For Me to Win You Must Lose Everything

From The Ethical Skeptic:

The friction of corruption inside an economic value chain – the diminishing of ethics, dispersion of hope, and dilution in humanity – these things, and not simply economics, are the reasons why economies fail under the weight of their ‘inflation’.

…I don’t mind a different team winning political elections. I am a moderate. A Republican who has voted 40% Democrat in the past. I sometimes irritate friends by being pro-choice, pro legalization of marijuana, for an increase in the minimum wage and against the abuse of wage-earners, and generally for robust healthcare options for all citizens. But the 2020 election has served to raise my hackles a bit. This current ‘you must be utterly destroyed in order for me to win’ zero-sum game political vitriol is unparalleled in American history. It’s origins reside solidly in this resurgence of Royalty.

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CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrating the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering, “We did it!”

This is appalling. Will be even worse if this legitimate news is censored by Big Tech, purged along with tens of thousands of other dangerous accounts and ideas. Most of us have long been aware that MSM is in bed with—even controlled by—the Democrat Party, with plenty of RINO collusion. But this clip is so blatant if Congress (which for some reason is respected by no one) cannot fix this, which they won’t, reaction from the public is going to be very strong and beautiful to watch. Destroy a legitimate president with a fake riot abetted by mainstream news, the very people who preach to us on morality & truth. Jade is breathless with excitement.

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Consciousness as reality itself

In Buddhism the idea that consciousness is reality and reality is conscious is called “mind only” or Yogachara.

David Ray Griffin, a process theologian, has come to similar conclusions—that reality is fundamentally conscious.

As has Donald D. Hoffman, a professor of cognitive science at UC Irvine.

Hoffman came at this subject from a mathematical angle, but arrived at a similar conclusion to Yogachara Buddhism. Hoffman says:

As a conscious realist, I am postulating conscious experiences as ontological primitives, the most basic ingredients of the world. I’m claiming that experiences are the real coin of the realm. (The Case Against Reality)

I tend to reach similar conclusions when I think about everything in terms of signals.

The advantage of thinking in terms of signals is we get a good picture of “reality” without needing to say what is real beyond the signal itself.

This kind of thinking is helpful for metaphysics but it is also extremely practical when it comes to human psychology.

Rather than posit personality types and what goes wrong or right with them, we analyze how people send and receive signals instead.

In thinking along these lines, I have come to the conclusion that most psychology as most people understand it uses “arms-length” language, the language of meso and macro signals rather than the much more precise language of the micro signals that actually comprise our shared “realities.”

The difference can be illustrated in this way: Rather than explain your most recent signal (sent or received) in terms of personality, explain it by accessing the micro-signals of short-term memory to find its true antecedents.

If you do this again and again by using a game such as FIML, you will probably come to conclusions similar to the above—that there is no deeper substance to psychological reality than your consciousness of it.  


first posted 08/05/17

If you can’t trust the plan, trust the president

If you can’t trust the plan, trust the President. If you can’t trust the President because you’re feeling too anxious about events and the relentless demoralization campaign that is being performed for your benefit, remember, all the tea leaves in the world will determine absolutely nothing.

Of course you’re anxious to see action. Joseph Stalin was practically SCREAMING for the Normandy invasion for years before it happened. And yet, not even Eisenhower knew the precise day, since after years of preparation, he wasn’t able to launch it on June 5th as planned, and had to hold off for a day due to inclement weather.

So relax. There is no reason, none whatsoever, to believe things aren’t proceeding precisely as they are supposed to proceed. The double envelopment is taking place. The enemy legions are trapped and helpless. I won’t even think about worrying until 48 hours AFTER someone else is sworn in as POTUS. I am, quite frankly, more than a little excited to watch it all unfold. This is the sort of history about which we have only hitherto been able to read.

And if the time comes and things don’t go as we expect, then we fight in the shade.

Regardless, the Dread Ilk are feared; they do not fear.

If you happen think you have ANY idea what’s going on behind the scenes based upon the media coverage, rest assured that you don’t. There is apparently a MASSIVE trial of the Calabrian mafia that began today, and there is not one single word of it in the Italian media. We first caught word about it in the French media before it was covered by the English media…

Be patient, everyone

Bad science, false virtue, bad laws lead to deforestation in Europe

…A flaw in the legislation meant that woody biomass was fully categorised as renewable, even if it came not just from wood residues or waste, but from whole trees. This meant that companies could directly harvest forests for pellets – rather than making pellets from the by-products of timber cut for other uses – in the name of sustainable forest management.

…Biomass, of which wood from forests is the main source, now makes up almost 60% of the EU’s renewable energy supply, more than solar and wind combined, and a vast cross-border industry has emerged to meet this demand.

‘Carbon-neutrality is a fairy tale’: how the race for renewables is burning Europe’s forests

Silver linings in the cancelling of Donald Trump

Us normal folk find their reasons for certifying without examination the most dubious election in American history funny. Their deplatforming petty, nasty, childish, ridiculous but also funny in a dark way. What are they going to do next? To us? That stimulates the imagination.

Will this produce a Streisand effect? Cause mass sympathy for the man they revile for being honest about them, which they are presently proving beyond a shadow of a doubt was right all along?

What are they afraid of to impeach him now? If it’s not fear they feel it must be hate; a hate crime by Congress which pretends it’s being righteous. When the punishment does not fit the non-crime you do not look righteous, that I can tell you.

This is their idea of peaceful transfer of power? Will they follow up with fake FISA warrants when he’s a private citizen in one week, or 209 weeks? Malicious prosecution was another game they played. I wonder if Biden will rehire Comey, take the rubber boots back out of the closet.

We know they have lists.

Even AMLO and Merkel think they are acting like babies, while American “civil rights” groups howl for more cancelling. Seriously, you have to laugh. They “win” the election by stealth but lose the hearts and minds of the world by openly kicking him while he’s down.

Trump ran on draining the swamp. No one, not even him, knew how big it is, how vicious. How wildly they fight to save themselves.