Bullshit behind “green energy”: European shit laws destroy not only Europe’s forests but USA’s as well

In 2009, the European Union (EU) pledged to curb greenhouse gas emissions, urging its member states to shift from fossil fuels to renewables. In its Renewable Energy Directive (RED), the EU classified biomass as a renewable energy source — on par with wind and solar power. As a result, the directive prompted state governments to incentivize energy providers to burn biomass instead of coal — and drove up demand for wood.

So much so that the American South emerged as Europe’s primary source of biomass imports.


Same thing is happening here due to US laws. Keeping forests forests keeps carbon out of the air and also provides beautiful habitats for wild animals, which incidentally are actually quite rare. Nuclear power would solve many energy problems, including pollution. It’s clean, safe energy unfortunately saddled with a bad reputation. ABN