Poison is a real weapon and it is used much more often than most realize

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I have extensive personal experience and knowledge of poison due to having been poisoned myself. Once you figure that out, if it has happened to you, you see the world differently. Covid is a poison. The vaxxes are poisons. Mind-control is a kind of psychological poison. One good result of covid is more people understand that poison is (now) the most common and deadly weapon there is. When someone says they have been poisoned, like Dr Buttar, they may appear agitated or out of sorts due either to the effects of the poison or their knowledge that they are saying something most people will view skeptically. Claiming to have been poisoned is analogous to claiming to have been raped though in the case of poison the perpetrator is frequently not known; it could be a group or a secret enemy posing as a friend. Motives for poisoning are often envy, jealousy, vengeance, unbridled rivalry. Poison is the weapon of choice because it can be used stealthily and be hard to trace. ABN

Dramatic new twist in case of young Aussie exchange student who ate rat poison as his 45-year-old female friend in Taiwan is investigated over his sudden illness

The female friend of an Australian exchange student who was poisoned in Taiwan is now being investigated after local police found ‘relevant evidence’ in her home. 

Taipei City Police looking into the poisoning of Queensland student Alex Shorey, 24, said on Wednesday that they’d searched the house of a 45-year-old Taiwanese woman – reported in local media as Mr Shorey’s girlfriend – and made suspicious findings.

Local media are reporting that rat poison was found, similar to what was in Mr Shorey’s system when he arrived at Taipei Medical University Hospital. 

It’s unknown if the alleged poison found was identical to the superwarfarin – a highly toxic poison that stops blood from clotting – that he had ingested.

The woman is now the sole suspect of a criminal investigation and is barred from leaving the country.


Poison is an ancient weapon still used in many ancient cultures. Bioweapons such as covid are also poisons. There is a good chance more people have been killed by poison than by another weapon. ABN

California dermatologist is indicted over claims she tried to poison her radiologist husband by spiking his tea with Drano in kitchen of their $2.7m home

California dermatologist has been indicted on felony charges after allegedly poisoning her husband’s tea with Drano.

Dr. Yue ‘Emily’ Yu was hit with one felony count of domestic battery with corporal injury and three counts of poisoning during a hearing Wednesday.

A mother of two, Yu could face more than eight years in prison if convicted.

Last year Yu’s radiologist husband Jack Chen noticed his tea was tasting odd, so he set up a nanny-cam in the kitchen of their $2.7 million home to investigate. 

What he caught was Yu pouring a mysterious liquid into his morning tea, which he took to police who helped him determine it was the toxic drain cleaner. Only static images from the alleged poisoning video have been released.


This happens far more often than most people think. ABN

Documents Expose Barack Obama Ordered Construction Of Biolabs In Ukraine To Create Dangerous Pathogens

According to a removed web page retrieved by GreatGameIndia, former President Barack Obama pushed an arrangement that resulted in the development of biolabs processing “especially dangerous pathogens” in Ukraine.

The headlines come on the same day that Biden administration operative Victoria Nuland informed the United States Senate that the American government is anxious over biological research centers slipping into Russian control as a consequence of the escalating fighting in Eastern Europe.

Now, we have official confirmation from US Under Secretary that Russia indeed planned to attack Bioweapons labs in Ukraine and that Washington was working with Kiev on dangerous pathogens in those labs authorized by former US President Barack Obama himself.


East Palestine, OH: The chemical dust has settled. Where, how much of it, and what comes next? ~ Adam Gaertner

Just over a week ago, I issued a warning: everybody on the eastern seaboard of the United States, with the possible exceptions of Georgia and South-Central Florida, needed to evacuate, for at least a couple of weeks, due to the enormous cloud of vinyl chloride and other highly toxic chemicals released in East Palestine. A week later, we have a better idea of exactly what’s happened, and what to expect over the coming months and years. There’s good news, and there’s bad news.

Keeping track of these developments has been very challenging, time-consuming, and slow – with absolutely zero reliable information available from the various local, state and federal governments, I’ve had to employ OSINT and HUMINT to keep track of various developments, affected locations, et cetera. Applying military intelligence methodologies to track a chemical-environmental disaster is a rather novel approach, and it has required a healthy dose of skepticism and cross-referencing of other sources of information, but it has yielded a relatively clear picture of the situation.

Ordinarily, the EPA should be deployed across the country taking tests and measurements, but seeing as we have an administration of incompetent, traitorous clowns running our governments these days, that’s a wish that’s never going to be granted. Given the likelihood that it was a deliberate chemical weapon attack, though, I suppose it’s fitting.


Health clinic to open in East Palestine as residents report burning eyes and terrible headaches after train derailment — despite officials saying environment is safe

Ohio health officials are launching a clinic to treat residents from the fallout of the catastrophic train derailment on February 3.

The announcement comes after residents report a wave of sickness despite officials ruling there were no health hazards detected in the town’s water or air. Some report burning eyes, loose stool and headaches since the crash.

Toxic chemicals such as vinyl chloride, benzene, isobutylene were leaked after Norfolk Southern train 32N derailed near the small town on the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The substances released during the incident can cause symptoms that match the nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath residents have suffered since the event.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Michael Regan took two weeks to visit the community. Meanwhile, Republicans are calling for secretary of  transportation Pete Buttigieg to resign over his handling of the derailment. 


East Palestine — Vinyl chloride is a known carcinogen but residents were told it’s safe to go back

The criminal press is doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to make you forget about how your “government” Chernobyl’d East Palestine, OH.

Vinyl chloride is a known carcinogen for every organ in your body.

It’s in the water. It’s in the air.

Originally tweeted by Stew Peters (@realstewpeters) on February 20, 2023.

East Palestine is in the center of Amish country. The Amish never took the vaxxes. If the vinyl chloride causes chronic illness in them, there goes a major control group for long-term covid vax harm comparison. ABN