The left broke Kavanaugh

Filed under “war.” Recognize that most of America has been Kavanaughed. This is how we lost all of our high-ground: media, Big Tech, DC/DS, all of academia. Study covid to see how mind-control works. Think back to when you were a student; who encouraged you in your studies, who misdirected you? ABN

This was about disabling the non-Cabal kids with potential

Jeffrey Epstein ‘befriended’ his first victim with Ghislaine Maxwell at an exclusive $38,000-a-year arts camp in Michigan when she was 13 years old, under the guise of them offering scholarships to artists. This was about disabling the non-Cabal kids with potential. I’ll bet this girl was a gifted artist, in addition to being pretty, and if it had been a meritocracy, she would have taken a high position in the world. These wolves got around, and started targeting kids early to control who rose, what with that picture of Jon Benet Ramsey at a kiddie beauty pageant, with Ghislaine just happening to be talking to somebody in the background.  Poor Jon Benet’s photographer was even nailed on Child Porn recently, and I’ll bet his positioning was no accident, and he was greenlighted to molest certain kids. This machine has really been a threat to any non-Cabal member’s kids, if they had any sort of potential. And it was lurking everywhere.


Consider how easy it is to identify high intelligence in infants and young children. Intelligence shows early and is very stable throughout life. So if you want to conquer a nation without anyone even knowing what you are doing, you take out the talented kids and young people. By high school it is obvious who has ability and is independent-minded. These are people you do not want in power. Take them out while at the same time promoting manipulable mediocrities. Within a few generations, you will own that country by controlling the mediocrities you promoted. Don’t expect any of this to be glamorous. It’s a dirty, smelly, sociopathic way of waging war. See Military thought experiment Parts 1, 2, 3 for a more detailed explanation of how this was done.

Also, those people who hate Boomers or any other American generation, realize that what you hate is the result of what is described above. The people you hate were promoted by an unseen enemy while the people you would have admired have been maimed, made crazy, socially destroyed, or even killed. Think like the enemy for a moment: isn’t it better to keep damaged people alive rather than kill them? For the rest of their lives they will be ineffectual and disappoint everyone. Hating a generation is playing into the hands of the enemy just as much as if you had consciously signed up to be the “useful idiot” you are. ABN

How good institutions are turned into bad ones

Catholic Diocese in Connecticut is filing for bankruptcy with 60 pending sexual abuse lawsuits. One thing you should realize, if you are reading this a century hence and this cycle is repeating, is that once an intel operation gains a foothold, it inverts everything it targets, and eventually it targets everything. so essentially, it penetrates all of the obviously good and turns it bad. Organizations designed to fight corruption become organizations designed to discover who opposes corruption so they may be defeated and corruption may survive. National security organizations become devoted to the destruction of national security, and intelligence organizations end up actually working for the enemy. Counter-intelligence organizations end up becoming intelligence agencies devoted to treason. Crime-fighting organizations become crime-protecting organizations. Child-protection organizations become fronts for child trafficking and abuse. Your neighbor becomes the asset trying to help the machine get one-up on you. Because intelligence infiltrates that which would oppose its evil and turns those organizations to its end, it is a natural state for everything the masses think about the world to become actually a direct inversion of the truth. And you will look positively insane of you try to explain how it is to them.


“Intel operations” in the above should not be understood to mean only governmental organizations. It includes also many foreign and secret organizations and subgroups within larger ones that work against originally stated ideals. This is how all Western high-ground (academia, MSM, Big Tech, law, DC, and more) has been lost to the invaders, subverted from within. ABN

How the Covid “Pandemic” Was Orchestrated

This is a clear overview of what we know about covid and what we suspect.

…The real question is whether the people who reportedly had Covid died from it, or from the lack of treatment, or the wrong treatment. Initially, hospitalized Covid patients were put on ventilators and were killed by the ventilators until a doctor figured out that the breathing problem had a different cause than what they assumed and issued a warning. Other Covid deaths were due to the lack of treatment.

Remember, the assumption was that there were no treatments, thus the emphasis on developing a vaccine, but there were two highly successful, safe, and inexpensive treatments based on HCQ and Ivermectin. These treatments stood in the way of emergency permission to use untested and unapproved vaccines and were demonized for the sake of Big Pharma vaccine profits. So if you had Covid, they sent you home untreated until you got so bad that you had to be hospitalized, and then they killed you with ventilators.


It does seem that covid and the mandated responses to it were designed to physically weaken populations, making them easier to control. This on top of all the psychological manipulation: fear, masks, lockdowns, school closings, isolation, etc. ABN

Dr David Martin on manipulation of language surrounding covid: Q&A with him and Dr Judy Mikovits

“Anthony Fauci has spent – listen to this number – $191 billion – not $3.7 million, not $30 million – $191 billion of audited funds for the bioweaponization of viruses against humanity. And it’s your money that has been spent. $191 billion! And do you think you can get any agency or oversight body or any politician to even take this investigation on, despite the fact that we have every grant recipient, every person – their address, their phone number, their laboratory? We literally have the entirety of where that money went – and not a single investigation agency in this country is willing to look.

“This is a bioweapons program designed to kill us. That’s what it is. And it’s not just designed to kill us, it’s designed to kill massive numbers of the population. We do not have a virus, we have a biological weapon.”


More bad stuff on Epstein, who illustrates how deep the corruption is and how violent

Interesting article by a reporter on her experience doing a piece about Jeffrey Epstein circa 2002. Interesting nuggets – after an interview, he had an assistant tell her he thought she was pretty, then sent a book about mathematics for dummies to her home address, which she hadn’t given him. Then he began telling her he had assembled a dossier on her and her husband and could get them both fired, he threatened to sue her, and then he matter of factly threatened to have a curse put on her unborn children, as if she would understand that was real and dangerous. He even demanded to know where her babies were being delivered, and told her he knew all the doctors in the town (Probably true given he could call on Cabal’s ground network. I wondered if he had plans to switch the babies, or even disappear them, or have some ritual performed on them while they were in the ICU.). She claims she tried to include stories she uncovered about him abusing underaged girls in her piece and Vanity Fair nixed it (was she being used as an investigator by Vanity Fair, who was funneling what she dug up back to Epstein’s handlers so they could understand any threats of exposure?) That is pretty much it.


The US is in crisis because we have been infiltrated and had a decades-long silent war waged against us. Once you notice that all of our cultural high-ground has been lost to the invaders, you will begin to understand. The next step is understand how much you have been programmed not to see that all of our cultural high-ground has been taken, all of it. Same is true for most of Europe. This gets filed under “war” as well as “corruption.” It is also important to understand that this is not a bloodless war; many have been killed, maimed, poisoned, driven insane. When natural leaders are picked-off one by one, no one notices; hundreds of thousands can be destroyed year after year. The main tactic is get them while they are young, before their talents can be developed. Almost no one ever suspects what really happened to them. People are very sensitive. A little BZ aerosol in the bathroom or car a few times over a few weeks and the vic will become disoriented and quickly discarded by his social groups who will barely notice or chalk it up to drug use or bad genes. ABN

Schools teaching “whiteness contract with the Devil”

“White supremacy has been lying to kids for centuries,” it reads. “White supremacy is pretend. But the consequences are real.”

Part of the book reads: “Skin color makes a difference in how the world sees you and in how you see the world” as well as “your skin color affects the most ordinary daily experiences.”  Yet another reads: “Racism is a [W]hite person’s problem and we are all caught up in it.”

At least 25 public schools, districts pushing kids’ book featuring ‘Whiteness’ contract with devil: report

POCs have been and are continuing to be inculcated with fighting words and concepts. If we started today, it would still take at least two generations to correct this programming. ABN

If China invades Taiwan: “Japan and the U.S. must defend Taiwan together.”

TOKYO — If China invades Taiwan, Tokyo may interpret the move as a “threat to Japan’s survival” and deploy the Self-Defense Forces to exercise collective self-defense, Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso said Monday.

“If a major incident happened [in Taiwan], it would not be strange at all if it touches on a situation threatening survival,” Aso said during a speech in Tokyo. “If that is the case, Japan and the U.S. must defend Taiwan together.”

Chinese covid videos all but prove massive psychological operation

This is the best collection I have seen of these psyop videos. Most readers will remember many of these clips. Is there any other explanation for them than they are a staged covid psychological operation designed to frighten and fool the West and world into copying China’s strict lockdown policies, thus ruining USA and Western economies? Could any response to covid have been worse than what we did? The US/Western response was so bad in fact, we are forced to suspect at least some major Western actors were knowingly colluding with China to maximize covid harm in order to to remove Trump from office and seize power for themselves. These videos vividly frame the societal setup for election fraud, the ruination of small businesses (predominantly owned by Trump supporters and conservatives) leading to the greatest transfer of wealth from common citizens to the ruling elite in history. Be sure to click on these Tweets to view many more examples. In my view, these videos prove Chinese guilt for releasing covid or at least using covid as a bioweapon and sadly that there must have been significant Western collusion and preplanning at at least quasi-governmental levels. ABN


I don’t know, bet you wanna try
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Do you remember
When we fell in love?
We were young and innocent then
Do you remember

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How it all began?
It just seemed like heaven, so why did it end?

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UPDATE: The whole collection can be viewed here.

UPDATE: Here is a strong counterargument:

In conclusion, there is currently no evidence that the “collapsing people” videos of January 2020 were a “Sun Tzu style” Chinese psyop. Instead, they may have been part of the “mass psychosis” at the time, leveraged by clickbaiters and hoaxers and Western media, or they may have been part of a Western psyop against China, the Western population, or both.

Did China Stage the Videos of People Collapsing in Wuhan?

Inside info on Gain of Function covid






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