How good institutions are turned into bad ones

Catholic Diocese in Connecticut is filing for bankruptcy with 60 pending sexual abuse lawsuits. One thing you should realize, if you are reading this a century hence and this cycle is repeating, is that once an intel operation gains a foothold, it inverts everything it targets, and eventually it targets everything. so essentially, it penetrates all of the obviously good and turns it bad. Organizations designed to fight corruption become organizations designed to discover who opposes corruption so they may be defeated and corruption may survive. National security organizations become devoted to the destruction of national security, and intelligence organizations end up actually working for the enemy. Counter-intelligence organizations end up becoming intelligence agencies devoted to treason. Crime-fighting organizations become crime-protecting organizations. Child-protection organizations become fronts for child trafficking and abuse. Your neighbor becomes the asset trying to help the machine get one-up on you. Because intelligence infiltrates that which would oppose its evil and turns those organizations to its end, it is a natural state for everything the masses think about the world to become actually a direct inversion of the truth. And you will look positively insane of you try to explain how it is to them.


“Intel operations” in the above should not be understood to mean only governmental organizations. It includes also many foreign and secret organizations and subgroups within larger ones that work against originally stated ideals. This is how all Western high-ground (academia, MSM, Big Tech, law, DC, and more) has been lost to the invaders, subverted from within. ABN

How the Covid “Pandemic” Was Orchestrated

This is a clear overview of what we know about covid and what we suspect.

…The real question is whether the people who reportedly had Covid died from it, or from the lack of treatment, or the wrong treatment. Initially, hospitalized Covid patients were put on ventilators and were killed by the ventilators until a doctor figured out that the breathing problem had a different cause than what they assumed and issued a warning. Other Covid deaths were due to the lack of treatment.

Remember, the assumption was that there were no treatments, thus the emphasis on developing a vaccine, but there were two highly successful, safe, and inexpensive treatments based on HCQ and Ivermectin. These treatments stood in the way of emergency permission to use untested and unapproved vaccines and were demonized for the sake of Big Pharma vaccine profits. So if you had Covid, they sent you home untreated until you got so bad that you had to be hospitalized, and then they killed you with ventilators.


It does seem that covid and the mandated responses to it were designed to physically weaken populations, making them easier to control. This on top of all the psychological manipulation: fear, masks, lockdowns, school closings, isolation, etc. ABN

Covid “was not a public health crisis. It was an opportunistic marketing campaign.” Dr David Martin

This is truly a bombshell video. I rarely use language like that but Martin presents detailed patent proofs that covid-19 is not novel, was manufactured well before 2020, and that covid “variants” are nothing more than arbitrary differences in sequence readings of genomic data. Do not miss this video. ABN

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Backup video:

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If Martin is right, China is largely exonerated of guilt for having released the covid bioweapon. It may have colluded with Western powers and corporations, but based on Martin’s argument, covid is a manufactured crisis, a “marketing campaign” done by Western actors. ABN

UPDATE: The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier