“How xi jinping and CCP with less than 100 millions members can control more than 1.3 billions chinese people?”

How xi jinping and CCP with less than 100 millions members can control more than 1.3 billions chinese people?
The answer is world first qr code vaccine passport. Xi put an electronic monitoring noose around people’s neck since February 2020.
You are under 24-hour surveillance.

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Great takedown of this stupid bitch; ask yourself, when has online speech ever bothered you at all?

Australia has an eSafety Commissioner named Julie Inman-Grant.  While delivering remarks to the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland, she outlined a new on-line era where free speech would need to be “recalibrated,” and the ability to be free from something called “on-line violence.”

For the past several years we have noted a progressive, totalitarian, shift in speech, specifically a redefinition of the word “violence.”  Speech the leftists do not like, they call violence; and violence the leftists support, they call speech.   As a result, the overlay of a newly recalibrated on-line world for speech and violence would be modified accordingly.


This one is even more idiotic. Give a moron a platform and a microphone and total bullshit ensues:

Note that I am not calling for her to banned from YT. Let her talk all she wants. Australia, talk back. You do NOT want to be ruled over by casual fools like this. She is espousing basic mind control. ABN

INDIANA: Response to US Surgeon General request for “Impact of Health Misinformation in the Digital Information Environment in the United States Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic”

We submit the following examples of disinformation from the CDC and other health organizations that have shattered the public’s trust in science and public health and will take decades to repair.

#1 Overcounting COVID-19: The official CDC numbers for COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations are inaccurate. The official tallies include many people who have died with rather than from COVID-19. CDC has not distinguished deaths where COVID-19 was the primary cause of death, where COVID-19 was a contributing cause of death, or where the death was entirely unrelated to COVID-19, but they incidentally tested positive.


Contributing to the theory that US government missteps are all due to incompetence, the Surgeon General walked right into this one like a newborn deer. Indiana responded with a long list of CDC and government bullshit, lies, disinformation, and misinformation on covid. The most important thing left off the list is banning early treatment while at the same time requiring malpractice in hospitals. I hope more states follow the lead of Todd Rokita, Indiana Attorney General, et al on this. ABN

SCOOP: Last year, the School District of Philadelphia encouraged teachers to attend a transgender conference on “kink,” “BDSM,” “trans sex,” “bigger dick energy,” and “banging beyond binaries”

SCOOP: Last year, the School District of Philadelphia encouraged teachers to attend a transgender conference on “kink,” “BDSM,” “trans sex,” “bigger dick energy,” and “banging beyond binaries.”

I've obtained exclusive videos from the conference that will shock you. 🧵

Trans activist Chase Ross hosted a series of sessions on “packers,” “masturbation sleeves,” and “prosthetics for sex,” demonstrating a variety of dildos. “It’s a big boy. This is, like, gigantic,” he said during one demo. “Give me two hours alone and I’ll get this in my butt.”

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Facebook’s ‘fake news’: Social media giant planted op-eds in newspapers and ran TV ads across the US via shadowy lobbying group it secretly funded to defend it from politicians calling for greater regulation

Facebook-backed American Edge has launched a campaign slamming antitrust legislation aimed to expand competition in the tech industry

The group has commissioned studies, placed op-eds in local papers and collaborating with various partners to bash the Senate-passed bill

In its sponsored ads and writings, American Edge plays on citizens’ fears of cybersecurity attacks from Russia and advanced technology in China 

The group has accused lawmakers on Capitol Hill of having a ‘misguided agenda’ and wanting to ‘take away the technology we use every day’

American Edge also alleged the antitrust bill poses a danger to small and minority-owned businesses


The Twitter Bot Inquiry Intensifies as Musk is Seemingly Stiff Armed

…Taking Twitter private as a company, eliminating bots (which is essentially removing fraudulent users) then carries the potential benefits of both lowering costs and positioning the company to increase genuine ad revenue from authenticated users as real people.

Many people suspect the size of the political left on the Twitter platform is manipulated by programatic bots.  Meaning there seems to be more people on the left side of the spectrum because bots are deployed to give the impression of like-minded users.  I am one of the people who believe this suspicion is accurate, because it would be a typical way the ideological left operates.

The bots would be in addition to the deployment of algorithms that are designed to suppress speech the platform operators do not like.

I have long suspected the Twitter algorithm process is essentially assigning certain users into specifically designed data-processing containers where their voice is suppressed.   Some people call this ‘shadow-banning,’ I simply call it suppression.


“CEPI (Center for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation) had a business plan indicating the mass inoculation was going to be the sole response to the anticipated viral upper respiratory pandemic. No plans for treatment”: Dr Peter McCullough

“Sometimes the smoking gun is hidden in plain sight. In the case of covid, most damage was done by a Lancet article distributed to MDs around the world 2/20”

Sometimes the smoking gun is hidden in plain sight. In the case of covid, most damage was done by a Lancet article distributed to MDs around the world 2/20 which I found in my email. This distorted article will likely be considered by historians to be the source of the

purposely deceitful Information that caused the West to collapse its own economies and leadership, causing far more damage than the Kido Butai (task force responsible for Pearl Harbor). Next is the article, and I will discuss the fallacies in it that Fauci etc completely bought as gospel:


First, influenza like illness (ILI) occurs every winter and most cases never test positive for anything, the most frail are hospitalized, develop pneumonia and die, and nothing is gained by a test as the outcome is the same regardless

This study, funded by Chinese government entities, including test developed partly by military seeks to change the narrative on ILI [Influenza-like illness] to appear to be new entity! It introduces concepts that are believed 100% still by the Medical leadership.

First, the study included 813 people, but 622 were excluded (almost 80%!) leaving 191, of whom 54 died, mean age 56. This established falsely that mortality is 1/3 and that it is a middle aged disease, not just winter ILI. This establishes the “novelty” to induce fear.

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Biden Effort to Turn Ultra MAGA into a Disparaging Epithet Came from Six Month Study Headed by Anita Dunn

The Washington Post is reporting the shift from the White House to disparage their political opposition with the terms “MAGA”, “Ultra-MAGA” and President Trump as the “Great MAGA King,” came from a six-month poll study led by Anita Dunn, the latest senior advisor in the White House.

Keep in mind, a few days ago White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said the terminology “ultra-MAGA” was an “organic utterance” from Joe Biden.  Whoops.



The Psychology of Manipulation: 6 Lessons from the Master of Propaganda

I recently explored this topic in an essay about how occult rituals and predictive programming are used to manipulate the collective consciousness, influencing the thoughts, beliefs and actions of large groups of people, resulting in the creation of what occultists call “egregores”.

Here I have extracted some key insights from Bernays in an attempt to show how his book Propaganda is, in many ways, the playbook used by the globalist cryptocracy to process the group mind of the masses.


Essential knowledge provided in a clear, straight-to-the-point manner. ABN

Who has the World Economic Forum chosen to infiltrate nations and organizations around the world? And who are the globalist overlords who have chosen them? – Robert Malone

Who are the globalist members of the trade organization known as The World Economic Forum (WEF) and their servants, why should you care, and what can you do about it? 

First, “who are they?”  The current 100 WEF full members (“Strategic Partners”) are drawn from the largest corporations in the world, together with their owners and managers (referred to as “Davos Man”).  The list of corporations, owners and managers who control the WEF is not disclosed and membership can only be inferred indirectly.  However, the WEF members do not act alone, but have developed various groups of globally distributed trainees who generally act in accordance with the detailed policies and positions developed and distributed by WEF leadership.  These training programs have been operating for over three decades, resulting in placement, distribution and rapid advancement of many thousands of WEF-trained operatives throughout the world.  WEF chairman Klaus Schwab has famously claimed that these operatives have been strategically inserted into key positions in various governments, as well as influential spots in key industries such as media, finance, and technology. 

“Why should you care?” The WEF is the organization which has masterminded the globally harmonized planning, development and implementation of the lockdowns, mandates, authoritarian vaccine campaigns, suppression of early treatment options, global targeting of dissenting physicians, censorship, propaganda, information and thought control programs which we have all experienced since late 2019.  This is the organizational structure used by the ones who have sought to control and manage the world to advance the economic and political interests of their members through the ongoing “Great Reset” (as named and described by their chairman Klaus Schwab) by exploiting and exacerbating the social and economic disruption which they have artificially and intentionally crafted since SARS-CoV-19 began spreading across the world. 


This is one helluva fact-filled essay by Robert Malone. He provides detailed information—people’s names, participating corporations and organizations—that are vying to take over the world and are close to succeeding. “Young Global Leaders” and “Global Leaders of Tomorrow” have been stealthily placed in leadership positions across the world, but especially in Western countries. None of this reflects the will of the people or respects national ethnic histories and traditions. All of it is rule from the top through partnerships between corporations and political operatives directed by globalists. We saw what they did with the pandemic. This is a very important read and marks a profound and well-documented change in how to understand our predicament. ABN