wrong thing, someone will be offended and talk behind our back, or worse.

So it becomes dangerous to say a great many things, or at least very difficult. Almost every subject of real interest is shrouded in semiotics that permit just a couple of standard views. Don’t like Obama, vote for Romney, what’s your problem?

I point all of this out because it is crucial for understanding who we are to understand how ideas, semiotics, and cultures are formed. We live in hierarchies. In hierarchies, the top people determine a great deal of the semiotics of that society. They further their semiotics and prove it to themselves by exercising power. Those people themselves cannot really ever be certain that they know their true position in the hierarchy. How much less can ordinary people expect to know the truth of the semiotics that trickles down to them?

Not everything is stuck in a culture you can’t control and can’t be sure of, but most/much of it is.

In this context, FIML practice allows partners to examine and discuss all aspects of the semiotics they hold in common or as individuals. Since FIML provides partners with a very good level of interpersonal certitude and the means to reinvigorate this certitude at any time, FIML allows partners to say what they want to each other without being misunderstood. It provides a freedom of speech and expression that allows the mind to bloom in ways that normal adherence to normal cultural semiotics cannot.

Just as politicians and powerful people can never be sure they know what others are thinking or where they stand, so ordinary people can’t either. All of them are trapped in the semiotics of their culture, which is usually a hierarchy. It is only through FIML or FIML-like techniques that individuals can free their communication systems from the need to create meaning through self-assertion or submission.

first posted as How do we know where our semiotics come from? on JULY 25, 2012

Australian hospitals using IVM only for vaxxed in spite of banning it for early treatment

Originally tweeted by InterBang (@InterBang) on September 12, 2021.

Unconfirmed info but sadly believable. There has been a gradual takeover of the Western world starting many decades ago with infiltration into all of our major institutions, including health agencies. Much of this was invisible to most people unless they had personal experience with takeover techniques. When Pence stabbed Flynn in the back and MSM went full bore “Russian collusion,” the takeover became glaringly visible as the coup d’etat it was and is. Mueller and Vindman followed as obvious tools of the coupists. Now we are 18 months into covid mind-and-body-control and open authoritarianism, clearly approaching violent totalitarianism. The covid shot, which does not work, is an “ideological test.” Take it and you pass. Don’t take it and you will be purged, fired from your job. The effect will be even more totalitarianism in all of our major institutions. ABN

AUSTRALIA: Rescue dogs SHOT DEAD to stop possible covid violations

Rescue dogs shot dead by NSW council to stop rescuers from violating COVID restrictions to care for them. Imagine how terrified these council people must have been over losing control, that they would order dogs be killed out of fear somebody might violate one of their dictates. We really need to send this story global and commit their names to history.


Totalitarianism is always like this. It is never reasonable but always deeply skewed toward fanaticism, total control, and subjugation through disordered thinking. Weird rules are imposed by force and changed frequently to again be imposed by force. Eventually, the strongest members of the population are jailed, killed, or declared mentally ill, while the remainder are rent demoralized and frightened. As totalitarianism starts, so it continues only getting worse… ABN

Federal agency redefines science to “approve” medical treatment

Science, can mean many things,” a top agency official said this morning. “In today’s world definitions are more fluid than in the past when we were oppressed by unilateral, one-size-fits-all definitions.”

By way of example, the official, who prefers to remain anonymous, explained that the words “approve” or “approval” can be interpreted in many ways. “It all depends on what your perspective is. Do you approve of fairness or truth? I hope so. We do.”

Since it is “true” that many people want the unproved medical treatment approved, the agency determined that it is “only fair” that the medical treatment be “approved” without further delay. “Science cannot be allowed to stand in the way of fairness or justice,” the official said. “That would constitute pseudoscience.”

“We believe that approval is the only just decision that can be made right now, from our point of view.”


Pharmacies practicing medicine, interfering with doctor-patient relationships

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This happened to me twice with two unrelated pharmacies. They both asked what’s it for and then refused to fill because “not FDA approved.” One of the pharmacists agreed it was bad policy, but said there was nothing she could do about it. Besides these material problems, bad USA covid policies have ruined trust in US health care. We are witnessing severely “captured agencies & institutions” (including the entire federal government and many states) in real time, a most dangerous and ludicrous situation. One could argue the ludicrousness of these conditions is deliberate as it causes extra strong Stockholm Syndrome. ABN

Dr Malone on the ignoble “noble lie” and its dire consequences for public health (and trust)

The basic problem with this noble lie is it does not improve public health but rather harms it greatly. If the vaccines were very good and if all the other bad covid policies they have been lying about were very good, the noble lie could be morally and medically justified if the public is so stupid it is not capable of understanding the truth. Since none of that is true, the noble lie is a complete failure in itself and, what’s worse, its ramifications will continue causing widespread harm for many decades to come. ABN

Here is the full video. The segment isolated above starts at 1:53:12.

Strong covid video promoting Australia Rally August 21, 12pm

OK – this video has a super powerful message and a lot of it rings true. I don’t agree with all of it – but it is worth watching and thinking hard about. Detangling the hyperbole from just how bad things actually are – is difficult now for me.

Originally tweeted by Robert W Malone, MD (@RWMaloneMD) on August 19, 2021.

I hesitated to put this vid up because it is a bit sensationalist, but it’s also good for all of us to push our imaginations beyond normal limits. It’s quite likely we are on the verge of digital tyranny leading to world depopulation and slavery. Does not hurt to at least consider that picture. I agree with Malone’s comments above. ABN

EXC: Top Anti-Audit Democrats Took China Trips Sponsored By Communist Influence Group

‘NewDEAL Leaders’ – a network of progressive state and local officials including those suppressing audits of the 2020 election – has collaborated extensively with a Chinese Communist Party-backed influence group seeking to “neutralize opposition” to the regime, The National Pulse can reveal.

Alumni of the program also include Joe Biden’s Secretary of transportation Pete Buttigieg and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. Among the current chairs of the coalition, which “identifies, cultivates, and provides policy support to a network of 175 rising state and local Democrats,” is Delaware Senator Chris Coons, dubbed the “Biden Whisperer” and a “power player” among the president’s inner circle by Politico.

NewDEAL’s leaders include several high-profile Democratic leaders involved in the suppression of 2020 election audits such as Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. All three officials spoke at the group’s 2021 Annual Leaders Conference.


Strong analysis of USA planned chaos (“increasing ambiguity”) in Afghanistan

Watch Lara Logan explain in general what is going on in Afghanistan and then read the text below and follow that link for a more detailed analysis. ABN

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Based on current political alignment, alliances, and the ideology behind who is in charge of specific U.S. government agencies, it can reasonably be assumed someone (insert Obama here) wants Pakistan and Iran to have advanced military technology via the stolen weapons we leave behind in Afghanistan.  Why? Because those same people already made money selling advanced military tech to Iran, and this ‘crisis’ provides cover when it shows up later in their arsenal.

Logan’s analysis of information war (and implied unrestricted war) is clear as a bell. If there is a second part to her interview, I hope to find it and post it. Savvy readers know there is a long list of DS/IC manipulations besides this one; election fraud and covid being just two other big ones. Will a war with China over Taiwan be next to “increase ambiguity” and keep the public always confused? If China was in on our election steal and also on the release of covid, a war over Taiwan would conceal all of it long enough for most people to forget everything. ABN