Russia’s Nationalist Turn: How Putin Created the Russian National State

For the first time in more than a century, the Russians have a state that they can call their own, a state run by and for the Russian people – the hallowed “Russian National State” (RNS) that has been the holy grail of Russian nationalism in the post-Soviet era. At first glance, this seems like a questionable, if not extraordinary, assertion. As I have myself pointed out in the past, Hillary Clinton’s claim in 2016 that Putin is the “godfather of extreme nationalism” is something that is only taken seriously by the political horseshoe that is neoliberalism.txt and the American Alt Right, the sole difference between them being that the former think it bad and the latter think it good, whereas in reality both of them are merely projecting their own parochial fears and fantasies onto Russia. More importantly, this would also seem strange to significant numbers of Russian nationalists, who would immediately bring up Putin’s claim that the slogan “Russia for Russians” – a sentiment that is consistently supported by half of Russians in opinion polls – is the preserve of “fools and provocateurs.”


Important background on HCQ REPRESSION and how glaring it was

In February of 2020, China reported the general success of numerous clinical trials for treating COVID-19 patients with chloroquine (CQ) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Chinese health officials voted unanimously to institute a chloroquine protocol as the standard of care for COVID-19 patients. That same month, both China and South Korea publicly committed to medicating COVID-19 patients with HCQ and CQ. By that time, many rationale papers (hereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and one by the world’s most published infectious disease expert) had already been published in the medical literature recommending one or both of HCQ and CQ as promising drugs for treating novel or known coronaviruses (generally as well as specifically SARS-CoV-2).

However, it is a curious fact that the Western media found nothing at all interesting worth reporting about any of that through the first 78 days of 2020.

The Curious Calm Before the Storm

This is a very good article detailing the successful use of HCQ in China and Korea while at the same time HCQ was being studiously ignored by Western MSM. It was not until DJT promoted HCQ that Western media turned savagely on the treatment as well as on the president. The article is not long but has many links to sources, so it provides a very good picture of what happened. ABN

Twenty years, $2 trillion, and the most powerful army in the world were no match for the one thing the Taliban has—and that current American leadership has lost

Democrats and Republicans are right to blame each other for the fall of Kabul. It’s a loss for America’s bipartisan foreign policy establishment as a whole. For nearly two decades Washington sent thousands of Americans to their deaths and spent trillions of taxpayer dollars to wage a strategically pointless war. And because both sides of the political divide should be held accountable, military as well as civilian officials, too, it is unlikely that anyone ever will be. Since everyone is to blame, holding anyone accountable implicates everyone.

Assabiya Wins Every Time

Unrestricted warfare and traditional America

However you define traditional America, we are at war with both foreign and domestic enemies. Unrestricted warfare means war that is not restricted in any way. The side that fights dirtiest wins. I am not saying we should fight the dirtiest but we must recognize that our enemies are fighting with everything they can. Treason, subversion, infiltration, blackmail, bribery, poison, murder, you name it they will do it. They are doing it.

Traditional Americans have a soft morality derived from Christianity and American political mores. Those rules are useless today. They do more harm than good. We are not going to love, reason, or tolerate our enemies away. We have to be fully aware of what they are doing and how. They are coming at us from every angle. Research the ones you can see and act on your knowledge to expose them or thwart them if you can. We can still win without breaking the law, but we will never win if we remain blind to the violence and mercilessness of the wars being waged against us today. ABN

Says a lot about USA

Australian Cartoon watched by kids in America is causing them to speak with an Australian accent. Look at the power of MK Ultra. It is like that researcher who spoke of studying Macaques monkeys for the Agency as part of MK Ultra, and finding monkeys who saw a high status monkey, reprogrammed their own brains without thinking to mimic everything that monkey did, as part of a subconscious fake-it-to-make-it psychological design of the brain. I see much of it now in super hero movies (Deadpool is one example), where the hero is a clueless goof, ignores what threats he sees in front of him, takes nothing seriously, pursues reckless Hail Mary’s, focuses on smart-ass one-liners, his power is a gift from the sky rather than the result of years of diligent practice and effort, and he always gets a lucky break that just hands him victory at the end.


Chinese see Americans as lazy, sloppy, disorganized dreamers. Xtianity, sorry to say, encourages weakness and over-reliance on Divine intervention. Most Americans, are descended from peasants, grunt labor, and former servant/serf/slave classes. Accustomed to underling stations, we inflate far too much for even small status upgrades. We’re easy to program and easy to lead off the cliff. ABN