British intelligence found FBI Russia collusion probe so absurd it stopped helping

British intelligence expressed skepticism about the FBI’s investigation into the Donald Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia in 2016, and eventually became so concerned it stopped cooperating, according to evidence made public in Special Counsel John Durham’s recent report.

Durham released his 300+ page report on the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion probe on Monday, representing the culmination of years of investigations. That report excoriated the FBI for pursuing the investigation without possessing any significant evidence of wrongdoing.

Intelligence officials in the United Kingdom evidently shared Durham’s assessment contemporaneously.

Durham highlighted an exchange between an intelligence official and the FBI’s legal attache office in London (ALAT) in which the latter relayed concerns about the flimsiness of the evidence, especially as it related to former Trump campaign aides George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.

“Dude, are we telling them [British Intelligence Service-1]  everything we know, or is there more to this?” he asked “Supervisory Special Agent-1.” “That’s all we have… not holding anything back,” was the reply, prompting ALAT to retort “Damn that’s thin.”

link to: Durham Report


UN Says Confidence in Childhood Vaccines Down 44 Percent Worldwide

A new report conducted by the Vaccine Confidence Project published by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) concluded that confidence in childhood vaccines has dropped by 44 percent in 52 countries in recent years. The report surveyed 55 countries and all but three countries—China, India and Mexico—showed a steep decline in vaccine confidence since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Korea and Papua New Guinea saw a 44 percent decline and Ghana, Senegal and Japan saw more than a one-third decrease in belief in the importance of childhood vaccines following the pandemic. In the United States there was a decline of 13.6 percent in the belief that vaccines are important for children.1 2 3

The report said that an estimated 67 million children did not receive vaccinations who otherwise would have before the pandemic was declared, with an estimated 48 million children not receiving any routine childhood vaccinations at all. Overall, vaccination levels fell in 112 countries during the COVID pandemic.4


This indicates widespread suspicion of government health institutions as well as vaccines. The bullying and irrational manipulation during covid ruined their credibility. When we look beyond health agencies, we find similar irrational and harmful government behavior—war, border, economy, election fraud, secret control of media. It’s not been a good look. ABN

Transgender — more things they don’t tell you

A phalloplasty is absolutely brutal.

First, the woman has to undergo a hysterectomy. Then, the woman has to have her ovaries removed.

Those two surgeries alone are absolutely brutal and tough recoveries.

Then, you have to have a “vaginal mucosal ablation”, that’s a fancy way of saying that they SEW THE VAGINA CLOSED.

And it only gets worse from there. The doctors need tissue from your body to build your fake penis from, so they CUT SKIN OFF OF YOUR ARM, YOUR THIGH OR YOUR BACK.

Doesn’t that sound pleasant?

After all that is over, they begin constructing your penis.

When that’s all done, you have your fake penis that barely works. It can hardly get an erection. It feels no real pleasure. It’s just there. If you want the erection device, that’s a whole different level of complicated surgeries and it is even more complicated.

That’s if you make it through. There are many stories of people having a fistula and stricture in their new urethras and being stuck with a suprapubic catheter for months.

Of course there are the infections. Those are brutal. And this is not your average UTI. This is the body rejecting a foreign object.

Then there are the times when the tissue dies and you’re just stuck with a dead organ.

Ejaculation isn’t possible. That just isn’t going to happen. And that’s in the best scenario.

You’re talking 1-3 years worth of surgeries before it’s all over in some cases.

In briefly looking at literature, the lowest rate of complications I’ve seen is 25%. More commonly, the number seems to hover around 40%.

So, when you see these people telling ten year olds they should sew their vagina closed up and attach a fake penis, you’re talking about actual barbarism.

This is what they want for our kids. This is the agenda.

I won’t stand for it. This stuff is serious and it is ruining people’s lives.


This is lucrative pseudoscience for adults. And diabolical mental illness when foisted on children. ABN

Ex-CIA chief admits the ‘Dirty 51’ letter ‘WAS POLITICAL’ and agency conspired with Biden campaign to produce it and FALSELY claim emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation

Former CIA director John Brennan has admitted that an infamous letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials that sought to discredit reporting on Hunter Biden‘s laptop ‘was political’.

Brennan, the CIA chief during Obama’s administration, admitted to the House Judiciary Committee investigators in a four-hour closed-door deposition that the letter, which falsely claimed that emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation, was ‘political’, Fox News reports.

Both Brennan and Clapper signed a letter by 51 former intelligence officials who claimed Hunter’s laptop had ‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation’.

An email shows Brennan agreeing to have his name added to the letter of signatories by the then acting CIA Director Mike Morell. 


CIA conspired with the Biden campaign and HELPED produce letter calling Hunter’s laptop disinformation – and wanted it approved in a ‘rush’ before the 2020 election, Republicans claim in bombshell report

The CIA may have been involved in getting signatures for the letter from 51 intelligence officials discrediting Hunter Biden‘s laptop as disinformation, according to bombshell Republican report set to be released Wednesday.

The House Judiciary Committee is set to unveil a report titled: The Hunter Biden Statement: How Senior Intelligence Community Officials and the Biden Campaign Worked to Mislead American Voters. It alleges that the letter ‘was a political operation to help elect’ Joe Biden.

It alleges that a CIA employee ‘may have helped in the effort to solicit signatures for the statement’ and accuses former Deputy CIA director and Acting CIA Director Mike Morell and the Biden campaign of conspiring to quickly get the letter approved.

The letter that was signed by 51 intel officials in 2020 falsely claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop had all the ‘classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.’


New York Jury Finds Trump Not Guilty of Rape, But Guilty of Defaming His Accuser by Denying It

The nature of our politically corrupt justice system takes on new clarity today as a jury in New York City decided President Trump did not rape E. Jean Carroll, the crazy moonbat funded by political operatives, but President Trump did defame her in his denial of the accusation.  Thus, the jury awards damages to the false accuser, while finding the accused not guilty.

Presumably the position of the jury was that something ‘may have happened‘ because this was not a criminal trial outcome which would be based on “beyond a reasonable doubt” as the standard.  Instead, this verdict was based on the possibility that something ‘may have happened,’ albeit not proven, and President Donald Trump was defamatory toward the accuser in his strong denials of the accusation.

The jury awarded $2million in compensatory damages and $20,000 in punitive damages for the battery allegation. The jury awarded $1 million in compensatory damages for the defamation and $1.7million for the repair of her reputation. They awarded another $280,000 in punitive damages for the defamation. (read more)

Keep in mind that New York wrote a new law specifically to provide E Jean Carroll a pathway to file a lawsuit over the allegation that something might have happened sometime in the past, though the accuser could not identify what year President Trump assaulted her.  The accuser, a woman of notoriously odd behavior and remarkably unstable mindset, was funded by billionaire LinkedIn founder and very vocal Trump critic, Reid Hoffman.


CDC chief Rochelle Walensky RESIGNS after just two years in job after being slammed for agency’s handling of Covid

Dr Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will step down from her post next month.

She submitted her resignation on Friday, a shocking move that may leave the Biden administration without a full-time leader atop one of the nation’s most important health agencies.

Dr Walensky’s reign over the CDC was marred by criticism over the agency’s handling of the pandemic. Some have blamed confusing and poorly informed decision-making during Covid for a rise in misinformation.


The Queen of misinformation resigns. She claimed the vaxxes are ‘safe and effective’ when she had to have known they were neither. ABN

US and UK Secretly Agreed to Hide Vaccine Reactions

In the days leading up to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, U.S. and U.K. health officials entered into a “mutual confidentiality agreement” to keep vaccine adverse events under wraps.

  • U.S. and U.K. health officials discussed “anaphylactoid reactions” due to COVID-19 shots and emphasized their “mutual confidentiality agreement” regarding the topic.
  • The news was revealed in 57 pages of heavily redacted U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) records via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit.
  • A government email exchange from May 14, 2021, also discusses concerns about administering COVID-19 shots along with other vaccines during pregnancy
  • Regulatory filings show Pfizer knew of its shots’ waning effectiveness in April 2021 but didn’t publicly acknowledge it until late July 2021.
  • Preclinical studies for Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots also warned of rhabdomyolysis, which is the breakdown of skeletal muscles, but the trial reported it was “completed with no safety concerns.”

‘The lab leak theory of a killer virus is utter nonsense as there was no killer virus in the wild’ — Dr Thomas Binder

With all due respect, the lab leak theory of a killer virus is utter nonsense as there was no killer virus in the wild. The killers were wrong, delayed and no treatment, the NPIs and the unnecessary, negatively effective, life-threatening modRNA and DNA injections.

It was (mainly) a RT-PCR testing pLandemic! “In many countries, for example in Switzerland, [in 2020] there was no exceptional excess mortality when adjusted to changing demographics. The excess mortality in other countries is the best proof that the real killer is not the virus, but our paradoxical response to it, which differs from country to country and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.”

[From killer virus to no virus and most everything in-between. Factor in fraudulent PCR tests, banned early treatment, mandated deadly treatment, proved lies by government officials and we can see a deadly sordid mystery at best and a planned military violent psyop by unknown actors at worst. ABN]

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Pfizer Gave Millions to ‘Independent’ Groups to Push COVID Vaccine Mandates

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in 2021 made numerous grants to medical associations, consumer groups and civil rights organizations for the purpose of creating the appearance of widespread support for COVID-19 vaccine mandates, investigative journalist Lee Fang reported.

As the vaccine mandates rolled out in 2021, Pfizer stayed quiet on the question of mandates — but public health groups, patient advocacy groups, doctors’ associations, community groups and others, along with the Biden administration, actively advocated for vaccine mandates as a key measure to protect public health.

New disclosures from Pfizer, posted by Fang on his Substack, show that many of these same groups were taking money from Pfizer while they promoted the idea that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were “safe and effective,” despite a lack of scientific data to back those claims.

Prominent groups on the extensive list of those who took Pfizer funding while pushing the mandates included the Chicago Urban League, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the National Consumers League, The Immunization Partnership, the American Pharmacists Association, the American College of Preventive Medicine, the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the American College of Emergency Physicians.