Clear explanation of the war China is waging against the world

…The turn of the millennium was the right time to introduce many concepts in a more aggressive manner. One of them was to modify the thought process of the world, in China’s favor. The deception was the key ingredient of this concoction. Major western think-tanks, policymakers, and columnists were either hired for the purpose or misled into believing the deceptive information. The western media was flooded with advertisements depicting China, as a very powerful, very advanced but still very humble, and just country. Over 500 Confucius Institutes, on the campuses of foreign universities, were effectively used to further the spread of the Chinese way of thinking.  University campuses were the right place to start the spread of Chinese psychological tool, ‘Alienation’. It aimed at generating dissension and discord in the intra-governments, military-civil, and intra-military groups of the rival countries. The purpose was simple, demoralize the key elements of the opposing forces at any cost. This task was further supported by a team of over 2 million hackers and deep-fakers. They bombard rival countries with disinformation and fake videos. The quality of these fakes is extremely good and has been successful in altering the opinion of the populace in many countries. Nepal is one such example. Chinese firmly believe in the phrase, “castles are inevitably easier to attack from within”.


Georgia: Burden of proof is on officials not citizens

It is not the duty of citizens to prove election fraud happened. It is the duty of election officials and legislators to prove fraud could not have happened. By no stretch of the imagination can they do this in Georgia and elsewhere: thus election results are at best uncertifiable.

It is not necessary to prove election fraud but only to show that significant fraud could have happened. What we see in Georgia and other swing states is not only that fraud could have happened but that it obviously did happen. The odds of so many unprecedent anomalies and irregularities all being in favor of Biden are so small, it is obvious election fraud happened and that it was massive. Biden did not win. Trump did. No reasonable person who looks at the evidence can conclude otherwise.

Election results in Georgie and other swing states are clearly uncertifiable. It is the duty of state legislatures to ensure that their election have been run fairly and results have not been tampered with, that they are not fraudulent; that there has been no ballot stuffing, that ballot counting was honest and observed by both sides, that voting machines were not connected to the internet and that they could not possibly have been manipulated by anyone at any time. Georgia and other swing states cannot do this. It is a national disgrace that mainstream media, virtually all Democrats and far too many Republicans dare pretend otherwise.

Patrick Byrne doing his best to tell hard truths

This is another terrific interview with Patrick Byrne. He has many insights and provides a great deal of explosive information on the presidency, the president’s predicament, the Deep State, election fraud and more.

I have read criticism of Byrne offering and then withholding information he knows. Having been in the position myself of having complex information that is either too shocking or too complex to get out easily, I sympathize with Byrne and even find his occasional dissembling or awkwardness confirmation that he is doing his best to tell hard truths.

Conveying meaning and information through language is a major topic of this site. I am very aware of how difficult it can be to say even simple truths, let alone complex ones with dangerous implications. Listen for what Byrne does not say, never says, for clues about what else he knows.

Presidential Veto Message to the House of Representatives for H.R. 6395


I am returning, without my approval, H.R. 6395, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (the “Act”).  My Administration recognizes the importance of the Act to our national security.  Unfortunately, the Act fails to include critical national security measures, includes provisions that fail to respect our veterans and our military’s history, and contradicts efforts by my Administration to put America first in our national security and foreign policy actions.  It is a “gift” to China and Russia…

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Patrick Byrne describes Oval Office meeting and how Trump is being sabotaged by his own staff

Great interview. Byrne vividly describes how bad the president’s lawyers are; not only openly disrespecting him but also undermining powerful strategies to expose election fraud and ensure his second term. Byrne also describes the president as highly intelligent and too nice to the lawyers who were actually yelling at him. “I would have fired them on the spot,” Byrne says. Much more information is revealed in the interview. Well-worth viewing.

Asymptomatic spread of covid? Evidence saying otherwise buried

The justification for masks and lockdowns has been that asymptomatic carriers of covid are major spreaders of the disease. Yet there is significant evidence showing otherwise; that asymptomatic carriers do not spread the disease at all.

The conclusion is not that asymptomatic spread is rare or that the science is uncertain. The study revealed something that hardly ever happens in these kinds of studies. There was not one documented case. Forget rare. Forget even Fauci’s previous suggestion that asymptomatic transmission exists but not does drive the spread. Replace all that with: never. At least not in this study for 10,000,000.

Stringent COVID-19 control measures were imposed in Wuhan between January 23 and April 8, 2020. Estimates of the prevalence of infection following the release of restrictions could inform post-lockdown pandemic management. Here, we describe a city-wide SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening programme between May 14 and June 1, 2020 in Wuhan. All city residents aged six years or older were eligible and 9,899,828 (92.9%) participated. No new symptomatic cases and 300 asymptomatic cases (detection rate 0.303/10,000, 95% CI 0.270–0.339/10,000) were identified. There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases. 107 of 34,424 previously recovered COVID-19 patients tested positive again (re-positive rate 0.31%, 95% CI 0.423–0.574%). The prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in Wuhan was therefore very low five to eight weeks after the end of lockdown. (Asymptomatic Spread Revisited)

One might suppose that this would be huge news. It would allow us to open up everything immediately. With the whole basis for post-curve-flattening lockdowns crumbled, we could go back to living a normal life. The fear could evaporate. We could take comfort in our normal intuition that healthy people can get out and about with no risk to others. We could take off our masks. We could go to movies and sports events. 

Given this evidence, it is more than reasonable to suspect lockdowns have been intended to transfer wealth from small businesses to big while also crushing the middle classes into subservience. Independent thought and action is further suppressed by mandating masks, while also hiding evidence about them.

Two first-rate essays from The Conservative Treehouse

If you want to understand the deep reasons Donald Trump is so popular and why he is not like any other politician out there today, the best place to go is The Conservative Treehouse (CTH).

Recently, CTH was kicked off its platform of many years due to its consistent non-mainstream wrong-think and for being far too popular for Big Tech to allow it to continue unmolested. Something similar happened to the The Unz Review • An Alternative Media Selection, about six months ago.

CTH and UR are very different sites and should not be confused with each other, though both are good compliments to each other if you want information that is being deliberately kept off mainstream media.

After being deplatformed last month, CTH has made a new home free from Big Tech oversight. Two essays appearing yesterday are well-worth reading.

The first, Jumping Ju Ju Bones, Congress Agrees to 2.3 TRILLION Spending Package, 900 BILLION COVID Bailout Plus 1.4 Trillion Omnibus Spending, provides deep insight into the so-called “COVID Bailout,” AKA yet another “Blue States bailout.”

CTH knew Pelosi and UniParty leadership were going to use the 2008/2009 TARP approach to construct the scale of their COVID bail-out package, but we had no idea they were going to use the EXACT SAME amount…  The UniParty is flying high tonight.

According to recent reports (which seem accurate) congress has just agreed to the largest bailout and budget combined spending bill in history.  The seriously sketchy COVID “relief” (insert term “bailout”) package is $900 billion, and they are throwing in a $1.4 Trillion omnibus spending bill… This is literally identical to what Pelosi and crew did when Obama was coming into office in 2007.

The second essay, COVID-19 Study of Almost Ten Million Finds No Evidence of Asymptomatic Spread, Media Quiet, discusses the lack of evidence for asymptomatic spread of covid19. This lack of evidence is obviously very significant since lockdowns and universal masking are based on the notion that the virus is spread by people with no symptoms.

An interesting article from the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) is gaining increased attention as questions about asymptomatic spread of COVID-19, the baseline for all COVID mitigation, is being reconciled with the latest tracing data.

In essence, the larger question being asked is: can people without coronavirus symptoms spread the COVID-19 virus?  This question is at the heart of all current COVID mitigation efforts.  If there is no asymptomatic spread then what is all of this mask wearing nonsense and shut-down mandates all about?

I highly recommend visiting CTH regularly. It brings a very well-argued American conservative perspective to current events; a perspective almost never encountered in mainstream news, which frankly has become almost nothing but shallow globalist propaganda.