Today’s Sodomites

…What is new is not gay sex per se but mainstreaming non-procreative sex as normal.

The anti-procreation campaign is succeeding. A recent compilation of surveys (12,000 total respondents) conducted between 2012 and 2021 showed dramatic increases for those identifying as LGBT. Among millennials (born 1980 and 1999) a notable rise occurred in those considering themselves as LGBT, from 5.8% to 10.5. Significantly, these self-identification numbers were basically flat for precious generations, baby boomers, generation X (1965-1979) and so on. But for what is called Generation Z (1997-2002) the figure in 2021 was 20.8%. That is, slightly over 1 in 5 saw themselves as living outside of the traditional definition of “normal.” Yes, maturation might bring a return to past patterns, but given that procreative sex is the hard-wired default option of human nature, something powerful is pushing youngsters away from normal.

sex education in today’s schools has advanced far beyond the traditional bone dry, unerotic birds and the bees. Under the label of “comprehensive sex education,” lessons now include graphic depictions of oral and anal sex along with masturbation. Massachusetts seventh graders learn how to mold Saran Wrap to form a dental dam for safe cunnilingus. High schoolers in Eugene, Oregon recently were instructed about massage oil, flavored syrup, a candle, music, feathers or a boa on the pathway to sexual satisfaction.

The lessons on non-reproductive sex continue in college and, if anything, they become more explicit. No longer might gay students worry about living celibate lives in hostile campus environments. Now, thanks to the website Campus Pride Index those in the LGBT+ community can see how over 400 campuses are rated by their friendliness toward gays to ensure years of sexual exploration. The site also offers pride events and campus fairs where like-minded youngster can meet and exchange information. Their job bulletin board includes a gay-friendly research institute and access to a pride media center.


Terrified swimming champion Riley Gaines is ambushed by screaming trans activists and ‘hit twice by guy in a dress’ after Saving Women’s Sports speech at San Francisco State University

College swimming champion Riley Gaines has filmed herself being ambushed by screaming trans activists and was allegedly hit ‘multiple times by a guy in a dress’ following a speech about saving women’s sports.

A terrified Gaines, 23, was forced to barricade herself inside a room at the San Francisco State University campus last night after a group of activists ambushed her.

Gaines’ husband, Louis Barker, said he had brief conversations with his wife while she was locked in the room for nearly three hours. 

‘She told me she was hit multiple times by a guy in a dress. I was shaking. It made me that mad. It makes me sick to feel so helpless about it,’ Barker said. ‘She was under police protection and was still hit by a man wearing a dress.’

‘The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU…I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man,’ Gaines wrote in the tweet. 


Second and third sons are more likely to be gay because their mothers cannot handle so much testosterone and become mildly allergic to it while pregnant, thus affecting the offspring. I wonder if female-to-male trans are also exhibiting some sort of testosterone over-sensitivity causing them to become violent. Maybe a basic female body simply does not handle male hormone injections well. A lot of men have trouble with them as well. Gaines is not saying trans people do not have human rights or the right to be trans. She is saying she does not want to compete against them under the aegis of women’s sports. Hard to claim that’s a right. Best solution is have a trans competition category or an open one allowing anyone to compete. Many sports have weight classes which recognize how basic physical differences affect outcomes. ABN

Italy Is Looking To Outlaw Lab-Grown Meat To Protect Its Food Heritage

Italy is eyeing up the prospect of banning lab-grown meat in a bid to safeguard the country’s rich food heritage and, in their words, protect their citizen’s health. 

Italy’s Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, led the call this week, taking to Twitter to say: “Italy is the first nation free from the risks of synthetic foods. A courageous result from the Meloni government, a strong stance in favor of the many traditional producers, besieged by a few increasingly unscrupulous multinationals.”

“In defense of citizens’ health, of our production model, of our quality, of our culture, simply our FOOD SOVEREIGNTY,” he added.

The Italian government has backed the bill, which would outlaw lab-grown meat and other synthetic foods. If the proposal gets through parliament, Italian industry will not be allowed to produce food or feed “from cell cultures or tissues derived from vertebrate animals.”


‘We are all Chinese’, former Taiwan president says while visiting China

“People on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are Chinese people, and are both descendants of the Yan and Yellow Emperors,” Ma said, in comments provided by his office.

Ma used wording in Chinese meaning people of Chinese ethnicity, rather than referring to their nationality. Descendants of the Yan and Yellow Emperors is an expression referring to a common ancestor for Chinese people.


This is good reporting and I am surprised to see it. This what Chinese pretty much always mean when they speak about China/ Chinese—they mean the Chinese race. Westerners have very weak racial ties and only somewhat stronger ethnic ties (nation, province, region, etc). Traditional Chinese, as described by Sun Yat-sen, also had weak racial ties, which is how he characterized them. Part of his Three Principles of the [Chinese] People emphasizes the importance of the racial bond among Chinese. Sun thought this was of central importance because it was only through racial unification that China would be able to become great, he believed. I mention this because it is key to understanding China and Chinese people. All Chinese are taught this in detail as children in school.

For Westerners, this is also key to understanding most of the world since people almost everywhere think the way Sun did then and Ma does today. I am not advocating for strengthening white racial identity except in the sense that it is important to understand that this is how almost everyone else in the world thinks. Anti-white ideologies and emotions should not surprise anyone who has studied China or any other non-white society. If I were a white Sun Yat-sen of today, I would say white people very much need to understand the above and also develop a defensive awareness of the racial/ ethnic origins of white/ Western civilization. If not, you will be overrun by peoples who do not even know of any other way to think. ABN


The number that summarizes the past 2.5 years of post-BLM life in America. But why?

  1. 4.5% of Black Males will commit murder in their lifetime as of 2021, if we choose to do nothing about the ongoing epidemic of violence.
  2. 4.4% to 7.2% of yearly Black Male deaths are homicides every single year, with no exceptions, since at least 1968. Over 90% of these are Black Male-on-Black Male.
  3. 4.35% is the backward-looking 60-year murder victimization rate of Black Males age 15-74, based on the 410,000 actual murder victims since 1968.
  4. These are the low-end of what the rates could be in reality, given the large number of “unknowns” in the FBI data and the large number of “indeterminate” violent deaths coded by the CDC.
  5. What about repeat offenders, you ask? The most extreme assumptions can bring the 4.5% down to as low as 3.3%. I ask: does that change our conclusions? Do we continue decarceration on the off-chance that only 3.3% will commit murder?


The erasure of Jews from American life

Suddenly, everywhere you look, the Jews are disappearing.

You feel it like a slow moving pressure system, an anxiety of exclusion and downward mobility. Maybe you first noticed it at your workplace. Or maybe it hit when you or your children applied to college or graduate school. It could have been something as simple as opening up the Netflix splash page. It’s gauche to count but you can’t help yourself: In academia, Hollywood, Washington, even in New York City—anywhere American Jews once made their mark—our influence is in steep decline.

For many Jews, the first instinct is to look inward: We blame intermarriage, assimilation, the loss of the immigrant work ethic. This is, of course, a cope. Because the most significant cause of the decline isn’t Jews themselves, but that American liberalism, our civic religion, has turned on us. Where Jewish success was once upheld as a sign of America’s strength and progress over its prejudices, Jewish “overrepresentation” is again something to be solved, not celebrated.


Cops investigate after black schoolkids attacked white students and forced them to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ on camera at Ohio elementary school

  • Ohio schoolkids might face charges for forcing and assaulting students into saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the playground 
  • The February 10 incident at Kenwood Elementary is being treated as an Anti-White hate crime 
  • Footage of the incident shows the students being tossed around and hit by several of their peers 

What is the difference between BLM and ADL? ABN

Scott Adams Interview – It’s Okay to Be White

Scott did a good job on this. He blew up Dilbert on purpose, thereby drawing attention to some major concerns on race relations. My advice to him is, learn FIML. It will massively improve your life and also spread word of FIML to millions of people, all of whom need it desperately. ChatGPT described FIML as a ‘conflict resolution’ technique. FIML can do that but that description greatly minimizes what FIML really does. FIML optimizes communication and thus psychology and existential results, however you see them. I highly encourage readers of this site to learn FIML and practice it. It is by far the best thing I have to offer. ABN

Newspaper comic strip Dilbert gets canceled after its creator is branded racist for warning white people to ‘get the f**k away’ from black people – before doubling down on his beliefs

  • Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the US has confirmed it is canning popular comic series about office culture
  • It comes after creator Scott Adams uploaded a racist tirade to YouTube
  • Adams told subscribers to ‘get the f**k away from black people’