Intel Report: What they DON”T want you to know about the Border Invasion

For the past two years I have been collecting data and analyzing it from many different sources. This is my opinion on what this major operation is really about.

There has been much speculation of what is going on. From the “Replacement Theory” to a new source of Democrat voters. The real reason is so much worse.

From time to time reports mention the high number of “young military age males” coming across the border. This has really disturbed myself and others I have talked to.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Many more have been flown in on charter flights. I have proven this with Flight Tracker data and on the ground intel by Independent journalists like Antonio Aguero filming these men arriving at airports along the border. Note that the Government claims these charters are used for deportation, but it is the opposite they are bringing them into the country.

Leftist NGO’s working with the CIA are recruiting these young men. They promise a fast track to citizenship via joining our military. They are taking these men to numerous military bases across the country. They are being trained as a shadow Army for deployment in the USA for “population control” maybe as UN Troops. Their plans are for our military to be very busy with deployments to Europe and the Pacific because of Russian/Chinese aggression.

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The Club Of Rome: How Climate Hysteria Is Being Used To Create Global Governance

In the early 1970s the US and much of the western world was shifting into a stagflationary economic crisis. Nixon removed the dollar completely from the gold standard in 1971 with the aid of the Federal Reserve (or perhaps under the direction of the Fed) which ultimately escalated inflation pressures. Europe’s post war boom came to an abrupt end, while prices on goods (and oil/gasoline) in the US skyrocketed up until 1981-1982, when the Federal Reserve jacked interest rates up to around 20% and created a deliberate recessionary crash.

Interestingly, the IMF had created the SDR system in 1969 just before the gold standard was cut (the same SDR which the IMF is poised to use as the foundation of a global digital currency mechanism).  And, the World Economic Forum was founded in 1971.

The time period is often depicted in films as a happy-go-lucky era of disco, drugs, hippes and rock n’ roll, but the reality is that the early 1970s was the beginning of the end for the west – it was the moment that our economic foundations were sabotaged and the affluence of the middle class was slowly but surely stolen by inflation.

In the midst of this economic “malaise,” which Jimmy Carter later referred to as a “crisis of confidence,” the United Nations and associated globalist round table groups were hard at work developing a scheme to convince the population to embrace global centralization of power. Their goals were rather direct. They wanted:

A rationale for governmental control of human population numbers.

The power to limit industry.

The power to control energy production and dictate energy sources.

The power to control or limit food production and agriculture.


Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex: The Top 50 Organizations to Know

The citizen’s starter kit to understanding the new global information cartel

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The “Censorship-Industrial Complex” is just the Military-Industrial Complex reborn for the “hybrid warfare” age.

Much like the war industry, pleased to call itself the “defense” sector, the “anti-disinformation” complex markets itself as merely defensive, designed to fend off the hostile attacks of foreign cyber-adversaries who unlike us have “military limitations.” The CIC, however, is neither wholly about defense, nor even mostly focused on foreign “disinformation.” It’s become instead a relentless, unified messaging system aimed primarily at domestic populations, who are told that political discord at home aids the enemy’s undeclared hybrid assault on democracy

They suggest we must rethink old conceptions about rights, and give ourselves over to new surveillance techniques like “toxicity monitoring,” replace the musty old free press with editors claiming a “nose for news” with an updated model that uses automated assignment tools like “newsworthy claim extraction,” and submit to frank thought-policing mechanisms like the “redirect method,” which sends ads at online browsers of dangerous content, pushing them toward “constructive alternative messages.”



Hudson is describing psycholinguistic categories as patterns which identify global scams. Exactly right. Commandeer the language and categories, ban their refutations and you control the discussion and policy. This is all they are doing. It’s easy to understand. Top-level mind-control works at these levels. Covid has made this extremely obvious. During covid we saw how the machine works. ABN

Chelsea Clinton Spearheads “The Big Catch-Up” To Jab Every Child On Earth in 18-Months Or Less

Warning that the world is less prepared for the next pandemic than it was prior to the spread of COVID-19, Chelsea Clinton — via the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) — along with the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched an initiative called “The Big Catch-up.”

“The Big Catch-up” will last 18 months and, according to Clinton, aims to become “the largest childhood immunization effort ever,” Fortune reported.

Clinton, who serves as vice chair of CHAI, last week presented the initiative at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health Conference in Marina del Rey, California.

In the video below Chelsea Clinton Announces ‘The Big Catch-Up’ Initiative Which Will Be ‘The Largest Childhood Immunization Effort Ever’

“We need the public sector to hopefully stop doing things like stripping away public health emergency powers from state public health agencies…We’re working with WHO and The Gates Foundation and others to hopefully have the largest childhood immunization effort ever over the next 18 months to catch as many kids up as possible.”

link w video

She claims she wants a ‘conversation’ but it’s never a conversation with these people. ABN

IMF launches new GLOBAL CURRENCY — The “Universal Monetary Unit” that is supposed to revolutionize the world economy

A new global currency just launched, but 99 percent of the global population has no idea what just happened.  The “Universal Monetary Unit”, also known as “Unicoin”, is an “international central bank digital currency” that has been designed to work in conjunction with all existing national currencies.  This should set off alarm bells for all of us, because the widespread adoption of a new “global currency” would be a giant step forward for the globalist agenda.  The IMF did not create this new currency, but it was unveiled at a major IMF gathering earlier this week

Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), symbolized as ANSI Character, Ü, is legally a money commodity, can transact in any legal tender settlement currency, and functions like a CBDC to enforce banking regulations and to protect the financial integrity of the international banking system.

Today, at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings 2023, the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) announced their official launch of an international central bank digital currency (CBDC) that strengthens the monetary sovereignty of participating central banks and complies with the recent crypto assets policy recommendations proposed by the IMF.


Why are so many countries all of a sudden turning to the yuan to buy their essential commodities?

Why is the world de-dollarizing so quickly?

Simple — the Russian sanctions.

Russia is the biggest single commodity producer in the world — they have oil AND gas AND agro AND minerals AND anything else.

But because of the sanctions, Russia CANNOT take dollars (or euros) for sales of their commodities.

First, the sanctions disconnected Russia from SWIFT, meaning Russians can’t pay for things they would want to buy with dollars.

So why would Russia take dollars for their commodities — if they can’t buy stuff with those dollars.

Plus their dollar assets get confiscated in the West. So why hold dollars, and dollar assets to park them in, if they will be stolen?

So because of sanctions, Russia has been FORCED to de-dollarize.

Russia didn’t want to de-dollarize — they were obliged.

By the West.

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Mencius would say this is due to rotten leadership

Mencius would say this is due to rotten leadership because their bad influence affects everyone. I agree and would add isn’t it remarkable that we do not even know who is controlling the office of the president of USA? Some say it’s O’Bummer, some say Susan Rice. I say it goes higher than that and we have no idea who is at the top. Whoever it is we can be sure they do not like USA or the West; that all of their policies are bad for USA/ the West; that they probably did covid and definitely did the covid responses including vaxxes; let’s not forget their aggression in Ukraine and their ace in the hole—WW3. The most puzzling enigma of our time is who are they? ABN

The EU’s censorship regime is about to go global

November 16, 2022 was the day that freedom of speech died on the internet. This was the day the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) came into law. Under the DSA, very large online platforms (VLOPs) with more than 45million monthly active users – like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – will have to swiftly remove illegal content, hate speech and so-called disinformation from their platforms. Or they will face fines of up to six per cent of their annual global revenue. Larger platforms must be DSA compliant by this summer, while smaller platforms will be obliged to tackle this content from 2024 onwards.

The ramifications of this are immense. Not only will the DSA now enforce the regulation of content on the internet for the first time, but it is also set to become a global standard, not just a European one.

In recent years, the EU has largely realised its ambition to become a global regulatory superpower. The EU can dictate how any company worldwide must behave if it wants to operate in Europe, the world’s second-largest market. As a result, its strict regulatory standards often end up being adopted worldwide by both firms and other regulators, in what is known as the ‘Brussels effect’. 


The Plan to Wreck America

are the mandated injections, the forced lockdowns, the aggressive government-implemented censorship, the dubious presidential elections, the burning of food processing plants, the derailing of trains, the attacks on the power grid, the BLM-Antifa riots, the drag queen shows for schoolchildren, the maniacal focus on gender issues, and glitzy public show-trials merely random incidents occurring spontaneously during a period of great social change or are they, in fact, evidence of a stealthily orchestrated operation conducted by agents of the state acting on behalf of their elite benefactors? We already know that the FBI, the DOJ and the intel agencies were directly involved in Russiagate –which was a covert attack on the sitting president of the United States.