INDIANA: Response to US Surgeon General request for “Impact of Health Misinformation in the Digital Information Environment in the United States Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic”

We submit the following examples of disinformation from the CDC and other health organizations that have shattered the public’s trust in science and public health and will take decades to repair.

#1 Overcounting COVID-19: The official CDC numbers for COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations are inaccurate. The official tallies include many people who have died with rather than from COVID-19. CDC has not distinguished deaths where COVID-19 was the primary cause of death, where COVID-19 was a contributing cause of death, or where the death was entirely unrelated to COVID-19, but they incidentally tested positive.


Contributing to the theory that US government missteps are all due to incompetence, the Surgeon General walked right into this one like a newborn deer. Indiana responded with a long list of CDC and government bullshit, lies, disinformation, and misinformation on covid. The most important thing left off the list is banning early treatment while at the same time requiring malpractice in hospitals. I hope more states follow the lead of Todd Rokita, Indiana Attorney General, et al on this. ABN

Facebook’s ‘fake news’: Social media giant planted op-eds in newspapers and ran TV ads across the US via shadowy lobbying group it secretly funded to defend it from politicians calling for greater regulation

Facebook-backed American Edge has launched a campaign slamming antitrust legislation aimed to expand competition in the tech industry

The group has commissioned studies, placed op-eds in local papers and collaborating with various partners to bash the Senate-passed bill

In its sponsored ads and writings, American Edge plays on citizens’ fears of cybersecurity attacks from Russia and advanced technology in China 

The group has accused lawmakers on Capitol Hill of having a ‘misguided agenda’ and wanting to ‘take away the technology we use every day’

American Edge also alleged the antitrust bill poses a danger to small and minority-owned businesses


The Psychology of Manipulation: 6 Lessons from the Master of Propaganda

I recently explored this topic in an essay about how occult rituals and predictive programming are used to manipulate the collective consciousness, influencing the thoughts, beliefs and actions of large groups of people, resulting in the creation of what occultists call “egregores”.

Here I have extracted some key insights from Bernays in an attempt to show how his book Propaganda is, in many ways, the playbook used by the globalist cryptocracy to process the group mind of the masses.


Essential knowledge provided in a clear, straight-to-the-point manner. ABN

“This is a nightmare unfolding in slow motion. And this is the point where we are going to have to draw the line: No, Joe Biden you CAN’T have the federally funded Ministry of Truth. And no, Nina Jankowicz can’t run it. PERIOD… It’s not your country. You’re not even compos mentis and you don’t get to do this to a free people. PERIOD.” Tucker Carlson

“What you’re seeing is a full scale attack on free speech in a country that has been free for nearly 250 years. And it’s happening at the direction of the US government through a law enforcement agency.” ~TC

Compos mentis means “of sound mind.” Another great essay by Carlson. ABN

“Under this stipulation, withholding info is then misinfo as well”

On the subject of covid alone, the US government is patently guilty of promulgating misinformation that caused and is still causing enormous loss of American lives. The American system is based on free speech, transparency, and open debate, all of which are also the bedrock of science. During the pandemic and still today not one single government official agreed to debate even highly respected doctors and scientists on covid issues. As a nation, we are clearly best served by robust and open debate and discussion. As a totalitarian state ruled by bureaucrats and bribery, they are best served by stifling debate, opacity, and restricting speech. On covid alone, our government’s policies have been far, far more propagandistic than scientific. ABN

MUST READ: Deep State Response, Dept of Homeland Security Will Establish Disinformation Board with Obvious Agenda

I think we are now seeing the outlines of how the Fourth Branch of Government are planning to keep control over information, specifically public discussion on Big Tech platforms, even as Elon Musk moves to open the valves of information from the social media platform Twitter.

Previously the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced a new Dept of Homeland Security priority to combat disinformation {LINK} on technology platforms including social media.

Many eyebrows were raised as the announcement appeared to be an open admission that the U.S. government was going to control information by applying labels, that would align with allies in social media, who need a legal justification for censorship and content removal.

This CISA announcement was quickly followed by various government officials and agencies saying it was critical to combat Russian disinformation, as the events in Ukraine unfolded.  In essence, Ukraine was the justification for search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to begin targeting information and content that did not align with the official U.S. government narrative.

Previously those same methods were deployed by the U.S. government, specifically the CDC and FDA, toward COVID-19 and the vaccination program. All of this background aligns with the previous visibility of a public-private partnership between the bureaucracy of government, the U.S. intelligence agencies and U.S. social media.  That partnership now forms the very cornerstone of the DHS/CISA effort to control what information exists in the public space.  It is highly important that people understand what is happening.


Be sure to read this. It is of supreme importance that those of us who are able to understand what is happening be fully informed. This is totalitarianism.

(UPDATE: Now I am starting to lean again toward an evil cabal at the top.) ABN

“These people are idiots”: Ethical Skeptic

We are already seeing a sea-change in information dissemination at Twitter. And this change will affect all other information sources. The Overton Window is going to move away from scenes of cozy pseudoscience and political happy talk to a seething reality of real science and realpolitik. If Musk releases the logs and algorithms of Twitter censorship, the public will come to understand how profoundly duped they have been and by whom and by what means. ABN

Col Douglas MacGregor: “We’re in the final phase of this war”; also expresses concern that when US has to face blatant falsity of months of their own propaganda, they may lash out in fear and panic

This short segment is from a couple of days ago, but still worth watching. MacGregor knows full well that the Western elite is not going to take defeat honorably. My sense is we are already pivoting into their manufactured economic crash, which will be blamed on Putin and also used to conceal lies about Ukraine, Hunter, covid, covid maltreatment, corruption, election fraud, and our senile resident in chief. ABN

“Residents in Shanghai screaming from high rise apartments after 7 straight days of the city lockdown”

Residents in #Shanghai screaming from high rise apartments after 7 straight days of the city lockdown. The narrator worries that there will be major problems. (in Shanghainese dialect—he predicts people can’t hold out much longer—he implies tragedy).

2) “yao ming le” & “yao si” — both expressions meaning “life and death” but they also more literally means “asking for death”. Narrator eventually implies shit is gonna hit the fan soon if this continues.

[The lockdowns are real, the cries are real. But overall, I suspect this is CCP “performance art” similar to what we saw coming from Wuhan in early 2020. It is a kind of “naturally occurring” propaganda designed to frighten and influence the West in the way the Wuhan videos of violent lockdowns and people collapsing in the street did two years ago. China surely knows that zero covid is not possible, Even if the whole world locked down for two months, covid would not be eradicated. Other reasons for them to be doing this are it affords China a plausible excuse to further disrupt Western supply lines while also providing a kind of lurid “proof” that the CCP did not deliberately release the original Wuhan variant that poisoned the world. Moreover, it never hurts to discipline your own people and send a message to the Shanghai faction of the CCP. ABN]

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How to say you are a major disinformation agent without saying you are a major disinformation agent: Obama claims social media companies are undermining democracy by permitting too much real information

‘I do think that there is a demand for crazy on the internet that we have to grapple with,’ Obama said.

‘Roughly 40 percent of the country appears convinced that the current president was elected fraudulently and that the election was rigged’ he noted, with about 30-35 percent not taking advantage of vaccines for Covid-19, which he called a ‘medical miracle’ that had been clinically tested out by a billion people.


Perfect example of using lies to encourage even more lying and undemocratic mind-control. ABN