Bill Gates who has received FOUR covid shots, plans to be boosted every six months and believes others should too “until we get even better vaccines”

The epitome of pseudoscience and ignorance. Bill, please make some new friends. You had time for Jeffrey Epstein, why not get acquainted with Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert Malone, the Ethical Skeptic, Jessica Rose? No one making such bold statements in public should be as uniformed as you are. You are not qualified to say what you are saying. At least learn what the scientific objections to what you are saying are. Filing this one under “pseudoscience,” “fraud,” “corruption,” and “Big Money.” ABN

The ESG Cartel

How do you control the Bull on Wall Street? Simple: you put a ring through its nose. The name of that ring is ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance scoring for financing and investment. Allegedly, ESG is supposed to provide a measure of a company’s long-term sustainability and profitability, but it is, instead, the tool of a small number of so-called “stakeholders” who are actually technocrats. The tool enables big investment firms like Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, Fidelity, and others to effectively run a monopoly-trust, which is to say a cartel, without being in direct violation of existing anti-trust legislation. If you wonder why everything, especially every big corporation, is going Woke, ESG is your answer. Join James Lindsay in this quick episode of New Discourses Bullets to break it down.

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