The West has been conquered by a huge parasitic culture that we can defeat if we understand it

This parasite has been growing larger and larger since the end of WW2. It is feeding on the West while also consciously destroying it. Members of this parasitic culture delight in their actions.

Delight is a feature of this culture; delight in the abundance they feed on; and, yes, delight in the ruination they are causing. Parasites destroy their hosts by taking energy and sustenance from them. It is both a cultural feature and a psychological feature of parasites that they enjoy the harm they cause, positively delight in it. They literally dance to it.

The parasitic culture that infests the West has many mouths, many faces, many subcultures that feed in their own ways on what they can. But all of them agree that it is delightful and profitable for them to feed and destroy. The destruction happens because feeding without building is easier than building something nourishing and extracting reasonable personal benefit from that. Capitalism itself is not parasitic, though many of the groups that hate or abuse capitalism are.

Parasitic groups are all the same in that they have Complaints and want them addressed; they see a Bright Future and want it, vague though it is; they believe they Deserve abundance from the host body, the traditional culture of the West, and that Any Means are Justified for them to take it.

The host itself is acting exactly like a parasite is feeding on it. It is numb, cowed, afraid to say anything. It even believes the parasite might be right. It has been trained in these attitudes. The West became soft partly through the abundance afforded by its inventions but more importantly due to the clandestine violence visited on it by of some of the parasitic groups. This violence included poison, maiming, medical malpractice, educational misdirection, reputation destruction, career destruction, shaming, isolating, humiliation. It targets first and foremost strong young men and boys, destroying them before they become strong adult men. It encourages host women to attack their own men and boys and allows anyone with a complaint, real or imagined, to join the attack.

These host women are predominantly unknowing slaves of the parasites though many are willing slaves. Many of them become parasites themselves. Many slavish men have joined them in their rampage. As a group, united with other, older parasites, parasites more experienced than them and able to lead them subtlety, they have taken over one Western institution after another: academia, media, politics, state governments, churches, school boards, election boards, and so on.

Many of these slaves have a foot in both worlds; one in the host body and the other in the parasitic feast. They do not feel divided. They separate their roles. As host victims, they are numb to what is happening. They have Parasite Syndrome, which is similar to Stockholm Syndrome, only worse. These are the people who hate Donald Trump and the very idea of America being Great Again. These are the people who repeat every day what millions of TVs blare at them while never realizing that nothing they say is original or requires any thoughtful energy from them. Automatically, they memorize the TV message of the day and repeat it when required, only to start anew the next day should the message change.

These are the people who will not and cannot see any other side of the covid response but what the TV says. Of course many get their messages from other media, but TV is a valid symbol of their thoughtless collective acceptance. They are as slaves, afraid even to silently mouth some words.

My purpose in writing this description is to remodel what is happening. To provide another way to understand our demise than a history of ideas—Marxism, CRT, BLM, WOKE, corporatism, globalism, pathological altruism, etc. Once you understand the violence of the parasites, how destructive they are, how well they are organized, how dangerous and prevalent they are, you will see them in many places, always seizing power or enjoying the power and wealth they have seized while at the same time providing nothing useful themselves. I am talking about large groups of parasites, not individual psychopaths who abuse individual partners though a good deal of the dynamic is the same.

The WHO has been taken over by parasites. The WEF was founded to be a parasite. Many US agencies, if not all of them, have succumbed to parasites: CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, DoD, courts, medical boards, state governments, etc. Build Back Better implies that what was has to be destroyed. Build Back Better is not Obiden’s phrase. It is a phrase all Western “leaders” are using. I am sure readers of this site will understand that the West’s covid response has been arch-parasitic, so bad in fact I lean toward believing it was our parasites and not China’s that designed and released the virus in the first place.

By many of us seeing this huge parasitic organism for what it is and understanding that it operates as a loosely connected group of sub-parasites who help each other, we may be able to find a way to defeat it and bring back a civilization that respects individual rights, rational dialog, real science, freedom of speech, religion, and association. ABN

UPDATE: This post is from early last year. I am updating it to say that it describes only a mild form of the theory of parasitic infestation of the USA/West. Many people I respect believe (or claim to believe) that this sort of parasitism is like a mold that has grown organically within our institutions, slowly proliferating to the point where none of them works and all of them are bad for our society. RFK Jr and Sundance are in this camp. I can get along with people like this and even support their work. But personally I believe this parasitism has leadership, clear aims that began decades ago, and that it has encroached ruthlessly and deliberately. Top parasites foster and allow almost any other kind of parasite to flourish as long as it does not question or threaten them. This is why we see so many disparate groups feeding on the West and also why Westerners behave as if paralyzed. Beset upon from every direction they freeze in pseudo-moralistic fear of mere verbal criticism. This is not meant to disparage the victims. Psycholinguistic mind-control is extremely powerful. Try saying out loud our most forbidden words even while you are certain you are alone. This is our verbal region of mental defeat, the brainscape that has imprisoned us. ABN

Sowing Seeds of Plunder: A Lose-Lose Situation in Ukraine

It’s a lose-lose situation for Ukrainians. While they are dying, financial institutions are insidiously supporting the consolidation of farmland by oligarchs and Western financial interests.

So says Frédéric Mousseau, Policy Director of the Oakland Institute, an independent think tank.

Depending on which sources to believe, between 100,000 and 300,000 Ukrainian soldiers (possibly more) have died during the conflict with Russia. That figure, of course, does not include civilian casualties.


This is surely a big part of the reason Ukrainian men were deliberately slaughtered in hopeless battles and also why so many other Ukrainians have been driven from Ukraine, never to return. ABN

Military thought experiment Part 4: Did China already do it?

In Military thought experiment Part 1, I described how a force of 10,000 military operatives could conquer a nation of 100 million within a few generations and without most people even noticing.

Key factors in the success of that operation were ruthlessness, deceit, long-term planning, plausible deniability, and the use of “subtle weapons” such as poison. physical maiming, propaganda, educational misdirection, medical malpractice, and character assassination.

Plausible deniability for each and every attack (including the overall attack) is of paramount importance for the success of such an operation. Each individual attack must be deniable or excusable as a mistake if discovered, and best of all never be discovered. Of course, no one but the inner circle must know of the ultimate plan: to conquer a nation of 100 million with just 10,000 operatives.

Has China’s Communist Party already done a similar attack against the rest of the world? Is Covid-19 but the first open onslaught?

Strong similarities with the plot described in Part 1 are plausible deniability, ruthlessness, and use of a “subtle” biological weapon, Covid-19.

Other similarities are the prominent uses propaganda, IP theft, strict control of operatives stationed in USA, educational misdirection, and character assassination.

An attack of the magnitude of Covid-19 would not have been done without well-formed plans for a variety potential followup attacks.

As evidence mounts that Covid-19 may cause long-lasting debilitation even in mild cases, the acutely critical nature of our present predicament should be obvious and alarming.

From a military standpoint, notice the value of plausible deniability, ruthlessness, and “subtle” or asymmetric weaponry:

  • The plausible deniability of the covid attack has left us paralyzed. Squabbling over school openings, masks, and who is to blame for missteps are keeping us from facing reality. I hope our president and military leaders are not being fooled as much as the public. I can understand why informing the public of how serious the situation is might do more harm than good.
  • The ruthlessness of the attack comprises the lion’s share of its effectiveness because most people cannot imagine such a thing.
  • The use of a “subtle” weapon like covid has stretched the umbrella of plausible deniability for over a half-year and counting.

Some questions and concerns for military planners:

Clearly economic pressure from us is not going to win the day, though it will contribute. China has itself deliberately ruined Hong Kong, while cementing deals with Russia and Iran with an eye, probably, to moving their financial capital from Hong Kong to Shanghai. Their deals with Russia show the foolishness of our entangling ourselves in the “collusion delusion” for three years rather than forming a valuable alliance with Russia, as wise heads had advised.

How will we protect ourselves against a second or third bioweapon attack? Vaccines take a long time to develop. If China has already vaccinated its people against their followup bioweapons, what will we do? How long will we wait before reacting? How long will we be fooled by yet another creeping plague of plausible deniability?

Notice that few Westerners even noticed that China was engaged in clandestine military operations to destroy them. Even worse, the West educated, financed, and provided technology, even military technology, to the CCP, often for free.

This shows that secrecy and ruthlessness when played in concert with guile and long-term divide-and-conquer strategies are extremely effective means to weaken and overpower even very powerful adversaries.

By promoting Western allies though bribes and favoritism, over several decades China undermined the West while laying the groundwork for a full-scale bioweapon attack. When the time was right for the attack—when they knew they had lost the trade war—they were already in position to launch the largest military assault the world has ever seen.

Note 07/25/20: Why we can be reasonably certain China manufactured Covid-19 and released it deliberately

There are two important facts about contagious deadly viruses that show with reasonable certainty that China manufactured Covid-19 and released it deliberately, thus knowingly poisoning the world.

  1. Deadly viruses rarely jump species. When they do, the new host
    almost always dies or recovers and there is no contagion beyond the one or two individuals who were initially infected.
  2. Viruses rarely become highly contagious quickly, thus the odds that covid came naturally from bats and quickly became highly contagious are small.

Stated another way, two improbable events happening in rapid succession like that are unlikely to be naturally occurring.

What is more likely is China’s Communist Party made or acquired the bioweapon Covid-19 and released it on the world.*

Note 08/01/20: It was best strategy to allow the virus to spread early and widely in China itself.

A point often missed in analyses of the pandemic is once the virus spread outside of China, a worldwide pandemic that would also include all of China was inevitable. Thus, it was good military strategy to allow it to spread within China early and widely. The quicker and wider the initial spreading the more certain the pandemic would affect the whole world, and especially USA. This strategy would also cause China to be hit first and thus able to recover soonest.

Furthermore, this strategy provided China with some plausible deniability. Additionally, from their point of view, killing off even several million of their weakest people would not be considered an important loss.

*Another point regarding Note 07/25/20 above: the SARS epidemic of 2002-04 killed only about 800 people worldwide. It probably did jump from civets to bats to humans (unless it was a trial run for covid19) and if so illustrates the rarity of a virus becoming highly contagious soon after jumping to a new host species.

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the above was first posted JULY 11, 2020

UPDATE 09/18/22: As of today, we now know that an Omicron-type of virus appeared in China in 2017-2018 and circulated widely in China and surrounding regions, thus conferring covid immunity to large portions of those populations. The same virus also circulated worldwide before late 2019, similarly conferring immunity in other parts of the world though to a lesser extent.

As of today, we now know that the Western response to covid has been so harmful, unscientific, and wrong that it appears to have been a deliberate act of war against Western peoples. Who may have done this we still do not know, but this fact alone is strong evidence for a powerful, secret cabal that manipulates all Western nations simultaneously. This Western response to a large degree provides some kind of plausible deniability to China. A possible explanation is actors in China and the West colluded to release covid. Supporting evidence is China did covid theater in early 2020 with people falling dead in the streets and the West bought it. The West also bought Chinese lockdowns and panic.

Be that as it may, in the West today we see an abundance of evidence that the vaccines, which weirdly cause our bodies to make the most deadly part of the virus, are causing more harm than good and that the harm they cause may continue for decades and even persist into future generations. An important thing to remember when discussing this kind of military thought experiment is almost everything is kept secret. The violence is hidden through the use of poisons and other such weapons. The leadership is not known. The strategy is never announced. Notice that today we do not even know who controls the office of the president of USA, why we are on the verge of WW3, why our economy is being so badly mismanaged and more. ABN

Understanding the exceptional pre-vaccination Era East Asian COVID-19 outcomes


During the first year of the pandemic, East Asian countries have reported fewer infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19 disease than most countries in Europe and the Americas. Our goal in this paper is to generate and evaluate hypothesis that may explain this striking fact. We consider five possible explanations: (1) population age structure (younger people tend to have less severe COVID-19 disease upon infection than older people); (2) the early adoption of lockdown strategies to control disease spread; (3) genetic differences between East Asian population and European and American populations that confer protection against COVID-19 disease; (4) seasonal and climactic contributors to COVID-19 spread; and (5) immunological differences between East Asian countries and the rest of the world. The evidence suggests that the first four hypotheses are unlikely to be important in explaining East Asian COVID-19 exceptionalism. Lockdowns, in particular, fail as an explanation because East Asian countries experienced similarly good infection outcomes despite vast differences in lockdown policies adopted by different countries to control the COVID-19 epidemic. The evidence to date is consistent with our fifth hypothesis – pre-existing immunity unique to East Asia – but there are still essential parts of this story left for scientists to check.


The Ethical Skeptic has been saying this for a long time and also claims that China suppressed information that covid was circulating in China much earlier than Fall of 2019. A speculative line of thought leading from this and other evidence is that China inoculated its own population in 2017-18 with a mild covid variant in preparation for releasing the covid bioweapon on the world—and particularly USA—in late 2019. See this for more on this topic: Military thought experiment Part 4: Did China already do it? ABN

NATO equipment at the port of Gdynia, Poland

None of this gear will ever get to the hands of the Kiev regime — because it’s not for them: It’s for the Poles.

Poland is being set up as the next American proxy against Russia.

The words above are from Gonzalo Lira, but we all have seen this coming. It is always a mistake to take a probability as a certainty, to play the future as if it were a roulette wheel. That said, the probability of the Ukraine war spreading into Poland and the Baltic states is high. The NATO/neocons behind the Ukraine war need something to cover up their covid crimes, something big to distract the public. WW3 appears to be it. This is pure KOBK. The goal is world domination. None of the players can quit the game. Today these players are NATO/neocons, Russia, and China. ABN

‘A conspiracy of interests’ ~ Edward Dowd

Full Video:

What Dowd says makes sense but ignores the deliberate preplanning and ongoing censorship and malfeasance of covid policies. When the whole picture is considered, this crime scene is much worse than a mere conspiracy of interests, though that is an important factor. I see what happened as a result of decades of infiltration and takeover of all major American (and Western) institutions by a ruthless gang whose composition we can glimpse but not identify completely. The Ukrainian debacle was hatched and pushed by this same gang, which is clearly anti-Western. Like many, Dowd wants to, or feels he needs to, pretend the snake has no head. ABN

The War of Terror of a Rogue Superpower: Cui Bono?

…This is a leak – essentially from one Deep State insider, Hersh’s key source. This 21st century “Deep Throat” remix may be appalled at the toxicity of the system, but at the same time he knows that whatever he says, there will be no consequences.

Cowardly Berlin – ignoring the nuts and bolts of the scheme all along – will not even squeak. After all the Green gang has been ecstatic, because the terror attack has thoroughly advanced their medieval de-industrialization agenda. In parallel, as an extra bonus, all the other European vassals receive further confirmation this is the fate that awaits them if they don’t follow His Master’s Voice.

Hersh’s narrative frames the Norwegians as the essential accessory to terror. Hardly surprising: NATO’s Jens “Peace is War” Stoltenberg has been a CIA asset for perhaps half a century. And Oslo of course had its own motives to be part of the deal; to collect loads of extra cash selling whatever spare energy it had for desperate European customers.

…Hersh’s modus operandi is legendary. From the perspective of a foreign correspondent on the ground since the mid-1990s, from the U.S. and NATOstan to all corners of Eurasia, it’s easy for someone like me to understand how he uses anonymous sources and how he accesses – and protects – his extensive list of contacts: trust works both ways. His track record is absolutely unrivalled.

But of course the possibility remains: what if he is being played? Is this no more than a limited hangout? After all, the narrative oscillates wildly between minute detail and quite a few dead ends, constantly featuring a huge paper trail and too many people in the loop – which implies exaggerated risk. The CIA hesitating too much to go for the kill is a certified red alert throughout the narrative – especially when we know that the ideal underwater actors for such an op would have come from the CIA Special Activities Division, and not the U.S. Navy.


The deepest thread that connects everything in the West is destruction. It only looks like self-destruction. It is not incompetence, at least not the usual kind. Infiltration, followed by usurpation, followed by methodical destruction. Every issue, every time. ABN

Huge discovery on covid origin and spread

Can anyone explain how all-cause mortality in the UK in April 2020 spiked at exactly the same time in every region when travel routes into the UK are overwhelmingly via the South East?

[If it was from an imported virus]

@boriquagato @EthicalSkeptic…

Travel is undertaken by only a fraction of the population at any one time, so the idea that “COVID” could be spread by travel as explanation of this sporadic pattern of worldwide spread seems unlikely.

It should spread locally – predominantly.

Yet there was basically no increase in all-cause mortality outside of Wuhan in mainland China for 2 years.

link to Threadreader unroll

link to original Twitter thread

This is truly a major finding. Be sure to look at the Twitter link just above as the author answers follow-up questions.

UPDATE: In addition to everything included in the above thread, what is also explained is the explosive spread of covid in China following their ending of zero-covid policies in November 2022. In previous posts I have commented on this not being possible through natural spread but only through deliberate release of the pathogen by drones and other means. This also implicates China in the origin and spread of early covid-19 as they are using the same MO.

Furthermore, this explains how both China and bad actors in the West may have or probably did conspire to do this in concert to: 1) remove Trump from office by creating new rules that permit election fraud; 2) aggrandize power through medical tyranny; and 3) relieve China of the psychological and economic burden of losing the trade war to Trump.

This also contributes to our understanding of a major anomaly in the Ukraine War, namely all NATO/neocon policies appear to have been designed not only to harm Russia but also to destroy Ukraine; to force civilians to flee to other countries while also killing as many military-age men as possible. What’s worse is NATO neocon policies also appear to be designed to provoke a nuclear war between Europe/USA and Russia—and this indicates the top designers of these policies are not Westerners. From that line of thought we can also theorize that the release of covid on the world may have been done at the top by non-Western actors, many of whom have infiltrated Western institutions and surely compromised many Westerners into cooperating.

We may also surmise that China has been infecting its own people for over two months: to remove the weak; to discipline those who remain; to destroy internal enemies in large numbers under cover of covid; to prepare not to take Taiwan but for WW3, which will begin in Europe-Russia, spread to include USA, and probably then include China. If any of this is true, the greatest danger before us is these bad actors must act—they must use nukes—before their plans are widely understood or understood by people in top positions who might be able to stop them, if there are any such people. ABN

Covid overwhelms Shanghai; crowded hospitals provide only ineffective treatments

Covid infection rates in China show either: 1) the danger of lockdowns; 2) that someone has been releasing covid deliberately to infect large numbers; or 3) both. These enormous infection rates hardly seem possible as a natural occurrence. China today looks like a monstrous repeat of Wuhan during the winter of 2020. Is whoever released covid-19 doing a covid-23 attack now and using similar scare tactics? Is Xi Jinping doing this to his own people because they made him mad by demonstrating against his zero-covid policy? Is he vindictively saving face? Are Western actors releasing covid in China, something many believe they did in 2020? All valid questions. ABN


The campaign involves long standing sleeper cells that the allied spy service has activated to hinder Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine by waging a secret war behind Russian lines.

Years in the planning, the campaign is responsible for many of the unexplained explosions and other mishaps that have befallen the Russian military industrial complex since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, according to three former U.S. intelligence officials, two former U.S. military officials and a U.S. person who has been briefed on the campaign. The former officials declined to identify specific targets for the CIA-directed campaign, but railway bridges, fuel depots and power plants in Russia have all been damaged in unexplained incidents since the Kremlin launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February. 

While no American personnel are involved on the ground in Russia in the execution of these missions, agency paramilitary officers are commanding and controlling the operations, according to two former intelligence officials and a former military official. The paramilitary officers are assigned to the CIA’s Special Activities Center but detailed to the agency’s European Mission Center, said the two former intelligence officials. Using an allied intelligence service to give the CIA an added layer of plausible deniability was an essential factor in U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision to approve the strikes, according to a former U.S. special operations official.


This article describes a wide network of European sleeper cells deeply ensconced inside of Russia. They are used for sabotage and are overseen by the CIA and spy services within other NATO countries. From the article: ‘While acts of sabotage can have both a psychological and substantive impact on the Kremlin’s offensive, they also run the risk of escalating conflict between the Western world and Russia beyond either side’s ability to estimate — or control.’ ABN

The First US Onslaught to ‘Weaken’ Post-Cold War Russia

Even Before NATO Expansion, the West Sought to Strangle Russia Economically

The first post-cold war assault on Russia by the West began in the early 1990s well before the expansion of NATO. It took the form of a U.S.-induced economic depression in Russia that was deeper and more disastrous than the Great Depression that devastated the U.S. in the 1930s. And it came at a time when Russians were naively talking of a “Common European Home” and a common European security structure that would include Russia.

…there is no doubt that the actions of the US and the West were critical factors in the Great Russian Depression. An understanding of this goes a long way in making sense of events leading up to the present moment of U.S. proxy war in Ukraine and the brutal sanctions imposed on Russia. This understanding, however, does not fit the narrative to which the NYT confines itself – and its readers.


Neocons killing Slavs: This article describes the first chapter of the recent history of the neocon attack against Russia. Rather than embrace Russia as part of a Greater Europe, neocons sought to destroy Russia. In this light, their relentless destruction of all Western nations makes perfect sense. When the last drops of blood soak into the ground, only they will be left standing—Rulers of the World. What they did and are doing to Russia, they have been and are doing to North America and the rest of the Western world. No one else is safe either. ABN