FLORIDA DRAWS THE LINE ON VACCINES: “The state of Florida is not going to serve as the Biden administration’s biomedical police,” Christina Pushaw, spokesperson for Gov DeSantis

There is a contradiction between Florida and federal law regarding vaccines. Companies required by the federal mandate to vaccinate all employees will be fined by Florida if they punish or fire employees who refuse the vaccine.

It’s not clear how the federal government is going to react but unlikely DeSantis will back down.

At a news conference Thursday in Panama City, DeSantis called the federal mandate for health care workers “insane, especially given the ineffectiveness of these shots to actually stop transmission between individuals.” He also said the mandates were contributing to labor shortages in the health care industry.

Biden is both politically weak and nationally unpopular, so pushing his luck on mandates will only bring this issue to a head and make matters worse for him. Yet doing nothing may embolden other governors to follow DeSantis, who seems to have made a good move by sharpening the outlines of this conflict.

Brussels backs Lithuania in row with China over Taiwan

Brussels has backed Lithuania in its clash with China over Taiwan, after Beijing reacted angrily to the Baltic country’s support for Taipei.

The backing came from the EU’s High Representative, Josep Borrell, following a meeting of the bloc’s foreign affairs ministers in Brest, who said that there was “clear solidarity” with Lithuania in the row.

“Some things [with China] are going well, some less well,” the foreign policy chief told reporters on Friday. “Notably in the meeting we talked about Chinese activities in Lithuania and the impact of these activities in terms of the EU as a whole. Member states expressed clear solidarity with Lithuania and we discussed how we can actively press on with de-escalation in terms of this crisis.”


KAZAKHSTAN: A US-funded biosecurity lab in Almaty could become a major embarrassment for Washington

…Why is Kazakhstan a sought-after partner? Simply put, the country provides unique access to ethnic Russian and Chinese groups as “specimens” for conducting field research involving highly pathogenic potential biological-warfare agents. Kazakhstan has 13,364 kilometers of borders with its neighboring countries Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. 

…How could Kazakhstan, a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), have gotten away with such conduct? This needs some explaining. 

Paradoxically, these biological labs are living examples of something sinister that has been going on that everyone knew and no one wanted to talk about – namely, the extensive penetration of the decadent Kazakh ruling elites by US intelligence.

This penetration has been going on for years, but significantly deepened as the 81-year-old former president Nursultan Nazarbayev’s “hands-on” leadership began to loosen and his family members and cronies increasingly began moonlighting (under the patriarch’s benevolent gaze, of course) – something akin to the Boris Yeltsin years in Russia. 


The OSHA COVID-19 Mandate has been defeated

Today, the Supreme Court stayed the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) COVID-19 vaccine mandate, stating:

“Applicants now seek emergency relief from this Court, arguing that OSHA’s mandate exceeds its statutory authority and is otherwise unlawful. Agreeing that applicants are likely to prevail, we grant their applications and stay the rule.”

You can read the full opinion here. Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan dissented – meaning that Justices Roberts, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Barrett, Alito, and Gorsuch voted in favor of staying the OSHA Mandate.

The effect of the stay is that the OSHA Mandate is essentially struck. It’s over. It won’t be implemented. In reaching this decision, the Court relied on the major questions doctrine (aka major rules doctrine), which we discussed here in arguing why the OSHA Mandate was unlawful. For those of you keeping score, we made this argument despite Twitter’s assurances that the OSHA Mandate was lawful.


Sundance: “In my opinion, structurally changing the global economy around the threat of climate change is what this entire Coronavirus mess is all about.  They needed the virus to trigger the crisis.  The crisis then creates the roadmap to rebuilding all society -on a global level- away from fossil fuels. Put another way: the motive behind the origin of the Coronavirus is climate change”

Point One – The “Build Back Better” agenda (in every nation) was never about anything except radical climate change legislation.  Once you accept that baseline, things start to become much clearer.

Point Two – The “Build Back Better” phrase came from the World Economic Forum and was promoted by a multitude of international leaders and left-wing organizations.   That reality then brings up the most important point.  To get to “building back better”, you first need to destroy something.  That thing they needed to destroy was the global economic dependency on carbon-based fuel supplies (oil, gas, coal, etc.).

Point Three – In order to destroy the ‘something of that scale’, the energy program for the entire world, something massive is needed to fundamentally change the entire world approach toward energy production.  Something is needed to create the crisis that provides the origin for the process to initiate.

Point Four – That triggering mechanism was/is SARS-CoV-2, or what we now call COVID-19 and all variants therein.

There you have it.  That’s the summary soup to nuts explanation of why a virus was created, and the subsequent panic pushing to create social structures that would facilitate the global acceptance of an entire new economic system that would be designed around saving the planet.


First-rate piece by Sundance. It’s not long and beautifully succinct. This explanation tells why the public face of Western leadership is filled with stupid people, grubby bureaucrats, shitty politicians. Both Sundance’s analysis and the stupid people analysis of our current conditions fit together very well. And both suggest our best strategy is mass noncompliance and a concerted effort to degrade the people pushing the panic, weaken their public images so fewer will believe them without question. Simultaneously, we need a concerted effort from many angles to fill our information streams with accurate data, correct analyses, and proper scientific skepticism of what the stupid people are doing. ABN

President Trump Sits Down to Discuss Joe Biden Introducing Communism to the US

I am often asked why the ‘system’ is so intensely focused on eliminating Donald Trump.  Sure, the decades past have highlighted attacks against various politicians with the Alinsky purpose to isolate, ridicule and marginalize them; however, in the history of American politics, no individual has been targeted at the scale of Donald Trump.  What makes this different?

I’ll answer that important question below this recent interview.  WATCH:

The answer to the question of why the entire system of institutions and agencies need to eliminate Donald Trump is actually answered by first standing back and remembering where things were before Trump.   The time when political subjects were not the all-consuming part of everyday discussion.

Before Donald Trump stepped into the political arena, the same institutions and agencies who attack him now were successfully able to manipulate public perceptions.  It was all a grand pantomime, a ruse, a Potemkin village filled jesters, distractions and carefully coordinated illusions of false choice.


FRANCE: Macron proves he is an idiot, if there was ever any doubt: “As for the non-vaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And we will continue to do this, to the end. This is the strategy.”

French President Emmanuel Macron told one of the nation’s leading newspapers that he no longer considers the unvaccinated to be French citizens, and that his primary COVID-19 strategy is to continue to “piss them off” until they submit to his COVID-19 mandates.

French President Views Unvaxxed As ‘Non-Citizens’, Vows To “Piss Them Off”

ISRAEL: Abject reality of massvax failure and mildness of Omicron may prompt health officials to overcome brain fog

Israel recorded almost 3,000 new coronavirus cases for the second day in a row, according to data released Wednesday, as the infection rate continued to climb and senior Health Ministry officials were reportedly weighing a switch to a policy of reaching herd immunity through mass infection.

Ministry data published Wednesday morning showed 2,967 infections were confirmed on Tuesday, a similar number to the previous day, which had been a three-month high.

As COVID outbreak intensifies, Israel said mulling ‘herd immunity’ policy

Omicron is providing an opportunity to get off the massvax rollercoaster to hell. Israel, wisely, may take the opportunity. If so, others will follow, possibly including even USA which is still in the ongoing process of committing the worst govt-induced health disaster in world history; one that is so bad it constitutes a crime against humanity. ABN

Exit Nord Stream 2, Enter Power of Siberia 2

“We need long-term legally binding guarantees even if we know they cannot be trusted, as the U.S. frequently withdraws from treaties that become uninteresting to them. But it’s something, not just verbal assurances.”

And that’s how Russia-U.S. relations come to the definitive crunch – after an interminable series of polite red alerts coming from Moscow.

Putin once again had to specify that Russia is looking for “indivisible, equitable security” – a principle established since Helsinki in 1975 – even though he no longer sees the U.S. as a dependable “partner”, that diplomatically nicety so debased by the Empire since the end of the USSR.


Dr Peter McCullough: “Omicron cases running >70% in fully immunized according to CDC, Denmark, and South Africa, this travel mandate is not supportable and suggestion should be dropped immediately. More important to focus on treatments if needed and new shortened quarantine period for Omicron”

Originally tweeted by Peter McCullough, MD (@P_McCulloughMD) on December 27, 2021.

McCullough should be in-charge of our covid policy and Fauci should be in jail. ABN

TURNING POINT: Biden tells governors there is “no federal solution on COVID”

Biden told the governors – a mix of Republicans and Democrats – that there was ‘no federal solution’ to the Omicron variant causing cases to spike around the country, saying the solution was solidly on ‘state level.’ 


This says a lot and may allow for states to free doctors and hospitals to practice medicine. A worthy federal solution to covid would be to make early treatments widely available, including banned medicines like IVM and HCQ. Even better the federal govt could do what other countries have done and mail medicine kits to the American people. Encourage use of the FLCCC and McCullough covid protocols. Stop vax mandates and forbid vaxxing young people under 25 unless required by a doctor. They won’t do that but by getting off his high horse, Biden is signaling a real change in how we deal with covid, at least I hope so. Good chance Biden’s handlers made this move because they know they won’t win with SCOTUS and they are getting massive pushback from Americans who disapprove of Biden/Harris in record numbers. ABN