President Roosevelt’s Campaign to Incite War in Europe — The Secret Polish Documents

Much has already been written about Roosevelt’s campaign of deception and outright lies in getting the United States to intervene in the Second World War prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Roosevelt’s aid to Britain and the Soviet Union in violation of American neutrality and international law, his acts of war against Germany in the Atlantic in an effort to provoke a German declaration of war against the United States, his authorization of a vast “dirty tricks” campaign against U.S. citizens by British intelligence agents in violation of the Constitution, and his provocations and ultimatums against Japan which brought on the attack against Pearl Harbor — all this is extensively documented and reasonably well known.[1]

Not so well known is the story of Roosevelt’s enormous responsibility for the outbreak of the Second World War itself. This essay focuses on Roosevelt’s secret campaign to provoke war in Europe prior to the outbreak of hostilities in September 1939. It deals particularly with his efforts to pressure Britain, France and Poland into war against Germany in 1938 and 1939.

Franklin Roosevelt not only criminally involved America in a war which had already engulfed Europe. He bears a grave responsibility before history for the outbreak of the most destructive war of all time.

This paper relies heavily on a little-known collection of secret Polish documents which fell into German hands when Warsaw was captured in September 1939. These documents clearly establish Roosevelt’s crucial role in bringing on the Second World War. They also reveal the forces behind the President which pushed for war.


This is a long but very engaging essay. I have read about one-third and believe it should be considered mandatory reading if you want to be informed about US and world history and also what is going on right now in Europe. Parallels with Ukraine today are very strong and disturbing. Much of the essay is Polish diplomatic reports translated into good English and arranged in chronological order. Reading historical documents well presented like this is a real treat, imo. ABN

‘I can tell you where I was when the CNN feed came that it was 95% effective, the vaccine’ ~ CDC Director Walensky

‘CNN feed came…’ Top official, chosen for telegenics, cites propaganda nuz feed as basis for vax rollout, bobbles head charmingly. This is what 5GW clandestine infiltration and total takeover looks like after the fact. ABN

Metabiota produces bio agents under diplomatic cover at ‘secret’ labs, then sells pandemic insurance and trackers to help countries get ahead of what they are putting out

This Twitter thread is too old to unroll so you have to go to Twitter to read it, but that is well-worth the time. Bioweapons are weapons of war. These threads are about the origins of covid biowarfare and the Ukraine War and the corrupt Brandon junta and the reason for destroying the Trump presidency. Just found this PDF of the thread above. The original thread is still very good because of many replies and comments. PDF also available here. ABN

Putin knew. Trump knew. Zelensky knew that Putin and Trump knew. This is why Zelensky tried to cover his tracks when Putin started moving into a Ukraine, because he knew EXACTLY what Putin was after. Putin was after the bioweapons.

1) IMPORTANT THREAD on the infamous Trump-Zelensky meeting, 9/25/19.

We all remember Zelensky looking mortified when hearing what Trump knew about in Ukraine, live, in front of the world.

Here Trump suggests that Zelensky should get together with Putin to “solve his problem”.

2) The “problem” Trump was referring to, was the corruption in Ukraine. The entire country is controlled by US Deep State oligarchs.

Trump makes it known in front of Zelensky, that he knows about what’s going on in Ukraine.

Which is why Zelensky is visibly uncomfortable.

3) Trump revealed that Putin knows about the corruption in Ukraine, and expresses to Zelensky that it would behoove him and THE WORLD to get with Putin and help “solve his problem” of Deep State politicians running his country via proxy.

Trump offered Zelensky an escape.

[This is an excellent thread. Don’t skip it. ABN]

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DNC Approves Obama, Clyburn Plan for South Carolina to Lead 2024 Democrat Presidential Primary, Media Call It “The Biden Plan”

In the last several weeks I have been saying to watch the state of South Carolina for how both Republican and Democrats wings of the UniParty, RNC and DNC respectively, plan to use South Carolina as the mechanism for the 2024 illusion of choice.  What I call the RNC and DNC roadmaps.

Essentially the RNC/DNC constructs are the roadmaps, from the club system – two private corporations, to control the 2024 primary election outcomes.

This is all about controlling the mechanisms of elections and creating the illusion of choice while the invisible hands of the club officers control the operations.

You might remember how South Carolina was the inflection point for Biden in the 2020 primary.  It was the SC primary when former President Obama (Black Lives Matter) and Congressman James Clyburn (AME Church network), aligned to select Joe Biden as the control mechanism to ensure Bernie Sanders was defeated.


IMO, Sundance is mandatory reading if you ever want to think or say anything about American politics. ABN

Huge discovery on covid origin and spread

Can anyone explain how all-cause mortality in the UK in April 2020 spiked at exactly the same time in every region when travel routes into the UK are overwhelmingly via the South East?

[If it was from an imported virus]

@boriquagato @EthicalSkeptic…

Travel is undertaken by only a fraction of the population at any one time, so the idea that “COVID” could be spread by travel as explanation of this sporadic pattern of worldwide spread seems unlikely.

It should spread locally – predominantly.

Yet there was basically no increase in all-cause mortality outside of Wuhan in mainland China for 2 years.

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This is truly a major finding. Be sure to look at the Twitter link just above as the author answers follow-up questions.

UPDATE: In addition to everything included in the above thread, what is also explained is the explosive spread of covid in China following their ending of zero-covid policies in November 2022. In previous posts I have commented on this not being possible through natural spread but only through deliberate release of the pathogen by drones and other means. This also implicates China in the origin and spread of early covid-19 as they are using the same MO.

Furthermore, this explains how both China and bad actors in the West may have or probably did conspire to do this in concert to: 1) remove Trump from office by creating new rules that permit election fraud; 2) aggrandize power through medical tyranny; and 3) relieve China of the psychological and economic burden of losing the trade war to Trump.

This also contributes to our understanding of a major anomaly in the Ukraine War, namely all NATO/neocon policies appear to have been designed not only to harm Russia but also to destroy Ukraine; to force civilians to flee to other countries while also killing as many military-age men as possible. What’s worse is NATO neocon policies also appear to be designed to provoke a nuclear war between Europe/USA and Russia—and this indicates the top designers of these policies are not Westerners. From that line of thought we can also theorize that the release of covid on the world may have been done at the top by non-Western actors, many of whom have infiltrated Western institutions and surely compromised many Westerners into cooperating.

We may also surmise that China has been infecting its own people for over two months: to remove the weak; to discipline those who remain; to destroy internal enemies in large numbers under cover of covid; to prepare not to take Taiwan but for WW3, which will begin in Europe-Russia, spread to include USA, and probably then include China. If any of this is true, the greatest danger before us is these bad actors must act—they must use nukes—before their plans are widely understood or understood by people in top positions who might be able to stop them, if there are any such people. ABN

Why We Hide From Ourselves | Nietzsche

Our “true self” or, as I prefer, “authentic being” can be revealed through FIML practice, which requires two people each of whom provides a check on the other’s beliefs about what they are thinking or feeling. Personas are for people who have never experienced their authentic being. Without FIML the individual mind is plagued by doubt, suspicion, error, fantasy, conceits and delusions both pleasant and unpleasant. All of us are raised in conditions like that. Our parents, families, caregivers all were like that. FIML will fix all of it and show that your “true self” is not scary. It is simply not known to you. It is also not a self but a state of being, a dynamic state of being. It is much more complex and also much simpler than any persona. The hardest part about FIML is finding a partner to do it with. FIML is something you do. It is not a static doctrine. I am coming to the belief that the West is failing because Westerners see the emptiness of personas but cannot see the fullness of authentic being. It’s quite possible FIML practitioners are the “philosophers of the future” that Nietzsche wrote about, the “free spirits” who go not beyond good and evil but beyond confinement within fallacious personas. ABN

‘Just one of the many ways that the election was rigged and stolen’: Trump responds to bombshell Columbia Journalism Review of Steele Dossier

Donald Trump slammed the media for its failings over the notorious Steele Dossier following an 18-month investigation by the Columbia Journalism Review, claiming it also led to his 2020 presidential loss. 

The report, published Monday, details shortcomings in the media’s coverage about Christopher Steel’s dossier linking Trump’s 2016 campaign to Russia.  

Taking to Truth Social on Wednesday, Trump said the report highlighted the failings of the mainstream media and that it ‘had a huge impact on the 2020 presidential election, just one of the many ways that the elections was rigged and stolen.’ 

The former president added: ‘This proves, once again, that the corrupt, woke, radical Democrats stole the 2020 Election, making it impossible for that fact to be called “The Big Lie,” as the Marxists and Communists in our country attempt to portray it.’ 


He is entirely right both about the Steele Dossier and 2020 election fraud. Many of us knew before the appointment of Mueller that having a special counsel to ‘investigate’ Trump was the goal of his Deep State enemies. They got their cheap counsel, hobbled Trump’s presidency, and continued their malfeasance all the way through to 2020. Now those same people are offloading Brandon to prepare for their next acts of election malfeasance in 2024. ABN

Jordan Peterson with Joe Rogan

Suggested by a friend. ABN

UPDATE: I have only watched about 20 min of this but what I watched confirms my view that JP suffers from the inevitable hubris that arises from fame and his conspicuous talent for verbal explication. The hubris that accompanies fame appears to be inevitable and we can see this in JR as well. He speaks like an ordinary person and yet that ordinary person also knows he is speaking to millions of people while also making millions of dollars for doing that. I do not see how it could be different for either of them. Both are talented in ways that are popular. JR is everyman while JP is a thinker with great verbal facility. For JP, this means his analyses, even when fairly simple-minded, take on a grandiosity they do not deserve. Overblown stories from the Bible, rehashed Jungian archetypes, strong condemnation for people who do not agree with him are avenues he goes down fairly often. I like and support both of these guys and believe they are doing some good. But I also want to point out their limitations and the dangers of fame and fortune. The eight winds of Buddhism are real and are a fundamental source of suffering and error. In this way, JP’s elaborate fluency and probable spiritual confusion can mislead his audience as much as him. ABN

Infants and Children Under 12 Given the Pfizer mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Seven Months BEFORE Pediatric Approval. 71% Suffered Serious Adverse Events

  • A seven-year-old experienced a stroke.
  • One child and one infant suffered facial paralysis.
  • One infant had a kidney adverse event, either kidney injury or failure.
  • Of the 34 cases, 24 (71%) were classified as serious.
  • Predominantly female patients were affected — at least 25 of 34 (73.5%) patients.
  • Table 6 reports 34 cases of use in pediatric individuals. However, 28 additional cases were excluded because details such as height and weight were “not consistent with pediatric subjects.”
  • Ages ranged from two months to nine years, with median 4.0 years, which means half the children were under four years of age.
  • 132 adverse events were reported in the 34 children – i.e., an average of 3.88 AEs per child.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Set phone up so I can spy on you showering.’ Hunter Biden threatened to withhold cash-strapped assistant’s pay if she didn’t FaceTime him naked, texts show – as it’s revealed she’s the FOURTH employee with whom he had a sexual relationship

The First Son asked his assistant to ‘Set phone up [so] I can spy on you showering’ and ‘Show me how you play with yourself’.

In June 2018 Hunter photographed her holding his penis and lying naked on his bed, and saved the photos on his abandoned laptop.

Texts show Hunter made sexual comments to his employee. After she texted him a photo in October 2018 he wrote back: ‘Well you’ve now proven to everyone that you have the greatest A** in the whole world ever and… I’m hiding in the cabana.’

The woman is named in Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed by JP Morgan Chase bank to the Treasury, flagging transactions by Hunter and his company.

‘[The woman] received five (5) wires totaling $44,500.08 in a 4 month period between 06/12/2018 and 10/02/2018.’


Splashy headline but the pay was good and surely makes this consensual This is newsworthy, imo. ABN

European historical border changes

Among other things, this map shows why so many Eastern Europeans hate Russia. EE is basically descended from a freed slave population (serfs were emancipated in 1861). American and NATO neocons are exploiting this natural, though unfortunate, tendency in Ukraine and also in Poland and the Baltics. Many of the people living in those regions cannot be rational about Russia. The smartest thing all of them could do—all of Europe and all of Russia—is form a strong alliance. But the neocons do not want that because then they will lose control. ABN