EMERGENCY – China Has Erupted – REVOLUTION!!!

Many strong signs of rebellion presented in this video. Impossible to predict what will happen but a few factors worth mentioning are: 1) Xi grievously insulted Hu Jintao and his faction by publicly kicking Hu out of the 20th Congress; 2) Xi appointing only toady loyalists to the Standing Committee after seizing a third-term as emperor of China. These two factors and more must have profoundly angered Xi’s rivals in Shanghai and throughout China. Very probable they are fomenting and abetting demonstrations as they arise. 3) Xi could be quietly deposed or assassinated followed by another communist boss. This is quite likely. 4) A real revolution could happen with chaos ensuing. Some new form of government would arise probably with Taiwan and American connections. Some underlying factors are the bad economy in China, American sanctions on high-end computer chips, a general turning away from trade with China by the West. The harshness and crudeness of Xi Jinping is also a strong emotional signal that no one can ignore. China is a highly cohesive social entity so when unrest happens and grows enough, nothing can stop it. This has been a core reason for Xi’s extreme harshness with lockdowns and more. ABN

Endgame Ukraine; Putin’s Battleplan

“Ukraine’s unquestioned strategic center of gravity is its western corridors to the Polish border where the vast majority of its war support enters the country. Their operational center of gravity is their resupply lines emanating eastwards from Kyiv to Ukraine’s various frontline positions. Without those two corridors, it would be nearly impossible for Kyiv to sustain wartime operations for more than a few weeks. Putin, therefore, may calculate the best use of those 218,000 additional troops will be to launch a three-pronged axis to cut both of those supply routes.” Lt. Colonel Daniel L. Davis, Senior Fellow for Defense Priorities and Contributing Editor at 1945


Vaxxes as bioweapons and what might happen

Lots and lots of people remain ignorant that the public information campaigns and products are weapons, and continue routinely following government recommendations, seeking out and using the products, ‘boosting,’ and dying from them. Eventually, the world population declines to the level the criminals find acceptable, and the cull phase will be done.

Or, lots more people figure out that the lies are lies, and the products are weapons, refuse to listen to any government recommendations, and refuse to seek out and use the products. Eventually, the criminals stop promoting the products and try to pretend the whole war never happened.

Or, lots more people figure out that the lies are lies and the products are weapons. Shortly after that market signal, the embedded administrative-state criminals escalate the war, deploying armed personnel to apprehend, detain and force-inject. The war stops being biomedical and covert, and becomes overt and bloody.

Or, a few people in key positions — federal and state legislators and judges — figure out that the lies are lies and the products are weapons, realize that a tipping point proportion of the People also understand it and find the courage to fight.

These key legislators and judges arrange for personal security to protect themselves and their families from assassination; terminate all emergency declarations; repeal all the enabling statutes and regulations; identify, isolate and remove the embedded criminals from government offices; and bring them to trial for their crimes.

Or, a few people in key positions figure out that the lies are lies and the products are weapons, but lack sufficient courage to get in the fight, and the biowar of attrition grinds on.

Stopping conditions.

This is a sober assessment based on the premise that the vaxxes are bioweapons. Virtually all evidence points to this being the case. The least—and maybe the most—we as individuals can do is tell others about this. Just tell them what it looks like to you. ABN

UPDATE: More on this topic: The “Rule of Law” falls apart when the legal code itself has been corrupted. The core of the legal problem is Emergency Use Authorization removes the possibility of any legal oversight, thus allowing a bioweapon to be used against USA and the world with no one in a position of power to stop it. Beyond that, mind-control of the world is very strong. Most do not see anything at all. Extremely powerful networks and communities are doing this. It is much bigger than government agencies and Big Pharma. The situation is so bad we can honestly say we do not even know who is in control. I do not think China is at the bottom of this but our situation has been described by the Chinese strategist Sunzi: To paraphrase, “Defeat your enemy before they even realize they are at war.” ABN

A Grand Unified Theory of the FTX Disaster

There is no simple preview, but here are some of the topics we hit:

  • A giant cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, and its companion quant trading/investment firm, Alameda Research, have collapsed in what appears to be a leveraged Ponzi-esque event that poisoned many other businesses in the nascent crypto-finance ecosystem. This isn’t exactly the right story, and I am to clarify.
  • FTX was likely one of several available attempts by the Globalist Elite to establish the intended new global financial network and currency.
  • A second attempt to control digital currencies is likely planned to take place through the regulatory system, using the FTX debacle as the excuse.
  • The flood of information about the first point seems meant to obscure the second, third, and other points.
  • The pandemic is the fog of war intended to create the opportunity and obscure the activities behind this plan.
  • This plan connects a lot of stories, including the activities of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. It weaves through MIT Media Labs along the way, but goes to the heart of the powers who ultimately control the military-intelligence-banking complex—and that include the pedophile elite. Whitney Webb has done us great favors tunneling toward much of this, but hasn’t yet reached the core (an overly tall task for any one person).
  • The endgame is conceived as an intellectually (genetically) superior human race, but that may be merely a conceptual construct of an insane network of situationally brilliant, if overconfident psychopathic elites. The mass gathering of genetic data and gene-drive technology likely play a role.


Long article by Mathew Crawford. I have not read any more than the above, which sounds like what many of us fear. Bold, ruthless people are making big moves leading to an end state they desire. I suspect part of their game is knowing we can figure lots of it out, as Mathew is doing, and that this then acts on us as predictive programming. Klaus Schwab is a James Bond cartoon who tells us where this is headed. We tell our normie friends and families that digital slavery is coming, thus preprogramming them. ABN

High-tech competition between China and USA explained and analyzed

The closest English sound to the “X” in Xi (Jinping) is “sh”. So if you pronounce his name She Jinping you will be very close, close enough. And much better than Zee Jinping or other versions we frequently hear. While on this topic which matters only because China is so large, the “j” in Beijing is pronounced just like the “j” in jingle. Leave off the “le” in jingle and you will pronounce Beijing perfectly.

If you want to be nerdy about your pronunciation of the Chinese “x”, shape your mouth and tongue to say the English “sh”, then spread your lips and tongue a little bit and move the aspiration point to the roof of your mouth. It’s an easy sound to make for English speakers. None of this is very important. All languages pronounce borrowed words and names in their own ways. I only mention it because Xi Jinping is a major world leader and it is easy to say his name in a standardized fairly correct way. Similar reasoning for Beijing. ABN

If Russian Army does this entire mainstream media will cry so entire Universe can hear them, and UN Secretary General would swim entire Atlantic Ocean to go to Kiev to condemn that

The Ukrainian authorities announced a curfew in Kherson, restricted entry and exit from the city

If Russian Army does this entire mainstream media will cry so entire Universe can hear them, and UN Secretary General would swim entire Atlantic Ocean to go to Kiev to condemn that

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