Here is a fine example of “intellectual madness” in their own words

“We have to break through this idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families”.

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Harris-Perry highlights a grave deficiency in a representative system, which is fundamentally designed to enable the people so represented to have as much control as possible over whatever the representation is for. In this case the representation is for schools and how they are run and the people being represented are the parents of the students and the students at the local school. This is why the bottom line in American education traditionally has always been the local school board. Over the years states and increasingly the federal govt have slithered into the role of controlling schools, gradually usurping it entirely. Harris-Perry claims to be all about “the collective” or “the whole community.” But that is a gross usurpation of language and fact because “the collective” is none other than the parents of students and the students who attend the school. No one and nothing can represent them better than themselves. Harris-Perry is an example of the kind of usurpation that has happened in all major American institutions. The result is a parasitic community of activists and players who are feeding on traditional America while promising nothing but more of them. ABN

Dr Sara Cody is mandating that pretty much everyone involved in healthcare in Santa Clara County get boosted without citing a single study showing the long-term impact of her mandate. All the studies I’ve seen all show the opposite. WHERE’S THE SCIENCE SARA?

Sara Cody - Wikipedia
Sara Cody

My phone has been lighting up recently. People in healthcare are livid about the latest mandate from Sara Cody, the public health officer of Santa Clara County where I live that goes into effect just 4 days from now.

Her mandate to them is simple: get boosted or you’re fired. While her mandate only applies for “Higher-Risk Settings” this designation applies to just about every role that comes into contact with patients according to doctors I’ve spoken with.

Here are the documents that are of interest:


Some people take longer than others. Poor Sara, such a kindly face, seems to epitomize a baleful mix of white weakness and meanness, innocence and stupid righteousness. As of today, it looks like the US disastrous covid response is all over but the lawsuits and crying. In the West generally, failed draconian policies are being upheld most strongly only in Austria and Australia. Desmet’s Mass Formation Psychosis appears to be crumbling, probably because many of us followed his advice to keep talking. But also because the case for covidiocy has never been scientifically strong. As of today, it is all but certain that Omicron was produced in a lab, possibly by the same actors that produced the Wuhan strain. It’s likely they made Omicron in case the pandemic got off the rails, which it has. Another possibility is good guys somewhere made Omicron and released it to end the pandemic and/or to prevent the West from turning into a totalitarian nightmare. In my mind, one of the biggest questions now is who released Omicron? ABN

“Jewish Emancipation” and the Anglo-Jewish Cousinhood

…We should first bring the Anglo-Jewish elite, referred to by Macaulay, into sharper focus. From the early 19th century until the First World War, English Jewry was ruled by a tightly connected oligarchy. Daniel Gutwein states that this Anglo-Jewish elite comprised some twenty inter-related Ashkenazi and Sephardic families including the houses of Goldsmith, Montagu, Nathan, Cohen, Isaacs, Abrahams, Samuel, and Montefiore.[14] At its head “stood the House of Rothschild.”[15]
 This network of families had an “exceptionally high degree of consanguinity,” leading to it being termed “The Cousinhood,” and among them “conversion and intermarriage [with non-Jews] was rare.”[16] Todd Endelmann attributes the lack of conversion to the fact that “conversion was not as useful, in general, to English Jews as it was to Jews in Central and Eastern Europe.”[17]
 The Cousinhood exercised control over the Jewish community through its leadership of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, an organization which would later become one of the chief engines of the move for Jewish emancipation.[18]


ENGLAND: All-cause mortality rate: vaccinated versus unvaccinated in age group 10-59 (weeks 1-38, 2021

Source: Official mortality data for England suggest systematic miscategorisation of vaccine status and uncertain effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccination

Because health officials in the West consistently, constantly, and without exception studiously avoid explaining data of this kind and even hide data of this kind, we can know that they know it exists and that it destroys their happy Big Pharma vax narrative. The same goes for Western politicians (with the exception of Ron Johnson), state governors and health officials, and also… most of (how I hate using this word here) mainstream science, which has been taken over by Big Govt & Big Pharma.

If you can see this and how and why it has happened, then you should be able to see how the same sort of takeover of Western academia has happened. The same sort of takeover of legacy media and Big Tech social media has happened. Same for Deep State governments throughout the West with only a few exceptions. These are the results of vicious, violent, unrelenting KOBK infiltration and war against the West since he end of WW2. The situation today is so bad our own people are fighting against us; compromised by a lifetime of KOBK nefariousness, cooperation with KOBK nefariousness, and/or dangerous ignorance of KOBK nefariousness. ABN

Was the Terrorist Attack in Colleyville a Replay of the Terrorist Attack in Garland in 2015?

I have intentionally not written about the terrorist attack in Colleyville, Texas, because my initial review saw significant parallels to the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil which took place in 2015 at Garland Texas, carried out by Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi.

In the Garland attack the FBI organized, facilitated and coordinated the attack. The FBI even drove the terrorists to the attack venue and then left once the shooting began. Yes, you read that correctly, the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil was organized by the FBI. {Go Deep} CTH dug deep on the 2015 Garland attack, so it wasn’t too difficult to spot the similarities between Garland 2015 and Colleyville 2022.

♦ Colleyville, Texas – Malik Faisal Akram, who was known as Faisal Akram, had a well known Islamic extremist history to British and American intelligence. Akram ranted, prior to his travel to the U.S, that he wished he had died in the 9/11 terror attacks. He was a regular visitor to Pakistan, and reportedly a member of the Tablighi Jamaat group set up to ‘purify’ Islam. To say the U.S. intelligence system knew Faisal Akram would be an understatement.  The FBI knowledge of Akram has now been confirmed by The Daily Mail.


This is a very important short read, especially powerful because the author (Sundance) is able to present so much telling information so briefly. Highly recommended, provides essential background (and present) for understanding American society, govt, and politics. ABN

Consider the following carefully

העתק: הש.ג

I don’t know if the time is ripe now for such an investigation to be taken seriously, but it’s quite clear to me that an investigation into serious violations of public policy, trust, ethics, fundamental rights and conspiracy – will be exhausted in the future
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45 Percent of Democrats Support Forced Quarantine Camps for Unvaccinated

♦ Forty-five percent (45%) of Democrats favor the government forcing unvaccinated people into federal quarantine camps if they refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

♦ Nearly half (48%) of Democrat voters think federal and state governments should be able to fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications.

♦ 47% of Democrats favor a government tracking system, ankle monitors or locked collars, for those who won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine.

♦ Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Democratic voters support forcibly removing children from the custody of unvaccinated parents.

♦ 55% of Democratic voters support fines and financial punishment for the unvaccinated.

♦ Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Democrats favor government requiring unvaccinated citizens to remain confined to their homes. (read poll here)


These numbers seem to confirm Desmet’s claim that once formed Mass Formation Psychosis comprises ~30% of any population. Another forty percent are ambivalent, while twenty percent are strong individualists who are alarmed and grossed out by the irrationality of the Mass Formation crowd. From a Buddhist point of view, Mass Formation is an extreme kind of group karma and a very clear example of how delusion operates in this world. Ending karmic attachments to delusions like this is a principal goal of all Buddhist practice. The Buddha achieved enlightenment as an individual and taught others that ultimately this is the only way. ABN

Moderna patents show SARS-CoV-2 did not evolve naturally

And also, SARS-CoV-2 contains patented Moderna amino acid sequences, which means they had to have known the virus did not arise in nature and jump to humans. But why did they try to quash that idea with threats and bribes and name-calling anyone who raised it a “conspiracy theorist”? Why indeed is so much being hidden while at the same time we are being forced to have so much faith in our government? ABN

Smelly little bitches seek to silence real scientists and thinkers

Twitter Disinformation

1. There were only 13 experts in the group.
2. They did not ‘call them out for misinformation’ – they were asking for removal of their right to speak.

Human Rights Criminals

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Nasty little shits; notice that Steve Kirsch frequently offers to debate these types and has even offered them $2 million to debate him, but these nasty little bitches all run and hide, block his account, scurry back into the shadows from whence they came. These are the parasitic soldiers of KOBK warfare. They are “gammas” in the worst sense. They have been groomed and promoted by a generation of gamma parasites that came before them. In turn, they will groom and promote the next generation of parasites coming up behind them. Each generation of parasites in this descent into parasitic hell is worse than the one before—weaker, nastier, pettier—because each mentoring generation always brings in toadies even weaker and nastier than themselves; their shriveled egos cannot bear anyone stronger. This process describes the decline and fall of the West, particularly USA, very well and must be considered in all histories of our rapid downfall. To fully understand this process, think of it as an evolving culture of parasitism, a culture that has to be nasty and shitty to justify its parasitism on others. Parasites enjoy what they are doing because that is what “feeds” them. ABN

US diplomats stationed in Paris and Geneva have reportedly been afflicted by “Havana Syndrome”

Numerous US diplomats serving in Paris and Geneva have experienced symptoms consistent with the mysterious ailment known as Havana Syndrome, according to media reports.

Citing anonymous sources, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that American diplomats in the two cities have been struck down with suspected cases of the unusual illness.

According to the WSJ, Washington became aware of the cases when they were originally reported in the summer.


KAZAKHSTAN: A US-funded biosecurity lab in Almaty could become a major embarrassment for Washington

…Why is Kazakhstan a sought-after partner? Simply put, the country provides unique access to ethnic Russian and Chinese groups as “specimens” for conducting field research involving highly pathogenic potential biological-warfare agents. Kazakhstan has 13,364 kilometers of borders with its neighboring countries Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. 

…How could Kazakhstan, a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), have gotten away with such conduct? This needs some explaining. 

Paradoxically, these biological labs are living examples of something sinister that has been going on that everyone knew and no one wanted to talk about – namely, the extensive penetration of the decadent Kazakh ruling elites by US intelligence.

This penetration has been going on for years, but significantly deepened as the 81-year-old former president Nursultan Nazarbayev’s “hands-on” leadership began to loosen and his family members and cronies increasingly began moonlighting (under the patriarch’s benevolent gaze, of course) – something akin to the Boris Yeltsin years in Russia. 


Reiner Füllmich on the nefarious purpose of the vaxxes

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If I try to dismiss Füllmich’s and Yeadon’s allegations, my mind searches for counterevidence, but finds only banned early treatments leading to death, mandated hospital treatments also leading to death, absolutely unnecessary vaxxing of children, even babies, leading to immune system and other long- and short-term harms as well as death. Still, my mind recoils from a vax being calibrated to do this. Yeadon spoke about this in December of 2020 and maybe earlier. I praised him then for going there in imagination and do not fault him for going there now in a more concrete way. Even though I understand KOBK reasoning, it’s still hard to think this. ABN

An excellent summary of the video below:

Rumble — After hearing the witness statements to the German Corona Investigative Committee by former vice president of Pfizer dr Mike Yeadon who has been a scientist for 36 years, lawyers with Reiner Füllmich draw the same conclusion: The injections normally called Corona vaccines are designed to experiment on the human race and to find out what dosage of a yet unknown toxin is needed in order to kill people. The mortality rate linked to the vaccines, according to Yeadon, is traceable in terms of lot numbers of the different batches, as some batches appear to be more lethal than others. When taking a look at the evidence available, the main goal with the injections all over the world is global depopulation, according to the lawyers involved. Dr Füllmich told Perspektiv that the lawyers preparing an international law suit were no longer in doubt: Poisoning and mass murder through so called Corona vaccines is intentionally being perpetrated on the peoples of the world.

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EU MEP: “When government knows everything about you that is TYRANNY. When you know everything about your government that is DEMOCRACY”

He displays the redacted contracts between big pharma and the EU where very many billions of EU citizen money sank

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Exactly the same in USA and Canada. These are the results of decades of KOBK infiltration and takeover of all of our major institutions and govt agencies. We are at a point where almost nothing is left but the dying body of our traditional cultures and governments, riddled with well-organized parasites. KOBK (Kill-Or-Be-Killed) is a form of war. It is being fought clandestinely and ferociously against the West, beginning most seriously since end of WW2. We will never win this war or get our countries back until we understand the deep source of our precipitous decline. ABN