SCOTUS nixes New York gun restrictions

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a New York law that required state residents to have “proper cause” to carry a handgun, a decision that could make it far easier for millions of Americans to arm themselves in public as the nation is reeling from a string of mass shootings.

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the opinion for a 6-3 majority, holding that the New York law violated the Constitution and signaling that other gun regulations disconnected from what he called the nation’s “historical tradition of firearm regulation” would face similar scrutiny in federal court.

“We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need,” Thomas wrote of the New York law. “It is not how the Second Amendment works when it comes to public carry for self-defense.”


Judge calls for firing Stanford Dean who encouraged raucous students

Fifth Circuit appellate judge Stuart Kyle Duncan, who was shouted down by Stanford Law School students as administrators looked on in silence, says the protesters behaved like “dogshit.”

Now, in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon, Duncan is calling on the school to discipline the students who disrupted his talk and to fire the school’s associate dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion, who stepped in during the event to chastise him and deliver what the judge described as a “bizarre therapy session from hell.”

Duncan’s remarks come after nearly a hundred students at Stanford Law School disrupted his remarks in brazen violation of Stanford University’s free speech policies.

Duncan warned that what happens at Stanford, long the second-ranked law school in the country, behind Yale, is unlikely to stay there. “If enough of these kids get into the legal profession,” he said, “the rule of law will descend into barbarism.”


This is how the left is today. I do not see how anyone can support this kind of fundamentally anti-American behavior. Our systems is based on laws and individual rights, not mob rule. If you want communism, go to a communist country. You won’t last two years without begging to come back to USA. ABN

McCarthy Vows Full Public Release of Capitol’s January 6 Surveillance Tapes

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Breitbart News on Wednesday that he intends to fully release to the public the tens of thousands of hours of U.S. Capitol surveillance footage from January 6, 2021.

McCarthy’s comments came during a wide-ranging hourlong on-camera interview in the ceremonial U.S. House speaker’s office in his first sit-down interview since Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired on his program some never-before-seen clips of such surveillance footage earlier this week.

“Yeah,” McCarthy said when asked if the tapes will be fully released to the public.

“We just want to make sure we go through them all, and it takes time,” he continued. “The first thing that Tucker said too, he didn’t want to show any exits to cause any problems. We asked the Capitol Police, ‘Were there any concerns?’ They came back with one, and we mitigated that, but it was interesting, that one that they had a problem with, Eric Swalwell had had up on the internet for the last two years showing that part.”


A beautiful contemplation

Some twenty percent of the world stood up against covid malfeasance—the lies, the harmful non-treatments, mandates, and bans. Despite censorship and name-calling, this twenty percent of the world found each other. We found cures, effective medications and how to get them. As our families and friends rejected us, we found each other and shared humor and wisdom. It’s worth spending some real time just contemplating how wonderful and beautiful this side of covid has been and still is. This is the energy that will lead us away from evil and toward the good. With no one to help us but ourselves, with no indispensable leaders, about twenty percent of the world chose freedom, reason, compassion and wisdom. ABN

New York can’t target online speech by calling it ‘hateful conduct’


NEW YORK, N.Y., Dec. 1, 2022 — Today, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression sued New York Attorney General Letitia James, challenging a new state law that forces websites and apps to address online speech that someone, somewhere finds humiliating or vilifying. 

The law is titled “Social media networks; hateful conduct prohibited,” but it actually targets speech the state doesn’t like — even if that speech is fully protected by the First Amendment.


Ban on marijuana users owning guns is unconstitutional, U.S. judge rules

Feb 4 (Reuters) – A federal law prohibiting marijuana users from possessing firearms is unconstitutional, a federal judge in Oklahoma has concluded, citing last year’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that significantly expanded gun rights.

U.S. District Judge Patrick Wyrick, an appointee of former Republican President Donald Trump in Oklahoma City, on Friday dismissed an indictment against a man charged in August with violating that ban, saying it infringed his right to bear arms under the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.

“The mere use of marijuana carries none of the characteristics that the Nation’s history and tradition of firearms regulation supports,” Wyrick wrote.


FLASHBACK: Ayn Rand 1959

I am not a fan of Ayn Rand but this clip is good and she was right but we have been taken over, Constitutional government essentially is no more. We may be headed into chaos and madness or the biotech revolution may make the chaos and madness worse or maybe it will make it better, less chaotic and crazy. We are and have been governed by forces over which almost none of us has any control. ABN

New York lawmakers want to legalize DMT, psilocybin, and mescaline

This week, New York lawmakers will introduce a bill that would legalize the “possession, use, cultivation, production, creation, analysis, gifting, exchange, or sharing by or between natural persons of twenty-one years of age or older of a natural plant or fungus-based hallucinogen.”

New York’s bill would allow the use of psychedelics DMT, ibogaine, mescaline, psilocybin, and psilocin. These substances are considered “natural plant or fungus-based hallucinogens.” The legislation would also authorize “psychedelic services” which could be paid, unpaid, or used for spiritual and religious ceremonies.

If the bill passes,  state and local law enforcement would not be allowed to assist the federal government in investigating or prosecuting anyone for the lawful cultivation, possession, distribution, or consumption of the approved hallucinogens.