Systemic Violence in Miami-Dade Schools, Supported by MDSPD, Surfaces Yet Again – Video Surfaces of 9-Year-Old Latina Student Beaten Mercilessly by Older Black Students on Bus

Let me be very clear, having investigated the Miami-Dade and Broward County school system for over a decade, this is not surprising.

The recent video of a 9-year-old Latina student and her brother being beaten mercilessly by older black students on a school bus is not an isolated incident.

Note that in all reporting you will find the “Miami-Dade School Police Department” (MDSPD) are involved…  NOT, I repeat NOT, the Miami-Dade police department.  The MDSPD are the gatekeepers for what Miami-Dade and Broward County schools call the ‘Promise Program.’  The MDSPD essentially act like prison wardens to keep violent thugs inside the school system away from regular police units.

In an education system set up by former School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, a totally separate law enforcement system was put into place for the schools.  Any student engaged in criminal conduct was diverted away from the criminal justice system and into a system where MDSPD would handle all criminal activity by students.

The MDSPD turned the intent of the ‘Promise Program’ into a gladiator academy.  The program was so poorly thought out, and the unintended consequences so brutally ignored, this was always going to be the outcome.


Megachurch orders all members to sign new anti-LGBTQ pledge to adhere to ‘biblical sexuality’ or risk being cast out: Pastor defends oath as ‘an exercise in clarity in a sexually confused world’

Florida megachurch is asking its congregation to sign a pledge denouncing homosexuality, warning them they will be kicked out of the church if they do not sign the document affirming their beliefs ‘in a sexually confused world.’

First Baptist Church in Jacksonville decided in October to make all of their 3,500-strong congregation sign the statement by March 19. If they refuse, they ‘will be considered by the church to have resigned their membership.’

The pledge states: ‘As a member of First Baptist Church, I believe that God creates people in his image as either male or female, and that this creation is a fixed matter of human biology, not individual choice. 

‘I believe marriage is instituted by God, not government, is between one man and one woman, and is the only context for sexual desire and expression.’


‘Dances With Wolves’ star gained trust with tribes across America as a ‘healing medicine man’ before arrest for allegedly sexually assaulting young Native American girls and running cult

A 46-year-old actor who starred alongside Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves gained trust with tribes across America as a ‘healing medicine man’ before his arrest for allegedly running a cult which sexually abused young indigenous girls. 

Nathan Chasing Horse, 46, who played Smiles a Lot in the 1990 Oscar-winning film, was taken into custody in the afternoon near the North Las Vegas home he is said to share with his five wives. 

Known for his role as the young Sioux tribe member Smiles a Lot in the Oscar-winning Kevin Costner film, Chasing Horse gained a reputation among tribes across the United States and in Canada as a so-called medicine man who performed healing ceremonies and spiritual gatherings.

‘Nathan Chasing Horse used spiritual traditions and their belief system as a tool to sexually assault young girls on numerous occasions,’ an arrest warrant reads, adding that his followers believed he could communicate with higher beings and referred to him as ‘Medicine Man’ or ‘Holy Person.’ 


Here’s Why the Big Club and People Managing Ron DeSantis Hate Donald Trump

President Trump transmitted a message to congress, warning them not to cut Social Security and Medicare {Direct Rumble Link}.  Many politicians and pundits will look at Trump’s position from the perspective of it being good to campaign for older voters, but that’s not the core of his reasoning.

In 2016 CTH was the first place to evaluate the totality of President Trump’s economic policies; specifically, as those policies related to the entitlement programs around Social Security and Medicare.  We outlined the approach Trump was putting forth and the way he was approaching the issue.   In the years that followed, he was right.  He was creating a U.S. economy that could sustain all of the elements the traditional political class were calling “unsustainable.”

Before getting to the details, here’s his video message and policy as delivered yesterday.

direct link

Fortunately, we do not have to guess if President Trump is correct. We have his actual economic policy results to look at and see how the expansion of the economy was creating the type of growth that would sustain Social Security and Medicare.  This was/is MAGAnomics at work.


Trump vows to stop China from owning America

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Excellent statement. Like almost all nations, China acts like a tribe and should be dealt with accordingly. Their tribal values are not our values nor the values of American civilization. I hope these ideas expressed by President Trump will extend as well to all other foreign tribal ownership of American resources and institutions. When hostile tribes seize our resources through infiltration and stealth, our nation is deeply harmed. ABN

Ukraine: Is the Hammer About to Fall?

The plan to engage Russia militarily is a tacit admission that the United States can no longer maintain its global dominance through economic or political means alone. After exhaustive analysis and debate, western elites have settled on a course of action aimed at dividing the world into warring blocs in order to prosecute a war on Russia and China. The ultimate strategic objective of the current policy, is to tighten the grip of western elites on the levers of global power and to prevent the dissolution of the “rules-based international order.” But after 11 months of nonstop warfare in Ukraine, the US-backed western coalition finds itself in a worse position than when it began. Aside from the fact that the economic sanctions have severely impacted Washington’s closest European allies, the West’s control of Ukraine has plunged the economy into a protracted slump, destroyed much of the country’s critical infrastructure and annihilated a sizable portion of the Ukrainian Army. More importantly, Ukrainian forces are now suffering unsustainable casualties on the battlefield which is laying the groundwork for the inevitable splintering of the state. Whatever the outcome of the conflict may be, one thing is certain: Ukraine will no longer exist as a viable, independent, contiguous state.


This essay assumes the architects of US/NATO actions in Ukraine are incompetent, failed to prepare, and have no clear strategic goals. I disagree. Those architects are US/NATO neocons, to give them a single name, and they have been needling Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. They have been messing with Ukraine wildly since 2014 and began openly goading Putin after the insertion of Brandon as US president. The people who did all that are neither incompetent nor devoid of strategic plans. All along they have been achieving their goals on schedule—the destruction of Ukraine to be followed by the reconstruction of a new mixture of states or just one state. If Putin is deposed or Russia harmed in the process, so much the better.

Look at the facts on the ground—an enormous number of dead Ukrainians, young males especially; an enormous number of Ukrainian refugees who have fled the area probably for good; lots of free money flowing into many pockets, Zelensky’s included. Recently, we learned that Larry Fink of Blackrock and Volodymyr Zelensky are already planning how to rebuild Ukraine. How they do that and who ends up living there (one possibility) will explain the entire conflict and the decades leading up to it. Incompetence will not be a factor when the outcome is fully known, nor will lack of planning. ABN

Jordan Peterson — ‘I can’t do it’

What I see most of all in Ukraine is a bunch of non-Ukrainian American neocons and non-Ukrainian Ukrainian oligarchs overseeing a melee of Russian and Ukrainian Slavs killing each other for nothing with a good chance Polish and Belorussian Slavs will join the fray soon. The greatest foreign policy failure in world history is the failure of Europe to form a lasting alliance with Russia. And that failure is based on the failure of Europeans to stop fighting each other. Over 100 years ago Sun Yatsen pointed out that ‘white people’ were a very capable race but since they cannot stop fighting each other, they will eventually lose everything. When you inject Jewish power into this mix along with the vainglorious cowardice of Jordan Peterson who stands for millions of ‘white people’, you see the problem is deeper than even Sun imagined. And it’s gotten worse in the last four years. ABN

How Yahweh Conquered Rome: Christianity and the Big Lie ~ Laurent Guyénot

The question is, very simply: How is it that Rome ended up adopting as its spiritual foundation a doctrine and a book claiming that God chose the Jews, at a period of widespread Roman Judeophobia? And how is it possible, that, less than two centuries after turning Jerusalem into a Greek city named Aelia Capitolina, where Jews were forbidden to enter, Rome adopted officially a religion that announced the fall of Rome and a new Jerusalem?


This is the essay discussed in the video posted below. I have only begun reading this essay but the basic premise as stated above is most intriguing. The essay is long, so I would recommend viewing the video first for most people. ABN

How Yahweh Conquered Rome — Laurent Guyénot

This is an excellent video and everyone should watch it. Take away from it what you like or are able. It will reshape your view of history. One major thing left out of this video is neither Green nor Guyenot mentions or appears to be aware that this kind of infiltration and takeover did not happen only through ideas and intellectual persuasion. It also happened and is continuing to happen through clandestine asymmetric warfare waged through large networks of spies and assassins who poison and maim as often as they murder. While direct evidence of these networks is all but impossible to gather, indirect evidence is not. Is poison a real warfare technique? Covid is a poison, as are targeted energy weapons, tainted food supplies, and fentanyl smuggling to name just a few. Our enemy is not a proud warrior standing in the open who can be defeated in honorable battle. It is an army of parasites that has infested the body of society, infiltrated all of its institutions, does not flinch at harming children. ABN

Guyenot’s essay discussed in the video: How Yahweh Conquered Rome: Christianity and the Big Lie