I analyzed every classical game of Magnus Carlsen since January 2020 with the famous chessbase tool.Two 100 % games, two other games above 90 %.

I analyzed every classical game of Magnus Carlsen since January 2020 with the famous chessbase tool.
Two 100 % games, two other games above 90 %.

It is an immense difference between Niemann and MC. Niemann has ten games with 100 % and another 23 games above 90 % in the same time.

One has to keep in mind that Carlsen won nearly every tournament he played in this period of time. He is the best player by quite some margin.
This numbers say: Either Niemann is capable of playing much better games than Carlsen on a regular basis or he is cheating.

Planning to do the same analysis of other prodigys to compare them with Niemann.
Addendum: The numbers always depend on the depth of the engine. But the differences are usualy not that important (one or two percent, nothing decisive).

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CERN’s Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony featured Satanic Occult elements of the Freemasonic Horus Eye, a proudly roaring Baphomet/Goat Devil with worshiping subjects, a Scarlet Whore pregnant with the Antichrist, an androgenous Satan with slave workers


CERN’s Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony featured Satanic Occult elements of the Freemasonic Horus Eye, a proudly roaring Baphomet/Goat Devil with worshiping subjects, a Scarlet Whore pregnant with the Antichrist, an androgenous Satan with slave workers,

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Don’t believe it? See this from the BBC:

Switzerland tunnel: The oddest moments of the opening ceremony

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Chess.com CEO “…this wild ride is not even close to over”

This is all about cheating in chess tournaments, especially top tournaments. I have read that a good magician or someone with those skills would be able to smuggle a “chess engine” into a tournament in their shoe sole and activate it with foot movements. Another possibility is someone in the room could signal a player or someone outside could aim a tiny laser at a window, etc. At present, most agree protections against cheating are inadequate. We can be pretty sure lag time between board moves and broadcasts will be increased from 15 min to 30 min. Chess.com is central to this issue because Niemann, who is suspected of cheating, has a record of online play at chess.com where algorithms are able to distinguish computer moves from human ones. If there are enough computer moves in a player’s history, the charge of cheating is all but established. There is a moral issue in this and how severely to punish cheaters. Right now top players rely on mutual trust more than other protections against cheating. This is the basics of why there is so much to-do about this. ABN

The most incriminating evidence against Hans Niemann

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Carlsen led 2.5-0.5 from day one of the final and needed two points ahead of the four-game digital rapid chess final on Sunday. He won the first two games and secured his fourth triumph on the tour so far this year.

After the victory was a fact, the Norwegian was asked about what has sent shock waves through the chess world recently. When asked in TV 2’s chess broadcast whether he thinks it is right that Niemann is allowed to participate in the next tournament on the “tour”, he replied:

– I am not going to change my point of view on whether I want to play against him or not, but I am not the one who invites players to tournaments. Those decisions are made by others.

In the group stage earlier in the week, Carlsen met the American Hans Niemann. There, the Norwegian lost on purpose after two moves.

TV 2’s chess expert Jon Ludvig Hammer expects that Niemann will compete in the next tournament as well, and that Carlsen will withdraw from the meeting with the American again.

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Archaeologists in Prague uncover ancient Neolithic structure

 Archaeologists in Prague are currently uncovering a monumental building from the Stone Age. The so-called roundel, built around 7,000 years ago, is located in the district of Vinoř on the outskirts of the city. Experts are hoping that the research will reveal more information about these mysterious ancient structures.

Roundels are large circular structures from the Neolithic period, that were constructed between 4600–4900 BC. That makes them the oldest monumental buildings in Europe, far older than the Egyptian pyramids or England’s Stonehenge.

One such roundel is currently being examined in Prague’s district of Vinoř. So far, research has shown that the structure is exceptionally well-preserved. Archaeologists were surprised to discover intact remains of the palisade troughs into which the central wooden structure was originally embedded.


Chekhov’s “The Party” as a Study in Non-FIML

“He was probably thinking, as he looked at her, of his farm, of solitude, and — who knows? — perhaps he was even thinking how snug and cosy life would be at the farm if his wife had been this girl – young, pure, fresh, not corrupted by higher education, not with child. . . .”

“Listening to her husband, Olga Mihalovna, for some reason, thought of her dowry. ‘And the time will come, I suppose,’ she thought, ‘when he will not forgive me for being richer than he.'”

“Saying this, Pyotr Dmitritch picked up his pillow and walked out of the bedroom. Olga Mihalovna had not foreseen this. For some minutes she remained silent with her mouth open, trembling all over and looking at the door by which her husband had gone out, and trying to understand what it meant. Was this one of the devices to which deceitful people have recourse when they are in the wrong, or was it a deliberate insult aimed at her pride? How was she to take it?”

This short story by Anton Chekhov (linked below) seems almost tailor-made for a FIML analysis. We can watch Olga’s neurotic interpretations as they arise, and it is tantalizing to imagine what kind of stew is brewing in Pyotr’s mind. Readers with any grasp on the basics of FIML practice will likely feel a sense of frustration as they watch these two characters flail through the evening with no effective way to check their interpretations.

The Party

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What is FIML? Part 1

FIML is different from anything you’ve done before. Our society, as well as probably every other society that has ever existed, offers no real encouragement or training in this type of communication. Consequently, when you first read about FIML you may struggle to fit it into some familiar category. Well, here are some:

Science – FIML can be conceived as a sort of interpersonal scientific method.

Like science, the process is rational and can be explained to, and practiced by, anyone. It is not the exclusive property of some esoteric priestly class.

FIML is based on data. In this case, the data is the contents of your mind and that of your partner. You and your partner will attempt to be objective about these data and check your interpretations against each other.

FIML does not ask the practitioner to banish his/her emotions, just as “science” makes no such request of the scientist. Rather, the point is to “hold your emotions in abeyance” while data is gathered, i.e., while you ask your partner what they meant.

It is considered good science to test a hypothesis and find out that it’s wrong. Likewise in FIML, you will find that your interpretations about what the other person said/meant will many times be proved wrong, or at least partially wrong, when you “test” them, i.e. query your partner.

FIML inquiries are not scientific experiments that can be replicated by others. We are dealing with the unique dynamics between unique individuals. However, the general results of increased interpersonal understanding and decreased neuroticism should be replicable by anyone, if FIML is practiced correctly.

Romance – This may be hard to see at first, but FIML is indeed deeply romantic. By querying your partner, you will gain insights that are simply impossible under the constraints of ordinary communication. You will come to know him/her better.

But at the same time, you will become more aware of how little you know.

You will find over and over again that your neurotic interpretations – about what the other person meant when they said this or what they were thinking when they did that – are wrong. The self-centered tales you’ve woven will unravel as neurotic “certainty” is replaced by doubt. You will be filled with a most pleasant sense of disorientation.

You will begin to see your partner as a continually unfolding, tantalizing mystery. And that’s exactly what they are. What could be more romantic?

Entertainment – Humans spend lots of time and money to be entertained. Movies, TV shows, concerts, art galleries, sporting events, strip clubs, restaurant meals, vacations… Friends, couples and family members commonly engage in these kinds of activities together, activities that almost seem designed to supplant real communication between people.

I would love to better understand why we’re like this but that’s a topic for another post.

What I want to say here is that FIML is not just to be thought of as some serious endeavor. It is also a lot of fun. The little dramas you uncover/create with your partner will be much more interesting than anything on TV or in the movies. Don’t be surprised if those dramas start to appear cartoonishly simplistic by comparison.

You will gradually acquire a more appropriate sense of your own ridiculousness.

Perhaps most significantly: Insofar as FIML is a form of entertainment, it is one that you and your partner actively engage in. You will not just be sitting there, passively absorbing someone else’s ideas.

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《隐入尘烟》Return to Dust. 2022

This film was pulled from showing in China because:

As it gained popularity at home, the government appears to have gotten nervous. “Return to Dust” was suddenly dropped from cinemas in mid-September, despite being licensed to screen for longer. “Everyone knows there are lots of poor people,” says Mr Lei. “But the government doesn’t want Chinese people to see too much of it.” President Xi Jinping would like the arts to project “positive energy”. To that end, before the film was pulled from cinemas, the state added a postscript that straightened out its depressing ending. With the help of the government and fellow villagers, the message read, Mr Wu’s character moved to a better house.


The linked article is behind a paywall though you can read some of it here. Also that link has a few interesting comments on the film, which was altered near the end by censors. ABN