The Middle Way

Poland has actually experienced invasion and mass murder by both the left and the right. Their response is well-illustrated in the image below.

The image in the middle of the banner stands for the Polish nation state, which Poles lost to foreign invaders for some 200 years.

Generally, Eastern Europeans stress the importance of the nation state because they have recent experience with both Nazi and Communist violence and mass murder.

The nation-state, when based on sound principles, is the Middle Way and the best way to avoid either the extreme right or the extreme left.

In America, our mainstream media leans much too far to the left, frequently distorting the news. If you have not looked beyond MSM for news of what happened in Charlottesville, here are some perspectives that are closer to the middle and to the truth:

When Liberals Club People, It’s With Love in Their Hearts

I Don’t Care About Charlottesville, the KKK, or White Supremacy

Narrative Collapse: Is Charlottesville’s James Alex Fields the Next George Zimmerman?

Edit 11:20: I am not completely sure about this one but it is well worth viewing (4:41): Boom: Charlottesville Police Officer Tells All!

Individualism and ideology

The American Constitutional system protects the rights of individuals. These protections could be called the traditional American political ideology.

Generally, a political ideology is characterized by having goals (a sense of how society should be) and methods (the best ways to achieve those goals).

The basic goal of traditional American political ideology is a well-functioning society arising from the free enterprise of the individuals comprising it.

The problem with this system is it is hard to understand and requires some governmental intervention to prevent abuse.

Since the American system is hard to understand, it has many competitors that are easier to understand. Communism was one of those.

The author of the following excerpt uses the word ideology to indicate political thinking that is too idealistic, without real-world understanding.

Like the Soviet Union of yore, contemporary America is in the grip of an ideology, a system of ideas not derived from any empirical study of the world around us, but which provides an account of the world, establishes an aim to be pursued and rules for pursuing it, and (most importantly) legitimates the power of some men over others. Another essential element of any ideology, as of any religion, is its demonology—an account of the enemy whom adherents must forever struggle against. Unlike personal enmities which arise through concrete social interaction, ideological enmities are established a priori by the ideology itself. In the ruling ideology of the Soviet Union, e.g., enemies included the bourgeoisie, revisionists, kulaks, and one especially nondescript class referred to simply as “enemies of the people.” In the ideology which prevails in present day America, the ideological enemies are the abstract groups denounced in Trump’s second Charlottesville remarks: racists, supremacists, haters and bigots, Nazis and the KKK. Ritual denunciation of designated enemies is an essential aspect of ideological rule, and leaders of an ideological regime cannot be considered legitimate without periodically making them. In the Soviet Union, communist politicians learned to spit out denunciations of communism’s demons in their sleep. (Trump’s Tergiversations on Charlottesville and Their Significance)

The linked essay is well-worth reading in full because it clearly describes the problems idealistic ideologies can cause and, by implication, why the traditional American system seems so open to attack.

Seymour Hersh says Wikileaks DNC leaks provided by Seth Rich: audio

This is a must listen. According to Hersh, Seth Rich provided the DNC emails to Wikileaks and Brennan and others in the US government knew this. The entire Russian angle on those leaks was bullshit from day one.

Edit 8:00 AM: According to Jerome Corsi Seth Rich was the LEAKER – insider report – MURDER was John Brennan CIA operation.

Edit 10:00 AM: Wikileaks tweeted the Hersh audio and this adds credibility to it while basically confirming that Assange knows Seth Rich was the leaker. See this: Audio tape of Seymour Hersh discussing WikiLeaks DNC leaks and Seth Rich.

A good example of fake news

Follow-up 7/25: Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting To Flee Country, Charged With Bank Fraud

Just a day after reports emerged that the FBI had seized a number of “smashed hard drives” and other computer equipment from the residence Imran Awan, the IT aide of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, we learn that Awan has been captured at the Dulles airport while attempted to flee the country. According to Fox News, Awan has been charged with bank fraud.


Buddhism, as do most ethical systems, recognizes that “false speech” also includes not saying something that is true when you should say it.

If you are a news organization that means not reporting an important story.

Here is an example of an important story that has studiously not been reported by American mainstream news: EXCLUSIVE: FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home.

Not reporting on that story, and especially not reporting on it ever, is a glaring example of fake news.

It constitutes a deliberately conjured negative hallucination wherein the public does not see something that is visible and of great importance to the nation’s well-being.

CNN guilty of extortion?

What happens when the press is judge, jury, and executioner?

CNN extorts amateur satirist who made video tweeted by Trump: if you make fun of us again we will harm you… (Link to original)

Edit 9:30 AM: The Tweet below was deleted as the meme storm rose. Far as I know it is authentic.

This is what disturbs me most about the left—they always want to control your mind, your communications, your thoughts. And they always think they are fit to make those judgements.

Edit 4:15 PM: The latest from Project Veritas: CNN Producer Doubles Down on “Stupid as Sh*t” Comments About Voters