The World Economic Forum wants you to prove, via government ID, that you own what is already yours: your data, your identity and yourself

United States common law provides for self-ownership in practice, in publication and in moral exercise. There are miles of US precedent that would support this. However, it has been a very tiny sieve of technocratic gatekeepers who are actively coordinating digital sanctions and censorship from the public-private sectorBRICS grey data exchanges for money, the World-Economic Forum, and Democratic Socialist technocratic oligarchs from the United States. It was only vigilant activists who have made null past attempts to produce a US based mandate for globalized identity articles as NSTIC and Real ID.

It is these globalized interests who now claim the way to recover from bad times is to cull government identity through a social credit system run and controlled by them. The very same interests have used their influence in the past to control and subvert US identity ownership claims. They now want to pose “sovereign- ID” as a promissory notegranted by their underworld monarch/oligarch/fascists, on your total access to digital exchanges. This is to eliminate cash altogether for being “filthy”, “infection laden” and “antiquated” as follow up act to COVID-19 mass hysteria. Apparently, monarchic communist serfdom is now “modern”, while anything analog they cannot administrate, categorize and manipulate to arbitrary sanction is “antequated” [SOURCE].


COVID passport – the killer App helps Chinese government to build the world first digital gulag

JUST IN – By simply click a button on a computer, Chinese government remotely switched all these people’s COVID passport to code yellow or red to stop them from leaving Guangzhou city.

These people from other provinces just wanted to go home. Now they are stuck at train station

[The future no one wants is already here in China. ABN]

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Why China has gone silent: CCP enforces highest level of censorship to stop protests and all information about them

This illustrates the total control of the CCP over information and over China. We saw massive lockdowns of hundreds of millions human beings over the past year in China. A few brief days of protest erupted late last month. Then silence. It is hard to know precisely what is happening now but we can be very sure there is a crackdown even harsher than the lockdowns. Many surely have been arrested, disappeared. ABN

Man who gave public speech against zero-covid freed by crowd

重庆超人哥 视频4

[Chongqing Superman video 4 The police wanted to use violence to take the man away, the man shouted “Help me” Then the residents forcibly rescued the man from the police, and cheered each other to send him away. At this moment, he is a real superman! According to a contribution from the owner of the community, he has now been taken home by his parents and left the community without being arrested. ~ Google translation]

Originally tweeted by 李老师不是你老师 (@whyyoutouzhele) on November 24, 2022.

It is inspiring to see this. But this is a rare occurrence, both for his speaking out and for his being freed by the crowd. Authorities will surely turn his QR code red or worse. Across the world we are seeing authorities using covid emergency powers to trample their citizens. This shows the deep dark side of political power and how ready even apparently sane leaders are to use it. If all of us would stand up like the crowd in this video, emergency powers abuses would stop immediately. ABN

Chinese police flee from workers at Zhengzhou iPhone factory

Chinese police flee from workers at Zhengzhou iPhone factory. The people are fighting back but it probably won’t end well for them. The camps will be waiting for them as more ”storm troopers” will arrive.

More information available here: Foxconn Riot, Short-Lived COVID Control Ease-up & Mysterious Disappearance of Students in China. ABN

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This is not benign. This will not go well. No one in their right mind should trust these parasitic “leaders,” these interlopers. This is globopinko, a globalist takeover, a global techno-spy state fashioning its totalitarian pseudolegal compact. ABN