DEI is a hunting license to eliminate conservatives

What you are seeing in the open today is an extension or continuation of the same thing done secretly and with physical violence in the past. Attacks begin in kindergarten or sooner. No capable white child is safe. This is not really about Dems or even woke types. It is coming from an ancient enemy of the West who uses other groups and identities as soldiers to weaken and destabilize the West/ USA. We can see this same enemy risking WW3 in Ukraine, pushing bad vaxxes after probably having done covid. Same enemy controls the White House. Biden is their puppet. The biggest mystery today is who is running the US government? ABN

Medvedev — ‘We have witnessed a catastrophic decline in the competence and basic literacy of the leaders of the EU’

Incompetence and mediocrity can arise from: 1) a natural tendency for mentors to select mentees that are less competent than they are; that are more loyal to them and less likely to think independently; and 2) many/most mentors have already been selected through this process and—far more seriously—this has happened due to a clandestine war that has been waged against Europe since the end of WW2. USA has the same problem as do Canada, NZ and Australia. The entire West has already been taken over by this process. ABN

Military thought experiment Part 7

Provoke Russia and Europe/USA into nuclear war. Let them destroy each other. Profit.

If you have close Chinese friends, they will surely agree this is a common idea in China and that something like this could happen. Some accept it as an abstract possibility, some actively hope for it. The latter type sounds like a Mexican nationalist in San Diego talking about Reconquista of the American Southwest.

A military thought experiment requires imagination. Cui bono?

China would definitely benefit in its battle for global dominance if Europe/USA and Russia all destroyed each other in a nuclear war. By many accounts, so would Israel.

If the two worked together to goad and facilitate war, Western neocons and others loyal to Israel could work their schemes within Europe/USA to provoke Russia, while Chinese operatives could work their schemes to facilitate Russia and provoke Europe/USA.

Much of what we see in the news supports the notion that something like this is happening. If Europe and Russia are destroyed in a nuclear war, Israel will be able to take over what is now Ukraine and more. Ukraine historically was part of Khazaria. Whether the Khazaria hypothesis of Ashkenazi origins is true or not, many believe it and many would welcome a Greater Israel of these dimensions.

As for China, a destroyed Russia, Europe, and USA would give them free rein throughout the world. No military power would threaten them and they could expand their borders as much as they wanted, especially to the north and northwest in what is now Russia.

By KOBK rules, a plot like the above is entirely natural and practicable. Whoever wins wins. It doesn’t matter how. Such a plot is also almost cost free and risk free. If the parties fail to provoke nuclear war and annihilation of their adversaries, no one will even know what they were doing. If they succeed in provoking the war, no one will be left to complain.

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Part 6

Chinese and American COOPERATION on CREATING covid virus & pandemic described by RFK Jr

@RobertKennedyJr tells @jimmy_dore the CIA, DOD, and Tony Fauci taught Chinese military scientists how to build weapons of mass destruction. Then Bill Gates, a former CIA director, and China’s CDC director collaborated on how to censor a lab leak at Event 201 in Oct. 2019:…

Former CIA Director Avril Haines and China’s CDC Director George Gao discuss censoring a lab leak at Event 201 in Oct. 2019:

“My staff told me that there is misinformation. Some people believe that this is man-made or a pharmaceutical

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NATO equipment at the port of Gdynia, Poland

None of this gear will ever get to the hands of the Kiev regime — because it’s not for them: It’s for the Poles.

Poland is being set up as the next American proxy against Russia.

The words above are from Gonzalo Lira, but we all have seen this coming. It is always a mistake to take a probability as a certainty, to play the future as if it were a roulette wheel. That said, the probability of the Ukraine war spreading into Poland and the Baltic states is high. The NATO/neocons behind the Ukraine war need something to cover up their covid crimes, something big to distract the public. WW3 appears to be it. This is pure KOBK. The goal is world domination. None of the players can quit the game. Today these players are NATO/neocons, Russia, and China. ABN

‘A conspiracy of interests’ ~ Edward Dowd

Full Video:

What Dowd says makes sense but ignores the deliberate preplanning and ongoing censorship and malfeasance of covid policies. When the whole picture is considered, this crime scene is much worse than a mere conspiracy of interests, though that is an important factor. I see what happened as a result of decades of infiltration and takeover of all major American (and Western) institutions by a ruthless gang whose composition we can glimpse but not identify completely. The Ukrainian debacle was hatched and pushed by this same gang, which is clearly anti-Western. Like many, Dowd wants to, or feels he needs to, pretend the snake has no head. ABN

The First Sequencing of the Bivalent vaccines is now available for public consumption

WARNING- There are contaminating Expression vectors in the vaccines that contain antibiotic resistance genes.

This might explain the prolonged expression of spike protein in many studies

This sequencing cost $7 per sample.
I wonder if these Pharma’s can afford this for every lot?

Nah.. Why would they?

Your government gave them a liability shield and even paid them billions for the products they then mandated.

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436 BILLION copies of spike protein circulating freely in plasma, a month after the Gene therapy vaccine. In kids

This thread is too old to unroll. But you can find it on Twitter. ABN

Ohio’s Chernobyl

Originally tweeted by Stew Peters (@realstewpeters) on February 13, 2023.

Far as I know, there is little or no reporting of this in MSM, which contributes to the reasonable suspicion that this train derailment was an act of sabotage. The gasses are toxic and dispersing over hundreds of miles. Also, consider this in light of the many fires we have been seeing in food-production and distribution centers over the past year. It seems clear that we are at war with someone but the gang controlling Brandon & MSM does not want us to know that. We could very well be at war with them and also some other foreign actor at the same time. I do not consider the gang controlling Brandon to be domestic whether they were born here or not. Confusion is a normal strategy in war, especially in 5GW. ABN

The War of Terror of a Rogue Superpower: Cui Bono?

…This is a leak – essentially from one Deep State insider, Hersh’s key source. This 21st century “Deep Throat” remix may be appalled at the toxicity of the system, but at the same time he knows that whatever he says, there will be no consequences.

Cowardly Berlin – ignoring the nuts and bolts of the scheme all along – will not even squeak. After all the Green gang has been ecstatic, because the terror attack has thoroughly advanced their medieval de-industrialization agenda. In parallel, as an extra bonus, all the other European vassals receive further confirmation this is the fate that awaits them if they don’t follow His Master’s Voice.

Hersh’s narrative frames the Norwegians as the essential accessory to terror. Hardly surprising: NATO’s Jens “Peace is War” Stoltenberg has been a CIA asset for perhaps half a century. And Oslo of course had its own motives to be part of the deal; to collect loads of extra cash selling whatever spare energy it had for desperate European customers.

…Hersh’s modus operandi is legendary. From the perspective of a foreign correspondent on the ground since the mid-1990s, from the U.S. and NATOstan to all corners of Eurasia, it’s easy for someone like me to understand how he uses anonymous sources and how he accesses – and protects – his extensive list of contacts: trust works both ways. His track record is absolutely unrivalled.

But of course the possibility remains: what if he is being played? Is this no more than a limited hangout? After all, the narrative oscillates wildly between minute detail and quite a few dead ends, constantly featuring a huge paper trail and too many people in the loop – which implies exaggerated risk. The CIA hesitating too much to go for the kill is a certified red alert throughout the narrative – especially when we know that the ideal underwater actors for such an op would have come from the CIA Special Activities Division, and not the U.S. Navy.


The deepest thread that connects everything in the West is destruction. It only looks like self-destruction. It is not incompetence, at least not the usual kind. Infiltration, followed by usurpation, followed by methodical destruction. Every issue, every time. ABN

Why your family does not understand your positions on covid

Family members who do not understand your positions on covid are probably victims of Fifth Generation Warfare, 5GW.

A good way to understand what is happening to them is to understand that they are being attacked on four levels. These levels are:

1. linguistic

2. intellectual

3. psychological

4. spiritual

The linguistic level in many ways is the most basic and easiest to understand. Stated very briefly, 5GW works at the linguistic level by exploiting interpersonal non-FIML linguistic problems. Problems of this sort can be very serious and virtually always delay or prevent intellectual and psychological growth and understanding.

The intellectual level is gravely hindered by the linguistic level because ideas can only be developed and communicated through the accurate and cooperative use of language. 5GW attacks at this level include fake news, falsified data, telegenic role models who advertise covid remedies that are harmful, and much more. All mainstream discussions of covid are profoundly twisted and disturbed by 5GW attacks at this level. It is very difficult for your family members who do not understand what is going on to even conceive of themselves as being the enemy, let alone an enemy who is surrounded on all sides by a ruthless opponent who seeks to exploit them and would think nothing of killing them.

At the psychological level, 5GW encourages dependency and fear and obedience to authority figures. Since levels one and two above are already characterized by a paucity of ideas and ways to communicate, your family members both feel and believe they have no other recourse, no other way to protect themselves and their loved ones. Rather than see their true enemy as an enemy, they see you as their enemy.

At the spiritual level, many are forced to founder on limited beliefs. Christians in particular are taught to be obedient, to love their enemy and their neighbor as thyself. This makes it extremely hard for Christians and people who have been raised in a Christian culture to understand an enemy who is also their neighbor and a hostile infiltrator. Loving such an enemy is catastrophic at spiritual and cultural levels. Objectively, it does appear that Christianity was designed to make Christians blind to infiltration and parasitic attacks. In this sense, 5GW is nothing new.

Each of these points can be expanded. I offer them as an aid to understanding how our family members are being attacked, why they appear to be captured or hypnotized, and why they cannot break free. This outline does not make it easier to free them. It only describes what has happened to them and that almost whatever you do on any one of the above levels will fail because all four levels are working together to hold them in.

Of course, we all are also being attacked by covid, covid malpractice, harmful therapies, lockdowns, economics, and much more.

‘I can tell you where I was when the CNN feed came that it was 95% effective, the vaccine’ ~ CDC Director Walensky

‘CNN feed came…’ Top official, chosen for telegenics, cites propaganda nuz feed as basis for vax rollout, bobbles head charmingly. This is what 5GW clandestine infiltration and total takeover looks like after the fact. ABN

Putin knew. Trump knew. Zelensky knew that Putin and Trump knew. This is why Zelensky tried to cover his tracks when Putin started moving into a Ukraine, because he knew EXACTLY what Putin was after. Putin was after the bioweapons.

1) IMPORTANT THREAD on the infamous Trump-Zelensky meeting, 9/25/19.

We all remember Zelensky looking mortified when hearing what Trump knew about in Ukraine, live, in front of the world.

Here Trump suggests that Zelensky should get together with Putin to “solve his problem”.

2) The “problem” Trump was referring to, was the corruption in Ukraine. The entire country is controlled by US Deep State oligarchs.

Trump makes it known in front of Zelensky, that he knows about what’s going on in Ukraine.

Which is why Zelensky is visibly uncomfortable.

3) Trump revealed that Putin knows about the corruption in Ukraine, and expresses to Zelensky that it would behoove him and THE WORLD to get with Putin and help “solve his problem” of Deep State politicians running his country via proxy.

Trump offered Zelensky an escape.

[This is an excellent thread. Don’t skip it. ABN]

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