President Trump letter waiving Executive Privilege for Steve Bannon “as per the request of the Unselect Committee of political Thugs and Hacks”

Great read from our True & Actual President whose second term of office was Usurped by “political Thugs.” ABN

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Biden Effort to Turn Ultra MAGA into a Disparaging Epithet Came from Six Month Study Headed by Anita Dunn

The Washington Post is reporting the shift from the White House to disparage their political opposition with the terms “MAGA”, “Ultra-MAGA” and President Trump as the “Great MAGA King,” came from a six-month poll study led by Anita Dunn, the latest senior advisor in the White House.

Keep in mind, a few days ago White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said the terminology “ultra-MAGA” was an “organic utterance” from Joe Biden.  Whoops.



“Stop the Asian lies. We don’t give a flying f**k when you ask us where we’re from”

Stop the Asian lies. We don't give a flying f**k when you ask us where we're from. 😂 Liberals getting mad for us. First and foremost Im a MF American.

Originally tweeted by Steve Inman (@SteveInmanUIC) on May 1, 2022.

I 100% agree and will add that asking where someone is from is the most American of all questions. We all ask it all the time. Everybody wants to know the answer. ABN

Steve Kirsch: The new rules of medicine

Doctors should always follow the guidance of the CDC and NIH, even when it is wrong.

Any doctor who contradicts what the CDC or NIH say shall have their license to practice medicine revoked.

The CDC, FDA, and NIH are always right. So is the IDSA. In the event of a disagreement, the CDC always wins.

Unless you are an infectious disease specialist your opinion on infectious diseases does not matter.

Ivermectin doesn’t work. There will always be “insufficient evidence” to recommend it, no matter how much evidence there is.

Peer-reviewed published systematic reviews and meta-analyses are now considered to be “insufficient evidence” even if there are multiple ones.

Early treatments for COVID using cheap repurposed drugs don’t work, no matter what the evidence says.

If you see something that contradicts the narrative, don’t say anything. This is known as “See something, say nothing.” This is particularly important for doctors who are seeing massive numbers of deaths from the vaccine.

The vaccines don’t work, but just tell people who get COVID after being vaccinated that it would have been so much worse if they weren’t vaccinated.

For the elderly, there is no all-cause mortality data showing a benefit, but who needs data? Just recommend it.

Medical journals are prohibited from publishing papers that go against the narrative.

“Misinformation” is any information that contradicts the current mainstream narrative, even if it is true.

Never agree to debate any misinformation spreaders; they are evil people.

Expert opinion, formerly the lowest level of evidence, is now at the top of evidence-based medicine when the experts are from a government agency

You don’t need any clinical evidence to prescribe a drug or vaccine if the CDC says it is safe.

Always trust the drug companies and their clinical trials, even when there is clear fraud. Also, if the drug company claims that the deaths weren’t related to the drug, no evidence is required.

There is no stopping condition for COVID vaccines.

Risk benefit analyses should not look at all-cause mortality anymore. That is a distraction. What’s important is only the relative risk reduction, RRR.

Fraud never happens in clinical trials run by big pharma, even when it does.

Whistleblowers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If you work for the mainstream media, never acknowledge that there are differing opinions to the government narrative.

When science and politics disagree, politics always wins.

Any scientist who disobeys these rules will have their NIH funding cut off. Forever.

Vaccines only need to be tested for a few months to be deemed safe.

If it looks like the vaccine works, always make sure everyone in the placebo group gets the vaccine when the trial is over. Who needs a comparison group after 6 months?

There is no need to wait for data on pregnant women before recommending a new vaccine for pregnant women.

Kids are at severe risk for COVID, even when they aren’t.

It’s important to vaccinate kids to protect them against disease, even when there is no risk to them. This is especially true for young kids. It’s about keeping them safe from dying from COVID, even if there are no deaths in healthy kids from COVID. So what if the risk benefit analysis shows the vaccines will kill 100 kids for every kid we might save? The focus is solely on saving kids from dying from COVID. If a child dies from a cardiac issue from the vaccine, those don’t count.

If you aren’t sure about what you are allowed to say, try posting it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube. If you get censored, stop saying it.

A doctor’s first duty is to keep his/her job, not to serve patients.

Autopsies are discouraged. The vaccine is safe so there is no reason to check to see if this caused the death.

For anything unusual (like dramatic drops in live births, increase in stillbirths, excess cardiac ambulance calls, etc), just assure the public that the CDC is looking into it.

There are no vaccine injured. These people are just under a lot of stress.

Never measure D-dimer or troponin levels after the COVID vaccine. Why would you want to do that? It’s a waste of time.

Informed consent means you were informed that you were going to be vaccinated and consented to it willingly. There is no need to reveal all the side-effects and risk of death; that would just scare people.

If you work in a hospital, always follow what the hospital says. You will be compensated on your ability to follow hospital protocol, no matter how many of your patients die unnecessarily. The hospital administrators know best.

You need to be fully vaccinated with the latest booster. If you are, there is no need to take a COVID test, even if you are feeling sick. Patient safety is #1.

When one of your patients dies from a vaccine injury, never ever mention the vaccine. It’s just an “unexpected death.”

People who think the vaccines are unsafe are simply mentally unfit. Avoid them or suggest psychiatric help.

if a patient says they are vaccine injured, tell them you can’t treat them.

If anyone asks about adverse vaccine reactions say that there is no proof of causation

Never log adverse reactions or deaths on VAERS. They can’t be vaccine related so all you are doing is wasting everyone’s time.

If a patient dies with COVID, it’s a COVID death, even if COVID didn’t cause the death.

Always wear a mask when seeing patients. You want everyone to know you follow “best practices.”

If Steve Kirsch contacts you for a scientific debate, ignore it no matter how much he is offering. It won’t end well.

Did I miss anything?


I almost never put up an entire article but this one is too good. I would highlight all of in bright orange but my program does not easily allow that. In this piece, Kirsch lays out all the bs we have been suffering for the duration of the pandemic and are still suffering today. The utter stupidly and close-mindedness of the US government and major medical, academic, and scientific institutions on covid has been both painfully asinine and deeply, profoundly tragic. ABN

‘Men DON’T have periods’: Sara Gonzales tweets EVERYTHING (and then some) Twitter has suspended Conservatives for saying before and it’s GLORIOUS

Now that Elon Musk owns Twitter, Conservatives are finally free to say the things they’ve been suspended over for the past decade. At first, conservatives were suspended via algorithm tricks and certain words but ultimately ended up being suspended over ‘wrong think’.

Or saying things that didn’t line up exactly with the Left’s narrative and agenda.

God forbid you said men don’t have periods or claim women are REAL WOMEN.

But now?

Sara Gonzales took it and RAN with it.


Delightful series of Sara’s Tweets at the link above. Don’t miss this one. ABN

PSA: Zzz symbol now illegal in Germany: ‘Anyone publicly approving the war may be liable to prosecution in Germany. This applies to using the “Z” symbol, too. German security authorities are keeping an eye on the use of the symbol. – Ministry of Interior’

You can never be too careful! ABN

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Senate Hearing Delayed As Ketanji Brown Jackson Has Trouble Locating The Women’s Room

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson experienced a delayed start this morning after Ms. Jackson had trouble locating the women’s room.

According to sources, she informed an attendant that she needed to “unleash the jackal” before entering the senate chamber. However, she did not return for the start of the hearing and the Senate committee chair became concerned.

Kentanji Jackson was found an hour later staring at two doors with strange misshapen stick figures on them. “I’m not an Egyptologist,” she said. “I can’t interpret the meaning of these symbols.”