Two threads analyze Balenciaga

Both of these threads are admittedly speculative. It must be that the people controlling artistic expression are promoting these designers and encouraging them. Some of the photos are very good but most depend entirely on disturbing dark themes. Add these to Satanic themes in CERN opening ceremonies and elsewhere and we cannot turn from the suspicion that so much of the evil we see in our world today is inspired by and supportive of demonic arts, beliefs, and practices. In Buddhism, this world is a mix of light and dark, good and bad, moving toward the Tathagata or away from. Christianity emphasizes the power of Satan. In the West we are more deeply influenced by Christian thought and thus express it more in artwork. But the underlying conflict between good and bad is also prominent in Eastern thought and traditions. ABN

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‘Died Suddenly’ – An Explanation

Protein Folding

It sure looks like protein folding irregularities lie at the heart of severe COVID-19, long COVID and vaccine harm (both immediate and delayed), these being driven by the presence of the spike protein. A Midwestern Doctor draws upon a solid body of research to reach the following conclusion:

In summary, this study demonstrated that there are always slightly irregular or misfolded fibrous blood clots being formed within the body, but at the same time the body has a mechanism for removing them. However, once small amounts of spike protein are added into the mix (at concentrations I believe will be reached through vaccination) those irregular fibrous clots spiral out of control and come to dominate the clotting process. At this point, the body’s mechanisms for removing them are no longer able to outpace this growth function and they instead grow until they are constrained in size by the blood vessels they are within like the large fibrous clots shown in Died Suddenly.

Ante Mortem Hypercoagulation

My penny worth – as expressed in my initial article – is that these clotting processes likely continue after death, these grotesque results being an example of ante mortem hypercoagulation. I’ve chewed this over with a switched-on GP and we agree that the size and quantity of fibre and clots, along with the level of blood decomposition seen by embalmers, is not plausible in a living person. We presume that the emergence of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) and the rise in excess young death around the globe is due to onset of these processes.


Many have pointed out problems with the movie “Died Suddenly” and also many have pointed out there is a lot of evidence for the clots. This article provides a probable explanation for why so many clots are being found by embalmers. ABN

Justin Bieber: Facial paralysis is ‘punishment’ for exposing illuminati

Hold onto your seats, because this is about to get wild. In June, Bieber revealed he was suffering from facial paralysis, after a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The 28-year-old, who had been on his Justice world tour, announced that recent shows have “taken a real toll” and he needs more time to “rest and get better”. Earlier this year on March 10, Bieber’s supermodel wife Hayley Bieber was similarly struck down by another unusual ailment. The 25-year-old was sitting at a table with her husband when she suffered a mini-stroke, disabling her and requiring urgent hospitalization. Bieber believes that their ailments are the physical manifestation of their efforts to break out of the Illuminati entertainment industry and break his contract with the “black prince.”


No proof offered but I am posting this anyway. Which worse—a “physical manifestation of their efforts to break out of the Illuminati entertainment industry” or the vax bioweapon did it? ABN

A Grand Unified Theory of the FTX Disaster

There is no simple preview, but here are some of the topics we hit:

  • A giant cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, and its companion quant trading/investment firm, Alameda Research, have collapsed in what appears to be a leveraged Ponzi-esque event that poisoned many other businesses in the nascent crypto-finance ecosystem. This isn’t exactly the right story, and I am to clarify.
  • FTX was likely one of several available attempts by the Globalist Elite to establish the intended new global financial network and currency.
  • A second attempt to control digital currencies is likely planned to take place through the regulatory system, using the FTX debacle as the excuse.
  • The flood of information about the first point seems meant to obscure the second, third, and other points.
  • The pandemic is the fog of war intended to create the opportunity and obscure the activities behind this plan.
  • This plan connects a lot of stories, including the activities of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. It weaves through MIT Media Labs along the way, but goes to the heart of the powers who ultimately control the military-intelligence-banking complex—and that include the pedophile elite. Whitney Webb has done us great favors tunneling toward much of this, but hasn’t yet reached the core (an overly tall task for any one person).
  • The endgame is conceived as an intellectually (genetically) superior human race, but that may be merely a conceptual construct of an insane network of situationally brilliant, if overconfident psychopathic elites. The mass gathering of genetic data and gene-drive technology likely play a role.


Long article by Mathew Crawford. I have not read any more than the above, which sounds like what many of us fear. Bold, ruthless people are making big moves leading to an end state they desire. I suspect part of their game is knowing we can figure lots of it out, as Mathew is doing, and that this then acts on us as predictive programming. Klaus Schwab is a James Bond cartoon who tells us where this is headed. We tell our normie friends and families that digital slavery is coming, thus preprogramming them. ABN

La Mesa clinic conducting vaccine trials against RSV

LA MESA, Calif. — A local La Mesa clinic is looking for patients to test vaccine trials for RSV.

Researchers are hoping these vaccine trials can help combat the so-called “tripledemic” that many health officials are warning about.

Researchers are looking for more patients to take part in this study.


The so-called tripledemic sure looks like cover for vax injury and vax-induced deadly variants of covid that our information curators do not want us to know about or talk about. Just speculating but nothing has been what it seems during covid and the fever pitch is only going higher with this new vax and these new outbreaks that supposedly have nothing to do with the covid vaxxes. ABN

So a person who hasn’t blogged since 2007, or photographed since 2013, all of a sudden attacks Nancy Pelosi’s husband in his underwear? And is blogging about HRC dining on human flesh?

1) Pelosi Attack – 🚩🚩🚩
“The Capitol Police sent special agents to the home…”
– LA Times


This is a detailed thread taken down since being posted on Twitter but saved at the link above about the Pelosi hammer affair. Being taken down from Twitter (due to old rules still in effect) makes it more spicey, imo. It’s worth looking at especially if you live in the area or are interested in weird events happening to spouses of prominent people. The Capitol Police have a long reach under Pelosi and are probably there to cover up whatever might make Paul or Nancy look bad. Does Nancy not trust the FBI either? That’s what they usually do. ABN

Mathematical modeling suggests counties are still unprepared for COVID spikes

A new paper in PNAS suggests there may have been a mathematical method, of sorts, to the madness of those early COVID days.

The study tests a model that closely matches the patterns of case counts and deaths reported, county by county, across the United States between April 2020 and June 2021. The model suggests that unprecedented COVID spikes could, even now, overwhelm local jurisdictions.


Read the linked article with Vanden Bossche’s prediction in mind: Dr Geert Vanden Bossche WARNS that covid disease and death will increase among the vaccinated BECAUSE they are vaccinated. ABN

Canadian doctor warns 50% of kids who got myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccines will be DEAD in 5 years

Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker, a Canadian doctor with 45 years of experience in emergency medicine, family practice and on military bases, has made an alarming claim that the five-year survival rate of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine-induced myocarditis in children is just 50 percent. Host Ben Armstrong shared Shoemaker’s claim in an episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show.” The doctor noted that around 95 percent of people in intensive care units are fully vaccinated and this is because their immune systems are already damaged


Informative, well-written article. ABN

What we just saw was the making of an All Xi’s Men team, the breaking of decade-long rules, and the birth of an unlimited supreme leader

What we just saw was the making of an All Xi’s Men team, the breaking of decade-long rules, and the birth of an unlimited supreme leader. These are not entirely surprising, but Xi’s grab of power is still beyond our expectation. He is now a truly modern emperor. 1/

Xi will rule China for not one but at least two and likely three terms (15 years). He is "only" 69 year old: Mao ruled China until his death at 83 and Deng kept CMC Chair until 1989 when he was 85. So don't expect Xi to retire before 2037. Xi's power apex just started, today. 2/

No successor. Xi is too "young" to pick up a successor. His ministers have no interest in suggesting one. Potential candidates dare not imply it. Xi's future successor is now a nobody (who is not even in the Central Committee this time). Succession may not be an issue in 2027. 3/

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European hyenas have already begun to share carrion. Aid for Ukraine was by no means disinterested

Russia regains its historic lands and is becoming one step closer to the eastern border of the EU and NATO. And then the Polish government will make the historic decision to introduce a peace contingent, or rather the Polish army, on the territory of western Ukraine. Under any pretext, or by bribing the population who will get tired during the cold winter with endless empty promises of its government, PiS may hold a referendum on joining the western regions of the remaining Ukraine to Poland.

Under the guise of such great and significant events, the countries bordering Ukraine will also receive their share of their historic lands (and maybe a little more – everything will depend on the will of the Ukrainians in referendums).

By that time, the European financing of the AFU will end, the Ukrainian army will be defeated, and the Ukrainian government will emigrate abroad. A pro-Russian president who will be neutral towards NATO and the EU will remain in power in Kiev.

Nothing unexpected or new, just a systematically prepared and played geopolitical game of European hyenas. And as usual, ordinary people suffer from it. 


This is an opinion piece translated from Polish. ABN