“CEPI (Center for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation) had a business plan indicating the mass inoculation was going to be the sole response to the anticipated viral upper respiratory pandemic. No plans for treatment”: Dr Peter McCullough

Looks like duper’s delight

Could be other explanations but this kind of smile is generally a sign of probable fraud, malfeasance, or ill-intent. Both of them doing it amplifies the signal considerably. This segment appeared just before they announced their separation. I put it up today because Gates has been claiming boosters every six months will be needed. He’s rich and powerful and even Anderson Cooper does a bubble-head act for him (see below). But the truth is Gates has negative qualifications for speaking on public health. He has “earned” the respect of the public not by the good he does but the tens of millions of dollars he has spent on his PR campaign. There are literally thousands of people we should be listening to before we even think of listening to Bill Gates on this subject. ABN

Bill Gates who has received FOUR covid shots, plans to be boosted every six months and believes others should too “until we get even better vaccines”

The epitome of pseudoscience and ignorance. Bill, please make some new friends. You had time for Jeffrey Epstein, why not get acquainted with Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert Malone, the Ethical Skeptic, Jessica Rose? No one making such bold statements in public should be as uniformed as you are. You are not qualified to say what you are saying. At least learn what the scientific objections to what you are saying are. Filing this one under “pseudoscience,” “fraud,” “corruption,” and “Big Money.” ABN


I have identified at least 74 *MAJOR* mule rings based on the findings from 2000 Mules, corroborated with the national map of “excess votes” I released last summer.

My definitions are based on continuous counties, generally flowing from a “red” county or counties, that make up at least 20,000 excess Biden votes.

I have given each a name, listed on the left hand margin. I will be compiling a SubStack with much more detailed findings.

Seth Keshel – “Captain K”
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Seth’s substack on this: 74 Harvesting and Mule Rings: Where They Were, How They Did It, And The Impact – Our Work is Now Corroborated

The Pentagon Testified Assessing Ukraine and No One Noticed

As we contemplate the massive $40 billion transfer of U.S. taxpayer funds to Ukraine, a few things need to be emphasized.

First, congress has decided to pay the salaries, benefits and pensions of Ukraine political officials and citizens.  As U.S. citizens try and figure out how to afford housing, gasoline, food and basic goods, congress has decided to subsidize another country.  That’s the first point.

Second, as to the pragmatic question of “to what end?” There was a critical point made last week by Defense Intel Agency (DIA) Director Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, that not a single media outlet or politician discussed.  During his briefing to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Berrier was asked “can Ukraine win” the conflict against Russia?


“Can Ukraine win the conflict against Russia?” The answer is no, stalemate at best. But even that is doubtful though it is assuredly deadly for Ukrainians and of no value to USA (unless you are a corrupt politician or a demented globopinko strategist). ABN

“Sometimes the smoking gun is hidden in plain sight. In the case of covid, most damage was done by a Lancet article distributed to MDs around the world 2/20”

Sometimes the smoking gun is hidden in plain sight. In the case of covid, most damage was done by a Lancet article distributed to MDs around the world 2/20 which I found in my email. This distorted article will likely be considered by historians to be the source of the

purposely deceitful Information that caused the West to collapse its own economies and leadership, causing far more damage than the Kido Butai (task force responsible for Pearl Harbor). Next is the article, and I will discuss the fallacies in it that Fauci etc completely bought as gospel:


First, influenza like illness (ILI) occurs every winter and most cases never test positive for anything, the most frail are hospitalized, develop pneumonia and die, and nothing is gained by a test as the outcome is the same regardless

This study, funded by Chinese government entities, including test developed partly by military seeks to change the narrative on ILI [Influenza-like illness] to appear to be new entity! It introduces concepts that are believed 100% still by the Medical leadership.

First, the study included 813 people, but 622 were excluded (almost 80%!) leaving 191, of whom 54 died, mean age 56. This established falsely that mortality is 1/3 and that it is a middle aged disease, not just winter ILI. This establishes the “novelty” to induce fear.

Continue reading ““Sometimes the smoking gun is hidden in plain sight. In the case of covid, most damage was done by a Lancet article distributed to MDs around the world 2/20””

Congressional Democrats Say Biden Not Spending Enough on Ukraine, Boost Package to $40 Billion With Vote Likely Tomorrow

The House of Representatives were concerned Joe Biden was not spending enough on the Ukraine laundry operation, so they took his $33 billion request and added another $7 billion making the Ukraine support package $40 billion.

Yes, you read that correctly…  ‘Unbelievable’ is an understatement. I mean seriously, does anyone in Washington DC even talk to their constituents any longer?

The DHS Customs and Border Patrol budget for our border security operations is approximately $4 billion, the Southern border is in crisis.  Meanwhile Biden and Pelosi send over $55 billion to Ukraine?


More proof they do not represent us. ABN

After 2000 Mules Premiere, True the Vote Promises to ‘Pull the Ripcord’ and Release ALL the Data

Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, “2000 Mules,” which, according to Politifact, “suggests a nefarious conspiracy in which so-called ‘mules’ submitted ballots en masse,” as part of a ballot harvesting operation in six swing states in numbers large enough to have determined the outcome in that state and, therefore, the nation, premiered Wednesday at Mar-a-Lago.

The film’s findings are based a review of more than 4 million minutes of ballot drop box surveillance film obtained via public records requests and analysis of a large trove of cell phone geotracking data. True the Vote, a nonprofit organization focused on election integrity issues, obtained the data and retained an investigator, Gregg Phillips, to oversee the analysis. Likely knowing that the fact checkers were going to be out in force immediately to attack the credibility of the film and the data presented therein, Engelbrecht set up a plan to have investigator Phillips perform a massive data dump they’ve code-named “ripcord” so all of the information True the Vote has will be publicly accessible.


“Absolute and total ass covering bullshit from Bill Gates. We KNEW the IFR from COVID was low, and we KNEW it targeted the elderly in early Spring 2020. We cannot let these people pretend like this is new. They broke the world, and must be held accountable”

This thread alleges probable fraud in the recently released Pfizer docs

This thread does not unroll correctly so I can’t embed it. Also, there are interesting replies and follow-ups to it on Twitter (link above). ABN