WTF is Internet Of Bio Nano Things (IoBNT) and How Secure Is It?

Internet of Bio-Nano Things (IoBNT) is a domain where biochemical processes inside the human body communicate the cyber world of the internet. IoBNT paradigm stems from synthetic biology and nanotechnology tools and enables the engineering of biological embedded computing devices called nano-machines.

Nano-machines are powerful and functional man-made tiny devices. The functionality of these devices is inspired by the behavior of atomic and molecular structures composed of nanoscale components.

…IoBNT architecture is an extended version of the Internet of Things paradigm. IoBNT uses the cyber communication backbone of IoT. The main difference is in the perception layer, where the sensors are deployed. The sensors used in IoBNT are nano-scale and use the nano-scale communication technologies (Molecular Communication/ Terahertz based Nano electromagnetic Communication).


Uchuu: A simulation of the universe

“Uchuu is like a time machine,” Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia doctoral student Julia F. Ereza said in the statement. “[W]e can go forward, backward and stop in time, we can ‘zoom in’ on a single galaxy or ‘zoom out’ to visualize a whole cluster, we can see what is really happening at every instant and in every place of the universe from its earliest days to the present.”


Chinese anti-satellite weapon places explosives in exhaust nozzle

A group of Chinese scientists has developed a device capable of putting explosives into a satellite’s exhaust nozzle, the South China Morning Post has reported.

The robotic anti-satellite weapon employs a locking capability to stay inside a probe for an extended period and place melt-cast explosives that cause time-controlled explosions.

Weighing only 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds), the high-powered explosives are packed into a bullet-shaped device nearly similar to a de Laval nozzle. When detonated, the explosion damages a probe’s internal components while allowing its overall structure to remain intact.


‘War is Real’: Defend Taiwan or Give It the Bomb

U.S. President Joe Biden can reestablish deterrence by offering Taiwan a mutual defense treaty. If he does not want to do that, he should either base American nuclear weapons in Taiwan or transfer such weapons to the island so it can defend itself. In the 1980s, the U.S. beefed up deterrence of the Soviet Union by basing nuclear-tipped Pershing missiles in Europe.


If the Biden admin is as feckless and scatter-brained as it appears, there is no hope for Taiwan. It is possible there is a good Deep State that has seen today coming for decades and has prepared adequately. My guess is USA will give up Taiwan just as they gave up Tibet, Hong Kong, and Uighurs. The time to provide nukes to Taiwan was 35 years ago. There is some chance they already have them. Given the line of Maoist thought that China can survive a nuclear war better than anyone, and given that this is often expressed openly in China, I doubt Taiwan nukes will prevent a Communist takeover and may even provoke one. If we accept that USA is in the hands of a Western cabal, we must also accept that war with China is either: 1) not in their interests or 2) they have a devastating first strike already planned and ready to go. And that will be their next big move as covid fears continue to wane and their control over Western populations loses focus. ABN

China’s thirst to rule the world has just gone hypersonic: MARK ALMOND says terrifying new weapon raises the spectre of ‘Dr Strangeloves’ in Beijing calculating their chances of WINNING a nuclear war

Washington and other world capitals are waking up to the implications of Beijing possessing a missile that can circle the globe at five times the speed of sound – and can sneak under the radar of US anti-missile defences.

The missile, carried on a ‘hypersonic glide vehicle’, was launched into space by rocket boosters (similar to those that launch spacecraft) in August. When they run out of fuel – typically within minutes – the boosters detach and fall away, and the glide vehicle continues to orbit the Earth at nearly 4,000mph, under its own momentum.


This incident raises KOBK stakes between China and USA/world. Unannounced, it was a clear act of aggression meant to intimidate. Congressman Mike Gallagher talks of US losing the “new Cold War” with China. But present conditions are not at all like the old Cold War. The new situation is pure KOBK. China is targeting Biden’s manifest weakness. Our best hope is behind puppet Biden there is a group of real thinkers who understand the seriousness of our position and have planned for it. ABN

“Once there is a specific level of achievement in quantum computing that country, sovereign, or entity will end up being able to decrypt any encryption…that– will end up controlling the data universe”: Kyle Bass

"There is a massive race in quantum computing," says @Jkylebass. "Once there is a specific level of achievement in quantum computing that country, sovereign, or entity will end up being able to decrypt any encryption…that– will end up controlling the data universe."

Originally tweeted by Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) on October 12, 2021.

POTONMAIL: Important clarifications regarding arrest of climate activist

We would like to provide important clarifications regarding the case of the climate activist who was recently arrested by French police on criminal charges. We are also deeply concerned about this case and deplore that the legal tools for serious crimes are being used in this way. In the interest of transparency, we would like to provide additional context. 

In this case, Proton received a legally binding order from Swiss authorities which we are obligated to comply with. There was no possibility to appeal this particular request.


Taliban kill squad hunting down Afghans — using US biometric data

The Taliban has mobilized a special unit, called Al Isha, to hunt down Afghans who helped US and allied forces — and it’s using US equipment and data to do it.

Nawazuddin Haqqani, one of the brigade commanders over the Al Isha unit, bragged in an interview with Zenger News that his unit is using US-made hand-held scanners to tap into a massive US-built biometric database and positively identify any person who helped the NATO allies or worked with Indian intelligence. Afghans who try to deny or minimize their role will find themselves contradicted by the detailed computer records that the US left behind in its frenzied withdrawal.