White House NSA Organizes Security Summit With 50 Nation Peers to Discuss Future of the Internet

What could possibly go wrong when the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, organizes a “minister level launch of the Declaration for the Future of the Internet.”   Put more succinctly, that would be 50 nation intelligence ministers getting together to decide what they will permit on the internet.

Apparently, a collective partner rule book is forthcoming.   Big Tech will be given specific instructions on how to comply.

The global rulebook on how to handle, define and eliminate ‘disinformation’, ‘misinformation’ and ‘malinformation’ on the world-wide internet.


More info here: Launch of the Declaration for the Future of the Internet:

On April 28 at 7:30 a.m. EDT, Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will host a virtual minister-level launch of the Declaration for the Future of the Internet at the White House with more than 50 partners from around the world.  The Declaration is a political commitment among partners to advance an affirmative vision for the Internet and digital technologies.  The launch event will be livestreamed to the public on www.whitehouse.gov/live

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I don’t trust them for a second and expect them to use some illusion of consensus to impose an international standard on USA, thus subverting the First Amendment. Pretty sure the launch will be 100% PR mind-control and that Deep State-driven standards will be “agreed upon” behind the scenes. I hope Musk and Trump can find ways to avoid complying with these standards as a matter of principle and also as protection against inevitable overreach sure to come in the future. ABN

Moderna will ask FDA to approve its COVID vaccine for children SIX-MONTHS-OLD

Moderna plans to submit an application to the FDA for the authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine among kids between the ages of six months to five years

Moderna ran a trial involving around 6,700 children to test vaccine efficacy; their vaccine is currently only available to those aged 18 and up 

Drugmaker said two doses were around 38% effective in preventing infections in 2 to 5-year-olds and 44% effective for kids aged 6 months to under 2 years

Currently, the only Covid-19 vaccine available for children ages 5-11 is made by Pfizer and BioNTech 


Peak insanity. Notice that Marks, in the video at the above link, irrationally assumes covid vaccines are good for children and babies while deceptively assuring viewers that the FDA is “not delaying review of these vaccines,” as if parents are clamoring to get them, which they are not. A vaccine that is merely 38% effective by faulty standards and that carries significant life-long risks is in no way good for children.

The way Marks presents his case is an example of hypnotic suggestion or mind-control. His talk bypasses the viewer’s rational mind by failing to demonstrate the vaccines are good for children while at the same time implanting the idea that parents really want them and the FDA is doing everything it can to get them approved. ABN

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Treasury Secretary Yellen, We Will Have to Put Up With Inflation a While Longer

The Biden administration is desperate to get to June when they can start to cycle through the anniversary of the 2021 inflation spike beginning and start to see annual inflation comparisons level off.  The rate of inflation will drop once the statistical year-over-year comparisons reach the same moment in the prior year.  The fed will raise interest rates in May and then use the June inflation rate decline as a false talking point to highlight how their policy is working.  They wait for May, because they need to wait for the calendar, nothing else.  Inflation is measured as the percentage of change from the prior year.  By waiting until the inflation is measured against the first wave of rising prices, it will give the illusion of a decline in inflation.

That’s the unspoken background behind Janet Yellen’s statements to CNBC where she says, “We’ll have to put up with inflation a while longer.”  It’s all about kicking-the-can until the statistical comparisons lessen, nothing more.


Obama Emphasizes the Importance of the Public-Private Partnership Controlling and Labeling Information

In the background of politics and government interests, there has been a visible shadow discussion barely visible behind the opaque glass door.  Today, that door opened, and Barack Obama stepped out and delivered a speech.  Now we get significant clarity on the movements CTH has been warning about.

It absolutely does not come as a coincidence that former President Obama delivered THAT speech today about misinformation and disinformation amid the intelligence community effort to control information and social media.  The timing tells a story, specifically the timing just a day after former Obama administration intelligence officials wrote a letter {SEE HERE} warning about efforts to break up the information control by Big Tech and Social Media.

The intelligence apparatus does not want the public-private partnership between government and big tech social media, that they created during Obama’s term, interfered with.  President Obama steps forth to put an exclamation point in place by saying the public-private partnership must control information. 

I cannot emphasize enough, how close this collective demand is to a similar construct in Orwell’s 1984 prediction of “The Ministry of Truth.”  Indeed, if you follow the need for government control to its logical conclusion, these demands by the U.S. administrative state architects are identical.

link w video

Julian Assange: Order issued for Wikileaks founder’s extradition to the United States to face spying charges

Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States moved one step closer today with a London court issuing an order for his transfer to the country to face charges of espionage.

The WikiLeak’s founder is wanted in America over the publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked documents relating to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Mr Assange has been trying to halt the extradition through the courts for years and a district judge banned the handover in January 2021, saying that he was at real risk of suicide if he went to America.

However, the US was allowed to appeal the decision and the High Court ruled in their favour. Last month, the UK’s highest court, the Supreme Court, confirmed that Mr Assange’s team could not appeal the decision to extradite him to the United States.


Spies who lie: 51 ‘intelligence’ experts refuse to apologize for discrediting true Hunter Biden story

They are the supposed nonpartisan group of top spies looking out for the best interest of the nation.

But the 51 former “intelligence” officials who cast doubt on The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop stories in a public letter really were just desperate to get Joe Biden elected president. And more than a year later, even after their Deep State sabotage has been shown again and again to be a lie, they refuse to own up to how they undermined an election.

The officials, including CNN pundit and professional fabricator James Clapper — a man who was nearly charged for perjury for lying to Congress — signed a letter saying that the laptop “has the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

What proof did they have? By their own admission, none. “We do not know if the emails . . . are genuine or not,” the letter said. They’re just “suspicious.” Why? Because they hurt Biden’s campaign, that’s evidence enough.

Keep in mind this was written Oct. 19, 2020, five days after The Post published its first story. Neither Joe Biden nor Hunter Biden had denied the story, they simply deflected questions. Didn’t these security experts think that if this was disinformation, the Biden campaign would have yelled to the heavens that the story was false?


A national disgrace. ABN

How Elon Musk is exposing an impossible business model: “The backbone of Twitter is the United States government”

…The only way Twitter, with 217 million users, could exist as a viable platform is if they had access to tech systems of incredible scale and performance, and those systems were essentially free or very cheap.  The only entity that could possibly provide that level of capacity and scale is the United States Government – combined with a bottomless bank account.  A public-private partnership.

If my hunch is correct, Elon Musk is poised to expose the well-kept secret that most social media platforms are operating on U.S. government tech infrastructure and indirect subsidy.  Let that sink in.

The U.S. technology system, the assembled massive system of connected databases and server networks, is the operating infrastructure that offsets the cost of Twitter to run their own servers and database.  The backbone of Twitter is the United States government.


Latest Durham Filing Indicates Special Counsel Thesis of Sussmann Prosecution – FBI Was Duped While CIA Tried to Save Country From Clinton Schemes

…The prosecutorial approach by John Durham positions all of the corruption outside the institutions of government, thereby protecting them.

The bad guys, the corrupt lawbreakers, are the people directly connected to the Clinton Campaign and all of the political and legal agents in/around the Clinton political machine.

As the prosecutorial narrative is unfolding, the institutions of government were victims to the horrible, terrible activity by the Clinton outsiders.

Pay no attention to the aligned politics and weaponization of the White House, DOJ, DOJ-NSD, FBI main, FBI-CoIntel, CIA, Senate Intelligence Committee, or memberships therein.  The entire apparatus of the most robust, capable, excellent and diligent intelligence apparatus in the history of all mankind, along with all the oversight mechanisms that exist to support that apparatus, was duped by Hillary Clinton’s team.

That’s John Durham’s investigative thesis, and the court filings show he’s sticking to it.


Twitter Responds to Elon Musk Proposal by Creating Poison Pill

The social media and communication platform Twitter, responded to the bid by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk by announcing Friday the Twitter board of directors has unanimously adopted a “poison pill” defense in response to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s proposal to buy the company and take it private. [LINK to Press Release]

Twitter said the move, formally called a “limited duration shareholder rights plan,” aims to enable its investors to “realize the full value of their investment” by reducing the likelihood that any one person can gain control of the company without either paying shareholders a premium or giving the board more time. Poison pills are often used to defend against hostile takeovers.

According to Twitter’s plan, if Musk or any other person or group acquires at least 15 percent of Twitter’s stock, the poison pill will trigger.


This is an excellent article. It provides crucial insights into the Twitter “business model” and how and why it differs greatly from FB, YT and other content driven social media sites. ABN

US Army doctor reveals medics were told not to report adverse COVID jab reactions

 A U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and combat physician has described how fellow medics in the Army were told not to enter records of COVID jab adverse reactions into official databases.

“They either look the other way or they just say, ‘Well, I can’t do that. It doesn’t exist’,” said Dr. Peter Chambers, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, Special Forces Green Beret, and combat physician. 

link w video

“Residents in Shanghai screaming from high rise apartments after 7 straight days of the city lockdown”

Residents in #Shanghai screaming from high rise apartments after 7 straight days of the city lockdown. The narrator worries that there will be major problems. (in Shanghainese dialect—he predicts people can’t hold out much longer—he implies tragedy).

2) “yao ming le” & “yao si” — both expressions meaning “life and death” but they also more literally means “asking for death”. Narrator eventually implies shit is gonna hit the fan soon if this continues.

[The lockdowns are real, the cries are real. But overall, I suspect this is CCP “performance art” similar to what we saw coming from Wuhan in early 2020. It is a kind of “naturally occurring” propaganda designed to frighten and influence the West in the way the Wuhan videos of violent lockdowns and people collapsing in the street did two years ago. China surely knows that zero covid is not possible, Even if the whole world locked down for two months, covid would not be eradicated. Other reasons for them to be doing this are it affords China a plausible excuse to further disrupt Western supply lines while also providing a kind of lurid “proof” that the CCP did not deliberately release the original Wuhan variant that poisoned the world. Moreover, it never hurts to discipline your own people and send a message to the Shanghai faction of the CCP. ABN]

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