The “Stink of Corruption,” better understood as the foul stench of the dead body of Western civilization


Neil does an OK job with this talk but stops well short of fully understanding the severity of our plight. We are not just “being taken for a ride.” We have been infiltrated and taken over. We are actively and deliberately being destroyed. We have almost entirely lost an asymmetric war, a hybrid war that has taken control of all of the cultural high ground in the West over the past seven decades. We are now ruled by bold usurpers who are using our societies for their own ends. The origins of this takeover go back centuries to ancient cultures and gangs that are still here today, still assuming the same ancient values and beliefs and acting on them with impunity. Surrounding and sucking up to these gangs are hordes of parasites, toadies and wannabes whose main skills are knowing how and wanting to climb the slimy career ladders being offered them. ABN

Motive Clear, DOJ Search Warrant Was to Seize Every Single Document During Entirety of President Trump Term in Office, Regardless of Classification

…I would emphasize one major point and draw attention to something in the background that almost no-one noticed years ago.

First, the search warrant was not specific, was not detailed, was not drawn out to avoid targeting ancillary items unrelated to the DOJ mission at heart.  The warrant itself was structured to seize every scintilla of documentary evidence, seen, created, or produced during President Trump’s term in office.  Literally every shred of paper. [WARRANT LINK]

This issue stands out for a host of reasons.  One of them speaks to the mindset of a judge who would authorize the raid itself.  What judge would authorize a raid on the home of the president with the parameters to seize “Any government and/or presidential record created between January 20, 2017 and January 20, 2021?”

That’s literally everything, including Christmas cards, notes, letters of appreciation from Americans, internal correspondence, the works.  Every shred of documentary evidence associated with the office of the President from the day he stepped into office until the day he left.  That’s the parameters for the seizure.

If that doesn’t showcase the targeting effort, nothing will.  That is an absurd demand that no president in the history of this nation has ever faced.  No DOJ official in any capacity past or present would ever consider that an appropriate parameter for a document seizure, until now.  THAT showcases the intensity of the DOJ and FBI effort to target Donald J Trump.

…There is no greater example of political targeting than what we are witnessing right now.


CDC deletes falsehood that has been know to be false for well over one freaking year

I am not aware of any CDC official publicly explaining this change in the “facts” about mRNA covid vaccines. Where is that hot babe Rochelle Walensky on this one? As so often happens, our usurpers just ignore or delete facts that disturb their hypnotic mind-control over the American people, whom they have deeply infiltrated and now lead. “Oh well, a very basic and extremely important fact about the covid vaccines was never true… Oh well, let’s just delete it and move on…” It doesn’t really matter, does it Rochelle, that this fact is the major reason the vaccines are killing and severely harming hundreds of thousands of Americans. And that includes the babies you so cheerfully encourage parents to subject to this profound falsehood. ABN

Inmates Are Running the Democrat Asylum—and They Want to Criminalize ALL Opposition, Not Just Trump

The FBI shocked America this week by raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. This unprecedented move astonished Republicans and conservatives and united them behind Trump. Even the average Fox News Talking Head sees the raid as an outrageous abuse of power [Supporters, GOP lawmakers rally behind Trump amid FBI search, CBS News, August 1 0, 2022]. But Trump is not the only victim of America’s ongoing communist coup. The Biden Regime increasingly uses its legal powers at the bidding of its hysterical coalition of activists, who demand that it imprison their enemies. American patriots must wake to the danger posed by the communists’ control of the Department of Justice.


Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Unsealed, The Most Urgent, Critical, National Security Issue in the History of All Time, had 14 Days to Execute

…These examples of evidence held by President Donald Trump reveals the background of how the DC surveillance state exists.  THAT was/is the national security threat behind the DOJ-NSD search warrant and affidavit.

The risk to the fabric of the U.S. government is why we see lawyers and pundits so confused as they try to figure out the disproportionate response from the DOJ and FBI, toward “simple records”, held by President Trump in Mar-a-Lago.   Very few people can comprehend what has been done since January 2009, and the current state of corruption as it now exists amid all of the agencies and institutions of government.

Barack Obama spent 8 years building out and refining the political surveillance state.  The operators of the institutions have spent the last six years hiding the construct.

President Donald Trump declassified the material then took evidence to Mar-a-Lago.  The people currently in charge of managing the corrupt system, like Merrick Garland, Lisa Monaco, Chris Wray and the Senate allies, are going bananas.  From their DC perspective, Donald Trump is an existential threat.

Given the nature of their opposition, and the underlying motives for their conduct, there is almost nothing they will not do to protect themselves.  However, if you peel away all the layers of lies, manipulations and corruption, what you find at the heart of their conduct is fear.


I have excerpted just a small section of this article. Be sure to look at the original. This is the best explanation I have seen for what is going on and why:

“The people currently in charge of managing the corrupt system, like Merrick Garland, Lisa Monaco, Chris Wray and the Senate allies, are going bananas.  From their DC perspective, Donald Trump is an existential threat.” ABN

Watch for Falling Anvils, The Washington Post Claims FBI Raid Was Looking for Super-Secret Nuclear Intel in Mar-a-Lago

They should have gone with the aliens angle.  I said earlier today after watching the frozen-faced, nervous teleprompter reading from AG Merrick Garland, that Main Justice and the FBI had completely embarrassed themselves and likely came up empty in their raid on Mar-a-Lago.

The reason is simple, when you put a tribe of rabid leftists together in a room long enough, they will collectively concoct the goofiest plans in an effort to advance their quests.  The DOJ and FBI lawfare tribe are no different.  The Washington Post is now claiming the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was connected to some “nuclear information” in Donald Trump’s possession.

…I am more convinced than ever they DOJ/FBI were on a fishing expedition, looking for something, anything, that could compromise Donald Trump legally.  They came up empty, and now the entire world is looking at the way the FBI acted.  The DOJ is stuck grasping for any justification -regardless of how silly it is- in order to extricate themselves from the mess they created.

It has to be something super serious in order to justify the extreme nature of the raid itself.   Probable cause likely came down to aliens or nuclear missile technology…  they chose the latter.


Eric Trump tells what REALLY happened in FBI raid: President’s son says 30 agents REFUSED to hand over warrant, kicked lawyer off property, rifled through clothes – and how Mar-a-Lago staff refused to turn off security cameras

Eric Trump revealed FBI agents refused to hand over the search warrant for their raid on Mar-a-Lago and kicked an attorney off the property in a new, incisive account of the Monday operation at the Florida estate.

Speaking exclusively to, the former president’s son said the 30 agents who arrived at the property asked staff to turn security cameras off – but they refused.

He also said that the attorney was forced to stand at the end of the Mar-a-Lago driveway while the team searched inside – and allegedly used safe crackers to break into his father’s safe. 

He called the raid another ‘coordinated attack’ on his father Donald Trump and insisted there is no way President Joe Biden was kept in the dark about the search.

The latest explosive account comes with the Department of Justice facing mounting pressure to explain what grounds they had for the search.


Paul Sperry: Lies, Damned Lies, And The Jan. 6 Committee

The Select Committee to Investigate Jan. 6 has adjourned for a well-deserved summer break. Misleading the public is exhausting work.

A careful review of the official transcripts of its eight long hearings shows the committee repeatedly made connections that weren’t there, took events and quotes out of context, exaggerated the violence of the Capitol rioters, and omitted key exculpatory evidence otherwise absolving former President Donald Trump of guilt. While in some cases, it lied by omission, in others, it lied outright. It also made a number of unsubstantiated charges based on the secondhand accounts—hearsay testimony—of a young witness with serious credibility problems.

These weren’t off-the-cuff remarks. Panelists didn’t misspeak. Their statements were tightly scripted and loaded into teleprompters, which they read verbatim.

In other words, the committee deliberately chummed out disinformation to millions of viewers of not just cable TV, but also the Big Three TV networks—ABC, CBS, and NBC—which agreed to preempt regular daytime and even primetime programming to air the Democratic-run hearings. And because Democrats refused to allow dissenting voices on the panel or any cross-examination of witnesses, viewers had no reference points to understand how they, along with the two Trump-hating Republicans they allowed on the committee, shaded the truth.


Was Judge Who Signed-Off on Sketchy FBI Search Warrant Raid of Trump Home, a Client Name in Ghislane Maxwells Little Black Book?

There’s an interesting angle given the revelation that Judge Bruce Reinhart signed-off on the sketchy FBI search warrant for the residence of President Trump in Florida.

Judge Bruce Reinhart was the former U.S. attorney in West Palm Beach who spent 12 years as a federal prosecutor, before leaving his position in order to defend a network of employees who operated the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking operation.  First the background:

(NY Post) […] Reinhart was elevated to magistrate judge in March 2018 after 10 years in private practice. That November, the Miami Herald reported that he had represented several of Epstein’s employees — including, by Reinhart’s own admission to the outlet, Epstein’s pilots; his scheduler, Sarah Kellen; and Nadia Marcinkova, who Epstein once reportedly described as his “Yugoslavian sex slave.”


He could have been a client or he could have been connected to Epstein at a higher level, as part of the blackmail/spy/infiltration program in which Epstein was a major player within USA. ABN

CDC Claims Link Between Heart Inflammation And COVID-19 Vaccines Wasn’t Known For Most Of 2021

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has claimed that there was no known association between heart inflammation and COVID-19 vaccines as late as October 2021.

CDC officials made the claim, which is false, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request for reports from a CDC team that is focused on analyzing the risk of post-vaccination myocarditis and pericarditis, two forms of heart inflammation. Both began detected at higher-than-expected rates after COVID-19 vaccination in the spring of 2021.

The team focuses on studying data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a passive surveillance system co-run by the CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The date range for the search was April 2, 2021, to Oct. 2, 2021.


I refuse to file this under “incompetence.” Filing where it belongs under “corruption,” “fraud,” and “infiltration.” One could go even further and label this an act of “asymmetric warfare,” which it appears to be. This cannot possibly have been a “mistake” unless the system was set up in such a way that this “mistake” was forced, which makes it a deliberate hostile act. The largest Emergency Use Authorization in American history of a gene treatment with undisclosed ingredients and no long-term testing, and which is mandated, but was not scrupulously followed for adverse effects? No, sorry, not possible to believe that was a “mistake” made by incompetent people. ABN