Why South Africa the first country built on Critical Race Theory has failed

For decades, the South African economy has been shaped by a policy known as Broad Based Black Economic Employment. Despite the fancy sounding name, the policy is the same as that of activists in the United States.

BBBEE relies openly and explicitly on injecting racial preferences throughout the economy. Companies receive a BBBEE scorecard based on hiring black workers, elevating black management, and giving black South Africans a share of ownership.

Companies with high BBBEE scores are given favorable tax treatment and preferences in government contracts. Corporate actors are strongly incentivized to give contracts to high BBBEE scorers as well.

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Zero daily COVID deaths in Sweden

Even a year ago, it was clear the hyperbolic claims about “the Swedish catastrophe” were false; just ask Elon Musk (also see: herehere, and here). But a year later the evidence is overwhelming that Sweden got the pandemic mostly right. Sweden’s overall mortality rate in 2020 was lower than most of Europe and its economy suffered far less. Meanwhile, today Sweden is freer and healthier than virtually any other country in Europe.

Daily COVID Deaths in Sweden Hit Zero, as Other Nations Brace for More Lockdowns

Bullshit behind “green energy”: European shit laws destroy not only Europe’s forests but USA’s as well

In 2009, the European Union (EU) pledged to curb greenhouse gas emissions, urging its member states to shift from fossil fuels to renewables. In its Renewable Energy Directive (RED), the EU classified biomass as a renewable energy source — on par with wind and solar power. As a result, the directive prompted state governments to incentivize energy providers to burn biomass instead of coal — and drove up demand for wood.

So much so that the American South emerged as Europe’s primary source of biomass imports.


Same thing is happening here due to US laws. Keeping forests forests keeps carbon out of the air and also provides beautiful habitats for wild animals, which incidentally are actually quite rare. Nuclear power would solve many energy problems, including pollution. It’s clean, safe energy unfortunately saddled with a bad reputation. ABN

Experts sound alarm over American media’s celebratory tone of Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year anniversary

The fawning coverage of the CCP, which has been responsible for countless human rights abuses and killings, is the latest in a pattern of liberal media and tech giants using power and platforms to shape narratives that paint China in a positive light while suppressing information like the coronavirus lab-leak theory and downplaying brutal treatment of Uighur Muslims. 

“I think it’s because a lot of news organizations want to do business in China, and so they are willing to soft-pedal coverage and they are not willing to give context where context is required,” author Gordon Chang told Fox News. “I think there’s the commercial motive there.”


Biden to destroy suburbs with infrastructure package

President Joe Biden is attempting to “destroy” American suburbs with the reconciliation infrastructure package, proving former President Donald Trump’s prediction correct.

Trump said during a 2020 campaign rally that Biden wants “to put low-cost housing in the suburbs, and that would mean abolishing, ruining the suburbs. It has already begun. It’s been going on for years.”

Joe Biden Attempting to ‘Destroy’ Suburbs with Infrastructure Package, Proving Trump’s Prediction Correct

The USA’s four branches of government

…There are now officially four branches of government.  The modern and corrupt Intelligence Community, the proverbial IC, is the intelligence branch that supersedes the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

…The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government all defer to, and facilitate, the Intelligence branch.

The Intelligence Branch of government is a public-private partnership that includes governmental agencies and private sector technology groups, Big Tech.  The partnership is funded in part by public taxpayer dollars and massive financial interests like BlackRock and Vanguard.  The IC Branch is a partnership between the U.S. government and the private sector; that is why various elements within the Intelligence Branch use ‘contractors‘.


It’s been this way for a long time. I do not see what anyone can do about it. The most powerful and valuable perch in the world is control of the NSA database. See this for more: The NSA database. ABN

JoeBamanomics – An Honest Outlook of Inflation and What is Coming

Several people have written to CTH for an economic review of our current status.  Below this post are two primary precursor articles [Primary One and Primary Two] which outline the economic dynamic in play and how we can look forward with accuracy to what is likely to happen.  Despite the deflective talking points by the professional financial pundits this massive spike in inflation is entirely predictable due to Biden economic policy and Biden monetary policy.

Keep in mind the FED has already said in April they would “support inflation” but that’s because while they will not say it openly they know there’s no way to stop it.  The massive inflation is a direct result of the multinational agenda of the Biden administration; it’s a feature not a flaw, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with COVID. Also keep in mind the first group to admit what is to come are banks, specifically Bank of America, because the monetary policy is the cause.

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Do yourself a favor and read the whole article, which is not very long. ABN

“Notice where their power to demand these things come from…”

From here, “ExxonMobil’s Neglected Shareholders” : “Larry Fink, Blackrock’s billionaire CEO who oversees $8.7 trillion in investors’ assets, demands that all companies focus on “the transition to a net zero economy – one that emits no more carbon dioxide than it removes from the atmosphere by 2050, the scientifically-established threshold necessary to keep global warming well below 2ºC.” As members of the Climate Action 100+ group, Vanguard and State Street echo these sentiments.” Notice where their power to demand these things come from – your pension funds (probably invested with them), your bank balances (probably invested with them), other people’s investments with them, and so on. Cabal probably rigs the market to get them a return above average, and in return, everyone gives their money to them. They then use the money to create a voice to drive Cabal policies, and additionally, the situation renders all those people who gave them money voice-less.


Who controls the investments?

An article on Blackrock buying up houses, which segues into how institutional investors take people’s money to invest, and then use it as leverage for control. So you want to buy some Coke stock, or your pension fund decides to pick it up. Suddenly Coke goes woke, at risk of damaging the company. But shareholders can’t bitch, because everyone who bought in did so through Blackrock or Vanguard, and if Blackrock and Vanguard don’t complain, there is no pushback on the corporation’s self-destructive woke posturing. So those institutional investors are taking your money and using it to support leftism in culture. I found it interesting, as I never realized institutional investors may have been created as a means of transferring investor control over the actions of companies to whoever runs the institution, or rather whoever appointed them. Nobody whose money is being used has any say. What I don’t understand is how a competing company does not spontaneously arise, and whether that is just an aspect of their control of the media and other companies like NFL and NBA, of if there might be a deeper level of control.


Life insurance and Covid-19: “Something is very wrong with the whole narrative”

I also asked if the cost per thousand of coverage had increased due to Covid and again she said no. Rates were pretty much the same as they were before the Covid Pandemic ravaged the earth. Life Insurance companies are very risk adverse. They don’t like losing money to unnecessary claims. The fact they’re treating Covid as a nonevent should be an indicator that something is very wrong with the whole narrative.


Lockdowns caused 282 times years of life lost: Canadian economics professor

Lockdowns are conferring little benefit, but causing colossal damage, an economics professor has concluded, using a cost benefit analysis to calculate that strict Covid restrictions caused 282 times the loss of years of life that it saved. 

…He was highly critical of the one sided narrative and information suppression of the main stream media, big tech, and the political establishment.

“The ubiquitous media, public health, and political response to the pandemic has been one-sided, incomplete, and almost unchanging over the past year, said Prof. Allen.

“With respect to lockdown policies, many political jurisdictions have repeated the same spring 2020 programs in 2021, ignoring what has been learned in the meantime. Often public announcements were made that were inconsistent with basic Covid-19 facts that were easy to look up if you know where to look. Furthermore, when research results contrary to the official government response were shared on social media, they were often pulled from social media platforms.”

Decision to lockdown caused 282 times the loss of years of life says Economics professor

COVID-19: an overview of the evidence

This is a very reasonable and balanced report on covid from the HART group in the UK. This is the kind of perspective the whole world needs to adopt. Linked to this overview is a more detailed report where readers can delve further into issues that most concern them. ABN

Reinstate the existing pandemic planning policies from 2019, pending a detailed review of the policies adopted in 2020. Look to countries and states which did things differently. There should be a clear commitment from the Government that we will never again lockdown.

Stop mass testing healthy people. Return to the principles of respiratory disease diagnosis (the requirement of symptoms) that were well researched and accepted before 2020. Manufacturers’ guidelines state that these tests are designed to assist the diagnosis of symptomatic patients, not to ‘find’ disease in otherwise healthy people.

Stop all mask mandates. They are psychologically and potentially physically harmful whilst being clinically unproven to stop disease spread in the community and may themselves be a transmission risk.

Vaccination. Abandon the notion that vaccine certification is desirable and that children should be vaccinated. There is no logical or ethical argument for either.

Devise a public education programme to help redress the severe distortions in beliefs around disease transmission, likelihood of dying and possible treatment options. A messaging style based on a calm presentation of facts is urgently needed.

A full public enquiry into the extent to which severe/fatal COVID-19 is spread in hospitals and care homes. There is stark recent evidence on this from Public Health Scotland and if true for the rest of the UK, there needs to be better segregation of COVID-19 patients and staff within these settings.

More funding and investigation of treatments for COVID-19, instead of only focusing on vaccination as a strategy. Given the high rates of hospital transmission, encourage a drive for more early treatment-at-home using some of the protocols discussed herein.

Divert funds. The not inconsiderable money saved from ceasing testing programmes can be diverted to much needed areas, such as mental health, treatment research and an increase in hospital capacity and staffing. The vast debts accrued during 2020 will also need to be paid off, a fact that seems to be worryingly absent from economic recovery plans.

COVID-19: an overview of the evidence

Is Big Tech a Big Money loser?

Donald Trump responds to Facebook’s decision to keep him banned, calling it a, “total embarrassment.” Notice he has not yet created clones of twitter, facebook, and other Big Tech giants. The reason may be, even he could not afford to operate such a losing business model, without a huge inflow of pilfered cash directed from all of Cabal’s corruption. It would bankrupt him in short order. Think of Hotwheels, who founded 8Chan, only to end up losing it because he could not afford to run it. All that traffic, and he could not advertise, he could not monetize, he could not get donations – all he ended up doing was paying massive amounts of cash for seemingly never-ending bandwidth.

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The idea is that the Cabal uses social media to spy on everyone while simultaneously propagandizing everything, controlling all information. Consider that covid has been treated by MSM, Big Tech, and globalists the same as Donald Trump was and is treated—with lies, censorship, and a stupid narrative—and you can see a pattern of information distortion, fabrication, and control. Who or what is the Cabal? Look at who is doing it and who is pulling the strings. Cabal will look different from different angles and locations like the proverbial elephant, but you can see it is there, an elephant that is always in the room. DC is a captured government as are all its agencies. Whether Big Tech is a money loser or not doesn’t change this picture because money at the top flows like a river and top people can direct it wherever they want. It’s all free money for them.