@Johnheretohelp alleges behind the scenes skullduggery on Jan 6

I am not at all sure of his credibility, and tend to think he is disinfo, but many pay attention to what he says and much of it turns out to be true. Here’s the latest. Good chance it will be taken down fast:

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This is a doozy

I doubt I need to explain this insult to savvy readers of ABN.

Here is a perfect analysis:

Gather less relevant data.


Trust the science.


List of donors that have provided billions to the CDC.

Every single company that is making vaccines is on that list.

Who might benefit from fewer recorded cases of infection after injection?

Every single company that is making vaccines that is on that list.

Plus of course, the narrative.

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source: In the coming weeks, CDC will transition from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only vaccine breakthrough infections that result in hospitalization or death. This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance.

“Any population whose citizens are not viewing everything from the perspective of a spook today, will be helpless when the spooks roll into town and move in next door tomorrow”

Michael Flynn expounds on the benefits of the separation of powers, and how we all need to get involved in government. It is a good piece, and I have no doubt Flynn is a patriot, but we really need to not coddle the populace like this piece does. People are smart, and there are a lot of good ones who deserve an honest explanation of the fact our nation has been penetrated by a hostile intel op that subverted all these constitutional protections through a organized and coordinated plan of surveillance, blackmail, intimidation, infiltration, and subversion. Continuing to tell people this is just a coincidental group of leftists who managed to get power and now are dismantling the government isn’t as beneficial as explaining to people how intel works, that conspiracies are real, and that the people involved in this are much more organized, and the conspiracy is much more expansive, comprising much more of our population, than just a few elite leftists who got control of the media by buying up those companies. I have enough evidence on my surveillance page that if Trump created a page like that on his site, pointed to it, and told people we have a problem, it would take us much faster toward freedom, and the freedom it produced would be much more long-lasting. And I will bet he could get really shocking evidence. That is what we need, because if the people do not get schooled up on intelligence operations, and learn firsthand that conspiracies are real, and more people than you would think would be a part of one, America will never be truly free. Any population whose citizens are not viewing everything from the perspective of a spook today, will be helpless when the spooks roll into town and move in next door tomorrow.

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Tucker Carlson explains Frank Luntz

Frank Luntz is an insufferable political putz and UniParty gatekeeper {See HERE – and HERE – and HERE}, but Fox News always protected their swamp spokesperson… until now.  In Friday Night’s opening monologue Tucker Carlson took-on the DeceptiCon contract agent known as Frank Luntz.

Something is happening in the background for Fox News to give permission (perhaps instructions) to Tucker Carlson to be able to do this.

Everything Carlson notes is accurate; the expose’ is absolutely correct; but I cannot stop wondering why now? …And why Tucker Carlson?    Carlson was always a member of the approved DeceptiCon establishment.  This reversal doesn’t seem real.  Watch this segment.  Check the links above to absorb the full background.

Tucker Carlson Takes On Frank Luntz

People like Luntz are what makes people like me believe there is an overarching cabal that controls everything in USA and most of world. Watch this video on Freemasonry in this context and it’s hard not to connect the dots.

“Once you realize there is only one party, the UniParty, the next step is to recognize there are no longer three branches within government.”

[…] I still held the belief there were three branches of government…. and there were “checks and balances”… and there had to be some way for a good person to expose corruption.

He quickly dispatched those beliefs (with examples). 10.) He explained the “checks and balances” I spoke of did exist at a time when there were three branches of government. However, that time has long passed.

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We all need to understand that our beloved USA is now owned and run by the Intelligence Community (IC). ABN