These are appealing photos when she was younger compared to unappealing photos when she is older. Nonetheless, there is a good deal of speculation that the transition is due not to age or artistry but to either 1) cocaine abuse or 2) leftist immoral politics and lying. I have no way of knowing but do think she ranks with Trudeau, Macron, Newsome, and many other deeply compromised politicians who are actively involved with WEF in destroying Western civilization in a bid to takeover the world. I do not think it is possible to understand today’s world without understanding that the West is now riddled with an amalgam of parasitic groups who have been proliferating within our civilization for many decades. I personally think these groups are Satanic and that this shows in the faces and behaviors of their members. Sometimes they are charming, beguiling and sometimes they are sinister, wasted. They never are telling the truth. ABN

Response to Orange County declaration of health emergency

I am not clear on the details of this or who the speaker is or when she spoke, but this is a proper way to address the people waging hybrid warfare on us through deceptive health “emergencies”. The word ‘war’ has been demoted through frequent political usage (war on drugs, war on poverty, etc), so it now lacks the force it deserves. We are at war right now, today, with an amalgam of parasitic subcultures bent on destroying USA and looting it while doing so. Is RSV rising due to vaccines? Is RSV even rising? I don’t know. A health emergency will seem proactive or at least benign when first announced but it’s what they do with it once the public accepts it that really matters, as we have learned from the federal covid emergency which is still in effect and which has been used to do so much wrong and evil. ABN

“America is being destroyed by design from within because it cannot be destroyed from the outside. There is no other logical explanation” ~ Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador

“America is being destroyed by design from within because it cannot be destroyed from the outside. There is no other logical explanation.”

Very good. USA is being destroyed by unrestricted warfare waged from within our own borders. It’s completely obvious. Scroll through this website for insights into how this is happening. ABN

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“There are only two possibilities for the pandemic: 1) they’ve been releasing infectious clones and probably in more than one place; or 2) that they haven’t done anything and that the background SARS virus from 2002 and before…” allowed PCR tests to falsely show there is a pandemic ~ Jonathan Couey

Couey says the above at 1:01:30. The way he puts it (and more) makes sense on many levels and also includes an explanation of why the PCR tests were used and for what. This is a helluva video that challenges most of what even alternative explanations have claimed about the plandemic. ABN

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link to video, 34 min (link fixed)

This is a very good outline but she gets one thing deeply wrong when she says: “…the things they’re doing to celebrities are slowly being done to the public as well.” They have been doing the same things to the public for many decades. Drugs, poison, psychosurgery, reputation destruction, firing, educational misdirection, and much more. Anything you can think of that will bring harm to individuals and groups has been and is being done. This is why the West (not just Ye) is all but done for. Over 70 years of vicious interpersonal violence by an amalgam of several parasitic subcultures has left the West a near dead carcass riddled with parasites. You can easily see it by looking at any of our major institutions; all of them are compromised, decapitated. A recent example of this is our health care–all doctors, all pharmacies, all hospitals lied and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and more in Europe. This is not just a Hollywood thing. We are in the last stages of a very successful asymmetric clandestine war that infiltrated the West and has all but completely destroyed it. ABN

Dramatic example of how the world works

Usually we just see someone go nuts or descend into drug abuse. In this case, with only a little imagination we can see the handler, the handler’s handlers, and how the vast system of US/Western mind-control is handled. It’s not just fake news and Big Money boycotts of Big Tech; down and dirty it also entails poison, disability, and murder. With Musk’s buy of Twitter you can see the control forces grouping and pouncing. With Pelosi and Biden, you can see a couple of old crime families regrouping and rebranding; though maybe the Biden’s are done for. Harley is probably a third or fourth generation of these guys who got big after WW2. He’s a pretty big one of those guys. There are literally many thousands of medium-size and smaller ones. ABN

Bombshell congressional report says FBI ‘turned a blind eye’ to Hunter Biden paying thousands ‘to individuals involved in human trafficking and organized prostitution’ and his dodgy foreign deals revealed on laptop in weeks before 2020 election

  • Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee claim the FBI ‘downplayed’ Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals in the weeks before the 2020 election 
  • The allegations are detailed in the committee’s 1,050-page report released Friday on the politicization and misconduct in the FBI
  • The report noted scandalous details revealed from Hunter’s abandoned laptop, including thousands he paid ‘to individuals involved in prostitution’
  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted his company censored stories about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings 
  • Zuckerberg said it came after the FBI warned them to be on ‘on high alert’ for ‘Russian propaganda’
  • The committee is demanding answers from the FBI on why they labeled Hunter’s laptop ‘Russian disinformation’ 

Who is Harley Pasternak? As it turns out, this “personal trainer” is connected to psychological operations, the Canadian military, and other strangeness…

Who is Harley Pasternak, the man whom Kanye West has accused of trying to institutionalize him, drug him into oblivion, and take his kids away?

As it turns out, this “personal trainer” is connected to psychological operations, the Canadian military, and other strangeness…

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Well, Conspiracy No More – Leaked DHS Documents Show Portal Connections Where Govt Officials Backchannel Instructions to Social Media Engineers and Conduct Surveillance

Before getting to the latest revelation/evidence which affirms CTH research for multiple years, let me just remind everyone of the commonsense aspect.  If the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) was actually doing what I have long said it appeared they were doing, then…

…The databases of the identified social media platforms appear to be integrated with the U.S. intelligence system.  This relationship makes the U.S government a stakeholder in the financial sustainability of the enterprise(s).  Thus, a collaborative effort to financially subsidize the underlying data processing fits the mutual benefit scenario.  ~ Sundance

DHS gets domestic surveillance tools under the guise of ‘national security’.  Meanwhile, massive social media companies get financial offsets for the extreme data processing costs associated with millions of simultaneous users.  That’s the mutual benefit behind “Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop.”  Previously people called it a ‘conspiracy theory‘, I didn’t care, still don’t, it just makes the most sense; Occam’s Razor applies.

Today, all that was almost certain is now brought forth with buckets of evidence showing how social media enterprises have direct portals to DHS to transmit information and receive instructions. It’s a public-private partnership, just like it always appeared.  To quote succinctly, we been knew.


It’s true Sundance has been saying this for years and showing how it works. If you only read one site on American politics, CTH is the best. ABN

Kanye West doubles down on anti-Semitic claim Jews control the media by sharing SPREADSHEET ‘filled with names of Jewish execs at top entertainment corporations’

  • West continued to stand by his claims that Jews are running the media and a number of other facets of his life Friday night during a chat with photogs
  • The former billionaire displayed a spreadsheet identifying Jewish executives at top global media brands in an effort to prove his point 
  • In recent days, West has been dropped by a number of brands and by his talent agency due to his longform stream of anti-Semitic commentary
  • He claims his being dropped proves his point that Jews are controlling the media and seeking to silence him
  • He added that it was a Jewish doctor who he believes misdiagnosed him will bipolar disorder in 2016 and attempted to medicate and control him 


If that spreadsheet is even half-right, Kanye has strong point. There is a readable version of the spreadsheet after the fold. ABN

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Flow of money between Chinese oil giant and THE BIDENS’s analysis of hundreds of bank statements included in the Hunter Biden investigation details how the president’s son, his Uncle Jim Biden, and his Chinese business partners extracted cash from an $11million payout to a bank account for Hudson West III, LLC – a company jointly owned by Hunter’s firm Owasco PC and a CEFC subsidiary. Records show Hunter and Jim’s companies received a total of $4,968,220.01 from Hudson West. Hunter, Jim, and his wife Sara also got access to Bank of Omaha credit cards funded by CEFC to the tune of $101,098.61. CEFC manager Gongwen Dong was paid a total $123,319.68 over the 14-month period in the bank statements, and another CEFC executive firm (ColdHarbour Capital) got $318,286.37. There were also eight payments totaling $29,795.84 to JiaQi Bao, a glamorous young staffer for the joint venture who was close to Hunter


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Parasitic sexualization of children

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It’s parasitic because: 1) we know this from their own words–they seek to destroy the family and the society that it supports; 2) they seek to destroy children to achieve this end; 3) they do not care what else they destroy; 4) they seek to profit from this destruction and enjoy the rotten fruits of their demonic behaviors. They are succeeding in this because parasites are smart enough to know that if they single out and attack anyone who challenges them, few will speak up and those few will not be enough to stop them. All of woke in all of its many guises is parasitic in these same ways. Drag in schools is just the most recent example. ABN

James Comer, top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, demands FBI give Congress information on CCP-linked Hunter Biden associate JiaQi Bao and her deals with the Biden family

  • Bao ‘provided Hunter insight into purchasing US LNG reserves to sell to China, had access to Biden family’s financials, and liaised with CCP on Bidens’ behalf’
  • Comer cited concerns that Bao’s alleged liaising between the CCP and the Biden family threatened national security  
  • He said the committee was worried the FBI ‘ignored information’ about Bao’s role in the Biden family business
  • Comer pointed to’s May 2021 report demonstrating Bao and Biden’s relationship went ‘beyond professional obligations’
  • As the committee letter notes, Bao received a degree from Tsinghua University – a recruiting hub for China’s intel service and then worked for a PRC organization


Xi Jinping graduated from the same university–Tsinghua University–as Bao. ABN