‘Biden’s case is potentially a counter-espionage case, which is a much bigger deal than just handling or mishandling documents’ ~ Paul Sperry

RealClearInvestigations reporter Paul Sperry said the classified documents scandal involving President Biden is “a lot more serious” than that of former President Donald Trump and could potentially evolve into a “counter-espionage case.” 

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel earlier in January to investigate Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified documents after four sets were found at the Penn Biden Center and in the garage of the president’s Delaware home. 

“Biden was stockpiling classified documents. His son and brother were taking millions from Chinese bagmen under investigation for bribing world leaders. So Biden’s case is potentially a counter-espionage case, which is a much bigger deal than just handling or mishandling documents,” Sperry said Wednesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


There’s no hiding Biden’s fright over classified document scandal

Joe Biden is panicking. 

An astonishing fifth trove of classified documents was discovered in the president’s Delaware mansion Friday, not by his own lawyers this time, but during a more thorough, 13-hour search by the Department of Justice while he holed up in his beach house in Rehoboth, which ought to be next on the DOJ search list. 

….This is the thread that links the president to the long-running Delaware federal investigation into his son’s foreign business dealings. 

That three-year period corresponds to the most frenetic influence-peddling activity overseas by his son Hunter and brother Jim Biden, who made millions of dollars from shady interests in Ukraine, China, Russia and elsewhere. 

How much more valuable their product would be if they had access to classified documents? 


BIDEN’S TWITTERGATE: What did the President know and when did he know it? Musk releases Hunter Biden laptop files that reveal Twitter execs replied ‘handled’ to requests from ‘Biden team’ and DNC to delete tweets just ten days after scandal broke

  • Elon Musk has said that Twitter was acting on the orders of the government when it allegedly censored stories on Hunter Biden’s laptop 
  • Journalist Matt Taibbi Friday began publishing the internal Twitter documents
  • Taibbi conducted his probe with the cooperation of new Twitter chief Elon Musk
  • Emails showed staffers censoring tweets at the behest of the Joe Biden’s team
  • His campaign made requests for tweets to be taken down – and Twitter complied

Foul, ignominious corruption exposed. This is sedition, possibly treason. And this is only a fraction of what they did. MSM and virtually all other social media were similarly involved. We also had vote fraud. And all of it follows decades of infiltration and take over of all political and cultural high-ground in the USA and Europe. ABN

Remember, this mind-control PSYOP was not just happening at Twitter, but also at FB, Google, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, DuckDuckGo (yes, them too), LinkedIn, AND ALL OF MSM

These are serious crimes of interfering with an election, but just a snippet of the overall psyop which defrauded the entire nation of honest elections. And this was NOT the first time this was done. You can tell that just from the size and scope of the operation. ABN

President Trump Special Master Appointment Overturned by Appeals Court – If Secret Search Warrant is Valid, All Seizure Valid – But You are Not Allowed to See Search Warrant, Because National Security

Today the appeals court essentially said if the search warrant was legally predicated and legally valid, and if the search warrant was used legally, then all the seized documents are valid for the investigative purposes of the DOJ – regardless of their content.  The only way to fight the authority of the DOJ seizure is to challenge the legality of the search warrant.  However, here’s where things get weird.

President Trump’s lawyers have been: (1) blocked from receiving a non-redacted search warrant; (2) denied access to the underlying probable cause affidavit used to predicate the search warrant, and (3) denied the full contents of the documents that were seized as part of the warrant (they are not allowed to see).  Yet somewhere in this convoluted mess, we are supposed to believe a 4th amendment violation doesn’t exist.


Balenciaga Is Pizzagate

In this column I’m going to explain in detail how the Balenciaga scandal is Pizzagate.

The term Pizzagate stems from the release of thousands of John Podesta’s e-mails via Wikileaks in 2016.  John was the campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and several e-mails between him and his associates contained the use of the word pizza, a well-known pedophile code word that has been identified by law enforcement and documented in the Department of Justice records, in a context that does not make sense for them to be referring to the Italian dish.  This launched a citizen investigation around the world, and what horrified researchers discovered is that there’s a secret cabal of powerful Satanic pedophiles who are engaged in the rape, torture and trafficking of children.  That’s what Pizzagate is, period.  Pizzagate was never just about one DC pizza joint and a basement – that was the mainstream media’s spin on it to distract you and to cover up crimes against children. 

I’ve been saying for six years now that one day the mainstream media would be forced to tell the truth about Pizzagate. That day has finally come.  Enter Balenciaga. Balenciaga recently released a holiday ad campaign featuring children holding teddy bears in bondage with BDSM accessories.  In another ad that dropped on Nov. 21, copies appeared strategically placed on a desk from the Supreme Court Case United States v. Williams, a ruling that upheld the PROTECT Act, that increased federal protections against child pornography.  These ads promoting the sexual exploitation of children launched another global citizen investigation, and suddenly it was 2016 all over again.  However, this time the media has not been able to successfully cover up or ignore this elephant in the room.  As researchers dug, the Balenciaga Satanic horror show got worse and worse. The parallels between this scandal and what citizen journalists discovered after the Podesta E-mails were released are not only strikingly similar, there’s direct connections between the Clintons and their sex trafficking pals and Balenciaga.  I will get to that soon.


Excellent piece, don’t miss it. Scroll through the images on the linked page as you read. I have personal experience with extreme child abuse by a cult. Not all of it is about sex. It’s also about power, sadism and destroying potential adversaries before they reach adulthood. This is the deep and filthy tunnel of infiltrators who are destroying Western civilization. ABN

Flow of money between Chinese oil giant and THE BIDENS

DailyMail.com’s analysis of hundreds of bank statements included in the Hunter Biden investigation details how the president’s son, his Uncle Jim Biden, and his Chinese business partners extracted cash from an $11million payout to a bank account for Hudson West III, LLC – a company jointly owned by Hunter’s firm Owasco PC and a CEFC subsidiary. Records show Hunter and Jim’s companies received a total of $4,968,220.01 from Hudson West. Hunter, Jim, and his wife Sara also got access to Bank of Omaha credit cards funded by CEFC to the tune of $101,098.61. CEFC manager Gongwen Dong was paid a total $123,319.68 over the 14-month period in the bank statements, and another CEFC executive firm (ColdHarbour Capital) got $318,286.37. There were also eight payments totaling $29,795.84 to JiaQi Bao, a glamorous young staffer for the joint venture who was close to Hunter


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Marco Polo Report reveals Xi Jinping personally approved Bidens’ meetings with Chinese energy tycoon

China’s President Xi Jinping, who Hunter called “No. 1,” personally approved meetings between VP Joe Biden and CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, according to the 630-page report sent to U.S. Congress.

After a 13-month investigation into Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Marco Polo, a nonprofit led by a former President Donald Trump staffer, released a 630-page report yesterday with 2,020 citations that fully document 459 crimes committed by the Biden family and their business associates.

The detailed report, which was sent to District Attorneys, U.S. Attorneys, and all 535 members of the House and the Senate, includes 140 alleged business-related crimes, 191 sex-related offenses, and 128 drug-related crimes.

The group’s founder Garrett Ziegler told The Sun:

“Our number one goal is to ensure that Republicans don’t waste time.”

“The investigation has been done.”

“This report is a simple but extremely thorough roadmap for who needs to be subpoenaed for which timeframes and for what types of crimes.”

“All we’re seeking is the equal application of the law.”

“So far, this saga has been one of the greatest examples of double standards in American legal history.”


Boston University CREATES a new Covid strain that has an 80% kill rate — echoing dangerous experiments feared to have started pandemic

US researchers have developed a new lethal Covid strain in a laboratory  – echoing the type of experiments many fear started the pandemic. 

The mutant variant — which is a hybrid of Omicron and the original Wuhan virus — killed 80 percent of mice infected with it at Boston University.

When a similar group of rodents were exposed to the standard Omicron strain, however, they all survived and only experienced ‘mild’ symptoms.

The scientists also infected human cells with the hybrid variant and found it was five times more infectious than Omicron. This suggests the man-made virus might be the most contagious form yet.


This could be propagandistic preprogramming, why else publicize it? People want to ban this kind of research but how can that work? We ban it, other countries don’t. Work like this can be done in secret. The nature of technology is you cannot reliably ban it or ban research into it. Most believe the pandemic is over. Vanden Bossche says the worst is coming soon. There are high infection rates even though the disease is now mild. Cold weather will change present conditions. Outside of these possibilities lies the release of a new bioweapon that exploits the vaccinated or the unvaccinated. Or does something else. Right now, it looks like some level of the West and China worked together to produce covid and release it in 2019. China benefitted by striking back after losing the trade war with Trump. The communist West benefitted by laying groundwork for election fraud. Who is benefitting from the West’s catastrophic response to covid besides little Anthony in his own mind? We do live in fascinating times, an unprecedented mix of genius and cruelty. I do not see how anyone can claim to know what is coming next. Maybe these are precisely the conditions we need to retake USA and put it back on a sound foundation. ABN

Another Deep State coverup. This time it’s Chinese election interference and election fraud

Eugene Yu was arrested based on the exact claims of Chinese datamining that Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips had been outlining since late 2020.  [link] The FBI was/is working to diffuse the truth of U.S. election compromises that True the Vote has been outlining.

The FBI takes the information provided by True The Vote, assembles the evidence that supports the claims by the voting integrity watchdog, then takes the information up to the DC FBI leadership and almost immediately the switch is triggered.  True The Vote now becomes the target of the political FBI.  We have watched this outline numerous times, only this example is brutally obvious.

So, we have Chinese Communist Party (CCP) infiltration -via software exploitation- into U.S. election systems and databases.   That’s the bottom line.

Additionally, the FBI is covering up the issue and trying to deflect from the severity of the problem (perhaps to them it is not a problem) by hiding the truth.  Once again, the FBI is weaponized against what they consider “domestic threats,” honest Americans.  Yeah, we have a major institutional problem, and the corruption is metastatic.


Tony Bobulinski: FBI Official Tim Thibault Was Assigned to Biden Fraud Case But Dropped It

UPDATE: This is a very strong interview. Don’t miss this. I congratulate Bobulinski for his patriotism and strength of character, and Carlson deserves praise as well. Bobulinski has personal experience backed up by a trove of documentary evidence of profound corruption at the very top of the US government. The first video is a section from the full interview directly below it. ABN

direct link

Tony Bobulinski’s Full interview with Tucker Carlson exposing The Biden crime family

direct link

“The FBI told social media companies to censor the Tony Bobulinski story. That is election interference at the highest level. And that happened… That’s the single greatest possible threat to our system. Far greater than any foreign interference is interference from our own federal law enforcement agencies.” ~ Tucker Carlson

Outsourced censorship: Feds used private entity to target millions of social posts in 2020

A consortium of four private groups worked with the departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and State to censor massive numbers of social media posts they considered misinformation during the 2020 election, and its members then got rewarded with millions of federal dollars from the Biden administration afterwards, according to interviews and documents obtained by Just the News.

The Election Integrity Partnership is back in action again for the 2022 midterm elections, raising concerns among civil libertarians that a chilling new form of public-private partnership to evade the First Amendment’s prohibition of government censorship may be expanding.

The consortium is comprised of four member organizations: Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, and social media analytics firm Graphika. It set up a concierge-like service in 2020 that allowed federal agencies like Homeland’s Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and State’s Global Engagement Center to file “tickets” requesting that online story links and social media posts be censored or flagged by Big Tech.  

Three liberal groups — the Democratic National Committee, Common Cause and the NAACP — were also empowered like the federal agencies to file tickets seeking censorship of content. A Homeland-funded collaboration, the Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center, also had access.