The ‘cut to the chase‘ aspect of whether Ron DeSantis is planning to run for the GOP nomination in 2024 is made clear when you realize just how much money the Florida governor has amassed.  A standing total exceeding $200 million

For those who are unfamiliar with the strategies of political funding, there is a timing that also highlights the intent.  A conspicuously aligned timing that coincides with the Trump raid on Mar-a-Lago.  Campaign finance reports are required and filled out quarterly.  DeSantis had a massive war chest assembled through August 5th.

That finance revelation was immediately before the August 8th raid, before the week in the bunker, and before DeSantis reemerged August 14th with a new national branding team and communication change.

DeSantis took in even more billionaire donor checks with the national kick-off.

Everybody familiar with politics knows what that level of preparation and strategy means.  DeSantis wasn’t amassing money of that scale, and simultaneously launching a new national branding campaign, for a state reelection bid.  He was/is preparing for a 2024 presidential run.  The only question was whether DeSantis had direct knowledge of the August 8th raid on Trump in advance, or whether he was just told not to ask questions and follow the advice of his new GOPe team.  The latter is more likely.


Bottom-bottom-line, DeSantis has signed on as puppet or front man for the global cabal that controls the West and seeks to control the world. Cabal can poison the world, rig events, start wars and steal elections but still needs at least ignorant acceptance of their rule. This is why they despise free speech and censor whatever they can. This is why they want digital currency. DeSantis was probably offered a deal he did not refuse. It was probably stated outright: “Join us and be part of the most powerful human group in the history of the world or be destroyed and become a nobody. Join us and your children’s futures will be assured.” That’s hard to refuse and why almost none of our representatives actually represent us or the best interest of our nation. ABN

REVEALED: Trump’s MAGA Army that could transform Congress in his image – more than 200 candidates he endorsed will now fight tooth and nail for him in November midterms… but establishment GOP is terrified they will scare off floating voters

An army of more than 200 MAGA candidates ready to fight for Donald Trump‘s agenda is marching into November’s midterm races, after a heated primary season that proved the ex-president remains, for the most part, the de facto leader of the Republican Party.

Trump has played a heavy hand in the 2022 election cycle thus far, endorsing candidates both for Congress and state executive roles in races that normally do not get the national attention he’s brought to them.

He’s also jetted around the country to campaign with their voters in his signature ‘Make America Great Again’ rallies, including a forthcoming appearance in Ohio on Saturday for Senate candidate JD Vance.

It’s appeared to have worked for him – with a success rate of more than 90 percent. 

Overall in the Senate races, Trump’s favored candidates won 100 percent of the time out of primaries that have already occurred. He’s helped 18 candidates advance to November, with two races that are still pending.


DeSantis takes a page out of Greg Abbott’s book and sends TWO planes carrying more than 50 Venezuelan migrants to upscale Martha’s Vineyard – where loaded liberals like the Obamas, Oprah Winfrey and Larry David own property

In a statement, DeSantis’ office said: ‘Yes, Florida can confirm the two planes with illegal immigrants that arrived in Martha’s Vineyard today were part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations.’ The remarks continued: ‘States like Massachusetts, New York, and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country’ by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’ and support for the Biden Administration’s open border policies.’ The press release went on: ‘As you may know, in this past legislative session the Florida Legislature appropriated $12 million to implement a program to facilitate the transport of illegal immigrants from this state consistent with federal law.’


Populist nationalist leader claims victory in Sweden election

COPHENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The leader of a nationalist populist party declared victory for a right-wing bloc in Sweden’s weekend election, vowing on Wednesday that it is “time to put Sweden first.”

Jimmie Akesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats, said his party would be “a constructive and driving force in this work” of rebuilding safety in Sweden.

With almost all votes counted, a right-wing bloc of four parties appeared to have won a thin majority in Sweden’s parliament.

Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said the “the preliminary result is clear enough to draw a conclusion” that her center-left forces had lost power.


Yay! ABN

EXCLUSIVE: ‘We’re Remaking The Republican Party’: Blake Masters Reveals Why The ‘Establishment’ Is ‘Out Of Touch’

Republican Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters said the GOP is out of touch with ordinary Americans and described how he’s breaking from some “establishment” norms in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Masters said Republicans, including himself, were in agreement about many key issues such as low taxes and low regulations, but that he’s more skeptical of foreign intervention and more vocal about crime and immigration than some of his counterparts. He spoke with the DCNF at the National Conservatism conference in Miami Sunday.

“I think I’m speaking more boldly about the southern border and issues of crime than a lot of establishment Republicans,” he told the DCNF. “I’m running on this America First agenda, that’s what I believe in, and I think we’re remaking the Republican Party to really implement that America first agenda. I think that the Republican party that Paul Ryan wants, that’s not the Republican party the American people want.”


Senator Mark Warner Says “People Will Die” if Trump Mar-a-Lago Documents Become Public

Now you are going to see why it was necessary to write the previous article about the Trump -v- Clinton lawsuit.

We must stop pretending. Everyone, including everyone who reads here and specifically SSCI Chairman Mark Warner, already knows what is in those documents from Mar-a-Lago.  Those documents contain the evidence of the collective government effort to target candidate Trump and then effectively remove President Trump.  THAT effort included the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  Stop pretending.

Senator Mark Warner was at the heart of the legislative branch effort in the aftermath of the failed attempt to stop candidate Trump from winning the 2016 election.  Senator Warner specifically instructed Senate Security Director James Wolfe to leak the Carter Page FISA application, with an intent to further the effort to install a special counsel to help cover-up the pre-election activity.  Warner is enmeshed in the corruption created by the false Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy nonsense.

With Warner’s instructions to Wolfe in mind, there is a specific statement in this ridiculous effort at narrative construction called an interview, that is just exponentially hubris, [@6:16] “The record of our intelligence committee of keeping secrets secret, that’s why the Intelligence Committee shares information with us,” Warner claims.

No, the direct ideological alignment between the corrupt intelligence apparatus and the SSCI that is why the Intelligence Committee coordinates with the Senate.  WATCH:


Said it before and I’ll say it again, Sundance is one of our best analysts of how American politics really functions. I tend to see a nefarious cabal above it all plus a great deal of clandestine interpersonal violence, which is a form of kinetic asymmetric warfare, below it all—neither of which Sundance includes—but for everything in-between he is a master at describing American political machinations. I highly recommend checking his site daily. I have no financial or other interest in this recommendation and doubt Sundance even knows who I am. ABN

Bundy ranch: a good example of battling over semiotics

first posted APRIL 25, 2014

The Bundy ranch issue in Nevada is characterized by a battle over semiotics.

The other day, the New York Times used an edited video of Bundy that makes him look and sound like a racist.

This link compares the NYT video with a fuller version of Bundy’s remarks.

And here is another link where former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes, identified as a “black leader,“ defends Bundy, saying:

He wasn’t talking so much about black folks, but about the harm and damage that the leftist socialism has done to blacks.

What I see and hear in the longer version of the video is an unsophisticated man using ordinary language to express a legitimate idea. The way he puts his ideas and his use of the word “negro,” especially in the shorter version of the video, creates a bad impression which Harry Reid has been quick to exploit.

Reid has called Bundy a “hateful racist” and urged Republicans and other to “condemn Bundy” for his “hateful, dangerous extremism.”

Notice how your own feelings can go back and forth on this issue and how Bundy’s comments are probably going to destroy most of his support. In the realm of political semiotics, he was like an untrained boxer stepping into the ring with a pro. All Reid had to do was wait for Bundy to make a bad move and pounce, as he has done.

Whatever you may think about Bundy or this issue it is illustrative of how unsophisticated language can create a semiotic that is devastating to a political position.

Bundy rose to prominence on the semiotics of freedom, cowboys, and anti-federal government. He may well fall on the semiotics of unintended “racism.”

As with so many other complex issues, the Budy ranch standoff is being judged on small aspects of the whole, as the main weight of American political and media forces line up against him.

When that same political/media weight lines up in favor of “nice” semiotics—such as the Patriot Act or the Clean Air Act or the War on Terrorism—it wins the day time and again. The combination of sophisticated semiotics and media control almost always decides the course of American politics.

A co-author of a recent scholarly study on the American “oligarchy” has this to say about American politics:

I’d say that contrary to what decades of political science research might lead you to believe, ordinary citizens have virtually no influence over what their government does in the United States. And economic elites and interest groups, especially those representing business, have a substantial degree of influence. Government policy-making over the last few decades reflects the preferences of those groups — of economic elites and of organized interests. (Source, with other links)

We are now living in a “Semiotic Age” or an “Age of Signals.” The Modern era is gone. In this current age, we have to be ever mindful of how semiotics are manipulated and used to further the interests of powerful groups that have control of media, government, and the US economy. I do not believe there is a humble person anywhere in the USA that can stand up to those forces and win.


Edit: Readers may also want to notice that the short video version of Bundy’s comments was edited by Media Matters for America, a well-funded group that claims it is “dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.” This group, and others, will very likely continue to use Bundy’s “racism” to slur what they will call Bundy’s “ultra right-wing” supporters, many of whom will make semiotic mistakes as bad or worse than Bundy’s. An individual going up against Media Matters, Harry Reid, the New York Times, or the Democratic Party is like a Baltic peasant going up against the Teutonic knights in the Middle Ages. They don’t have a prayer.

As a nation, I believe there is no hope for rational dialog on anything, but as individuals, we can understand our predicament.


Update 4/26: Black Soldiers: Cliven Bundy Is Not Racist.

first posted APRIL 25, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Defiant Trump leaves Trump tower with former White House press aide Margo Martin – after report claimed he had ‘foreign nuclear secrets’ and as his legal team considers special master candidate

  • Donald Trump stepped out of Trump Tower in Manhattan on Wednesday after spending two days in the Big Apple, photos exclusively obtained by show
  • Joining the former president in his ride out of the city is top communications aide Margo Martin, who served as a press assistant for the previous White House
  • She stayed on with Trump to become his Deputy Director of Communications for his Save America PAC 
  • Another aide was seen loading a stack of loose papers into the motorcade vehicle Trump rode out of the city 
  • Comes the same day a report emerged that among the items seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago was information on nuclear defenses of an unnamed foreign nation

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