The Border Crisis Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg. In Mexico, A Cartel Crisis Looms

The border crisis is a direct result of Biden’s policies, the cartels are exploiting those policies for profit. One estimate from Homeland Security Investigations puts the figure at $13 billion annually, up from just $500 million in 2018. That is to say, illegal immigration has been industrialized by these cartels and their smuggling networks. It is not too much to say they have turned the southwest border into a vast black market, not just for deadly drugs such as fentanyl, but also for illegal immigration.   

new report from the Texas Public Policy Foundation sheds some much-needed light on how the cartels have accomplished this. Their involvement in migrant smuggling — a vast enterprise that involves transportation, surveillance, logistics, accounting, and stash houses on both sides of the border — is a natural extension of their increasing involvement in nearly every facet of Mexico’s economic and political life.


Dr Peter McCullough on complete vaccine failure

Readers of ABN knew this would happen even before the mass rollouts. We have reported on the failure of these mRNA treatments throughout. None of the news has been good. We are not alone by any means in hammering the message of covid vaccine injury, but the forces of Big Money and political power combined with a human tendency to go along with the crowd have allowed this travesty to continue even to this day. There are signs the tide is turning, a major one being very low uptake (that’s good!) of toddler vaccines, due to parents and possibly even pediatricians drawing a line to protect the innocent for whom they are responsible. ABN

Military thought experiment Part 4: Did China already do it?

In Military thought experiment Part 1, I described how a force of 10,000 military operatives could conquer a nation of 100 million within a few generations and without most people even noticing.

Key factors in the success of that operation were ruthlessness, deceit, long-term planning, plausible deniability, and the use of “subtle weapons” such as poison. physical maiming, propaganda, educational misdirection, medical malpractice, and character assassination.

Plausible deniability for each and every attack (including the overall attack) is of paramount importance for the success of such an operation. Each individual attack must be deniable or excusable as a mistake if discovered, and best of all never be discovered. Of course, no one but the inner circle must know of the ultimate plan: to conquer a nation of 100 million with just 10,000 operatives.

Has China’s Communist Party already done a similar attack against the rest of the world? Is Covid-19 but the first open onslaught?

Strong similarities with the plot described in Part 1 are plausible deniability, ruthlessness, and use of a “subtle” biological weapon, Covid-19.

Other similarities are the prominent uses propaganda, IP theft, strict control of operatives stationed in USA, educational misdirection, and character assassination.

An attack of the magnitude of Covid-19 would not have been done without well-formed plans for a variety potential followup attacks.

As evidence mounts that Covid-19 may cause long-lasting debilitation even in mild cases, the acutely critical nature of our present predicament should be obvious and alarming.

From a military standpoint, notice the value of plausible deniability, ruthlessness, and “subtle” or asymmetric weaponry:

  • The plausible deniability of the covid attack has left us paralyzed. Squabbling over school openings, masks, and who is to blame for missteps are keeping us from facing reality. I hope our president and military leaders are not being fooled as much as the public. I can understand why informing the public of how serious the situation is might do more harm than good.
  • The ruthlessness of the attack comprises the lion’s share of its effectiveness because most people cannot imagine such a thing.
  • The use of a “subtle” weapon like covid has stretched the umbrella of plausible deniability for over a half-year and counting.

Some questions and concerns for military planners:

Clearly economic pressure from us is not going to win the day, though it will contribute. China has itself deliberately ruined Hong Kong, while cementing deals with Russia and Iran with an eye, probably, to moving their financial capital from Hong Kong to Shanghai. Their deals with Russia show the foolishness of our entangling ourselves in the “collusion delusion” for three years rather than forming a valuable alliance with Russia, as wise heads had advised.

How will we protect ourselves against a second or third bioweapon attack? Vaccines take a long time to develop. If China has already vaccinated its people against their followup bioweapons, what will we do? How long will we wait before reacting? How long will we be fooled by yet another creeping plague of plausible deniability?

Notice that few Westerners even noticed that China was engaged in clandestine military operations to destroy them. Even worse, the West educated, financed, and provided technology, even military technology, to the CCP, often for free.

This shows that secrecy and ruthlessness when played in concert with guile and long-term divide-and-conquer strategies are extremely effective means to weaken and overpower even very powerful adversaries.

By promoting Western allies though bribes and favoritism, over several decades China undermined the West while laying the groundwork for a full-scale bioweapon attack. When the time was right for the attack—when they knew they had lost the trade war—they were already in position to launch the largest military assault the world has ever seen.

Note 07/25/20: Why we can be reasonably certain China manufactured Covid-19 and released it deliberately

There are two important facts about contagious deadly viruses that show with reasonable certainty that China manufactured Covid-19 and released it deliberately, thus knowingly poisoning the world.

  1. Deadly viruses rarely jump species. When they do, the new host
    almost always dies or recovers and there is no contagion beyond the one or two individuals who were initially infected.
  2. Viruses rarely become highly contagious quickly, thus the odds that covid came naturally from bats and quickly became highly contagious are small.

Stated another way, two improbable events happening in rapid succession like that are unlikely to be naturally occurring.

What is more likely is China’s Communist Party made or acquired the bioweapon Covid-19 and released it on the world.*

Note 08/01/20: It was best strategy to allow the virus to spread early and widely in China itself.

A point often missed in analyses of the pandemic is once the virus spread outside of China, a worldwide pandemic that would also include all of China was inevitable. Thus, it was good military strategy to allow it to spread within China early and widely. The quicker and wider the initial spreading the more certain the pandemic would affect the whole world, and especially USA. This strategy would also cause China to be hit first and thus able to recover soonest.

Furthermore, this strategy provided China with some plausible deniability. Additionally, from their point of view, killing off even several million of their weakest people would not be considered an important loss.

*Another point regarding Note 07/25/20 above: the SARS epidemic of 2002-04 killed only about 800 people worldwide. It probably did jump from civets to bats to humans (unless it was a trial run for covid19) and if so illustrates the rarity of a virus becoming highly contagious soon after jumping to a new host species.

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the above was first posted JULY 11, 2020

UPDATE 09/18/22: As of today, we now know that an Omicron-type of virus appeared in China in 2017-2018 and circulated widely in China and surrounding regions, thus conferring covid immunity to large portions of those populations. The same virus also circulated worldwide before late 2019, similarly conferring immunity in other parts of the world though to a lesser extent.

As of today, we now know that the Western response to covid has been so harmful, unscientific, and wrong that it appears to have been a deliberate act of war against Western peoples. Who may have done this we still do not know, but this fact alone is strong evidence for a powerful, secret cabal that manipulates all Western nations simultaneously. This Western response to a large degree provides some kind of plausible deniability to China. A possible explanation is actors in China and the West colluded to release covid. Supporting evidence is China did covid theater in early 2020 with people falling dead in the streets and the West bought it. The West also bought Chinese lockdowns and panic.

Be that as it may, in the West today we see an abundance of evidence that the vaccines, which weirdly cause our bodies to make the most deadly part of the virus, are causing more harm than good and that the harm they cause may continue for decades and even persist into future generations. An important thing to remember when discussing this kind of military thought experiment is almost everything is kept secret. The violence is hidden through the use of poisons and other such weapons. The leadership is not known. The strategy is never announced. Notice that today we do not even know who controls the office of the president of USA, why we are on the verge of WW3, why our economy is being so badly mismanaged and more. ABN

Violence In California Reaches “Epidemic” Levels As Our Society Rapidly Deteriorates All Around Us

I can’t understand why anyone would still want to live in California.  Yes, there are lots of high paying jobs and the weather is very nice, but crime is completely and utterly out of control.  As you will see below, a new report that has just been issued is warning that violence in the state has now reached “epidemic” levels.  The police are doing what they can to try to contain the violence, but at this point they are vastly outnumbered by the predators.  Sadly, this is the end result of literally decades of cultural rot, and what is happening in California is going to happen to the rest of the nation if we do not take urgent action to turn things around.


Excellent video on CCP lockdowns: New wave of strict lockdowns across China: Officials express loyalty when Xi is set to get 3rd term

Illustrates the extreme absurdity always possible within human societies. Show this to anyone who has a favorable view of communism, a system where all power is held by a few. How could that possibly work? It never has. I wish I could say the West is too wise to do anything this crazy, but of course it is not. Our own covid responses have been just as bad. Our lockdowns have been less severe but China did not ban early treatment nor did they force a mass mRNA experiment on their essential workers, students, and old people; an experiment we knew in advance was bound to fail. Both societies have lied repeatedly, refused to admit fault or apologize for massive mistakes. And neither has confessed their role in designing and releasing covid in the first place. ABN

Our government has been infiltrated and taken over. The signs are everywhere. This is one more. We cannot go anywhere as a self-governing society until most of us understand this. ABN

“The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone”

“The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.”

~ Aldous Huxley, Crome Yellow

The perps of violent asymmetric warfare against Western persons have this mindset. They think: “We are the best people. They are all bad people. No matter what we do to them, it is good. Our god encourages it.” ABN

WHEN GREEN TURNS TO BROWN: German economic crash looms as energy prices soar

German Minister of Economics Robert Habeck is under fire after his comments during an interview with an ARD broadcaster on Tuesday evening.

The conversation surrounded the astronomical rise in the price of energy taking all the income away from people who would purchase other goods and services. As Germans no longer can afford purchases, the stores and businesses can no longer operate.  Minister Habeck was asked if that means a wave of bankruptcies and business closures are forecast.

Mr. Habeck responded that businesses can stop operating, but that doesn’t mean they will go insolvent.  Just because the business loses most or all of their revenue, doesn’t mean they will go bankrupt.  That doesn’t make sense, Minister Habeck was pressed to apply commonsense. If businesses close to save money, workers are not employed. If workers are not employed people do not earn income.  If people do not earn income, the economy worsens.

Habeck had no response other than an economically detached “Green Party” perspective that businesses will not go bankrupt just because they are not operating. However, his facial expressions reflect that he knows what comes next, total economic collapseWATCH: 

In some ways I hope people like Habeck really do not understand because if they do they are being extremely malicious in pursuit of a nightmare. That said, how can a German minister of economics reason as badly as this, as badly as Rochelle Walensky who similarly is being extremely malicious if she is not utterly incompetent? With that, we are trapped between two equally terrifying assumptions. A third possibility is the Western cabal has infiltrated and taken over everything; and they have done it slowly over decades by promoting mediocre people while harming and sidelining talented ones. Their plan is global domination by first conquering the West. They appear to have indeed vanquished the West but that may be at the cost of filling all management jobs with incompetent mediocrities such that now, on the eve of their victory march, cabal finds itself with only incompetent, uncreative managers who know only how to obey orders. ABN

To not understand your opponent is to guarantee losing your country

Filing this one under ancient values as it epitomizes what we are up against. They are not playing the same game as us. They are playing a more violent, zero-sum, winner-take-all, no-holds-barred game. To not understand this is to guarantee losing. We do not have to play their game but we have to understand it. Biden’s bosses had their marionette read much of their game plan the day before yesterday. He pretended to take it back yesterday, but that’s a ploy. It’s preprogramming. Christians, you cannot love your way out of this. You need wisdom and the courage to act. ABN

Biden Brings in Professional Bagman John Podesta to Divvy Up the $316 Billion in Climate Change Money to DNC Donors Ahead of Midterm Election

Joe Biden has hired John Podesta to be the new Clean Energy Czar [Announcement Here] citing his experience in progressive causes.  Hilariously, the New York Times is running with a justification that Podesta holds some prior experience in advancing the climate change agenda. [See Here]

…John Podesta had nothing to do with the Obama-era clean energy initiatives or energy spending programs. Podesta was inserted into Obama’s orbit in the second term (2013) specifically to watch out for Hillary Clinton’s interests when she left to run for President.   Podesta later joined her in 2015 and took over the strategy team.

Bottom line, John Podesta is being now being hired to divvy up the $316 billion in Green New Deal money recently authorized by congress.  That is what Podesta specializes in, the distribution of taxpayer money to DNC allied groups and networks in advance of the 2022 midterms.   Podesta, Hillary’s fixer, is a bagman, nothing more.

Podesta will now take the $316 billion and distribute the funds according to political priorities.   Anyone who says anything different is being intellectually dishonest and obtuse in the extreme.


“When the people in charge are so completely disconnected from the concerns of actual people, society can become very volatile and we are fast reaching that point” ~ Tucker Carlson

Also Carlson: “These policies only makes sense if the goal is to destroy the West in order to make way for total Chinese dominance.” I expected Carlson to leave that part out and was prepared to comment myself that “they are destroying the West on purpose.” The Chinese dominance thing sounds rhetorical to me, maybe because Carlson doesn’t want to say out loud what is by now crystal clear to many of us—that the entire West is controlled by invisible overlords. And that visible Western “leaders” are but puppets dancing to the overlords’ tune. What we need to do now is figure out who the overlords are. For starters, who is controlling Biden? Who is setting US policy behind the scenes? The most powerful man in the world, Joe Biden, is actually a senile nobody 1000% controlled by others (and it’s not Dr Jill). Whoever is controlling Biden appears to be the same as whoever is controlling Europe. I think WEF only indicates the direction we want to look in. Klaus is not in control. He too is a nobody, a puppet. I don’t think it’s Obama either. ABN