Health worker explains how falsified PCR tests murdered patients and his role in that

This man should be praised for coming forward. He did not know what he was doing and speaks honestly about it now. The top directives for covid care coming from CDC, NIH, NIAID, AMA, and more are literally murdering large numbers of people by forcing doctors (PREP rules rewritten for covid), enticing hospitals (perverse financial incentives for mistreating covid), and preventing pharmacists (state and national bans on covid therapeutics) from treating covid the way it should be treated. This constitutes democide, a crime against humanity. I do not see how most of the top policy makers did not know what they were doing. ABN

Steve Kirsch speaks at FDA hearing

Kirsch has been consistently excellent on covid. He is speaking, writing, and funding studies on covid. His work has shown that the covid vaccines as they are being used are more dangerous at a societal level than covid itself. I am glad to see he was allowed to speak at the FDA and wish more people like him sat on advisory boards to the FDA. ABN

FDA advisory committee REJECTS covid boosters for general population

An influential Food and Drug Administration advisory committee on Friday rejected a proposal to distribute booster shots of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine to the general public, paring back those plans to unanimously recommend the third shots to people age 65 and older and other vulnerable Americans.

“It’s likely beneficial, in my opinion, for the elderly, and may eventually be indicated for the general population. I just don’t think we’re there yet in terms of the data,” said Dr. Ofer Levy, a vaccine and infectious disease specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The panel voted 16-2 against distributing the vaccines to Americans 16 and older


Durham probe may actually produce real results, which will completely amaze everyone

Reasonable speculation available at this link. Durham has taken a long time but this is a promising start because it seems to be aiming directly at where Russiagate legally began, with bs from people paid by HRC campaign. We also know the FBI knew it was all bs and that a big player in Big Tech was involved. I wonder how Durham will deal with that. Par for the course will be a slap for Sussmann while anything incriminating anyone in govt or Big Tech is buried for 100 years. Odds this time will be different? ABN

John Durham seeks indictment of Clinton Campaign Lawyer

Breaking report from the New York Times (Savage and Goldman, et al.): Special Counsel John Durham “will ask a grand jury to indict” former DNC/Clinton campaign lawyer (and Perkins Coie partner) Michael Sussman for giving false statements. The false statement charges would relate to a September 19, 2016 meeting FBI lawyer James Baker had with Sussman, where Sussman relayed to the FBI the discredited theory that the Trump Organization was communicating with Alfa Bank.


“I Will Not Get Vaccinated” – Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist Professor Luc Montagnier Who Discovered HIV

“I refuse to be vaccinated. My conscience told me not to get vaccinated ,” the Nobel laureate replied.

“What would you like to say to two hundred thousand general practitioners? What do you want to tell them? ” – a new question followed.

“Carry your [medical] title like doctors, not like sheep ,” Montagnier said. – Most of all you are afraid, in a word, they are afraid, The College of Physicians (the official organization of doctors in France with the obligatory entry of every doctor into it, the college of doctors – Ed.), Etc. “

“Everything is very simple. Variants come from vaccination ,” the Nobel laureate replied. “The virus has a very strong ability to change, like other RNA viruses. The flu virus is another such example .”


Israeli study on total vax failure is “driving Biden admin push to give COVID-19 vax boosters to all Americans starting next week”

Unpublished data from Israel is driving the Biden administration’s push to provide COVID-19 vaccine booster shots to all Americans starting next week. 

This data has reportedly provided the White House COVID-19 team with compelling evidence that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine becomes less effective over time


Malicious, craven anti-science to rush ahead with this when they know it is doomed to failure. The study being referred to is probably this one: ISRAELI STUDY: Fully Vaxxed Are 27 Times More Likely To Get COVID Compared To People With Natural Immunity. ABN