The Trusted News Initiative – A BBC led organisation censoring Public Health experts who oppose the official narrative on Covid-19

What do the inventor of mRNA technology; the lead author of the most downloaded paper on Covid-19 in the American Journal of Medicine; a former editor of the American Journal of Epidemiology; renowned epidemiologists at Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford; and France’s leading microbiologist – have in common? 

They have all been censored by a repressive media network that most people have never heard of. This network has outrageously conceived and conveyed a “monopoly of legitimate information.”

Exposing this uncanny censorship of eminent voices is especially vital to the fate of children and youth, who are being aggressively targeted for low-benefit, sometimes lethal, inoculations.


China Controls More Than 600 Politicians and U.S. Companies, Report Shows

The Chinese Communist Party controls 600 American think tanks, businesses, activist groups, and politicians to control American government, Newsweek reportsNewsweek also notes that Intelligence Community Officials assessed that China ramped up attacks on President Trump through its propaganda network to sway the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

Additionally, Newsweek reports that China prefers Democrats over Republicans because they made the “greatest strides” in American affairs during the Obama Administration. Most of Biden’s current White House officials worked for President Obama.

During Trump’s Presidency, Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that China likely compromised at least 23 U.S. governors and continued working to compromise more local politicians. In fact, just before Biden took office, the State Department shut down a Chinese Consulate in Texas over election interference. John C. Demers, then an assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice, told reporters “Houston was not chosen at random out of the consulates out there,” but rather because of election influence operations that spanned the multiple southern states.

The Chinese Communist Party also controls American Politics through the United Front, a Chinese Military campaign which Xi Jinping calls the “magic weapon” of Chinese influence in the U.S. The United Front worked with multiple state officials during the 2020 election to shut down election fraud audits following unprecedented reports of voter fraud across the country. Officials found on China’s payroll included Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. Three officials in states where election counting experienced heavy anomalies.


Biden admin is all FAKE: Children in NASA space video with Kamala Harris are ACTORS

Grinning school-age children who took part in a NASA YouTube video about space exploration with Kamala Harris have been revealed to be child actors.

The ‘Get Curious with Vice President Harris’ video was filmed in August and tweeted out by the Vice President on October 7 to celebrate World Space Week.

It appeared to viewers that the children she was with were all normal kids.

However it has now been revealed that they are paid actors who auditioned by sending in a monologue and three questions they would ask a world leader.


A puppet uses actors to propagandize her likeability in a video unironically produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment of Canada. ABN

AG Merrick Garland’s Daughter Married to Co-Founder of Education Company Selling Critical Race Theory Resource Material to School Districts

Well, well, well… This is interesting.  U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland recently instructed the FBI to begin investigating parents who confront school board administrators over Critical Race Theory indoctrination material. The U.S. Department of Justice issued a memorandum to the FBI instructing them to initiate investigations of any parent attending a local school board meeting who might be viewed as confrontational, intimidating or harassing.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s daughter is Rebecca Garland.  In 2018 Rebecca Garland married Xan Tanner [LINK].  Mr. Xan Tanner is the current co-founder of a controversial education service company called Panorama Education. [LINK and LINK]  Panorama Education is the “social learning” resource material provider to school districts and teachers that teach Critical Race Theory.


This is getting to be funny. We are manipulated and ruled by a bunch of assholes. ABN

Facebook Whistleblower Is a Democrat Activist Demanding Big Tech and Government Crack Down on Free Speech, Republicans Pretend They Cannot See What’s Going On

The transparency of this operation was/is brutally obvious.  Frances Haugen appears on CBS 60-Minutes as a Facebook “whistleblower”, and already had a congressional hearing lined up for 48 hours later?  C’mon man… did the lessons of Sandra Fluke or Christine Blasey Ford not register with anyone?

Former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen is a left-wing activist with a long history of giving money to far-left fellow travelers including congressional moonbat AOC.  Haugen is the Blasey-Ford of 2021 and her objective is to further advance the premise of censorship and political targeting under the guise of protecting children.


The government is using WEAPONS OF WAR on the US and world population. AI bots tracking anti Vaccine groups or anyone with a different medical opinion. They did it to Trump during the pandemic and now every doctor of early treatment is the enemy and is attacked

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This Logan video is slightly dated but its description of a national problem is not. I expect most readers of this site understand what Logan is saying. People who do not understand how much mainstream reality is manipulated tend to fall for every wave of bullshit those people put out. This divide between people who understand the mind-control and people who don’t is the major divide within the US population. ABN