“There should be both a strong vax & strong differential dose relationship. But there is none.”

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1/4 I developed sensitivity relationship charts between the fall in U071 MCoD Covid Deaths and the admin of Vaccines by each US State from Dec 12 – Jun 5

Here are 2 states (FL & VA) with strong results. A strong differential relationship between vax and reduction in deaths.

2/4 However, there were states which bore a much weaker relationship between the timing of vax administration and the fall in U071 MCoD Covid Deaths.

These two states had already substantially recovered in large number or pct before the impact of the vaccine program.

3/4 So two questions broach. First, how did each state’s strength in sympathy between vax & death-reduction perform differentially by % of each state’s population with 1 or 2 vax doses.

There should be both a strong vax & strong differential dose relationship. But there is none.

4/4 But perhaps the sympathy rating by state bears noise. So the second question was simpler: Did the raw fall in U071 MCoD Covid Deaths bear any vax or dose-count differential relationship by US state?

Again these should both be strong relationships. But there is none.

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Good info on covid from Dr Urso

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COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 688 studies

We aim to cover the most promising early treatments for COVID-19. We use pre-specified effect extraction criteria that prioritizes more serious outcomes, for details see methods. For specific outcomes and different treatment stages see the individual pages. Not all treatments are covered here, effectiveness has been reported for many other treatments in studies. Of the 688 studies, 483 present results comparing with a control group, 426 are treatment studies, 57 analyze outcomes based on serum levels, and 45 are meta analyses.