Evidence points to vaxxes as bioweapon

“The worst kind of bioweapon wouldn’t kill a lot of people, it would disable a lot of people and kill people slowly over time. You wouldn’t want it to just start killing, because if that were to happen you would very quickly identify those people who had been exposed and who were…”


Originally tweeted by Dr. Syed Haider (@DrSyedHaider) on March 23, 2023.

Evidence the vaxxes are bioweapons fits with evidence the lockdowns did more harm than good, as did mandated treatments, banning early treatments, and so on. If this is a war against the West or the world, did it just start with covid or was there infiltration and preparation many decades before? War can be pursued in many ways. Infiltration and gradual takeover is a very reliable technique for an enemy that is willing and able to spend several generations on it. The West shows very clear signs that it already has been infiltrated and taken over. The vaxxes are but the latest assault. When thinking about this, you absolutely must be able to think in the way people doing this are thinking. They play by KOBK rules. All of this will make much more sense when you always assess their actions by KOBK rules. ABN

Military thought experiment Part 7

Provoke Russia and Europe/USA into nuclear war. Let them destroy each other. Profit.

If you have close Chinese friends, they will surely agree this is a common idea in China and that something like this could happen. Some accept it as an abstract possibility, some actively hope for it. The latter type sounds like a Mexican nationalist in San Diego talking about Reconquista of the American Southwest.

A military thought experiment requires imagination. Cui bono?

China would definitely benefit in its battle for global dominance if Europe/USA and Russia all destroyed each other in a nuclear war. By many accounts, so would Israel.

If the two worked together to goad and facilitate war, Western neocons and others loyal to Israel could work their schemes within Europe/USA to provoke Russia, while Chinese operatives could work their schemes to facilitate Russia and provoke Europe/USA.

Much of what we see in the news supports the notion that something like this is happening. If Europe and Russia are destroyed in a nuclear war, Israel will be able to take over what is now Ukraine and more. Ukraine historically was part of Khazaria. Whether the Khazaria hypothesis of Ashkenazi origins is true or not, many believe it and many would welcome a Greater Israel of these dimensions.

As for China, a destroyed Russia, Europe, and USA would give them free rein throughout the world. No military power would threaten them and they could expand their borders as much as they wanted, especially to the north and northwest in what is now Russia.

By KOBK rules, a plot like the above is entirely natural and practicable. Whoever wins wins. It doesn’t matter how. Such a plot is also almost cost free and risk free. If the parties fail to provoke nuclear war and annihilation of their adversaries, no one will even know what they were doing. If they succeed in provoking the war, no one will be left to complain.

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Disaster in Ukraine; 100,000 of Ukraine’s best troops dead

Without saying it, the two Alexes describe an ongoing genocidal massacre, a deliberate policy of denuding Ukraine of Ukrainians. I wonder: 1) does someone plan to take the land Russia does not want and/or 2) are we witnessing the runup for what is being planned for all of Europe? The MO is simple: provoke Russia to fight, then let both sides kill each other, then take even more land. ABN

Gorgon Stare Wide-Area Motion Imagery (WAMI)

Gorgon Stare is the U.S Air Force’s Program of Record for Wide-Area Motion Imagery (WAMI). Gorgon Stare can observe city-sized and larger areas with persistent, 24-hour WAMI coverage. The system provides situational awareness to command authorities and on-the-ground units by distributing multiple live Imagery Streams via integrated Line-of-Sight and Beyond Line-of-Sight datalinks.


  • Ability to search/rewind imagery & video for post-mission forensic analysis
  • AI/ML compatible for autonomous object detection, classification & tracking
  • Operable on both manned & unmanned platforms
  • Full-color daytime WAMI for enhanced object characterization & pattern-of-life identification
  • Concurrently collected electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) WAMI adds context & object characterization
  • Supports users with real-time SA & forensic/pattern-of-life analysis
  • Improved operational flexibility & area coverage, enhanced resolution with on-board knowledge generation
  • Simultaneously collect & feed WAMI to multiple users with three tiers (views) of coverage:

This is the drone a Russian fighter jet apparently took down over the Black Sea. ABN

‘I know I’m being sent to my death’: Ukrainian soldiers admit ‘we are just getting killed’ as they defend Bakhmut… and say Russia can already ‘taste victory’

Ukrainian soldiers have painted a bleak picture of their on-going defence of Bakhmut, the small eastern city that has become the target of Europe’s bloodiest infantry battle since the Second World War.

Kyiv‘s soldiers have said they knew they were being sent to their deaths when they were given the orders to go to the city, and admitted they are ‘just getting killed’.


This battle and the whole war have been a massacre of Ukrainian men. It is American/ NATO neocons who blocked early negotiations a year ago that could have ended the war on reasonable terms for both sides. I see no other conclusion than Zelensky’s masters want to see Ukraine denuded of Ukrainians. Pouring money and weapons into Ukraine has served no other purpose than to slaughter Ukrainian young men in hopeless battles while driving all other Ukrainians out of the country. ABN

Plausible explanation for blaming Ukrainian group for Nord Stream pipeline bombing

Within 12 hours, both @nytimes & @washingtonpost published long articles claiming that a Ukrainian group blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.

German media picked it up.

Now the German defense minister is threatening to withdraw support for Kiev.

We now know what’s the plan.


The Germans are going to use the terrorist attack against their infrastructure as the excuse to pull out of the Ukraine project.

Olaf Scholtz went to the US to tell Biden: Either YOU blame Ukraine so we can pull our support for Ukraine—or WE blame YOU and pull out of NATO.

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Xi urges officials ‘to fight’, accuses US of encircling China

President Xi Jinping has accused the United States of encircling China and urged his officials to “have the courage to fight” for their future as Beijing escalates its rhetorical threats against the superpower.

The broadside from Xi, who rarely directly references the US in official comments, was coupled with a warning from Foreign Minister Qin Gang at the National People’s Congress in Beijing.

“If the US does not hit the brake but continues to speed down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails can prevent derailing and there will surely be conflict and confrontation,” Qin said.


Brandon’s handlers, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin are locked in a KOBK battle for world domination. KOBK game-theoretics explain what is happening in the world today better than anything else. There is virtually no way out for any of them. Brandon’s handlers—the gang that occupies USA—sees now as their best and possibly last chance to seize control of the world. That they are on the verge of being widely exposed for covid malfeasance and treason only adds to their motivation. The closer anyone gets to exposing or defeating them, the harder they will fight. From this, we can conclude WW3 is all but certain, and there are many other signs. I say this not to discourage or preprogram anyone but only to state the stark reality as it is. No one has ever played KOBK with such high stakes. Xi is known to be a gambler, willing to take huge risks. Putin has a habit of being cautious. Brandon’s handlers are rash, ruthless, and ready to risk major Western cities in their effort to conquer the world. The odds of nukes flying have never been greater. ABN