Arizona school board president’s secret dossier on parents who oppose CRT and mask mandates was discovered after he accidentally sent a link to a mom: Private investigator ran background checks and parents were filmed

Scottsdale School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg faces calls to resign

He faces bizarre claims that he had access to an online dossier about parents

Online file contains personal info on parents who protested district policy

Included Social Security numbers, financial info, and even divorce records

District claims Greenburg’s father is to blame for compiling the strange dossier

Dossier came to light when Greenburg accidentally shared link in a screenshot


This is shocking only because it is being revealed. This information is almost certainly an exponent of a larger group that does this all the time. Collecting information on colleagues and potential rivals is the easiest and cheapest way to “succeed” in the mundane world. Our entire nation has been taken over in ways like this and ones more violent. Looks like Greenburg’s father will take the blame allowing his son to distance himself from this particular exposure while also completely removing questions about how his father was able to get this information in the first place. Notice in the video how familiar with these techniques the women he speaks with are. A rare glimpse into something much bigger. ABN

UPDATE: More on this: Scottsdale School Board Member Publicized Parents’ Social Security Numbers, Divorce Proceedings, Financial Records In Effort To Track Outspoken Parents

All in-person ballot images are MISSING in Fulton County, GA. Fulton is also missing 17,690 mail-in ballot images – which alone is more than the entire margin in Georgia

Other @VoterGa findings:

74 counties cannot produce original ballot images for Nov 2020 election

48% destroyed ballot images or refused to comply in violation of election law

22 counties only have recount ballot images

6 counties had no images at all

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Purposeful Crisis Keeps Unfolding as Biden’s Irrelevant Polling Keeps Collapsing – White House Vaccine Mandates Promoted, While Courts Attempt to Block

We are witnessing a very specific type of electoral frustration caused by officials within a system attempting to stop a communist style fundamental change by taking action within the same system simultaneously collapsing through the actions of the communists.

Joe Biden’s approval rating has collapsed to the lowest level in history {data here} ,which would normally cause a pause amid the political operators.

However, in this new era, where collapsing the U.S. economic and social system is the objective, the polling is irrelevant.

The Obama plan to use Biden as a disposable figure was designed for one specific four year term of maximum damage.

The polling is irrelevant.

Evidence of this purpose is found in the White House telling businesses to continue operating as if the vaccine mandate is legally authorized, despite a court ordered injunction against it {data here}.  We are in a post-constitutional system now where the traditional checks and balances are ignored.   This is a very Machiavellian approach being deployed against the American people.


What is being described in this essay is pure KOBK (kill-or-be-killed). American people, or at least some of us, must understand our enemies will take no prisoners. Their goal is to destroy USA as we (used to) know it. The hour is very late. If you did not support Donald Trump, now you know why the rest of us did and still do. ABN

Peter Navarro: “The next step for Arizona is to decertify their election results over 50,000 ghost voters in Maricopa county”

Dr. @RealPNavarro: The next step for Arizona is to decertify their election results over 50,000 ghost voters in Maricopa county.

Watch his full interview with @jeffcrouere on #RingsidePolitics:

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Stop Looking at Danchenko, Start Looking at Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller

The DOJ/FBI coverup, which included being purposefully blind to the 2017 Danchenko revelations, was not done to protect Danchenko. It was done to protect Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller.

Yes, the FBI and DOJ knew the primary subsource for Christopher Steele, Igor Danchenko, disavowed the material in the dossier and undermined it in January of 2017 and again in June 15, 2017, as everyone is noting.  Yes, despite that knowledge Mueller/Weissmann applied for a FISA renewal on June 29th.  However, there’s a date a year later, all the way into July of 2018, when the DOJ and FBI claimed that Danchenko was speaking truth in their affirmation to the FISA court.

THAT is in 2018.

Why would the same DOJ/FBI officials who knew the dossier was junk in early 2017 lie to the FISA court in 2018?

ANSWER: Because they were not protecting Danchenko, they were protecting Robert Mueller.


Peter Strzok sees Durham doing nothing about govt involvement in Russia Collusion Delusion


Ben Wittes asks Peter Strzok if Durham ends with Danchenko:

After ranting about Dolan being doxxed, Peter seems to know the fact that he and his cronies are getting off Scott-free and Durham is going after the private sector players. Quite the smugness.

Every government witness turned on the private sector and protected each other

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Migrant surge at Mexican border causing massive American OD’s from fentanyl

The cartels are taking advantage of law enforcement weaknesses and policy failures to smuggle record amounts of the lethal drug into the United States, according to interviews with half a dozen current and former drug and immigration agents. While a lack of screening technology to find contraband at ports of entry and an inept U.S-Mexico campaign to cripple the cartels are longstanding issues, there’s also a new one: the flood of migrants across the border that the Biden administration has done little to stop.


Longtime Clinton crony takes center stage in latest Durham indictment

An elusive ally of the Clintons was a key figure in Thursday’s indictment Igor Danchenko, the analyst who contributed key information to the now-infamous “Steele Dossier.”

Charles H. Dolan Jr., a former aide to Hillary Clinton, is identified only as “PR-Executive 1” in the indictment, which stemmed from special counsel John Durham’s long-running investigation into the FBI’s probe of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and its alleged ties to the Russian government.

Danchenko intentionally misled the FBI when he denied in a 2017 interview that he had spoken to Dolan about any material contained in the file, according to the charging document.


Dr Robert Malone: Covid vax MANDATES are “OBSCENE.” Medical ethics demands: “No coercion, no enticement, no forcing people to accept a product whether or not it’s licensed… We are profoundly damaging our youth… We have over half a million excess deaths in the US that could have been avoided if we had allowed early treatment”

direct link

Probably Malone’s best short interview (17:30 min). Going after five year-olds is full-on criminal. The halls of power have locked their doors and gone insane. ABN


Maricopa County continues to purposely mislead Arizonans and the American public about the nature of audit findings, and the impact they had on the 2020 General Election. Their response renames and redefines audit findings so the claim can be made that the findings are false, includes logical sounding arguments that simply don’t add up, and is completely devoid of any supporting evidence. The following response to their review continues to refute their baseless claims with evidence and citations.