Told an audience in Boise that what we have seen over the past three years has been characterized even at scientific meetings as “evil”

Told an audience in Boise that what we have seen over the past three years has been characterized even at scientific meetings as “evil.” Nothing else explains global therapeutic nihilism, and willful blindness to horrific and fatal safety events. Only one word applies.

Originally tweeted by Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ (@P_McCulloughMD) on October 5, 2022.

Dr McCullough, it’s war. The enemy is hidden but the war and its many battlefronts are obvious. It’s evil, yes. But the reality is it is a war. Covid pseudoscience was and is an attack on the world and especially Western civilization. It is but one of many battlefronts. ABN

Policymakers must pause the roll out. History will NOT be in their side & the public will not forgive them for it

Policymakers must pause the roll out. History will NOT be in their side & the public will not forgive them for it

Originally tweeted by Dr Aseem Malhotra (@DrAseemMalhotra) on October 6, 2022.

I am glad Malhotra is speaking up but much of this was known well over a year ago and strongly expected even before vax rollouts began. There should be thousands of doctors speaking out. They don’t because they are afraid of the “adverse effects” of being honest about the data. Their fear is a symptom of 1) civilizational decline or 2) mind control by a cabal that has taken over Western civilization. ABN

The importance of free speech and the danger of censorship

“Official-government-sponsored-covid-and-covid-vaccine-plus-no-early-treatment-science” was pure shit and proves censorship does nothing good for our society and never will. The ignorant and tragic dominance of covid shit pseudoscience from a historical and philosophical perspective should end forevermore the argument that the public cannot deal with real information or that they have to be led by their betters or that what they see and hear must be curated. Voices that support any of that nonsense are not your friends and do not have your good in mind. The lesson from covid is UNIVERSAL for all subjects: censorship is bad and is always going to be bad. Hail the First Amendment in All Its Glory & Wisdom.

I cite covid shit science because the contrast is so glaring and immediate and felt deeply by all of us. The universality of the lessons we learned from covid censorship should never be forgotten but etched in stone. Our power and capacity to speak and listen freely must never be abridged. ABN

Judicial Watch Uncovers Biden Administration Propaganda Plan to Push COVID Vaccine

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it received 249 pages of records from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) detailing the extensive media plans for a propaganda campaign to push the COVID-19 vaccine…

Digital Media

  • Produce HHS question-and-answer videos featuring local Black doctors discussing the vaccines, how they work, and why the public should get vaccinated
  • Request that Tom Brady create a video with his parents encouraging vaccination (his parents had COVID last year and he has talked about their tough recovery).
  • Create custom partnerships with the social media platforms with algorithms to hit the audience.
  • Launch Hollywood comedy writers video content.


The material uncovered by JW is tons of stuff like the above slice of “Digital Media.” It’s full-on mind-control from many angles. I shudder at the vision of those who thought this was a good idea. I see it as mind-control, subjugating the population, demoralizing and infantilizing them. These themes are consistent across several decades for everything coming down from on-high. They know that by making the public weak, disorganized, uninspired, unable to to unite, they win. In their eyes most people are useless so if millions OD on fentanyl and boredom, it only helps them stay in control. ABN

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) begins lawsuit against FDA for lying about ivermectin

TUCSON, Ariz., Sept. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) filed its motion and amicus brief Thursday evening with the federal district court in Galveston urging it to allow the lawsuit to proceed against the FDA for its misleading statements against ivermectin. In Apter v. HHS, a group of physicians sued to hold the Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency within the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), accountable for its interference with physicians’ ability to treat Covid-19.

“Defendant FDA has improperly exploited misunderstandings about the legality and prevalence of off-label uses of medication, in order to mislead courts, state medical boards, and the public into thinking there is anything improper about off-label prescribing,” AAPS writes in its amicus brief to the court. “Not only is off-label prescribing fully proper, legal, and commonplace, but it is also absolutely necessary in order to give effective care to patients.”


Elon Musk’s letter to Twitter saying he’ll honor the original $44 billion deal if there’s an ‘immediate’ end to their court battle


On behalf of X Holdings I, Inc., X Holdings II, Inc. and Elon R. Musk (the “Musk Parties”), we write to notify you that the Musk Parties intend to proceed to closing of the transaction contemplated by the April 25, 2022 Merger Agreement, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth therein and pending receipt of the proceeds of the debt financing contemplated thereby, provided that the Delaware Chancery Court enter an immediate stay of the action, Twitter vs. Musk, et al. (C.A. No. 202-0613-KSJM) (the “Action”) and adjourn the trial and all other proceedings related thereto pending such closing or further order of the Court.

The Musk Parties provide this notice without admission of liability and without waiver of or prejudice to any of their rights, including their right to assert the defenses and counterclaims pending in the Action, including in the event the Action is not stayed, Twitter fails or refuses to comply with its obligations under the April 25, 2022 Merger Agreement or if the transaction contemplated thereby otherwise fails to close.


One way or the other, it’s still mind-control. ABN

We need this spirit to face even worse than vaccines. The Great Reset, The Great Replacement, economic ruin, even World War III are upon us now. The vaccines were a warmup. We must continue to be strong or lose everything. ABN

We must reject the term “Climate Change” (CC) and use the term first posited–Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). Switching terms and playing with definitions is the hallmark of liars. AGW fear-mongers changed the term to climate change to hide from real data and to fool the public (where all the money ultimately comes from). ABN

I should not be but actually am shocked by this. Obviously, this is completely anti-scientific, anti-American, and anti-good-sense. Medical science gets it wrong all the time and is virtually always adjusting and readjusting. This bill clearly reveals the depravity of the woke left, a depravity which can be seen in almost everything they do. ABN

United Nations, Melissa Fleming: “We partnered with Google… We own The Science”

Virtually all information available is now “curated,” which means censored, culled, propagandized, distorted. We have seen the deadly failures of covid pseudoscience promoted by information “curators.” Fleming describes with evident pleasure just one of the techniques they use to do this with global warming. See my comment on free speech here. And an analysis of Google search here.

California’s Misinformation Epidemic Pt. 1

When I was younger, a friend who was a corporate executive told me about “tiger teams,” an approach industry would utilize to solve a complex problem facing them or to develop a plan for achieving a long-term strategic goal.  After he vividly described the tenacity with which they attacked their problem, I realized large corporations could be expected to conduct highly strategic and Machiavellian plans over long timelines that would be difficult for anyone but the most talented observer to spot. 

Since that time, I’ve also come to appreciate how most businessmen and their industries will default to reusing tools that have previously proven themselves for addressing each new problem that emerges.  As a result, once you learn what each of the tools are, it becomes possible to predict each of the sequential steps a tiger team will choose to accomplish its goals.

Since I have held a long-term interest in the politics of vaccination, I have been able to witness the sequential steps that played out first in California and then throughout the nation.  What I still find remarkable about these events was how each one directly enabled the subsequent event, and that in many cases, what happened subsequently had previously been promised to never come to pass. 

Given everything that I have observed, I am almost certain one or more tiger teams working for the vaccine industry chose to have California be the means through which to accomplish their goal of regular mandatory vaccinations for the entire American population.  At this moment, a highly unpopular law that prevents physicians from spreading “misinformation“ by questioning any orthodox perspective on COVID-19 is awaiting the governor’s signature, and if this law passes, it will likely be disastrous for the nation as additional jurisdictions adopt it.

The purpose of this article will be to discuss exactly what brought us to the point a law like that could be on the verge of passing and the important insights that can be taken from the entire process.


This is a terrific overview of everything wrong with how covid has been handled and why. I give it my highest recommendation. It very clearly outlines how sinister forces underlying medicine, information, money, and corruption produced our disastrous covid response. This is a great piece to send to friends and family who are still true believers in “the science.” ABN

More evidence of fake news: Associated Press takes bribes to push global warming stories

News to order: The Associated Press admits it’s taken $8 million from climate activists to write about their pet issues, so it’s “assigning more than two dozen journalists across the world to cover climate issues.”

If anyone had the least doubt what angle the resulting stories will take, the AP explained that it learned “that funders weren’t just being generous; they had their own goals to achieve.” Ya think?

Since the AP feeds newspapers, websites and TV stations across the country and even the world, the “donors” have a great chance of getting all their money’s worth in propaganda, even though all the resulting content is to be clearly labelled as such.


Jacinda Ardern illogically argues for internet censorship and “curated information” even after she caused a disaster by forcing her unchallengeable and profoundly mistaken covid policies on New Zealand and the world

PM Jacinda Ardern calls internet freedom a “weapon of war” in most recent UN speech. Calls for a new type of internet with “rules and transparency.”

“How do you tackle climate change if people don’t believe it exists”?

Jacinda, you and your kind decisively lost the argument on internet free speech during covid. You and your kind were wrong about everything–lockdowns, banning early treatment, masks, school closing, mandating vaccines, and more. All wrong. What’s worse is during the pandemic you had free-reign to do what you wanted without being questioned. As a consequence, you and your kind caused a worldwide policy disaster which is still plaguing us today. Its effects will be felt for many generations to come. In contrast, those of us who disagreed with almost everything you forced on your country and the world were polite, reasonable, logical, and far more science- and data-oriented. This contrast between us and you proves decisively that you and your kind lost the argument for controlling internet speech. If our side had been allowed uncurated free speech without censorship and deplatforming, the pandemic would have ended much sooner, early treatment would have ended any need for vaccines, lockdowns would have been stopped or never started, our economies would be fine, and you would not be talking dangerous nonsense at the UN as you are doing above. ABN

Secret Service confiscated phones from 24 agents involved in J6 and [probably erased them]

The phones were given to the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general, Joseph Cuffari “shortly after” July 19. Everything else about this story is vague and reeks of mis- and disinformation, but here is a link to an article about it. In other news, Russia blew up its own pipelines to Germany and colluded with Trump to steal the election from Hillary in 2016 but failed. ABN