CHINA: “Before Covid, factory workers’ wage is about 20 yuan (3 dollars) an hour. Now, It’s 9 yuan (1.35 dollars) an hour”

China’s economy is collapsing.

Before Covid, factory workers’ wage is about 20 yuan ( 3 dollars ) an hour.
Now, It’s 9 yuan ( 1.35 dollars ) an hour.

Lockdown, mandatory daily Covid test, quarantine…all weakening China’s economy.

Originally tweeted by Songpinganq (@songpinganq) on June 19, 2022.

In the video, the man is saying, “The wage is now 9 yuan per hour. If you can’t take that, pack your bags and leave. If you can take it, that’s good, come inside.” ABN

Lithuania Bans Transit Of Sanctioned Russian Goods To Kaliningrad

Lithuania has begun a ban on the rail transit of goods subject to European Union sanctions to the Russian far-western exclave of Kaliningrad, transport authorities in the Baltic nation said on June 18.

The EU sanctions list includes coal, metals, construction materials, and advanced technology.

Anton Alikhanov, the governor of the Russian oblast, said the ban would cover around 50 percent of the items that Kaliningrad imports.


Doubling-down on failed sanctions that are harming Europe, a tiny country pokes the Russian bear in the nose. I do not think this is a good idea. Who is behind this, I do not know. But this risks triggering a larger war, even WW3. If NATO/USA are not behind this dangerous provocation, they should step in and stop it. No good will come of this. US/EU sanctions have helped Russia and only harmed Europe. The NATO/US proxy war in Ukraine has been an abject failure and should have been avoided long before it began. I understand Lithuanian fear and dislike of Russia, but it is much smarter to accept the realities of today and put the past behind you. Europe and the Baltics should be striving for good relations with Russia not bad ones. ABN

It’s what they did in Ukraine to provoke Russia. They did steal the election. They did either release covid, the bioweapon, or use covid, the bioweapon, to facilitate election fraud through anti-scientific fear-mongering, mandates, and bans. It looks like someone is hyping a laboratory version of monkeypox. China is definitely preparing for war. Many signs indicate deliberate US provocation of China. Thing is Xi Jinping may be behind some of this. Covid arrived just as he lost the trade war with Trump. A milder variant of covid infected many Chinese in 2018-19 and this may have been deliberately released to inoculate them in preparation for full-on biowarfare in 2019-20. One thing is certain, there is a very dangerous hair-trigger KOBK rivalry among the world’s top three military powers—USA, China, and Russia. See the KOBK (Kill-or-be-Killed) tag for more on this topic. ABN

How China lost the hearts and minds of Central and Eastern Europe

Instead of celebrating 10 years of Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries, known as 16+1, in April 2022, China desperately dispatched its special representative for the forum on an eight-country tour to salvage a relationship worsened by the war in Ukraine.

Thanks to its own actions, China has alienated a group of countries that would otherwise have been natural partners, and has shown the world how easy it is to lose a region in 10 years.

Beijing’s first mistake was to come up with myriad promises that never materialized.


CHINA: Shanghai lockdown starts again; real reason unclear

Shanghai, China: Shanghai will lock down a district of 2.7 million people on Saturday to conduct mass coronavirus testing, city authorities said, as the Chinese metropolis struggles to fully emerge from punishing curbs.

The city eased many restrictions last week, after confining most of its 25 million residents to their homes since March as China battled its worst Covid outbreak in two years.


We can only guess at the real reason for the many lockdowns in China. A major guess is they are serving as domestic discipline in preparation for war, either aggressive or defensive. Or preparation for a major economic crash due to war or not. Since zero-covid is not possible, there must be some other reason than the ones given by Chinese authorities. Is Xi Jinping an obsessed germophobe and that’s the reason?

One thing is certain: there is great tension among and between the world’s top three military powers—USA, Russia, China. In KOBK game theory, if two of those players team up and attack the third, they probably will win the first round. But even if two of them are teamed up, as many believe China and Russia are, how can they be sure their partner is not double-crossing them? However you look at it, all three of these top players must be tempted to do a first strike with overwhelming nukes on the other two. China probably does not have the weaponry to do that. Russia and USA do. China has manpower, so if teamed with Russia a first strike on USA would be followed up with an invasion of Chinese troops into North America. ABN

RUSSIA invited to send military forces to NICARAGUA: Ortega calls on Putin “to roll out something powerful”

Russian State TV host Olga Skabeeva has hailed the announcement from Nicaragua’s Ortega as she called on Vladimir Putin to “roll out something powerful” to take on the United States amid the war in Ukraine. The Russian anchor spoke out angrily over the deployment of US long-range missiles in Ukraine which have the power to hit targets far inside Russia‘s territory. 


NATO Launches Big Baltic War Games…What Could Go Wrong?

NATO has chosen to launch war games near Russia’s border precisely when the US and UK are sending longer range multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine and when the Russian president has warned that any rockets hitting Russia would incur a big response. What’s the game here? Bigger war? Also today: Read-out from the big RPI conference on Saturday and more. Watch today’s Liberty Report: