James O’Keefe Confronts FBI Stenographer Adam Goldman

The New York Times and Politico represent the best interests of the DOJ and FBI.  The Washington Post represents the interests of the CIA and ODNI.  CNN represents the interests of the U.S. State Dept.   These are the public-private media partnerships that have evolved over decades, and the outcomes are consistent.

Adam Goldman is a man of notoriously slimy disposition, who operates as a New York Times stenographer for the administrative state.  Goldman loves to see the targeting of Americans by the DOJ and FBI apparatus and is intoxicated by his perceived assistance in the destruction of others.  Goldman genuinely gets pleasure in seeing his targets suffer under the weight of the U.S. justice system. It brings him joy.

After Adam Goldman and the DOJ/FBI worked together in the operation to target James O’Keefe (Ashley Biden diary), O’Keefe is dragging the relationship out into the open. Goldman does not like it when the table are turned, and he becomes the target of sunlight.  WATCH:


Public semiotics: how they are used and controlled

Public semiotics are semiotics known to many people, semiotics that many people within a society or culture will respond to in similar ways.

Some examples of public semiotics are conventions in literature, film, news, customs, clothing, language use, courtship styles, and so on.

In film and literature, most viewers recognize the semiotic difference between first- and third-person narratives as well as typical plot-lines such as “the individual against the group,” “the individual who overcomes a tragedy,” or simply “good versus bad.”

Viewers responses are controlled by these narratives through expectation, emotion, and habit. Due to their short lengths, most popular films rely very heavily on a single strong emotion for narrative effect, while serious literature generally deals with more complex themes.

A recent scholarly study of US politics came to some conclusions about public semiotics and our perceptions of them that are not likely to surprise readers of this site.

The study and an interview with one of its authors can be found here: Scholar Behind Viral ‘Oligarchy’ Study Tells You What It Means.

In the interview co-author Gilens has this to say about the study:

I’d say that contrary to what decades of political science research might lead you to believe, ordinary citizens have virtually no influence over what their government does in the United States. And economic elites and interest groups, especially those representing business, have a substantial degree of influence. Government policy-making over the last few decades reflects the preferences of those groups — of economic elites and of organized interests. (Source: same as above. This source has the study as well as the interview.)

What this study says about public semiotics is the public does not control them. Rather, the public is controlled by them.

Interestingly, the study left out some of the main ways that public semiotics are controlled by elites. Public semiotics are not just controlled by interest groups and lobbies influencing legislation, they are also greatly controlled by:

  • elite control of the media
  • elite control of which topics the media covers
  • elite control of presidential debates by the Democratic and Republican parties through the Commission on Presidential Debates
  • elite control of members of congress by the parties they “represent”

In the linked interview, which is well-worth reading, Gilens mentions non-business lobbying groups, but does not say who they are.

If we do not understand that our public semiotics come from somewhere—that many of them are created and maintained by special interest groups—we will fail to understand how we are manipulated by them.

As this study shows, voting for a very limited selection of candidates who rarely, if ever, fulfill their very limited campaign promises is an exercise in public hypnosis. It is a complex semiotic that fosters the illusion of participation where there is none.

I do not think any of this will change. But I do think it is important for individuals, and especially FIML partners, to understand where the semiotics that jostle around in their heads are coming from. As individuals, we can have great control over what we believe, value, do, and understand about human life, and need not be controlled by the self-serving agendas of others.

It is important to understand that much of what is construed as “public life” is actually a complex mix of semiotics consciously controlled by people who work to create and maintain illusions of plots and themes in the world in much the same ways that plots and themes are created and maintained in film.

first posted APRIL 23, 2014


Since the war broke out in February, experts have been struck by a convergence in Russian and Chinese media narratives. While some of the convergence was likely happenstance, occurring when storylines aided both governments’ goals, documents found in a trove of hacked emails from Russia state broadcaster VGTRK show that China and Russia have pledged to join forces in media content by inking cooperation agreements at the ministerial level.

bilateral agreement signed July 2021 makes clear that cooperating on news coverage and narratives is a big goal for both governments. At a virtual summit that month, leading Russian and Chinese government and media figures discussed dozens of news products and cooperative ventures, including exchanging news content, trading digital media strategies, and co-producing television shows. The effort was led by Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communication and Mass Media, and by China’s National Radio and Television Administration.

In the propaganda agreement, the two sides pledged to “further cooperate in the field of information exchange, promoting objective, comprehensive and accurate coverage of the most important world events.” They also laid out plans to cooperate on online and social media, a space that both countries have used to seed disinformation, pledging to strengthen “mutually beneficial cooperation in such issues as integration, the application of new technologies, and industry regulation.” 


World Economic Forum cancels Twitter, directs followers to Chinese social media apps

Prior to its upcoming conference in Davos next month, the World Economic Forum (WEF) appears to have joined the cancel campaign against Twitter, while continuing to recommend Chinese state-controlled social media apps to “follow along” with Davos Man into the future.

To stay up to speed with all that is happening within the invite-only doors of the ruling class confab, the WEF recommends following along through a handful of social media sites. They include the U.S.-based narrative-compliant Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, along with the Chinese social media apps TikTok WeChat, and Weibo. Twitter, which has freed itself from the grasp of the WEF-endorsed censorship-compliant social apps, is no longer included.


Anyone and everyone who wants to censor free-speech is an enemy of civilization. ABN




– By censoring info that was true but inconvenient to U.S. govt. policy
– By discrediting doctors and other experts who disagreed
– By suppressing ordinary users, including some sharing the CDC’s *own data*

2. So far the Twitter Files have focused on evidence of Twitter’s secret blacklists; how the company functioned as a kind of subsidiary of the FBI; and how execs rewrote the platform’s rules to accommodate their own political desires.

3. What we have yet to cover is Covid. This reporting, for The Free Press, @TheFP, is one piece of that important story.

4. The United States government pressured Twitter and other social media platforms to elevate certain content and suppress other content about Covid-19.


 Twitter Files Part 9

State Governments caught censoring “election misinformation” using Twitter Partner Portal to unconstitutionally censor 1st Amendment rights of American citizens

1/After President Trump won in 2016, the Democrat Party pushed the Russia Collusion narrative to delegitimize his administration

Many federal, state, and NGO entities ramped-up censorship efforts online in the name of stopping “foreign interference” 

2/California passed Elections Code §10.5, which created the Office of Elections Cybersecurity in 2018 to “educate voters” with “valid information” through empowering election officials (“OEC”)

This mandate quickly and predictably devolved into a political weapon for censorship 


Twitter Files collected

Twitter Files 9 – State Governments caught censoring “election misinformation” using Twitter Partner Portal to unconstitutionally censor 1st Amendment rights of American citizens:

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1605317665387577345 (Dec. 20 2022)

Twitter Files 8 – How Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp Campaign:

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1605292454261182464 (Dec. 20 2022)

Twitter Files 7 – The FBI & the Hunter Biden Laptop:

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1604871630613753856 (Dec. 19 2022)

Twitter Files 6 – Twitter, The FBI Subsidiary:

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1603857534737072128 (Dec. 16 2022)

Twitter Files 5 – The Removal of Trump from Twitter:

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1602364197194432515 (Dec. 12 2022)

Twitter Files 4 – The Removal of Donald Trump: January 7:

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1601720455005511680 (Dec. 10 2022)

Twitter Files 3 – Deplatforming the President:

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1601352083617505281 (Dec. 9 2022)

Twitter Files 2 – Twitter’s Secret BlackLists:

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1601007575633305600 (Dec. 9 2022)

Twitter Files 1 – The Twitter Files:

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1598822959866683394 (Dec. 2 2022)


1. After learning that Twitter employs at least 15 former FBI agents, I searched Facebook. What I found is alarming

Facebook currently employs at least 115 people, in high-ranking positions, that formerly worked at FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS:

17 CIA
37 FBI
23 NSA
38 DHS

2. All, but a few, of the former intelligence agents were hired, by Facebook after the 2016 Presidential Election & after the FBI established their social media-focused task force FTIF. 

3. As @mtaibbi detailed in #TwitterFiles Part 6, we know there was massive coordination of censorship between the FBI & Twitter during 2020-2022.


This is asymmetric warfare. Many of these people see themselves as soldiers, “combatants against misinfo.” And you can be certain many of them have handlers or superior officers who control battalions and regiments of hostile actors within the borders of USA, working in many other areas besides information-control. Covid has had the grisly benefit of showing anyone who cares to look how deep and dirty this side of our society is, riddled with self-righteous parasites and enemy combatants who are feeding on the wealth of this nation while disrupting all of the societal organizations that created it. ABN

Bill Barr is Contributor to Bari Weiss Twitter File Release Website

I’m not going to write extensively about this because I respect your intellectual ability to see the obvious.  Questions have been raised about why the Twitter File releases appear to have been structured in a fashion to protect government interests.

Well, the new Bari Weiss website that was set up to launch as an exclusive outcome of the Twitter File release, includes a current contributor and former 2020 control officer of the DOJ who would have facilitated the DHS/FBI contact with social media; the stuff that is transparently missing from the Twitter File releases.

Yes, former AG Bill Barr is a content partner with Twitter File narrative engineer Bari Weiss.  Gee, I wonder how that happens?

Oh look, and what a coincidence… they are both promoting Ron DeSantis.


This kind of information reveals the narrative control networks and how they are arranged and interact. Who the players are and how they are connected. At near-the-top levels they all speak with the same voice. At higher levels of control all sides of whatever issue are enfolded into the network as controlled opposition. We can be sure about Barr and quite sure about Weiss but may still wonder about Musk. What role is he playing? Is he controlled opposition, a limited hangout, a red-herring or a real person with an active spirit and imagination? I can forgive his too-early support of DeSantis as maybe he does not understand American politics.

Maybe Musk is fooling his handlers and will dump all the Twitter documents exposing all the crimes just before Christmas. I am willing to wait awhile and listen to him charitably. We can be sure he is under enormous pressure to submit to control. I am certain there is a very large carrot and a very large stick hanging over him and he knows it in detail. And he knows what happened to Ye, whose handler he may even share. ABN

VAERS is screaming safety signals but has no REACH because it is being deliberately ignored

VAERS is an example of free speech with no reach. VAERS was made to be an early warning system. It is screaming vaccine injury but the-powers-that-be are entirely ignoring it. Elon, do you see the danger of using word games to limit free speech?

direct link

A note to the mentally challenged: yes, you can’t yell fire or threaten people. What needs to be free is topics. Science, virology, history, religion, culture, race, psychology, AGW, socialism, etc—no topic can be excluded from our God-given right, or natural right if you prefer, to speak our minds. And no opinion on any topic can be excluded. Wrong views and stupid ideas will fall away on their own. We saw that happen beautifully within the banned and censored covid-science community, which has been a million times better than the official pure shit pseudoscience spewed by CDC, FDA, NIAID, NIH, and all of MSM. Their “curated” garbage had all the reach in the world and produced an unmitigated disaster. ABN