‘I can tell you where I was when the CNN feed came that it was 95% effective, the vaccine’ ~ CDC Director Walensky

‘CNN feed came…’ Top official, chosen for telegenics, cites propaganda nuz feed as basis for vax rollout, bobbles head charmingly. This is what 5GW clandestine infiltration and total takeover looks like after the fact. ABN

‘This is all about raw politics. This is about power. This is about punishment’ ~ Scott Jensen

They are NOW using Keith Ellison and the Attorney General’s Office to take away my Medical License – If this can happen to me it can happen to you!

Originally tweeted by Scott Jensen (@drscottjensen) on January 30, 2023.

Scott, you are dealing with communists and stupid people. They can and will create hell on earth. You may get out of this but there are multitudes of others who are now and will continue to be destroyed by these forces. Filing this one under ‘asymmetric warfare’ and ‘usurpation’. These forces are not just quashing Jensen or good medical care, they are taking over our entire society. Throughout the West the root problem is the same—there is no authority that can or will stop these parasitic forces because they have already wormed their way to the top. ABN

Military thought experiment Part 6

Many of us can see that the West is now run by a gang that has clawed its way to the top over many decades. Their skills are ruthlessness, deceit, clandestine violence, and very importantly attacks on children. Maiming the most talented children of your enemy is the easiest way to conquer them within a few generations. Thoughtful imagination is required to see this because decades of clandestine violence against children cannot be proved outright. STOP. Right there you can see the effectiveness of attacking children. It’s easy to do and even if done on a large scale is all but impossible to prove. Children and young people can be attacked through educational misdirection, drugs, psychosurgery, harming their sensory organs, giving them harmful medical treatments to ‘cure’ or ‘prevent’ fictitious diseases, hitting their heads.

That is the foundation. As the gang built on that foundation it also helped the weaker and more obedient children; the beta children whom they knew would cooperate or at least not resist their whole-society assault when they became adults. Those students got the best grades, went to the best schools, and were hired at the best places. This is what has led to our present state in the West of huge bureaucracies populated by conspicuous mediocrities. Consider how disinclined the mediocrities who have prospered are to see this. Consider what a powerful hybrid warfare weapon this has been, how efficiently it has conquered its enemy. This weapon is so efficient it runs on its own steam after 20 or 30 years because once mediocrities become leaders and mentors they naturally look for mentees even less capable and more obedient than themselves. Then the cycle repeats as it spirals down.

One area where you can easily see the truth of the above is in the leadership of the invisible gang that sits at the top of the West today. Look around you. Almost everything every elite body does is ridiculously poorly planned, poorly executed, and poorly conceived. Is this because they want there to be chaos because it’s easier to stay in control if everything is a mess? Or is this because the gang itself does not have the right skill set? I think it is both. The gang is a ruthless military machine and also it is fundamentally parasitic. It can feed on the West but it cannot lead the West. This is why we also see a wild proliferation of secondary and tertiary parasitic organizations, each vying with ‘the system’ to extract as much as they can before it all crashes. For more detail on how this probably was done see: Military thought experiment Part 1. ABN

Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X the normal rate after the COVID vaccines rolled out

The FAA wants a war, so I’m going to give them one ~ Steve Kirsch

I’m not going to let the FAA get away with ignoring all the deaths and disabilities.

I’m willing to pay people $5 per name who sign our FAA petition to investigate these injuries. All you do is stand right outside the Crew security checkpoint and hand out the fliers. I’ll pay you $5 for any flight attendant/pilot who signs the petition. So you can earn $50/hr or even more and work your own hours. And you’ll be doing a huge public service.

I will then pay all costs for 20,000 of these people to come demonstrate outside of FAA headquarters.

If 20,000 doesn’t work, then we’ll try 40,000 people. Whatever it takes for these people to investigate.

The protest will end when the FAA agrees to investigate the injuries. 


At every agency, it’s the same pattern over and over—lie, ignore, pretend, hide, attack your opponents, raid them, smear them, do nothing, slow-walk investigations, ignore the polls, steal elections, lie about it, take bribes. The FAA is a fucking safety agency. ABN

Highly-Cited ‘Hamilton 68’ Russiagate Tracker Is Total Hoax — Matt Taibbi

Out of the caterwaul of cries proclaiming that Russian collusion, and Russian influence operations, were the only reason Donald Trump won the 2016 US election (a hoax funded and promoted by his opponent, Hillary Clinton), a website which claimed to track said Kremlin efforts sprung forth, and was used to justify baseless allegations;

Hamilton 68: a widely-cited, (indirectly) state-sponsored propaganda tool.

The website claims to monitor a secret list of Twitter accounts which they accused of Kremlin control, however it’s impossible to verify their claims as the group has never disclosed their methodology.


Adam Schiff Predicts Political Operatives in U.S. Intelligence Community Will Not Assist House Intelligence Committee, or House Subcommittee on Federal Govt Weaponization

While these remarks are cast against the backdrop of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy refusing to seat Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), the larger point within his remarks about the intelligence community need to be emphasized.  {Direct Rumble Link}

While claiming McCarthy has no right to stop himself or Swalwell from participating in the 118th Congress HPSCI, Schiff claims the larger intelligence community will no longer share information about national security matters with the committee if he is not present.  Essentially, without Schiff in attendance to politicize the intelligence information, the larger intelligence community will not cooperate.

Additionally, and somewhat in direct alignment with CTH predictions about the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government, Schiff declares the intelligence agencies of the United States government will not cooperate with the subcommittee.  Again, as the argument is made, if democrats are not positioned to defend the Deep State, the Deep State will not cooperate.

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New diagnosis codes for covid include not being vaxxed

Let me be even more specific, Code Number Z28.310 listed above is not a code for an illness or diagnosis, but rather for non-compliance of a medical procedure. This is an invasion of our right to privacy. There must be choice and that choice must be private.

Once a person’s vaccination status is coded and uploaded into large data base, it can be accessed by government and private health insurers alike. The administrative state officers at the CDC have not made immunization status a reportable disease (yet) but immunization status is listed as one of the reasons for mandatory reporting. They are just one step away from being able to collect this information without your permission. Ergo: vaccine passports made easy.

In this country, not having your vaccine records “up-to-date” might mean:

  • The government will not restrict your travel, airlines will.
  • The government will not restrict your travel, other nations will.
  • The government will not restrict your travel, auto rental companies will.
  • The government will not restrict your travel, public transport will.
  • The government will not restrict your travel, private companies will.


Trump vows to stop China from owning America

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Excellent statement. Like almost all nations, China acts like a tribe and should be dealt with accordingly. Their tribal values are not our values nor the values of American civilization. I hope these ideas expressed by President Trump will extend as well to all other foreign tribal ownership of American resources and institutions. When hostile tribes seize our resources through infiltration and stealth, our nation is deeply harmed. ABN

One doc even told a patient that refused, that if he were his brother, he would punch him in the face for refusing Remdesivir

1) Many have been forced into fatal hospital protocols that were forced in an unreasonable and coercive way. This prompted me to find connections. It seems that most CEOs of major hospital and health networks worked in lockstep with their corrupt governments,

2) in order to gain favor with Klaus and #WEF. Case in point, CEO of @HMHNewJersey , Robert C Garrett. So many were forced into dangerous protocols against family wishes, and were isolated from family since day 1. One doc even told a pt that refused, that if he were his brother,

3) he would punch him in the face for refusing Rem! After digging, it seems that this was a top down strategy and the ties between Murphy and Robert were very tight. It seems once these heads of institutions prove their loyalty, they are rewarded.

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