Dr. Harvey Risch with several important insights on vaccines and covid

Click the link below the quote to find several short video segments where Risch provides very good detail on covid and also explains why he does not understand some of Fauci’s behavior. ABN

“Herd immunity only starts with the infection curve reaches its peak,” Risch explained. “Everything after that point is more than herd immunity at 50 or 60 percent of the population immune.” 

“We need more than herd immunity, to make the infections go down quickly,” he said. “That’s what we saw in South Dakota, North Dakota, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Utah last fall in October and November.”

“They were past herd immunity well before any vaccine started,” Dr. Risch said. “They had had enough cases.” 

“Half the states in the U.S have now have more than herd immunity,” he said. “They are coming down dramatically.”

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Book “advances” and book deals are often payoffs for services rendered, I think most of us know

Not saying this is a case of that but if it were it might look something like this though why then becomes the question which could be answered by how someone opined on the most important case ever to come before the court though there could be other reasons and I do not mean to be implying one thing or another just pointing out what might or might not be in a general sense is all.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett has somehow managed to convince someone to hand over a whopping $2 million advance for a book about her legal philosophies, according to Politico. Former President Donald Trump’s final pick for the Supreme Court has reportedly written a manuscript that revolves around her belief that judges should never let their personal feelings cloud their decision-making. A publishing industry source told the site that the figure for the advance is an “an eye-raising amount” for a Supreme Court justice.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Pockets Massive $2M Advance for New Book, Says Report

All of the endless media hours and column inches written about the death of Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick were lies

All of the endless media hours and column inches written about the death of Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick were lies.

Lies built by corporate and political media, upon more lies pushed by media pundits.  All Lies.

The DC Medical Examiner released findings today showing Sicknick died from natural causes, blood clots and two strokes suffered on the day after the Capitol Hill Protest:

Medical Examiner Says Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Died From Natural Causes, Two Strokes the Day After the January 6th DC

Sadistic narcissists enjoy being mean

I learned something from the post quoted below: mainly that some/many narcissists take immediate pleasure in signals received, the more intense the better. I had been understanding narcissism, even malignant narcissism, as a deep state with many causes and manifestations. Somehow I had left out the obvious—that narcissists can derive immediate pleasure from observing pain or humiliation in others.

I arrived at my wrong understanding by having been the family scapegoat which caused me to react slowly to everything and think of many reasons for why things were as they were and are as they are. This is not a bad way to think but clearly misses a major aspect of narcissistic behavior: they simply enjoy being mean. Many of them are sadistic narcissists.

The basic point here can be generalized to scales of signal intensity or depth. For example, the signal(s) of a painting can be received as its brushstrokes or as the full image and everything in-between. I had been seeing narcissism as a full image and missed the importance of the individual brushstrokes that make it up. I suspect something like this is why many abused people find it hard to ditch their abusers: it feels mean to them to do that and they do not want to be mean; and because they do not want to be mean they also do not see that trait clearly in others. Hence also why serial abuse happens to so many. Here is the post:

As far back as I can remember .. pretty much my first memory in fact, I’ve been obsessed with themes of pain and vulnerability. Those were and still are the things that make me happiest, particularly if it’s shit like kids being tortured/ill/vomiting/dissected/whatever the fuck else on a daily basis since I was 5/6.

Regarding how I treat people, my sense of humor is mostly the type where I poke fun at others, force people to become uncomfortable or terrified with shock content, or make them outraged by prompting reactions like that on purpose by showing them vicious crimes or similar acts that happen. I’m also obsessed with punishing people who I deem were “out of line” and derive a lot of pleasure from their Pain when I feel justice has been served, to the point where I bit or otherwise abused children (when I was younger) or even enjoyed snuff films in a sexual way because I felt they deserved it. It’s weird. I was like an out of control prison guard.

My happiest fantasies are ones where I use people or hurt or make them uncomfortable, or at the very least, they feel nothing or plain reluctance while I enjoy myself. It’s like something inside my brain refuses to let me reach normal levels of happiness when someone else is happy with me.

I don’t feel bad about it because I don’t feel shame at all ever, but the weird thing is why? Is this a narcissism thing? Why would I be somehow uncomfortable with others being happy? It makes no sense… happiness isn’t a finite thing, so why will my brain refuse to share it? It’s ultimately led to me having a more sadistic type personality.

Thoughts ? Connections to narcissism?

Is anyone here also inflicted with a sadistic leaning personality?

I am grateful to the author of this post. I watched my mom gain insight and overcome narcissism so it can be right to believe in people like this on deep levels.

Consciousness is that which chooses

Anything that can choose is conscious to that extent, to the extent that it can choose.

In this respect, “that which chooses” has cognition of its options and also tends to make anti-entropic choices, choices that go against the entropy of itself. (If it did not do this or stopped doing this, it would not survive long. Its anti-entropic choices take energy from the environment, of course.)

Choosing and going against entropy does not mean always doing this correctly or in the best way.

It can be argued that matter also chooses or participates in some overarching principle of choice or selection. Matter’s very common cause-and-effect relations with itself must be based on something besides matter itself.

Consciousness, thus, can be defined as that which:

  • chooses
  • has cognition of options
  • is primarily anti-entropic for itself

We can also say that this same consciousness as just defined:

  • chooses though not always well
  • has cognition though often mistaken
  • is anti-entropic in ways that can be counter-productive

Matter itself conforms to principles—the laws of physics—though these do not appear to apply or apply well to chaos, radiation, quantum fluctuations, black holes. Nor to themselves in the sense that they do not reveal where they come from.

This suggests that matter itself persists under unknowable conditions much as we do.

What we do not know does not just include metaphysics but also anything we can imagine. At some point, we just won’t know anymore.

Socially, we rarely know the motives of others. Psychologically, we often cannot be rational about our own motives. And even if we are being rational we often base our decisions on bad data or incomplete or unknowable data. We often do not understand or even know what our own motives are.

When there are many factors, we become confused. Our minds feel chaotic. We become anxious, indecisive, emotional. This is a form of consciousness trying to make choices, struggling to choose, to select.

first posted APRIL 17, 2017

less animus against us than the average Biden administrator

Russia demands illegal migrants from post-Soviet countries to leave by June 15. It is unbelievable, the degree, to which I have come to view the Russians as the good guys. Even as America’s prime national competitor, Vladimir Putin has two or three orders of magnitude less animus against us than the average Biden administration member, and probably ten orders of magnitude less than the average leader of the conspiracy who is issuing Biden’s orders. It is even more impressive as all our lives we have been being programmed to see Russia as an evil empire, and reality had to overcome all that programming.


“Top of the World” nations—North America, Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, and some others—are natural allies; most through culture and history and all through location, regional concerns, and many shared sensibilities. One reason I supported Trump was his desire to get along better with Russia. It is globalist neocon leftist corporatists who control Ukraine and seek to undermine Russia as well as USA. Notice how much bribe money and kickbacks routinely pass through Ukraine into offshore DC bank accounts.

Good clear background information on covid vaccines

The first is a detailed analyses of some glaring problems with the Pfizer vaccine:

More Problems With the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Data

The second explains the problems with Lipid NanoParticles (LNP) in the Moderna vaccine; LNPs are present in all of the mRNA covid vaccines:

How Safe Are the Nanoparticles in Moderna’s Vaccine?

The third is a brief history of Moderna, the company:

Lavishly funded Moderna hits safety problems in bold bid to revolutionize medicine