The ESG Cartel

How do you control the Bull on Wall Street? Simple: you put a ring through its nose. The name of that ring is ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance scoring for financing and investment. Allegedly, ESG is supposed to provide a measure of a company’s long-term sustainability and profitability, but it is, instead, the tool of a small number of so-called “stakeholders” who are actually technocrats. The tool enables big investment firms like Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, Fidelity, and others to effectively run a monopoly-trust, which is to say a cartel, without being in direct violation of existing anti-trust legislation. If you wonder why everything, especially every big corporation, is going Woke, ESG is your answer. Join James Lindsay in this quick episode of New Discourses Bullets to break it down.

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The question is who is at the top of the pile?

1/ Regarding Klaus Schwab and the WEF: Schwab—along with his associates at the WEF—is not so much an evil genius manipulating the levers of power from a smoke-filled resort room in Davos.

2/ He is more like a cartoonish mascot, a garish distillation and personification of a widely shared ideology and an ambitious agenda embraced by many corporate, tech, finance, and political power brokers with globalist pretentions.

3/ That these elite power brokers’ institutions and interests often interlock, that they meet regularly in Davos, a resort in the Swiss Aps, to plan and coordinate their efforts, should come as no surprise.

4/ And they are far from alone: many who don’t get invited to the Davos party have their own role to play, and dutifully take their cues from their cultural overlords.

5/5 For their part, universities and their administrators, along with scores of media talking heads, readily and willingly serve among the ranks of what Lenin (rather indelicately) called “useful idiots” for advancing this agenda.

Originally tweeted by Aaron Kheriaty, MD (@akheriaty) on May 11, 2022.

The globalist agenda reeks of anti-Western policy, including escalating war in Europe, backfiring Russia sanctions, vaccine mandates, the high probability that covid will become more lethal, ruination of US and European economies, and more. So who is at the top of the pile? I agree it’s not Klaus. It can’t be senile Biden. I doubt the old-money European elite is behind all of this. They surely are party to it, possibly by now “willing” onlookers who have no other choice. How is China involved? The Shanghai lockdowns are sheer political theater having nothing to do with covid. Why does the West ignore this? Why is the West escalating war in Europe? Why did they provoke it in the first place? When the dust settles after many crashes—economic, military, covid mortality, systemic due to the former three—who will be on top? Who will gather what’s left and “lead” this despoiled world? ABN


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The core message is somewhat simple. The vaccines ruin the immune system for covid. They not only ruin it, they cause the vaccinated immune system to help the virus. This is why Omicron is so infectious. So far, Omicron is highly infectious but not very deadly. This is not good news because evolution does not stop. The virus is continuing to evolve. Therefore, it is inevitable that the virus will become more deadly because that is what viruses do; they evolve to exploit new avenues of replication. Since vaccinees’ immune systems have been made incapable of killing the virus, many of them will become seriously ill and die. How many, no one knows because there has never been a mass vaccination experiment like the one we are running now. The only hope for lessening the deadly impact of new viral variants is stop mass vaccinations immediately while also immediately start dispensing antiviral therapeutics such as ivermectin, HCQ, maybe Paxlovid, etc. ABN

How and why China is doing much better than USA

[Important to read the following. It is a comment on an article in the Unz Review. It provides a brief overview of something deeply lacking in our society and in most in the world—a way to place the brightest, most talented and capable people at or near the top of society where, in the main, they will make better decisions than less talented and less intelligent people. Everything below this is a quote. ABN]

People go where they can exercise their talents to the fullest.

I emigrated to the US because grad schools here offered me opportunities that did not exist in my native Australia.

Now China’s crushing immature technologies like quantum communications, AI, supercomputing and utterly dominates every aspect of clean energy.

And they outspend us on R&D, big time. Biden’s promising $1.5 billion for quantum computing. Xi committed $10 billion.

We’ll never keep their best and brightest, the IQ 140+ crowd. China offers them unique opportunities.

Officials in China are held in much higher regard than dukes in the UK, and similarly descendents’ marriage prospects for generations.

These days, the smart kids choose administration or research, but the smartest choose both, because the selection committee (the opaquely named Organization Department) is looking for leaders who are empathic and intellectual geniuses.

Xi, for example grew up in a desperately poor village whose people cast their eyes down in his presence because he could read, and ate bark most winters. He visited and fretted about them until they started giving guided tours of where he lived with them, telling tales of his youth, and showing cracked, faded photos of him as a teenager.

Self-educated, he eventually got a (grudging) BSc in chemical engineering, from Peking University, and later, a PhD in rural marketization.

The #1 priority of the current 5 Year Plan is raising rural incomes through rural marketization.

In 2021, 28% of farmers’ profits came from direct sales to consumers. Billions of smartphones, millions of drones and thousands of miles of high speed rail let Beijingers choose oranges from the bough and receive them next morning.

China’s next president could be one of two current provincial governors. Both have physics PhDs. They previously ran the rocket and space programs, and now they’re ‘father and mother officials,’ to a hundred million people, and responsible for doubling everyone’s real wages of by 2031.

Where else can you exercise such talents?

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“Stop the Asian lies. We don’t give a flying f**k when you ask us where we’re from”

Stop the Asian lies. We don't give a flying f**k when you ask us where we're from. 😂 Liberals getting mad for us. First and foremost Im a MF American.

Originally tweeted by Steve Inman (@SteveInmanUIC) on May 1, 2022.

I 100% agree and will add that asking where someone is from is the most American of all questions. We all ask it all the time. Everybody wants to know the answer. ABN

When people lose touch with fundamental moral sensibilities, this happens

Karma is the direction and composition of your mind-stream. What you think or do today affects your mind-stream in everything thereafter. False excuses only despoil your mind-stream further. Only you can correct your mistakes. Only you can vow to never repeat them. Karma is not punishment or reward conferred by higher beings. Karma is what you do and think and 100% your responsibility. Properly understood, karma is a deeply liberating concept. ABN

The importance of fuzzy lines in maintaining a sane world

Online speech restrictions make sense up to a point. There is a reasonable line in there somewhere. Twitter is going way to far in only one direction, so almost all of us see its restrictions are unreasonable and probably unsustainable. This situation illustrates 1) the importance of lines, and 2) that lines are necessarily fuzzy, and 3) that even fuzzy lines have to be firm in the right places.

Over the past six decades, USA has waffled too much on our fuzzy lines, both legal and cultural. Fuzzy lines are hard to draw and hard to keep firm. Trump’s border wall is an example of a successful firm fuzzy line as were his immigration policies. TBH, gay marriage probably went to far. It crossed a fuzzy line of accepting homosexuality probably too much. Once crossed, all manner of gender “rights” have made even human identities fuzzy. Today, “abortion rights” are even beginning to include the right to kill your “perinatal” infant.

In thinking about fuzzy lines it is crucial that we all recognize that all cultures are fundamentally held together by Lowest Common Denominator behavioral rules and as such are kind of stupid and very easy to attack. All cultures are held together with fuzzy lines. No culture is perfect. All cultures can be destabilized by constantly pushing against their fuzzy lines. Some pushing is good. Too much pushing is bad. Don’t make perfect be the enemy of good enough. Don’t allow woke to be the enemy of reason. Or anyone’s sexuality or identity the enemy of a reasonably well-functioning society. It’s not easy to do this right but it is not impossible either and it must be done or chaos ensues. ABN

Mere Facts & Data Do Not Constitute Knowledge

Years ago I was asked to develop and lead a plan targeting acquisition of a marine and boating consumer products company. During the discovery process I flew to Manhattan in order to interview the senior executives about the overall business state and direction. Being an avid sloop sailor, I was rather excited about the chance to speak with the developers of some of the key equipment I employed on my boat.

When I arrived at the intended conference room and began to speak with the C-level executives prior to the meeting start, it became clear that none of them bore experience in boating, nor afloat work or recreation at all. 


Experience plus talent plus broad associations plus deep pattern recognition. ABN