Scott Ritter: Russia to Score Major Victories in Donbass, Must Adapt to New NATO Game

…Russia’s objectives in this thing – and this is what Russia has said, a permanently neutral non-NATO Ukraine, linked to the strategic objectives that were outlined by Russia. I believe, on 17 December, when they provided two draft treaties, one to the United States, one to NATO, that said that Russia finds the existing situation in Europe this to be NATO and Russia unacceptable and it goes beyond simply Ukraine, beyond simply saying no to the eastward expansion of NATO. And it includes that NATO must work with Russia to redefine what European security looks like and that the new European security framework needs to include NATO’s withdrawing back to the 1990-1997 lines. Now, this is Russia’s stated objectives.

And now we have the United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin speaking about using this conflict to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia by inflicting so many casualties that Russia becomes weakened to the point that it can never again carry out an operation like this in Europe.

That’s a completely different objective than what the United States was saying at the beginning. And NATO is bought into that objective. So my point is, when Russia finishes phase two, they’re still going to be confronted with a hostile Ukraine that is more closely linked to NATO’s today than they were when the conflict started. And with a NATO that is not willing to roll over and accept Russia’s demands regarding a new European security framework where both sides can live in peace together, but rather which is focused on destroying Russia and Ukraine through continued nonstop combat operations. Which means that Russia better have a phase three in mind because this war isn’t over when they finish with phase two.

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Exclusive footage of the surrender of the militants of the Azov national unit (banned in Russia) and the Ukrainian military, blocked at Azovstal in Mariupol. Everyone’s things are carefully examined and only then they are put on buses.

Exclusive footage of the surrender of the militants of the Azov national unit (banned in Russia) and the Ukrainian military, blocked at Azovstal in Mariupol. Everyone's things are carefully examined and only then they are put on buses.

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Sunday Talks, Finland President Sauli Niinistö Indicates a Global Cleaving Behind Decision to Join NATO

…The important part to watch is if this cleaving continues, there are going to be two sets of nations with two structurally different economies.  An oil based energy group and a group chasing the Build Back Better, Green New Deal, human population control mechanisms under the ruse of climate change.

Behind the G7 and NATO, we know the multinational corporations assembled in the World Economic Forum are ultimately the driver of political policy. The central bankers, finance ministers and politicians all operate under the guidelines of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) and World Trade Organization (WTO).

Together the WEF, IMF, WB, WTO, EU central banks and U.S. federal reserve, collectively represent what we call the globalists.  And the globalists are pushing the climate change agenda hard {WEF LINK}.

It is important to remember the ultimate goal of the ‘climate change’ promotors (World Economic Forum) is not an energy system that changes the global climate. The goal of the ‘climate change’ group is to create a carbon trading system; a new financial mechanism (a global tax program) to control human activity on a world-wide basis.  This system also needs a digital identity in order to work {hint-hint}.

As a consequence, when we look at the fracturing of the global energy marketplace, it is worth viewing the divided group through the prism of the globalist carbon trading scheme.

The oil-based energy group is going to have a strong strategic advantage in production costs.  They will continue using oil, coal and gas (economic fuels), which are abundant, cheap and the infrastructure is already in place.

link w video

This entire essay (not long) is well-worth reading. I have excerpted a considerable sample because it says so much about what is going on in the world today and into the future. An election was stolen and ever since USA is going straight downhill no brakes. None of this will benefit ordinary citizens. The nation-state with a healthy and well-informed polity is an irreplaceable barrier against dictatorship, the faceless totalitarianism of one-world government. I think China sees this and is gearing up for war or at least preparing for war. What NATO is doing is pure KOBK strategy. It constitutes a profound threat to Russia, China, and more. A KOBK move demands a KOBK response. Just as USA is being destroyed, so is the world. This is not happening because our “leaders” are incompetent; they are puppets, all of them. The reptilians are in control. ABN


I have identified at least 74 *MAJOR* mule rings based on the findings from 2000 Mules, corroborated with the national map of “excess votes” I released last summer.

My definitions are based on continuous counties, generally flowing from a “red” county or counties, that make up at least 20,000 excess Biden votes.

I have given each a name, listed on the left hand margin. I will be compiling a SubStack with much more detailed findings.

Seth Keshel – “Captain K”
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Seth’s substack on this: 74 Harvesting and Mule Rings: Where They Were, How They Did It, And The Impact – Our Work is Now Corroborated

Diesel Fuel Shortage Sets Stage for Next Biden Created Crisis

It has often been said that if you chase the global climate change ideology to its natural conclusion, we end up in communal groups sitting around a tepid campfire eating some form of sustainable algae cakes and picking parasites off each other…  Prior to Joe Biden that prediction might have seemed like hyperbole. Now, not so much.

Indeed, the Green New Deal energy policy of Joe Biden creates massive downstream consequences.  Unfortunately, the White House doesn’t seem to care. The high prices and scarcity of critical goods are a feature, not a flaw, as they chase their climate friendly Build Back Better agenda.


Why is everything going wrong? Going against a healthy USA? The most likely conclusion is that is the plan. When you add up the main series of events in the past two plus years, the pattern is chilling. First, a bioweapon attack. Second, a deadly US response including lockdowns, banned treatments, vaccine mandates. Third, election is stolen and Biden takes office. Fourth, following immediately after a lull in covid, war in Ukraine coupled with hyperinflation. Fifth, continuous bad news such as linked above. Sixth and coming up, ADE-enhanced super-covid, a hot war with Russia and maybe China. Massive chaos that will fully subjugate an already greatly weakened America. Europe will be much the same. The goal is world domination by taking out the West first. Take the top dog down first. Then Russia and China. Does cabal have a super weapon to ensure success? They must have.

The only other explanation is super-corruption plus a super-abundance of clowns. ABN

Xi Jinping sends warning to anyone who questions China’s zero-Covid policy

Hong Kong (CNN)China’s top leader Xi Jinping has issued the strongest warning yet against anyone who questions the country’s zero-Covid policy, as stringent, frequent lockdowns fuel public discontent and deal a devastating blow to the Chinese economy.

At a meeting chaired by Xi on Thursday, the ruling Communist Party’s supreme Politburo Standing Committee vowed to “unswervingly adhere to the general policy of ‘dynamic zero-Covid,’ and resolutely fight against any words and acts that distort, doubt or deny our country’s epidemic prevention policies.”

…Xi has put his personal stamp on China’s zero-Covid strategy, with state media often reporting that he has “personally commanded and made arrangements” for the country’s fight against the pandemic.

“In that sense, zero-Covid has become an unquestionable, unchallengeable policy that is closely tied to his political authority — and therefore there will be no flexibility when it comes to its implementation,” Wu said.


This is not about covid. It is about domestic discipline, battle against Shanghai Faction/Gang, further disrupt US/world economy, help Russia, prepare for 2022 Party Congress this fall. ABN

UPDATE: A view from someone who lives in Shanghai and either does not understand the deep game or is afraid to say:

Day 47 of our Shanghai Covid lockdown and we woke up, like we often do, to a man in a hazmat suit downstairs yelling through a bull horn for us to come down for our tests

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Why is the White House Bragging About Conducting Military Operations in Ukraine to Kill Russians?

Does Joe Biden intend to take the U.S. into a direct war with Russia?  Perhaps because the only historic way out of a deep economic recession is a war or housing starts? Perhaps, because they need a bigger distraction from the political impact of their own policies?

Those questions need to be asked and answered quickly, because the White House is about to flip the switch from a “proxy war” into an actual hot war between the United States and Russia.  How do we know?  Because the Biden administration is openly bragging about their specific military operations inside Ukraine that are killing Russians.


This is the biggest dark cloud on the horizon. Proxy war and economic crash are partly covering up covid malfeasance today, but more coverup is needed. A shooting war with Russia will perform that task and may even lead to cancelling 2022 elections. The reptilians who control Biden have proved to be ruthless. I see no reason they would not provoke nuclear war if it would save their skins and gain them more power. They all have bunkers and would survive. This would constitute a classic KOBK action and as such an imperative in their minds. ABN

Unverified but credible. This image is appearing in many places today

Poland does have legitimate historical claims on that region, though they gave those up at the fall of the Soviet Union. But they gave those claims up to the government of Ukraine which is now a mess, so what to make of it today? This is a daring move for Poland and may cause the war to widen, which may be precisely what the NATO cabal wants. If Ukraine eventually is divvied up among its present neighbors, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Expanding the war today or risking an attack on Poland itself, however, does not look like a good idea to me. ABN