Putin warns the West is destroying itself: “It happened in our country before and after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks followed the dogmas of Marx and Engels. And they also declared that they would change the traditional lifestyle, the political, the economic lifestyle, as well as the very notion of morality, the basic principles for a healthy society”

“The preparedness of so-called social progress believes in bringing a new conscience, a new consciousness to humanity, something that is more correct,” Putin said. “But there is one thing I would like to say: The recipes they come up with are nothing new. Paradoxical as it may seem, this is something we saw in Russia. It happened in our country before and after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks followed the dogmas of Marx and Engels. And they also declared that they would change the traditional lifestyle, the political, the economic lifestyle, as well as the very notion of morality, the basic principles for a healthy society. They were trying to destroy age-old and century-long values, revisiting the relationship between the people, they were encouraging informing on one’s own beloved, and families. It was hailed as the march of progress. And it was very popular across the world and it was supported by many, as we see, and it is happening right now.”


What Putin is talking about is an insidious, almost hidden form of KOBK. These KOBK forces have already conquered virtually all of American cultural high-ground. They are actively trying to destroy our society and falsely claiming to be able to “replace” it with impossible-to-realize dreams. You must understand that when your opponent is playing by KOBK rules, you have no choice to fight back with full knowledge of what they are doing, fully recognizing how successful they have already been. USA and Western democracies are weak in strategic thinking due to many easy decades and the influence of a bad side of Christianity that promotes a mushy love and tolerance over realistic wisdom and action. Properly understood, Buddhism does not have this problem because wisdom is always the paramount virtue, for without wisdom all other virtues are prone to error. ABN

It All Makes Sense Once You Realize They Want to Kill Us

Question– I’m still confused. Can you summarize what they’re saying?

Answer– Sure. They’re saying that scientists have known for nearly two decades that vaccines narrowly aimed at just one protein are bound to fail. They’re saying that the spike protein is highly-adaptable and capable of changing its shape to survive. They’re saying that vaccines aimed at the spike protein will inevitably produce variants that evade vaccine-generated antibodies. They’re saying that by narrowing the vaccine’s focus to the spike protein alone, the drug companies have ensured that previously helpful antibodies will do an about-face, allow the virus to enter healthy cells, replicate at will, and cause sickness or death. They are saying that the current crop of vaccines is in fact perpetuating the pandemic. And–since the science has been clear for the last 16 years– we can add one more observation to the list, that is, that the current approach to mass vaccination is neither haphazard, slapdash or random. It is intentional. The vaccination campaign managers are deliberately ignoring the science in order to sustain a permanent state of crisis. Science is being manipulated to achieve a political objective.


Mike just says what we’re all thinking. ABN

‘I Think Someone May Be Trying To Kill Me’: Matt Gaetz on DOJ malfeasance

USA is corrupt from top to bottom with not many exceptions. This is the result of decades of infiltration and takeover. All of our major institutions have been lost—academia, MSM, many state governments, almost all of DC, courts, elections, Big Tech—all taken over. A major shock for me during covid is that doctors and hospitals are also bowing to corrupt overlords. USA has been all but destroyed by a clandestine KOBK power. ABN

‘War is Real’: Defend Taiwan or Give It the Bomb

U.S. President Joe Biden can reestablish deterrence by offering Taiwan a mutual defense treaty. If he does not want to do that, he should either base American nuclear weapons in Taiwan or transfer such weapons to the island so it can defend itself. In the 1980s, the U.S. beefed up deterrence of the Soviet Union by basing nuclear-tipped Pershing missiles in Europe.


If the Biden admin is as feckless and scatter-brained as it appears, there is no hope for Taiwan. It is possible there is a good Deep State that has seen today coming for decades and has prepared adequately. My guess is USA will give up Taiwan just as they gave up Tibet, Hong Kong, and Uighurs. The time to provide nukes to Taiwan was 35 years ago. There is some chance they already have them. Given the line of Maoist thought that China can survive a nuclear war better than anyone, and given that this is often expressed openly in China, I doubt Taiwan nukes will prevent a Communist takeover and may even provoke one. If we accept that USA is in the hands of a Western cabal, we must also accept that war with China is either: 1) not in their interests or 2) they have a devastating first strike already planned and ready to go. And that will be their next big move as covid fears continue to wane and their control over Western populations loses focus. ABN

China’s thirst to rule the world has just gone hypersonic: MARK ALMOND says terrifying new weapon raises the spectre of ‘Dr Strangeloves’ in Beijing calculating their chances of WINNING a nuclear war

Washington and other world capitals are waking up to the implications of Beijing possessing a missile that can circle the globe at five times the speed of sound – and can sneak under the radar of US anti-missile defences.

The missile, carried on a ‘hypersonic glide vehicle’, was launched into space by rocket boosters (similar to those that launch spacecraft) in August. When they run out of fuel – typically within minutes – the boosters detach and fall away, and the glide vehicle continues to orbit the Earth at nearly 4,000mph, under its own momentum.


This incident raises KOBK stakes between China and USA/world. Unannounced, it was a clear act of aggression meant to intimidate. Congressman Mike Gallagher talks of US losing the “new Cold War” with China. But present conditions are not at all like the old Cold War. The new situation is pure KOBK. China is targeting Biden’s manifest weakness. Our best hope is behind puppet Biden there is a group of real thinkers who understand the seriousness of our position and have planned for it. ABN

Kill-or-be-Killed (KOBK) as a guide to how top global players MUST think (and so should you if you want to understand them)

When American generals wanted to nuke the Soviet Union at the close of WW2, they were proposing a KOBK strategy; “kill” the SU now while we still can before they grow big enough to “kill” us.

When McArthur wanted to nuke communist China and take it over during the Korean War, he was proposing KOBK. When Lyman Lemnitzer proposed a false flag operation to provoke war with Cuba, he was proposing a KOBK strategy that would have impacted the Soviet Union and possibly started WW3.

KOBK is 100% amoral. It is how top people must think and act. They have no choice. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), which is a bastard child of KOBK, only worked for a few decades vis-à-vis the Soviet Union. I do not believe it is a workable strategy against China. Even if USA/West appears to cooperate with China, neither side can possibly ignore the KOBK reality of the situation. Xi Jinping in particular has no choice but to play KOBK at home and on the world stage.

I myself do not like KOBK and wish it were not the absolute bottom line it is. I myself am a practicing Buddhist who strongly believes in the most basic Buddhist teaching: “Do no evil ever. Do good always. Purify your mind.” That said, if I were thrust into power a the top, how could I not see the reality of KOBK? How could I not consider that my adversaries must be thinking in KOBK terms and therefore so must I? To think KOBK at the top is to do KOBK unless you are a fool.

Ordinary people with little or no power are fortunate in that they can practice basic Buddhist morality and actually purify their minds. A top KOBK player could also be a good Buddhist but their thinking would surely be more complex and stressful than mine. Buddhism actually recognizes that some very powerful world leaders who appear from an ordinary angle to be cruel are not cruel at all but are Bodhisattvas bringing millions closer to enlightenment by showing them the deep reality of this realm of suffering.

If we want to analyze the current world situation, we must understand that top people cannot but think in KOBK terms. Is the Western cabal trying to take over the world? Of course they are. Is China trying to destroy the Western cabal and take over the world? Yes, they probably are unless they think they are “cooperating” with the cabal… as Saddam Hussein and Muamar Gadhafi did. Hussein thought it would be madness for the West to destroy him because he was the strongest asset they had against Islamic terrorism. Gadhafi held similar delusions believing the West would never harm him because his Libya was a solid bulwark against uncontrollable African immigration into Europe. Both men miscalculated. The KOBK thinking of the West was different than that.

Another obvious example of KOBK is the savage, relentless attack against Donald Trump the moment he became a realistic rival to cabal. Even now, after his presidency has been “killed” he is still a target. I do wonder if a Q-style sting is in the offing, a sting so big it will bring the cabal itself down, “kill” it for all time. Is that even possible? Given the reality of current biowarfare and our being on the precipice of WW3, yes, it does seem possible a massive sting involving Durham, election fraud, DC corruption, and who really did covid could happen. It would be glorious if it did.

When thinking about the covid bioweapon and the weaponization of the covid response and Chinese actions against Taiwan, we must consider how top players are using KOBK strategies.

Small signs Deep State/cabal is faltering

A major untold story of the Trump era has been the political comeback of the CIA, NSA, and FBI, who thanks to an ingenious marketing campaign now enjoy widespread support among young liberal influencers. Only a partial link as the rest is paid, but his example of the Young Turks extolling the CIA’s virtue to their listeners is interesting. They were always CIA/Cabal assets, and knew the big secret. That Cabal now feels it needs to burn its deep cover influencers to buy cred says they are on the ropes. If they were still in control, those influencers would be the controlled opposition attacking the CIA and the establishment and Cabal wouldn’t care because they would be in full control regardless. It is weird to see people reach out to fans, and lure them in and fake loyalty, knowing all the while they are just fucking them all over. That type of work has to blacken your soul.


Cabal may be faltering but I put nothing past them, including a new bioweapon attack, crashing the economy, or starting WW3. If they cannot withdraw into safety, and they have bet the ranch, they may lose everything and they know it; hence a strong KOBK response must be expected. Expecting something does not mean we will lose. It only means we are recognizing the game that is being played around us. Most Americans are weak in KOBK basic strategic thinking because we have been on top for a long time. China, for example, has been struggling for 200 years to understand and deal with the West, while the West has been blithely and naively hoping that China will become like us for the last 20 years. Our assumptions have brought us weakness and stupid policies, while China’s have taught them over many generations that losing sucks and winning demands ruthless KOBK strategies. If anyone thinks this is not a Buddhist analysis, remember that wisdom and hard realism are paramount Buddhist virtues. ABN

Beijing blasts nuke right around globe: China fires hypersonic missile to circle planet in low orbit in terrifying display of its advanced weapons… catching US intelligence chiefs off-guard

China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August, showing a capability that caught U.S. intelligence by surprise, the Financial Times reported, citing five unnamed sources.

The report late on Saturday said the Chinese military launched a rocket carrying a hypersonic glide vehicle that flew through low-orbit space.

It circled the globe before cruising towards its target, which it missed by about two dozen miles.


“Once there is a specific level of achievement in quantum computing that country, sovereign, or entity will end up being able to decrypt any encryption…that– will end up controlling the data universe”: Kyle Bass

"There is a massive race in quantum computing," says @Jkylebass. "Once there is a specific level of achievement in quantum computing that country, sovereign, or entity will end up being able to decrypt any encryption…that– will end up controlling the data universe."

Originally tweeted by Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) on October 12, 2021.

“It looks to me like they are setting the stage for whether Taiwan surrenders peacefully or Xi does an aggressive militaristic landing”: Kyle Bass

"It looks to me like they are setting the stage for whether Taiwan surrenders peacefully or Xi does an aggressive militaristic landing," says @Jkylebass on China's pressure on Taiwan. "Investors better pay a lot of attention to exactly what is being said here."

Originally tweeted by Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) on October 12, 2021.

Mike Whitney pulls no punches: Will Vaccine-Linked Deaths Rise Sharply This Winter?

Blood clots, bleeding and autoimmunity are not trivial matters; they’re an indication that the body’s vital infrastructure has been compromised and, perhaps, severely damaged. This is going to manifest itself in all-cause mortality and broader public health data. A sizable portion of these maladies will be directly connected to the injection of a potentially-lethal pathogen into the bloodstream of millions of people who were deliberately misled about the safety of the product. Now we’re going to see the early results of that experiment. God help us.


This is the strongest, most dire and bleak prognostication on mass vax I have read. It’s also more likely than not. The evidence cited by Whitney can all be found on American Buddhist Net and we share his gloomy vision of the future. A central point in Whitney’s analysis is the inescapable conclusion that top people, including health officials, wanted this outcome. They had to have known the consequences of their policies. ABN