COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room: The Lancet

Although the RRR considers only participants who could benefit from the vaccine, the absolute risk reduction (ARR), which is the difference between attack rates with and without a vaccine, considers the whole population. ARRs tend to be ignored because they give a much less impressive effect size than RRRs: 1·3% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford, 1·2% for the Moderna–NIH, 1·2% for the J&J, 0·93% for the Gamaleya, and 0·84% for the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines.


The following graphic illustrates the difference between Relative Risk Reduction and Absolute Risk Reduction. The article linked above is well-worth reading. Pay special attention to the concept: number needed to vaccinate (NNV)  for a better understanding of what vaccines do in the real world and how Big Pharma and Big Govt often distort the facts.

Finnish firm earns US patent for Covid drug containing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

A coronavirus drug developed by Therapeutica Borealis, a pharmaceutical firm in Turku, has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The nasal spray contains hydroxychloroquine, among other ingredients.

Earlier in May, the company said it had received approval for a patent application, based on which it expected a final patent this month.


Ivermectin greatly reduces covid hospitalizations and deaths in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY, May 26, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A city-wide initiative in Mexico’s bustling capital to prescribe ivermectin to COVID-19 positive patients has resulted in a 52–76 percent reduction in hospitalizations, according to research by the Mexican Digital Agency for Public Innovation (DAPI), Mexico’s Ministry of Health, and the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

After Mexico City introduced ivermectin plan, COVID hospitalizations and deaths disappeared

‘Literally criminal’: Suppressing data on ivermectin cost ‘half a million lives’, doctor charges

In a recent Zoom call, Dr. Pierre Kory of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance outlined numerous details showing the World Health Organization (WHO) knowingly suppressed data on the effectiveness of ivermectin against the virus in order to benefit the vaccine interests of Big Pharma.

“It’s criminal,” Kory said. “It’s literally criminal.” The drug “could have saved half a million lives this year if it had been approved.”

‘Literally criminal’: Suppressing data on ivermectin cost ‘half a million lives’, doctor charges

Johns Hopkins prof: Half of Americans have natural immunity; dismissing it is ‘biggest failure of medical leadership’

A professor with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has said that there is a general dismissal of the fact that more than half of all Americans have developed natural immunity to the coronavirus and that it constitutes “one of the biggest failures of our current medical leadership.”

Dr. Marty Makary made the comments during a recent interview, noting that “natural immunity works” and it is wrong to vilify those who don’t want the vaccine because they have already recovered from the virus.

Makary criticised “the most slow, reactionary, political CDC in American history” for not clearly communicating the scientific facts about natural immunity compared to the kind of immunity developed through vaccines.

Johns Hopkins Prof: Half Of Americans Have Natural Immunity; Dismissing It Is ‘Biggest failure Of Medical Leadership’

Inhalable Nanobody (PiN-21) prevents and treats SARS-CoV-2 infections in Syrian hamsters at ultra-low doses

Globally there is an urgency to develop effective, low-cost therapeutic interventions for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We previously generated the stable and ultrapotent homotrimeric Pittsburgh inhalable Nanobody 21 (PiN-21). Using Syrian hamsters that model moderate to severe COVID-19 disease, we demonstrate the high efficacy of PiN-21 to prevent and treat SARS-CoV-2 infection. Intranasal delivery of PiN-21 at 0.6 mg/kg protects infected animals from weight loss and substantially reduces viral burdens in both lower and upper airways compared to control. Aerosol delivery of PiN-21 facilitates deposition throughout the respiratory tract and dose minimization to 0.2 mg/kg. Inhalation treatment quickly reverses animals’ weight loss post-infection and decreases lung viral titers by 6 logs leading to drastically mitigated lung pathology and prevents viral pneumonia. Combined with the marked stability and low production cost, this novel therapy may provide a convenient and cost-effective option to mitigate the ongoing pandemic.


The link above contains a preprint of the entire study.

Study shows natural immunity to covid long-lasting

ST. LOUIS — Researchers here have discovered cells in the bone marrow of COVID-19 survivors that were still producing antibodies against the virus months after recovery, suggesting immunity may last far longer than once thought.

In a study released Monday in Nature, researchers show that among a group of 19 participants who previously had mild cases of COVID-19, 15 had antibody-producing cells in their bone marrow that target the virus that causes COVID-19.

Washington U study finds clues to long-term COVID-19 immunity in survivors’ bone marrow

We already know 85% of the population is immune to covid or gets it so slightly they are “asymptomatic.” Transmission within households is only sixteen percent, which is strong supporting evidence for widespread high prior immunity. Moreover, in this Tweet and others, Ethical Skeptic has provided abundant evidence that covid may have been circulating as early as 2017, almost certainly well before autumn 2019. All of this evidence contributes to the belief that covid policy has not been based on rigorous science but rather on political considerations, which in this case must necessarily be nefarious. I leave it up to readers to decide if the motive was “simply” to unseat Trump or something even worse.

Why does a gout attack stop? Roadmap for the immune pathogenesis of gout

Below is a small excerpt from an excellent paper on why gout flares occur and why and how they stop. Link to full paper below quote. ABN

Pathogenesis of chronic tophaceous gout

One of the most intriguing observations in gout is that inflammation resolves quite rapidly despite the sustained presence of the triggering factor, namely MSU crystals. In contrast to other forms of inflammatory disease affecting the musculoskeletal system, such as rheumatoid arthritis or spondyloarthritis, the symptoms of an acute gout attack cease after a few days, suggesting that the body mounts effective mechanisms to stop inflammation. It needs to be mentioned that inflammation does not resolve because it effectively clears MSU crystal deposits and hence removes the triggering factor. In fact, the body manages to turn down inflammation despite the fact that MSU deposits are still present, which is a remarkable process. Imaging studies by dual-energy CT have impressively underlined this finding and have shown that profound MSU crystals deposits can be observed in articular and periarticular structures despite the absence of clinical signs of inflammation.8 ,9 Clinically, this stage of the disease is known as chronic tophaceous gout, which can be clinically silent for rather longer periods before a flare reoccurs.10

Why does the gout attack stop? A roadmap for the immune pathogenesis of gout