Musk Outlines the Financials of Twitter – Platform Content is Determined Through the Prism of Revenue

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has provided some convincing commentary about his willingness to forgo revenue in order to retain “free speech.” However, more recently he has qualified that outlook by saying “freedom of speech is not the same as freedom of reach.”  Musk noting Twitter will block, remove, censor, shadow ban, deboost, downrank and stop content from amplifying based on the determination of those in charge of Twitter content.

This controlled “freedom of reach” perspective, which is really shadow-banning in practice, is generally accepted and now admitted.  Against this backdrop it becomes important to understand the priorities of the platform to understand the guidelines of the platform.  Within this context the financials are key to understanding what elements are included within “approved content.” {GO DEEP}

Twitter is now a private company, therefore understanding the financials of Twitter is a little more challenging than when they were required to post their financial statements publicly.  However, Elon Musk gave an interview with the Babylon Bee yesterday and revealed some of the internal financial challenges. [VIDEO HERE]  I am going to summarize the status of the Twitter financial position according to what Musk himself revealed.


Bottom line is we need to find another way to have a widely-used free-speech platform that makes money. Right now and all along all of them are controlled by money/advertisers, including Twitter, to say nothing of the wills of their owners or owners handlers. Near total mind-control rules the land. (One good thing about being shadow-banned is I never see any advertisements :) ABN

The connection between leftism and pathology

Some interesting research came out recently on the relationship between people with left-wing authoritarian politics, narcissism and psychopathy.

Interestingly, it seems to vindicate many earlier thinkers who theorised about the connection between leftism and pathology.


The left has historically and in the present always fought for control of metacognitive language, concepts, and narratives. It gains control by vehemently asserting the rightness of its definitions while violently attacking any attempt to contradict its irrational assertions. This is where it reveals deep psychopathic tendencies and why it attracts psychopaths and the morally ungrounded. The key to leftist momentum and control is their control of metacognitive thought and language. If you disagree, you are ‘racist’, a ‘running dog’, a ‘reactionary’ and must be destroyed. The secret of all mind-control is control of metacognition such that victims cannot even think another way. ABN

More on my case, the law on misinformation, and why other doctors don’t challenge their medical boards — Meryl Nass, MD

The fifth day of my board hearing was May 30, 7.5 months after it began and 16.5 months since I was suspended for charges that the board dropped prior to litigation. No one can remember the details from the beginning, and my attorneys and I have to spend countless hours recapping the previous proceedings as we prepare for each new hearing day. The board hired two expert witnesses to opine against me, and now each has been examined and cross examined. None of the charges against me stood up to scrutiny—not a single one. Neither of the experts provided internally consistent testimony. No one has shown that I did even one thing wrong. Why are we still going forward with these hearings?


Nass’s story is one of medical officials enforcing pseudoscience over science, blatant mind-control over reason and evidence. ABN

Joe Biden Launches His War on Antisemitism: Massive politically motivated effort will impact on free speech and association

…Note how the Plan, relying on wildly exaggerated statistics relating to what are often contrived or alleged antisemitic incidents, not by coincidence, seeks to protect Jews from a malignant force which is presumed to be the “white supremacists” that Biden and his cohorts have been otherwise targeting and also labeling as “terrorists.” That accomplishes two things politically: it gets the powerful Jewish/Israel Lobby and their controlled media fully on board to reelect Biden and it also identifies the enemy as likely to be conservative Republicans. In so doing, you take highly visible steps to protect the Jews (whether or not they actually need protection) and you create a credible enemy that everyone can identify and attack.

So what does the White House’s May 25th press release entitled “Fact Sheet: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Releases First-Ever US National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism” tell us about what will be put in place to protect America’s wealthiest and already most powerful ethno-religious group? A sub-heading and the lead paragraphs summarize it this way: “[The] Administration announces over 100 new actions and over 100 calls to action to combat antisemitism, including new actions to counter antisemitism on college campuses and online; whole-of-society strategy includes new stakeholder commitments.


Department of Education Investigates Schools for Not Sexualizing Kids

Coordinated lawsuits are targeting schools and parents across the country

Biden launched his 2024 presidential campaign with an ad attacking Republicans for keeping a book featuring a 10-year-old performing sex acts out of schools.

“’Lawn Boy‘, one of the books shown in the Biden ad, includes lines like, “I was ten years old, but it’s true. I put Doug Goble’s d___ in my mouth.”

According to Biden, whose administration had previously colluded to investigate parents rallying against sexualizing schoolchildren with graphic materials like these as domestic terrorists, anyone opposed to having ‘Lawn Boy’ in schools is a “MAGA extremist”. While that assault on parents was stifled, under Biden, the Department of Education is launching a new attack.


Mind-control in one image, explained

UPDATE: Missouri teenager Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, told FBI he wanted to kill Biden and ‘take over’ after crashing U-Haul truck into White House security gates while carrying swastika flag

Mind-control compendium of lies

Mind-control is real and this is one of the ways it is done. Vaxxes that weaken the population is another way. Extracting money from the population to pay for this is another way. Repetition, fear, and the implied reward that supposedly comes from obedience is the basic formula for mind-control. They do it all the time. The same formula all the time because most people fall for it every time. When it doesn’t work (Monekypox), they just drop it and move on to the next ruse (Ukraine, WW3, GPT…). ABN

September 2021 Gallup poll shows power of mind-control

This shows the power of government sponsored mind-control. The facts were known but not publicized. Instead fear and panic were encouraged. I point this out to emphasize how powerful, influential and consequential government sponsored mind-control is. This also proves that Big Tech and MSM are complicit in this fraud. Covid was a military operation run against the American people and world. It was a psyop from start to finish. Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq were also psyops. So was election theft in 2020 and its aftermath. So is CO2 and climate panic. Whoever is in control of the US government is waging war against America. Media ‘reality’ is a fearsome illusion. ABN

Earth in hot water? Worries over sudden ocean warming spike

The world’s oceans have suddenly spiked much hotter and well above record levels in the last few weeks, with scientists trying to figure out what it means and whether it forecasts a surge in atmospheric warming.

Some researchers think the jump in sea surface temperatures stems from a brewing and possibly strong natural El Nino warming weather condition plus a rebound from three years of a cooling La Nina, all on top of steady global warming that is heating deeper water below. If that’s the case, they said, record-breaking ocean temperatures this month could be the first in many heat records to shatter.

From early March to this week, the global average ocean sea surface temperature jumped nearly two-tenths of a degree Celsius (0.36 degree Fahrenheit), according to the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer, which climate scientists use and trust. That may sound small, but for the average of the world’s oceans — which is 71% of Earth’s area —to rise so much in that short a time, “that’s huge,” said University of Colorado climate scientist Kris Karnauskas. “That’s an incredible departure from what was already a warm state to begin with.”

Climate scientists have been talking about the warming on social media and amongst themselves. Some, like University of Pennsylvania’s Michael Mann, quickly dismiss concerns by saying it is merely a growing El Nino on top of a steady human-caused warming increase.

Other climate scientists, including National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration oceanographer Gregory C. Johnson, say it doesn’t appear to be just El Nino. There are several marine heat waves or ocean warming spots that don’t fit an El Nino pattern, such as those in the northern Pacific near Alaska and off the coast of Spain, he said.

“This is an unusual pattern. This is an extreme event at a global scale” in areas that don’t fit with merely an El Nino, said Princeton University climate scientist Gabe Vecchi. “That is a huge, huge signal. I think it’s going to take some level of effort to understand it.”


UPDATE: Note that St. Mann ‘quickly dismisses’ the new evidence. This is exactly what we have just seen with covid ‘science’ when authorities quickly dismissed, even ridiculed, early treatments including innocuous vitamin D3 while simultaneously promoting dangerous vaxxes. Similar layers of mind-control are determining our foreign policy in Ukraine, our open border, and the baleful rise of wokeness and urban crime. There is a pattern and it is pretty obvious and it is not beneficial to moral, clear-thinking, normally cooperative citizens. These are enemy ideas being used to destroy our nation state and civilization. ‘Our side’, the only side we have, is reason, real science, clear thinking, compassion and wisdom. This is a heavy burden for any population to carry, but carry it we must. There is no other way forward. ABN

The West has been conquered by a huge parasitic culture that we can defeat if we understand it

This parasite has been growing larger and larger since the end of WW2. It is feeding on the West while also consciously destroying it. Members of this parasitic culture delight in their actions.

Delight is a feature of this culture; delight in the abundance they feed on; and, yes, delight in the ruination they are causing. Parasites destroy their hosts by taking energy and sustenance from them. It is both a cultural feature and a psychological feature of parasites that they enjoy the harm they cause, positively delight in it. They literally dance to it.

The parasitic culture that infests the West has many mouths, many faces, many subcultures that feed in their own ways on what they can. But all of them agree that it is delightful and profitable for them to feed and destroy. The destruction happens because feeding without building is easier than building something nourishing and extracting reasonable personal benefit from that. Capitalism itself is not parasitic, though many of the groups that hate or abuse capitalism are.

Parasitic groups are all the same in that they have Complaints and want them addressed; they see a Bright Future and want it, vague though it is; they believe they Deserve abundance from the host body, the traditional culture of the West, and that Any Means are Justified for them to take it.

The host itself is acting exactly like a parasite is feeding on it. It is numb, cowed, afraid to say anything. It even believes the parasite might be right. It has been trained in these attitudes. The West became soft partly through the abundance afforded by its inventions but more importantly due to the clandestine violence visited on it by of some of the parasitic groups. This violence included poison, maiming, medical malpractice, educational misdirection, reputation destruction, career destruction, shaming, isolating, humiliation. It targets first and foremost strong young men and boys, destroying them before they become strong adult men. It encourages host women to attack their own men and boys and allows anyone with a complaint, real or imagined, to join the attack.

These host women are predominantly unknowing slaves of the parasites though many are willing slaves. Many of them become parasites themselves. Many slavish men have joined them in their rampage. As a group, united with other, older parasites, parasites more experienced than them and able to lead them subtlety, they have taken over one Western institution after another: academia, media, politics, state governments, churches, school boards, election boards, and so on.

Many of these slaves have a foot in both worlds; one in the host body and the other in the parasitic feast. They do not feel divided. They separate their roles. As host victims, they are numb to what is happening. They have Parasite Syndrome, which is similar to Stockholm Syndrome, only worse. These are the people who hate Donald Trump and the very idea of America being Great Again. These are the people who repeat every day what millions of TVs blare at them while never realizing that nothing they say is original or requires any thoughtful energy from them. Automatically, they memorize the TV message of the day and repeat it when required, only to start anew the next day should the message change.

These are the people who will not and cannot see any other side of the covid response but what the TV says. Of course many get their messages from other media, but TV is a valid symbol of their thoughtless collective acceptance. They are as slaves, afraid even to silently mouth some words.

My purpose in writing this description is to remodel what is happening. To provide another way to understand our demise than a history of ideas—Marxism, CRT, BLM, WOKE, corporatism, globalism, pathological altruism, etc. Once you understand the violence of the parasites, how destructive they are, how well they are organized, how dangerous and prevalent they are, you will see them in many places, always seizing power or enjoying the power and wealth they have seized while at the same time providing nothing useful themselves. I am talking about large groups of parasites, not individual psychopaths who abuse individual partners though a good deal of the dynamic is the same.

The WHO has been taken over by parasites. The WEF was founded to be a parasite. Many US agencies, if not all of them, have succumbed to parasites: CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, DoD, courts, medical boards, state governments, etc. Build Back Better implies that what was has to be destroyed. Build Back Better is not Obiden’s phrase. It is a phrase all Western “leaders” are using. I am sure readers of this site will understand that the West’s covid response has been arch-parasitic, so bad in fact I lean toward believing it was our parasites and not China’s that designed and released the virus in the first place.

By many of us seeing this huge parasitic organism for what it is and understanding that it operates as a loosely connected group of sub-parasites who help each other, we may be able to find a way to defeat it and bring back a civilization that respects individual rights, rational dialog, real science, freedom of speech, religion, and association. ABN

UPDATE: This post is from early last year. I am updating it to say that it describes only a mild form of the theory of parasitic infestation of the USA/West. Many people I respect believe (or claim to believe) that this sort of parasitism is like a mold that has grown organically within our institutions, slowly proliferating to the point where none of them works and all of them are bad for our society. RFK Jr and Sundance are in this camp. I can get along with people like this and even support their work. But personally I believe this parasitism has leadership, clear aims that began decades ago, and that it has encroached ruthlessly and deliberately. Top parasites foster and allow almost any other kind of parasite to flourish as long as it does not question or threaten them. This is why we see so many disparate groups feeding on the West and also why Westerners behave as if paralyzed. Beset upon from every direction they freeze in pseudo-moralistic fear of mere verbal criticism. This is not meant to disparage the victims. Psycholinguistic mind-control is extremely powerful. Try saying out loud our most forbidden words even while you are certain you are alone. This is our verbal region of mental defeat, the brainscape that has imprisoned us. ABN