Disaster in Ukraine; 100,000 of Ukraine’s best troops dead

Without saying it, the two Alexes describe an ongoing genocidal massacre, a deliberate policy of denuding Ukraine of Ukrainians. I wonder: 1) does someone plan to take the land Russia does not want and/or 2) are we witnessing the runup for what is being planned for all of Europe? The MO is simple: provoke Russia to fight, then let both sides kill each other, then take even more land. ABN

‘I know I’m being sent to my death’: Ukrainian soldiers admit ‘we are just getting killed’ as they defend Bakhmut… and say Russia can already ‘taste victory’

Ukrainian soldiers have painted a bleak picture of their on-going defence of Bakhmut, the small eastern city that has become the target of Europe’s bloodiest infantry battle since the Second World War.

Kyiv‘s soldiers have said they knew they were being sent to their deaths when they were given the orders to go to the city, and admitted they are ‘just getting killed’.


This battle and the whole war have been a massacre of Ukrainian men. It is American/ NATO neocons who blocked early negotiations a year ago that could have ended the war on reasonable terms for both sides. I see no other conclusion than Zelensky’s masters want to see Ukraine denuded of Ukrainians. Pouring money and weapons into Ukraine has served no other purpose than to slaughter Ukrainian young men in hopeless battles while driving all other Ukrainians out of the country. ABN

Xi urges officials ‘to fight’, accuses US of encircling China

President Xi Jinping has accused the United States of encircling China and urged his officials to “have the courage to fight” for their future as Beijing escalates its rhetorical threats against the superpower.

The broadside from Xi, who rarely directly references the US in official comments, was coupled with a warning from Foreign Minister Qin Gang at the National People’s Congress in Beijing.

“If the US does not hit the brake but continues to speed down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails can prevent derailing and there will surely be conflict and confrontation,” Qin said.


Brandon’s handlers, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin are locked in a KOBK battle for world domination. KOBK game-theoretics explain what is happening in the world today better than anything else. There is virtually no way out for any of them. Brandon’s handlers—the gang that occupies USA—sees now as their best and possibly last chance to seize control of the world. That they are on the verge of being widely exposed for covid malfeasance and treason only adds to their motivation. The closer anyone gets to exposing or defeating them, the harder they will fight. From this, we can conclude WW3 is all but certain, and there are many other signs. I say this not to discourage or preprogram anyone but only to state the stark reality as it is. No one has ever played KOBK with such high stakes. Xi is known to be a gambler, willing to take huge risks. Putin has a habit of being cautious. Brandon’s handlers are rash, ruthless, and ready to risk major Western cities in their effort to conquer the world. The odds of nukes flying have never been greater. ABN

How ‘Generous Tit for Tat’ wins at life

And why the combo of strength+gentleness is unbeatable in the long run.

…With our newly acquired wisdom, let’s return to the original Tit for Tat strategy, and custom fit it with a mechanism for self-correction. We just need to add one rule:

Rule 1 – Be nice (technically meaning always co-operate on the first round).

Rule 2 – From then on just copy what the other player did in the previous round (meaning an eye for an eye and a hug for a hug).

Rule 3 – After you retaliate, always try to co-operate again in the next round.


OK advice for getting along in this world within arm’s-length relationships. Mathematical generalities of game theory are all but forced to produce simple and also unsatisfying outcomes like this. Compare this to FIML practice which removes Miscommunication, Miscalculation, Mistake, and Mishap (4Ms) thus enabling communication that is orders of magnitude closer than arm’s length. FIML provides near-perfect freedom between partners because the specifics of enough of their 4Ms can be worked out almost perfectly. This optimizes their communication which optimizes their cooperation and well-being. There may be rare occasions when FIML partners might do the eye-for-an-eye part of Rule 2, but this would be a weird glaring outlier that would have to be discussed and figured out at some point. FIML depends on a level of mathematical reasoning that requires also human quiddity and poetry. FIML can definitely be thought of as a game with general rules, but these rules include the rule that partners must appreciate the specific uniqueness of every moment. ABN

Cops investigate after black schoolkids attacked white students and forced them to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ on camera at Ohio elementary school

  • Ohio schoolkids might face charges for forcing and assaulting students into saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the playground 
  • The February 10 incident at Kenwood Elementary is being treated as an Anti-White hate crime 
  • Footage of the incident shows the students being tossed around and hit by several of their peers 

What is the difference between BLM and ADL? ABN

Belarus President Lukashenko Visits Chairman Xi, Affirms Support for China’s Ukraine Peace Plan

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was in Beijing for a state visit with Chairman Xi.  Belarus is not a member of NATO and borders both Ukraine and Russia. Together both leaders, Xi and Lukashenko, affirmed their support for a peace proposal to end the war in Ukraine.

You would think that Lukashenko violated a war commandment from NATO, the World Economic Forum and the Western alliance when you read the apoplexy from the media describing how he stood next to Chairman Xi during his Chinese leader’s first comments in public about China’s peace proposal.

When you look at the big picture, you realize how strongly the western alliance needs to maintain a NATO expanded war with Russia as the only possible path forward.  Anyone like Viktor Orban (Hungary) or Alexander Lukashenko (Belarus) who propose anything, except expanded war with Russia, are immediately attacked by the entire apparatus of western media.


Well, there it is – NATO General Secretary Says Ukraine Will Definitely Become a NATO Member Once Conflict with Russia Concludes

After the western alliance previously swore that NATO would not put any member NATO state on the doorstep of Russia, a promise that was weak and viewed by many as false – ultimately influencing the decision by Russia, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said today that Ukraine will be joining NATO as soon as the conflict is concluded.

Now, given that statement, why would Russia even fathom entering any type of peaceful resolution to the conflict.  In essence, Stoltenberg has just turned the conflict in Ukraine into a zero-sum issue for Russia.  The only way Russia can keep NATO away from its border is to win violently against Ukraine. 


Are you referring to another 200,000+ Ukrainian men who won’t have a chance to live their lives when you say “no matter what”?

Are you referring to another 200,000+ Ukrainian men who won’t have a chance to live their lives when you say “no matter what”?

Originally tweeted by Anatomy of Truth 🇨🇦 (@e_l_g_c_a) on February 26, 2023.

This vid is a Russian short on the war that illustrates what I see above all—annihilation of Ukraine provoked by NATO/neocons. If Russia is harmed or destroyed in the process, so much the better from the NATO/neocon POV. The entire world today is wrapped in a giant psyop. Denuding Ukraine of people is part of it and fits like a glove with denuding the world of people through iatrogenic warfare. (All content above this paragraph is from the Tweet linked just above. I copied Brandon’s inane statement to preserve the original look of the Tweet.) ABN

Bakhmut, final stage. EU frozen Russian assets disappear

NATO/neocon strategy in Ukraine seems to be kill as many Ukrainian young men as possible while at the same time killing as many Russian young men as possible. Also drive other Ukrainians out of Ukraine. I do not buy the two Alexes’ supposition that the West simply does not understand the Russia of today. Somewhere there are powerful neocons who hate Slavs and want free rein in Ukrainian territory when the war is over. ABN

The Failed Empire — The Medieval Origin of the European Disunion ~ Laurent Guyénot

…To free itself from the clutches of NATO, Europe has, as things stand, no other alternative than to ally itself with the Russian empire—for the Russian Federation is indeed both a civilization and an empire, heir to the Byzantine civilization and empire destroyed by the papacy. Those who say that Europe should fear Russia as much as the United States (as do many affiliated to the French “Nouvelle Droite”) are even more inconsistent and dangerous than nationalists who long for their nation’s sovereignty. The realist sees no alternative between America and Russia, because there is none. The realist does not give up on Europe, but he is betting that the multipolar world order that Russia is promoting will be much more favorable to Europe than American domination.

Finally, the realist accepts that, despite so many odds, Germany still stands as the natural and legitimate leader of Europe. We can debate on why this is so, but we cannot deny it. It is not just about economy. In its highest achievements, European civilization is German (and this is coming from a Frenchman). Nothing will happen unless Germany has the guts to denounce and the will to resist Washington’s racket, and to form a genuine and lasting alliance with Russia.

After these preliminary remarks, I will now tell the story of Europe with the purpose of demonstrating the theory that the medieval papacy was the main cause for the failure of Europe to gain political unity, and therefore the ultimate cause of its complete subjugation by Washington.