“No earthly king or president or public health official .. gets to dictate what we put into our body, into these temples of the Holy Spirit”

Catholic Priest Fr. Ed Meeks of Towson, MD said in his sermon this past week that vaccine mandates are contrary to the teachings of Jesus: “No earthly king or president or public health official .. gets to dictate what we put into our body, into these temples of the Holy Spirit.”

Originally tweeted by Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) on November 29, 2021.

There are many bridges between Buddhism and Christianity, and this is one of them. ABN

The afterlife

If you are a hard no-afterlife-is-possible, you will never actually experience it. If you are right, death = end of all experience.

If you are open to there being an afterlife, you will be better prepared for one if it happens. If there is no afterlife, you will never know you were wrong.

Given the above, it is reasonable to presume that our instincts and inklings that morality matters should be heeded. It is reasonable to look for signs of an afterlife. It is reasonable to prepare for an afterlife.

Exemptions to the COVID-19 Vaccine: And an update on the federal vaccine mandates

I’ve had a ton of questions about the status of the various federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates (OSHA, federal contractors, CMS). In this post I’ll explain (1) the status of these mandates; and (2) strategies for filing medical/religious exemptions. If you have questions on mandates or exemptions, comment and I’ll do my best to answer.


I think ultimately the best Buddhist religious no-vax position is simply, No, it is against my religion, against my sincere religious beliefs. If we are asked to “justify” this by someone with no understanding of Buddhism, it might be hard to explain. But there is nothing in federal law that says we need to do anything more than have a sincerely held belief and state that we do. In fact, we should not even need to appeal to federal law. The “unalienable” religious right stated (emphasized is the better word) in the US Constitution is enough. A new Kansas law makes this point very clearly:

Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, if an employer implements a COVID-19 vaccine requirement, the employer shall exempt an employee from such requirement, without punitive action, if the employee submits a written waiver request to the employer stating that complying with such requirement would:

(2) violate sincerely held religious beliefs of the employee, as evidenced by an accompanying written statement signed by the employee.

(b) An employer shall grant an exemption requested in accordance with this section based on sincerely held religious beliefs without inquiring into the sincerity of the request.


Note carefully the last clause: “without inquiring into the sincerity of the request.” This how it should be. I believe we should stand firm, politely declare no-vax is our sincere belief and more or less leave it at that. You will probably need to write something about right livelihood and Buddhist moral responsibility. If your employer fires you anyway, document everything and if you have the inclination sue them. Lawsuits, especially class-action ones, are the only way in our society to police interpretations of our laws. Employers do not want this burden, and thus are often checked by it. Major US car manufacturers have already backed off vax mandates for these reasons, among others. ABN

Covid politics is a macroscopic example of a psycholinguistic problem which occurs microscopically in all interpersonal relations

The ways we talk and don’t talk about covid are similar in kind to the ways we talk and don’t talk interpersonally. This fact is as painful in all important interpersonal relationships as it is painful on a national and global scale concerning covid.

Interpersonally, it is extremely difficult for almost all people to examine psycholinguistically important moments in real-time if they have not been trained or self-taught. Similarly, it is extremely difficult for almost all people to examine almost any aspect of covid if they do not share mostly the same conclusions.

Psychologically humans exist on a spectrum that grades from the unique microscopic moments of unique individual experience to the macroscopic landscape shared by many individuals belonging to a psychological collective. Just as a psychological collective can be created (or discovered) by naming it so individual moments can be defined by individuals naming them, often incorrectly.

Unique individual moments can also be predefined by a psychological collective. Many individuals perceive human life to be precisely that, something defined by a collective. It is very difficult for many individuals to see this and almost impossible for most individuals to be able to talk about this in real-time, real-world situations that are psychologically stressful and thus also psychologically important.

If you lament the disaster of our national covid dueling monologues, stop and consider that your important individual interpersonal relationships suffer similar problems. Dueling monologues arise when microscopic dialogues do not happen, which they rarely do anywhere in the world throughout all history. This problem is big and small, ecompassing the size of individual lives and entire human epochs. It is founded on the psycholinguistic difficulty of talking about talking as it is happening without being distracted by habits, customs, manners.

When talking about talking as it is happening happens, almost everyone becomes confused or angry or dismayed. You have to see this problem. Then figure out how to deal with it. You can do this in your own way (please report back to me if you are successful). Or you can do it through FIML practice which is described in many posts on this site. If you can see what FIML corrects, then the basic description of how to do FIML will be easy to understand. If you can do basic FIML many times, you will share a fundamental skill with your partner that will make your lives much better.

If FIML looks easy but you can’t do it, you probably don’t understand it. If you think you already are doing it, maybe but I doubt it. If you can’t make any sense of it, talk about it with your partner. Once you see what FIML is, you will love it because it frees you from a most basic and common form of human misunderstanding.

Mountain bike National Title Winner Kyle Warner diagnosed with pericarditis after Pfizer vax

This poor guy says he suicidal from the backlash from people in regards to his vaccine injury ❤️🙏🏼

Originally tweeted by An0maly (@LegendaryEnergy) on November 12, 2021.

Covid is showing us how tribal and savage people can be based entirely on illusions. This is an example of the raw suffering of the First Noble Truth. Its delusional basis is the Second Noble Truth. ABN

Religious exemptions from vax: “Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs”

[Everything below this is an excerpt. ABN]

Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs

42 U.S. Code § 2000e–2 defines “Unlawful employment practices” as follows:

It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer— (1) to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; or (2) to limit, segregate, or classify his employees or applicants for employment in any way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

This means that employers must respect your “sincerely held religious beliefs” with regard to the COVID vaccination with a reasonable accommodation. The sincerely held religious belief need only be yours alone, and there is no requirement that such belief be generally accepted theological dogma. 

Written documentation of your sincerely held religious belief is mandatory, as is specifically using the key words “sincerely held religious belief.” Be certain to retain copies of your request and take photos if your employer has an electronic portal system that does not otherwise provide you a written copy. Secure your copy of the request in a safe and readily accessible spot outside of your place of employment.  

link to full article on religious and other kinds of exemptions


Dr Malone: “NY Rabbis are exquisitely sensitive on dysmenorrhea (menstrual irregularities) and quite concerned about it because dysmenorrhea relates directly to loss of fertility… which is why the Hassidic community in NY has come out with a clear and unequivocal determination that there shall not be vaccination in children or young women” and that all adults are “cautioned about the vaccines”

Video prompted to start with Malone, but all of what I’ve seen of it is good:

Texans vote in favor of prohibiting governments from limiting religious services

(RNS) — Texas voters on Tuesday (Nov. 2) overwhelmingly supported a measure barring governments from taking any kind of action that limits religious services, such as the public health orders that shut down houses of worship and businesses earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proposition 3, which will add a clause to the Texas Constitution forbidding state or local authorities from prohibiting or limiting religious services, garnered 62.4% of votes, according to unofficial results from the Texas secretary of state

The measure had the support of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops  and some other — but not all — religious groups.


A perfect moral, dramatic, pragmatic, linguistic, psychological, spiritual, and emotional act…

…is a proper FIML query.

It is perfect (in no special order) morally because it seeks truth and goodness between two people; dramatically because it uses our innate dramatic instinct to question our own deep sense of live drama in the moment; pragmatically because it is eminently practical; linguistically because it is an extremely good use of language, possibly the best use; psychologically because it benefits both the self and other in profound ways while also revealing deep behavioral patterns painlessly; spiritually because it stimulates the spirit and spiritual metacognition, bringing both partners closer to their ideals; and emotionally because it forestalls false negative and destructive emotional responses, replacing them with joyful understanding. FIML is a pursuit of truth shared by two people. It is a technique, a method, that can be used in any religion, philosophy, world-view, or lifestyle. In the beginning, FIML does not even depend on scrupulous truthfulness because the practice itself will reveal the value of truthfulness, which ultimately will require almost no effort. Truthfulness is an instinct or inkling of deepest consciousness. Once seen, it calls forth itself.


The Five Skandhas

The Buddha’s explanation of the five skandhas is intended to help us understand the emptiness of the self. It is a short explanation aimed at his most intelligent students.

The Sanskrit word skandha means “heap” or “aggregate” in English. Sometimes the Buddha compared the skandhas to heaps of rice. They are the “heaps” of psycho-perceptual data that comprise the “contents” of our minds. The five skandhas are conditioned dharmas, which is to say that they are impermanent and empty, and when improperly understood lead to delusive attachments characterized by greed, anger, and ignorance. The purpose of the Buddha’s five skandha explanation is to help us see through the skandhas, or disentangle ourselves from them. In some Buddhist texts the five skandhas are called the “five covers” because they cover our minds and prevent us from seeing deep levels of reality. In others they are called the “five yin (versus yang)” because they cloud the mind and hide the truth from us. I will discuss each of the five skandhas in the sections below.

Continue reading “The Five Skandhas”

Putin warns the West is destroying itself: “It happened in our country before and after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks followed the dogmas of Marx and Engels. And they also declared that they would change the traditional lifestyle, the political, the economic lifestyle, as well as the very notion of morality, the basic principles for a healthy society”

“The preparedness of so-called social progress believes in bringing a new conscience, a new consciousness to humanity, something that is more correct,” Putin said. “But there is one thing I would like to say: The recipes they come up with are nothing new. Paradoxical as it may seem, this is something we saw in Russia. It happened in our country before and after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks followed the dogmas of Marx and Engels. And they also declared that they would change the traditional lifestyle, the political, the economic lifestyle, as well as the very notion of morality, the basic principles for a healthy society. They were trying to destroy age-old and century-long values, revisiting the relationship between the people, they were encouraging informing on one’s own beloved, and families. It was hailed as the march of progress. And it was very popular across the world and it was supported by many, as we see, and it is happening right now.”


What Putin is talking about is an insidious, almost hidden form of KOBK. These KOBK forces have already conquered virtually all of American cultural high-ground. They are actively trying to destroy our society and falsely claiming to be able to “replace” it with impossible-to-realize dreams. You must understand that when your opponent is playing by KOBK rules, you have no choice but to fight back with full knowledge of what they are doing, fully recognizing how successful they have already been. USA and Western democracies are weak in strategic thinking due to many easy decades and the influence of a bad side of Christianity that promotes a mushy love and tolerance over realistic wisdom and action. Properly understood, Buddhism does not have this problem because wisdom is always the paramount virtue; without wisdom all other virtues are prone to error. ABN

Kill-or-be-Killed (KOBK) as a guide to how top global players MUST think (and so should you if you want to understand them)

When American generals wanted to nuke the Soviet Union at the close of WW2, they were proposing a KOBK strategy; “kill” the SU now while we still can before they grow big enough to “kill” us.

When McArthur wanted to nuke communist China and take it over during the Korean War, he was proposing KOBK. When Lyman Lemnitzer proposed a false flag operation to provoke war with Cuba, he was proposing a KOBK strategy that would have impacted the Soviet Union and possibly started WW3.

KOBK is 100% amoral. It is how top people must think and act. They have no choice. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), which is a bastard child of KOBK, only worked for a few decades vis-à-vis the Soviet Union. I do not believe it is a workable strategy against China. Even if USA/West appears to cooperate with China, neither side can possibly ignore the KOBK reality of the situation. Xi Jinping in particular has no choice but to play KOBK at home and on the world stage.

I myself do not like KOBK and wish it were not the absolute bottom line it is. I myself am a practicing Buddhist who strongly believes in the most basic Buddhist teaching: “Do no evil ever. Do good always. Purify your mind.” That said, if I were thrust into power a the top, how could I not see the reality of KOBK? How could I not consider that my adversaries must be thinking in KOBK terms and therefore so must I? To think KOBK at the top is to do KOBK unless you are a fool.

Ordinary people with little or no power are fortunate in that they can practice basic Buddhist morality and actually purify their minds. A top KOBK player could also be a good Buddhist but their thinking would surely be more complex and stressful than mine. Buddhism actually recognizes that some very powerful world leaders who appear from an ordinary angle to be cruel are not cruel at all but are Bodhisattvas bringing millions closer to enlightenment by showing them the deep reality of this realm of suffering.

If we want to analyze the current world situation, we must understand that top people cannot but think in KOBK terms. Is the Western cabal trying to take over the world? Of course they are. Is China trying to destroy the Western cabal and take over the world? Yes, they probably are unless they think they are “cooperating” with the cabal… as Saddam Hussein and Muamar Gadhafi did. Hussein thought it would be madness for the West to destroy him because he was the strongest asset they had against Islamic terrorism. Gadhafi held similar delusions believing the West would never harm him because his Libya was a solid bulwark against uncontrollable African immigration into Europe. Both men miscalculated. The KOBK thinking of the West was different than that.

Another obvious example of KOBK is the savage, relentless attack against Donald Trump the moment he became a realistic rival to cabal. Even now, after his presidency has been “killed” he is still a target. I do wonder if a Q-style sting is in the offing, a sting so big it will bring the cabal itself down, “kill” it for all time. Is that even possible? Given the reality of current biowarfare and our being on the precipice of WW3, yes, it does seem possible a massive sting involving Durham, election fraud, DC corruption, and who really did covid could happen. It would be glorious if it did.

When thinking about the covid bioweapon and the weaponization of the covid response and Chinese actions against Taiwan, we must consider how top players are using KOBK strategies.