URGENT PFIZER NEWS: “Pfizer and the CDC committed fraud for willfully withholding critical data from the public resulting in harm and death to thousands. The CDC is spreading medical misinformation. What they have done is obscene”: Drs Robert Malone & Peter McCullough

URGENT PFIZER NEWS: Pfizer and the CDC committed fraud for willfully withholding critical data from the public resulting in harm and death to thousands. The CDC is spreading medical misinformation. What they have done is obscene. We are completely vindicated.

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URGENT PFIZER NEWS: Pfizer and the CDC were hiding data that showed harm and death by injection. What's going on here is criminal. For the people who knew the data, but said nothing there will be legal consequences. Either you will be witnesses or defendants.

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URGENT PFIZER NEWS: The FDA and the CDC had to be sued to release the data. The reluctance to release the data on a biological product that every person is being asked to take should make everyone concerned. DOD data shows clear increase in disease after injection.

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Originally tweeted by Truth Justice (@LakovosJustice_) on May 4, 2022.

When people lose touch with fundamental moral sensibilities, this happens

Karma is the direction and composition of your mind-stream. What you think or do today affects your mind-stream in everything thereafter. False excuses only despoil your mind-stream further. Only you can correct your mistakes. Only you can vow to never repeat them. Karma is not punishment or reward conferred by higher beings. Karma is what you do and think and 100% your responsibility. Properly understood, karma is a deeply liberating concept. ABN

“The bad decisions we made during this pandemic rank among the worst man-made death causes in the history of the US”

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link to original graph and text

I for one do not believe these mistakes were entirely innocent. I can relate to doctors in fields not closely related to covid being unwilling or unable to speak up. And I can relate to bureaucrats and political functionaries being afraid to speak up. Same for low-level hospital administrators, academics, and scientists. But people at or near the top of the food chain who banned early treatments, mandated vaccines, restricted hospital treatments, denied religious and other exemptions, wrote garbage “news” stories about all of this, you behaved very badly.

The Buddhist way out of this terrible karma you have incurred is: 1) publicly admit your mistakes; 2) apologize for your mistakes; 3) make amends for your mistakes as you are able and as are proportionate to the harm caused; 4) vow never to do anything like that again. Take your lumps, suffer for having violated your own conscience. Then, when all of this has been completed and you have done your best and your vow is strong, put it behind you and dwell on it no more. For many for whom the above is necessary, this period of remorse and self-examination should last at least a year or more. ABN

Fauci on Federal Mask Mandate – Laws and Courts Have No Right to Impede on CDC Science and Regulations

Someone might want to knock Anthony Fauci down a few pegs from his high-horse position.   In this brief video, Fauci was asked for his opinion on the recent federal court ruling that the CDC exceeded its authority with a federal transportation mask mandate.

According to Fauci, the CDC bureaucratic science should supersede any constitutional, legal or limiting positions by the legislative or judicial branches of government. In essence he’s saying the CDC is above the law. 


Spies who lie: 51 ‘intelligence’ experts refuse to apologize for discrediting true Hunter Biden story

They are the supposed nonpartisan group of top spies looking out for the best interest of the nation.

But the 51 former “intelligence” officials who cast doubt on The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop stories in a public letter really were just desperate to get Joe Biden elected president. And more than a year later, even after their Deep State sabotage has been shown again and again to be a lie, they refuse to own up to how they undermined an election.

The officials, including CNN pundit and professional fabricator James Clapper — a man who was nearly charged for perjury for lying to Congress — signed a letter saying that the laptop “has the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

What proof did they have? By their own admission, none. “We do not know if the emails . . . are genuine or not,” the letter said. They’re just “suspicious.” Why? Because they hurt Biden’s campaign, that’s evidence enough.

Keep in mind this was written Oct. 19, 2020, five days after The Post published its first story. Neither Joe Biden nor Hunter Biden had denied the story, they simply deflected questions. Didn’t these security experts think that if this was disinformation, the Biden campaign would have yelled to the heavens that the story was false?


A national disgrace. ABN

The most important covid graph no one is talking about

This graph shows 263,800 “Extra Anomalous Deaths in the American population starting the 14th week of 2021,” approximately one year ago. The start date of this anomaly signals very strongly that covid vaccines are a major cause of these “extra deaths.” In ordinary language, this graph is screaming something really fucking bad is happening with the vaccines.

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By not talking about these data, our health officials are themselves loudly signaling guilty knowledge of precisely these data because they have to know what not to talk about. The same goes for doctors, scientists, health workers and others who can easily understand this information and who surely are seeing these outcomes among their patients. Moreover, this information is corroborated by many other researchers, all of whom are doing their best to stop mass vaccinations due to this very loud and strong signal of death and harm. Where there is one death from injection there will be many, many more injuries. ABN

“Recent paper demonstrates that antibodies from the jabbed are much more potent at eliciting a Natural Killer response against Spike expressing cells than are antibodies from an infection”

1/I warned about Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC) many months ago, and this recent paper demonstrates that antibodies from the jab’d are much more potent at eliciting a Natural Killer response against Spike expressing cells than are antibodies from an infection.

2/ In ADCC, any cell expressing the Spike protein will be targeted for destruction by Natural Killer Cells. Any cells that take up LNP encapsulated mRNA will express Spike and will be destroyed by cytotoxic enzymes release by NK cells.

3/This is one reason why the rate of adverse events goes up with subsequent doses, as ADCC is an antibody-dependent process. According to this paper, vaccinal antibodies are particularly well-suited for activating NK cells — much more so than antibodies from a natural infection.

[This line of analysis is new to me and sounds reasonable. It is not the same phenomenon as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), which also may be occurring. Dr Corrigan also has a podcast on this subject linked after the fold. PS: I am filing some findings like this under “morality and ethics” because it is grossly immoral for mainstream science, medicine, news, politicians, and pharmaceutical companies to continue to ignore information like this. ABN]

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“Prolonged production of Spike protein is the explanation for cumulative toxicity and death after doubles, triples, and quadruples [vaxx]”: Dr Peter McCullough

Persistence of message ribonucleic acid fortified with synthetic 3' and 5' nucleoside analogue caps in the body for months resulting in excess and prolonged production of Spike protein is the explanation for cumulative toxicity and death after doubles, triples, and quadruples.

Originally tweeted by Peter McCullough, MD MPH (@P_McCulloughMD) on April 16, 2022.

If you or a friend still cannot see how serious this is and how it is corroborated in many other areas, at least see that government agencies and spokespeople are studiously ignoring this information, pretending it doesn’t exist. That in itself is gross malfeasance. Health professionals cannot legally ignore glaringly dangerous signals of this magnitude. ABN

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will” ~Romans 12:2

This is fundamental morality, the fundamental basis of the conscience. Call it God’s will, the Buddha mind, rational clarity, real science, a profound understanding of karma, humility, decency, pure mind, being a good person. It’s all the same. We all know it and sense it strongly. Beware of those who package it and use it to delude you. The human mind is weak and can be fooled, thus: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” ABN

Denial of Early Covid-19 Treatment – A Crime Against Humanity

American citizens were recently coerced into being part of the test or control groups of a medical experiment, without adequate knowledge and without their consent. Hundreds of thousands of Americans likely died from the resulting denial of timely and adequate treatment of Covid-19 and more importantly, its preventable secondary conditions.

This was an egregious violation of The Nuremberg Code on human rights. The time has come for jurisprudence and restitution to those harmed.

We as humans never, never, never possess a moral, financial, social, critical, risk, scientific, nor philosophical basis to argue that any and all treatment for a malady should be denied research or application. This is an absolute human right.

Update: As one can clearly observe here, we are winning this legal argument. Congratulations Folleagues!

“In consultation with the legal community, indications are that ‘failure to [early/timely] treat’ will now be considered ‘wanton disregard.’ As such, any perceived statutory immunity will be rendered invalid.” ~ Senator Mark B. Steffan, M.D., 31 Mar 2022


The American medical community has been defamed, demeaned, debased, and rubbed in the shit and vomit of dead and dying patients

I make no judgement of individuals but conclude that the American health industry has taken on a colossal moral burden due to covid malpractice. The death and injury toll is higher than most wars while the strain of fighting against it would have been much less than any war.

Some few did fight but most did not.

I honestly pity health care workers who were trapped anywhere on the disassembly line of suffering and death that was covid banned treatments and forced maltreatments. I honestly feel great pity and sadness for the families and friends of these people. In America alone the number of people closely implicated in the moral travesty of our covid response must number several million actual health care workers and many millions more of their dependents, neighbors, friends.

From a Buddhist point of view, the karma generated is deep and foul. I make no judgement of individuals. From a Christian point of view, the sins of commission and omission are enormous. From an atheist or scientific point of view, the conscience burns at the travesty.

It is difficult to say this without appearing to cast blame. I am not blaming anyone. Each one of us must assess our own thoughts and actions. What can be said is our medical system has been proven to be a grotesque moral failure, an abomination of medical science. Medical licensing, hospital funding, and government bureaucracies all play a large role.

For individuals, a clear assessment of own responsibility is imperative. Then according to beliefs, conscious action must follow. ABN

Transhumanism, Biofascism Are Tools of the ‘Technological Elite,’ Author Tells RFK, Jr

In an interview on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” T.J. Coles, Ph.D., author of ‘Biofascism: The Tech-Pharma Complex and the End of Democracy,’ talked with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about transhumanism, the billionaire class and the World Economic Forum.


I am a fan of RFK Jr and The Defender and also believe videos and podcasts like the one at the link above should be made embeddable in other sites, such as this one. This allows the information to reach more people more conveniently while also exposing more people to the original site, which most of us diligently always link to and even if we don’t viewers can still see where it is coming from. ABN

California bill permits infanticide up to seven days or more

Under California AB 2223, a mother will be shielded from civil and criminal charges for any “actions or omissions” related to her pregnancy. These actions include not only abortion in any stage of pregnancy, but also “perinatal death.” Perinatal death is defined as the death of a newborn up to seven days or more.

In the proposed legislation put forth by assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-Berkeley), the murder of unborn and born children would be codified as a legal act, and advertised as “women’s reproductive rights.” Since he took office, Gavin Newsom has sought to expand access to abortion and make California a “sanctuary state” for these so-called women’s rights. The new bill protects anyone who “aids or assists a pregnant person in exercising” these so-called rights. The bill also gives mothers the newfound power to sue police departments if an officer arrests anyone conspiring to kill babies.

“A political culture that justifies killing millions of children in the womb is now declaring open season on unwanted newborns. Every Californian must oppose this heinous bill,” said Jonathan Keller, President of the California Family Council. 


I don’t agree with this but the strict logic of abortion does not exclude this possibility. For that matter, “women’s reproductive rights” no longer exclude biological males. So males with what relation to the “pregnant person” or the issue of their pregnancy will be allowed to cause “perinatal death” to that issue? Will merely “believing you were the father” suffice? Or that you “might have been the father”? What about “the actual father moved away three months ago and I ain’t raising his kid”? ABN