The importance of free speech and the danger of censorship

“Official-government-sponsored-covid-and-covid-vaccine-plus-no-early-treatment-science” was pure shit and proves censorship does nothing good for our society and never will. The ignorant and tragic dominance of covid shit pseudoscience from a historical and philosophical perspective should end forevermore the argument that the public cannot deal with real information or that they have to be led by their betters or that what they see and hear must be curated. Voices that support any of that nonsense are not your friends and do not have your good in mind. The lesson from covid is UNIVERSAL for all subjects: censorship is bad and is always going to be bad. Hail the First Amendment in All Its Glory & Wisdom.

I cite covid shit science because the contrast is so glaring and immediate and felt deeply by all of us. The universality of the lessons we learned from covid censorship should never be forgotten but etched in stone. Our power and capacity to speak and listen freely must never be abridged. ABN

Consciousness as reality itself

In Buddhism the idea that consciousness is reality and reality is conscious is called “mind only” or Yogachara.

David Ray Griffin, a process theologian, has come to similar conclusions—that reality is fundamentally conscious.

As has Donald D. Hoffman, a professor of cognitive science at UC Irvine.

Hoffman came at this subject from a mathematical angle, but arrived at a similar conclusion to Yogachara Buddhism. Hoffman says:

As a conscious realist, I am postulating conscious experiences as ontological primitives, the most basic ingredients of the world. I’m claiming that experiences are the real coin of the realm. (The Case Against Reality)

I tend to reach similar conclusions when I think about everything in terms of signals.

The advantage of thinking in terms of signals is we get a good picture of “reality” without needing to say what is real beyond the signal itself.

This kind of thinking is helpful for metaphysics but it is also extremely practical when it comes to human psychology.

Rather than posit personality types and what goes wrong or right with them, we analyze how people send and receive signals instead.

In thinking along these lines, I have come to the conclusion that most psychology as most people understand it uses “arms-length” language, the language of meso and macro signals rather than the much more precise language of the micro signals that actually comprise our shared “realities.”

The difference can be illustrated in this way: Rather than explain your most recent signal (sent or received) in terms of personality, explain it by accessing the micro-signals of short-term memory to find its true antecedents.

If you do this again and again by using a game such as FIML, you will probably come to conclusions similar to the above—that there is no deeper substance to psychological reality than your consciousness of it.

first posted 08/05/17

Perdocent – Opposite of the Autodidact

The perdocent exploits the claim of not having been taught how to do something, as a means of not understanding, of taking control, or to avoid doing any actual work. As a management professional, no matter their appeal to credential, never let a perdocent take control. Always seek to maintain familiarity with the perdocent’s tactics of ego, laziness, and cleverly concealed dishonesty.

Covid has proved conclusively that uncontrolled information triumphs over controlled information

Controlled covid information is and was information promoted by the US government, US mainstream media, mainstream science, mainstream academia, Big Pharma, most state governments, school systems, etc.

Uncontrolled covid information is and was all the information that disagreed with the above and sometimes agreed with the above.

Everyone—all of us—had skin in the game. The debate between controlled and uncontrolled information has been waging since early 2020 and continues today.

It is very important and significant that today we can say that uncontrolled information won the debate conclusively. We beat the crap out of controlled information. The nudgers lost very badly.

I bring this up and emphasize it because it is important that we all reflect on this and seal it in our minds. Uncontrolled—anarchic—information is the path to truth, justice, and the American way. We winnowed out the bullshit, considered many ideas that did not pan out, were afraid of no thoughts whatever, yet rarely if ever supported or promoted anything that was not sound information.

Covid is the single best example in our lifetimes of the power and brilliance of the free exchange of uncensored information. Compared to the controlled and restricted information demanded by the parties described in paragraph one above, uncensored information has won the debate decisively and been on the winning side for the duration of the argument.

I believe this very large example involving the entire world can serve as an example for all kinds of information and all kinds of debates.

Clearly, we must work very hard to ensure free speech, free information, no censorship, no governmental control of information. There is no single issue that is more important and covid has proved it. ABN

A perfect moral, dramatic, pragmatic, linguistic, psychological, spiritual, and emotional act…

…is a proper FIML query.

It is perfect (in no special order) morally because it seeks truth and goodness between two people; dramatically because it uses our innate dramatic instinct to question our own deep sense of live drama in the moment; pragmatically because it is eminently practical; linguistically because it is an extremely good use of language, possibly the best use; psychologically because it benefits both the self and other in profound ways while also revealing deep behavioral patterns painlessly; spiritually because it stimulates the spirit and spiritual metacognition, bringing both partners closer to their ideals; and emotionally because it forestalls false negative and destructive emotional responses, replacing them with joyful understanding. FIML is a pursuit of truth shared by two people. It is a technique, a method, that can be used in any religion, philosophy, world-view, or lifestyle. In the beginning, FIML does not even depend on scrupulous truthfulness because the practice itself will reveal the value of truthfulness, which ultimately will require almost no effort. Truthfulness is an instinct or inkling of deepest consciousness. Once seen, it calls forth itself.


first posted NOVEMBER 5, 2021

Statement on the Ethical Principles of Public Health, on behalf of Hillsdale College’s Academy for Science and Freedom, Washington D.C., August 23, 2022

During the SARS2 coronavirus pandemic, fundamental principles of public health were ignored, and trust in public health has been damaged. As experts in public health, medical science, ethics, and health policy, we propose the following ten principles to guide public health officials and scientists, in order to ensure the credibility of public health recommendations and to help restore public trust.

Ethical Principles of Public Health

1.   All public health advice should consider the impact on overall health, rather than solely be concerned with a single disease. It should always consider both benefits and harms from public health measures and weigh short-term gains against long-term harms.

2.   Public health is about everyone. Any public health policy must first and foremost protect society’s most vulnerable, including children, low-income families, persons with disabilities and the elderly. It should never shift the burden of disease from the affluent to the less affluent.

3.   Public health advice should be adapted to the needs of each population, within cultural, religious, geographic, and other contexts. 

4.   Public health is about comparative risk evaluations, risk reduction, and reducing uncertainties using the best available evidence, since risk usually cannot be entirely eliminated.

5.   Public health requires public trust. Public health recommendations should present facts as the basis for guidance, and never employ fear or shame to sway or manipulate the public.

6.   Medical interventions should not be forced or coerced upon a population, but rather should be voluntary and based on informed consent.  Public health officials are advisors, not rule setters, and provide information and resources for individuals to make informed decisions. 

7.   Public health authorities must be honest and transparent, both with what is known and what is not known. Advice should be evidence-based and explained by data, and authorities must acknowledge errors or changes in advice as soon as they are made aware of them. 

8.   Public health scientists and practitioners should avoid conflicts-of-interest, and any unavoidable conflicts-of-interest must be clearly stated.

9.   In public health, open civilized debate is profoundly important. It is unacceptable for public health professionals to censor, silence or intimidate members of the public or other public health scientists or practitioners.

10. It is critical for public health scientists and practitioners to always listen to the public, who are living the public health consequences of public health decisions, and to adapt appropriately.

link to original with signee names and more

[Red emphases mine. The above is the complete statement with secondary info available at the above link. ABN]

Anarchic information has won the debate: The people can handle uncontrolled information and triumph

One beautiful thing about our time is we can clearly see that anarchic information—information that is not controlled—is good and better than controlled information. For ages there has been a philosophical fear that if information is not controlled (“curated” in current parlance), people will be misled and chaos will ensue. The opposite has clearly happened with all things covid. It has been the anarchic information streams that have consistently provided the best information and consistently weeded out bad information. Information coming from blogs like this one, Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee, Substack, TruthSocial, Telegram, and the edges of Twitter has proved to be better by far than information coming from the CDC, NIH, WH, Congress, NYT, WaPo, MSNDC, etc. “Mainstream information” has been so bad during covid, it has even swallowed up science, scientific debate, normal clinical medical practice, and more. Contrast Vlaardingerbroek with Bourla, or Peter McCullough with Tony Fauci, the Ethical Skeptic with the Bill Gates. During covid, vast streams of uncontrolled, anarchic information have very beautifully won possibly for all time the argument that “the masses” cannot handle raw information, that it must be controlled. It is clearer today than ever in history that controlling information is synonymous with the people in power controlling their own power and nothing more. The example of covid can legitimately be extrapolated to all other public issues. ABN


Animism (from Latinanima, ‘breathspiritlife‘)[1][2] is the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.[3][4][5][6] Potentially, animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork, and perhaps even words—as animated and alive. Animism is used in the anthropology of religion, as a term for the belief system of many Indigenous peoples,[7] especially in contrast to the relatively more recent development of organised religions.[8] Animism focuses on the metaphysical universe, with specific focus on the concept of the immaterial soul.[9]


Easy and hard problems in Western civilization and how to solve them

First the easy ones:

  1. Global warming. The earth is warming somewhat, CO2 may be involved, so might other factors like deep ocean warming. Solution for CO2 is build many more nuclear reactors.
  2. Immigration. Should be much less.
  3. Transgender surgeries for children should be banned. Trans drugs for children probably should be banned. I am not sure even adults should be allowed trans surgeries.
  4. Teaching sex stuff to young children; having drag queens perform in schools should be banned. Teachers who engage in this should be fired and lose licenses if offense is egregious.
  5. Critical race theory in K-12 schools either practiced or taught should be banned, teachers fired as above.
  6. Oil and gas in USA—drill as much as needed until nuclear can easily take over.

Most people can more or less agree on the above, even stated as bluntly as that. These and other simple issues are purposely made complex or stated as ideals to confuse people so advocates/activists can rake in the money.

The hard problems:

  1. General religious agreement. The West is not going to be saved by Christianity. The West should be open to all good religions, including atheism.
  2. General political agreement. The West has a long tradition of individualism and law-based social controls. This is an excellent core for Western civilization.

These two hard problems are difficult because they involve highest level beliefs/values. My proposal for these is put them together. The result will be a Western “religion” or “culture” that accepts individual rights in a law based social system that respects all religions that can accept this synthesis.

Humanity must learn to think in terms of complex systems, not ‘define problem, calculate answer’ zombies any longer

I highly recommend his linked essay: The Climate Change Alternative We Ignore (to Our Peril). The many problems in government reasoning during covid—including gross overemphasis on computer models—should be enough for discerning minds to see that much of the “reasoning” supporting climate change policy is every bit as bad. ABN