Ex-CIA Officer: Truth About UFOs Is Terrifying & Interdimensional Beings Are Within Us

The US Congress now suggests that some UFOs are non-human in origin. This is the most significant assertion made in UFOlogy to date. Several insiders have openly acknowledged the existence of UFOs over the past few decades and implied that the phenomenon is always present around us and that our limited senses prevent us from being able to see it.

A few months ago, former CIA officer Jim Semivan made a shocking statement, saying “there’s a whole other reality that surrounds us that we just simply don’t have the ability to see or interact with.” He had worked with the CIA for 25 years before joining Tom Delonge’s “To the Stars Academy” with other ex-government insiders. The “To The Stars Academy” is an organization that claims to have been responsible for the release of the now-famous Pentagon UFO videos.

He described how he joined the CIA and acquired years of specialized training in spycraft. Since the CIA operates under the “need-to-know” premise, Semivan was not specifically informed of any UFO-related study, despite the fact that CIA analyst Kit Green was well-known for exploring the paranormal.

According to him, “There is a force out there that can control our environment, that can put thoughts into our heads.” In fact, Mr. Semivan has previously stated that UFOs sighted by the Navy are from another world. He made shocking assertions regarding unidentified flying objects in an interview with James Iandoli, saying that the occurrence can be startling, especially to children.


National Intelligence Manager for Aviation

National Intelligence Manager for Aviation

Check out the lower left of the circle. ABN

UPDATE: This image was actually on the linked page. They removed it at some point and blamed someone for it but they should have left it. I doubt we can defend ourselves against an alien attack but smart thinking and planning might help us survive. I personally believe any aliens that contact us are and will almost certainly be benign. ABN

An alien race(s) may have concluded that now is the time for full disclosure

60 Minutes did its report on UFOs here, and the Overtime video is here. Nothing new, since this is the normie report, except now a female pilot came out and was saying the same story about what was seen with the Tic Tac over the ocean, and a Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence says categorically, these are not our’s. This is the coordinated rollout, for some reason. But that said, if they are here, it is a very high degree of probability they have dedicated intelligence operations launched against our governments and leadership, supported by monitoring tech documenting every aspect of the lives of the debauched degenerates who seem to be the only people we usually end up with in office. And that means a fair probability they have approached some people in government, and offered them deals to act as agents. Depending on their technological sophistication, it is even possible they could have mind-control tech that makes MK Ultra look like nothing, and they might not even bother with deals.

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I tend to strongly believe the aliens will be beneficial, not harmful. When humans got nukes, aliens appeared in great numbers. Now that humans have shown willingness to use bioweapons on the entire planet, aliens seem to have upped their game, possibly pushing for full public disclosure of who they are. I hope they have infiltrated all levels of elite power and are planning to expose and correct it. The information age has shown very clearly that large numbers of humans cannot process or use information wisely. An alien race millions of years ahead of us would probably have seen similar scenarios play out on other planets and have concluded long ago that this is the best time to step in and help. If they do nothing, our chances of survival are very small.