Government officials in China believe that boys are getting more effeminate

In the latest attempt to tackle what academics and news outlets call a “masculinity crisis,” the Education Ministry has proposed emphasising the “spirit of yang,” or male attributes, by hiring more sports instructors and redesigning physical education classes in elementary and secondary schools.

The plan, a response to a top official’s call to “prevent the feminisation of male youths,” was released last week.

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If you can’t trust the plan, trust the president

If you can’t trust the plan, trust the President. If you can’t trust the President because you’re feeling too anxious about events and the relentless demoralization campaign that is being performed for your benefit, remember, all the tea leaves in the world will determine absolutely nothing.

Of course you’re anxious to see action. Joseph Stalin was practically SCREAMING for the Normandy invasion for years before it happened. And yet, not even Eisenhower knew the precise day, since after years of preparation, he wasn’t able to launch it on June 5th as planned, and had to hold off for a day due to inclement weather.

So relax. There is no reason, none whatsoever, to believe things aren’t proceeding precisely as they are supposed to proceed. The double envelopment is taking place. The enemy legions are trapped and helpless. I won’t even think about worrying until 48 hours AFTER someone else is sworn in as POTUS. I am, quite frankly, more than a little excited to watch it all unfold. This is the sort of history about which we have only hitherto been able to read.

And if the time comes and things don’t go as we expect, then we fight in the shade.

Regardless, the Dread Ilk are feared; they do not fear.

If you happen think you have ANY idea what’s going on behind the scenes based upon the media coverage, rest assured that you don’t. There is apparently a MASSIVE trial of the Calabrian mafia that began today, and there is not one single word of it in the Italian media. We first caught word about it in the French media before it was covered by the English media…

Be patient, everyone

Is covid political theater? And if so what’s the plot?

The line of thought presented in this Twitter string is that China understood covid is a minor illness and ignored it.

That means that the CCP has been doing political theater: 1) first with the showy Wuhan lockdown and fear campaign last winter; and 2) then claiming their superior one-prty state has defeated the virus through tough measures.

Isn’t it strange that even today it’s hard to be sure what is going on in the West? Are year-on-year death rates the same with many being falsely classified as covid? Why is there no flu this year? PCR tests are notoriously inaccurate, yielding very large false positives.

Is “the West” destroying itself? Or is the West’s Deep State destroying the last remnants of independent thought and action among its plebs by destroying small businesses? The largest transfer of wealth in world history has been the transfer from small businesses to large ones due to covid lockdowns. The second largest has been the transfer of wealth from the West to China. Are the two connected by political ideology as well as greed and psycopathy?

A sinister, and I believe plausible, possibility concerning covid is China had already vaccinated its people before they released the covid bioweapon in 2019. That would mean covid is real in the West and that the West has not been deliberately destroying itself but is actually trying to save itself.

Then again, the truth may be a combination of all of the above with the addition of truckloads of Western corruption and naivete toward China. One thing is certain in my mind, the Western Deep State/Dem/RINO/media/corporate cabal have used covid to persevere in their coup against president Trump and the American people.