Ivermectin greatly reduces covid hospitalizations and deaths in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY, May 26, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A city-wide initiative in Mexico’s bustling capital to prescribe ivermectin to COVID-19 positive patients has resulted in a 52–76 percent reduction in hospitalizations, according to research by the Mexican Digital Agency for Public Innovation (DAPI), Mexico’s Ministry of Health, and the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

After Mexico City introduced ivermectin plan, COVID hospitalizations and deaths disappeared

Johns Hopkins prof: Half of Americans have natural immunity; dismissing it is ‘biggest failure of medical leadership’

A professor with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has said that there is a general dismissal of the fact that more than half of all Americans have developed natural immunity to the coronavirus and that it constitutes “one of the biggest failures of our current medical leadership.”

Dr. Marty Makary made the comments during a recent interview, noting that “natural immunity works” and it is wrong to vilify those who don’t want the vaccine because they have already recovered from the virus.

Makary criticised “the most slow, reactionary, political CDC in American history” for not clearly communicating the scientific facts about natural immunity compared to the kind of immunity developed through vaccines.

Johns Hopkins Prof: Half Of Americans Have Natural Immunity; Dismissing It Is ‘Biggest failure Of Medical Leadership’

Inhalable Nanobody (PiN-21) prevents and treats SARS-CoV-2 infections in Syrian hamsters at ultra-low doses

Globally there is an urgency to develop effective, low-cost therapeutic interventions for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We previously generated the stable and ultrapotent homotrimeric Pittsburgh inhalable Nanobody 21 (PiN-21). Using Syrian hamsters that model moderate to severe COVID-19 disease, we demonstrate the high efficacy of PiN-21 to prevent and treat SARS-CoV-2 infection. Intranasal delivery of PiN-21 at 0.6 mg/kg protects infected animals from weight loss and substantially reduces viral burdens in both lower and upper airways compared to control. Aerosol delivery of PiN-21 facilitates deposition throughout the respiratory tract and dose minimization to 0.2 mg/kg. Inhalation treatment quickly reverses animals’ weight loss post-infection and decreases lung viral titers by 6 logs leading to drastically mitigated lung pathology and prevents viral pneumonia. Combined with the marked stability and low production cost, this novel therapy may provide a convenient and cost-effective option to mitigate the ongoing pandemic.


The link above contains a preprint of the entire study.

Study shows natural immunity to covid long-lasting

ST. LOUIS — Researchers here have discovered cells in the bone marrow of COVID-19 survivors that were still producing antibodies against the virus months after recovery, suggesting immunity may last far longer than once thought.

In a study released Monday in Nature, researchers show that among a group of 19 participants who previously had mild cases of COVID-19, 15 had antibody-producing cells in their bone marrow that target the virus that causes COVID-19.

Washington U study finds clues to long-term COVID-19 immunity in survivors’ bone marrow

We already know 85% of the population is immune to covid or gets it so slightly they are “asymptomatic.” Transmission within households is only sixteen percent, which is strong supporting evidence for widespread high prior immunity. Moreover, in this Tweet and others, Ethical Skeptic has provided abundant evidence that covid may have been circulating as early as 2017, almost certainly well before autumn 2019. All of this evidence contributes to the belief that covid policy has not been based on rigorous science but rather on political considerations, which in this case must necessarily be nefarious. I leave it up to readers to decide if the motive was “simply” to unseat Trump or something even worse.

Why does a gout attack stop? Roadmap for the immune pathogenesis of gout

Below is a small excerpt from an excellent paper on why gout flares occur and why and how they stop. Link to full paper below quote. ABN

Pathogenesis of chronic tophaceous gout

One of the most intriguing observations in gout is that inflammation resolves quite rapidly despite the sustained presence of the triggering factor, namely MSU crystals. In contrast to other forms of inflammatory disease affecting the musculoskeletal system, such as rheumatoid arthritis or spondyloarthritis, the symptoms of an acute gout attack cease after a few days, suggesting that the body mounts effective mechanisms to stop inflammation. It needs to be mentioned that inflammation does not resolve because it effectively clears MSU crystal deposits and hence removes the triggering factor. In fact, the body manages to turn down inflammation despite the fact that MSU deposits are still present, which is a remarkable process. Imaging studies by dual-energy CT have impressively underlined this finding and have shown that profound MSU crystals deposits can be observed in articular and periarticular structures despite the absence of clinical signs of inflammation.8 ,9 Clinically, this stage of the disease is known as chronic tophaceous gout, which can be clinically silent for rather longer periods before a flare reoccurs.10

Why does the gout attack stop? A roadmap for the immune pathogenesis of gout

Dr Michael Yeadon on covid

direct link

The next time we face a pandemic, I hope governments will gather many experts, including people like Yeadon, and encourage all of them to openly discuss what is happening and what to do. No expert with conflicts of interest, such as Fauci, should ever be in control of any aspect of government policy toward any pandemic. MSM should somehow be forced to report all views and remain open-minded. This would be more likely to happen if national leaders encouraged it and also supported a full variety of voices. Covid policy in USA has been run by ignorant journalists, ignorant politicians, and a handful of experts who all have either conflicts of interest or are afraid of others who have them. I hope covid serves as a lesson we never repeat.

Future Science – The Wave Genome – Quantum Holography of DNA with Ulrike Granögger

UPDATE: This video is thought provoking and surely valid in many ways.

I am going to align two core ideas presented in the video and briefly explain how they relate to FIML practice:

DNA can be spoken to


while the chemical structure of DNA molecules will be almost the same in virtually all organisms, the electromagnetic informational signals or holographic images that travel upon these molecules can be vastly different

a language/semiotic signal occurs in a context. when we correct a language/semiotic signal through FIML we prevent an error from changing the context, which it is liable to do.

by doing this many times, we strengthen a healthy (mutual & individual) mind context; strengthen its coherence and efficiency while also strengthening the method for doing this

in a wider sense, “correcting” for good ends could also be “manipulating” for bad ends.* in a narrow context between two people playing the FIML game, manipulative correcting for bad ends could happen but would be difficult to maintain over a wide/large interpersonal context though this is possible. an evil FIML partner is possible. it is also possible for both partners to be evil

that said it is easier to be good and more satisfying to be good, so more FIML partners will tend toward the good than the bad. good FIML partners will strengthen their shared holographic context and expand it in good ways

*scams, propaganda, cheating, etc

Lockdowns caused 282 times years of life lost: Canadian economics professor

Lockdowns are conferring little benefit, but causing colossal damage, an economics professor has concluded, using a cost benefit analysis to calculate that strict Covid restrictions caused 282 times the loss of years of life that it saved. 

…He was highly critical of the one sided narrative and information suppression of the main stream media, big tech, and the political establishment.

“The ubiquitous media, public health, and political response to the pandemic has been one-sided, incomplete, and almost unchanging over the past year, said Prof. Allen.

“With respect to lockdown policies, many political jurisdictions have repeated the same spring 2020 programs in 2021, ignoring what has been learned in the meantime. Often public announcements were made that were inconsistent with basic Covid-19 facts that were easy to look up if you know where to look. Furthermore, when research results contrary to the official government response were shared on social media, they were often pulled from social media platforms.”

Decision to lockdown caused 282 times the loss of years of life says Economics professor

Prominent virologist: “New [covid] variants are a result of the vaccination… It’s an enormous mistake.”

Prof. Montagnier referred to the vaccine program for the coronavirus as an “unacceptable mistake”. Mass vaccinations are a “scientific error as well as a medical error,” he said. “It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants,” Prof. Luc Montagnier continued.

The prominent virologist explained that “there are antibodies, created by the vaccine,” forcing the virus to “find another solution” or die. This is where the variants are created. It is the variants that “are a production and result from the vaccination.”

Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’

“>90% of uninfected adults showed antibody reactivity against SARSCoV2.”

1/New Peer-reviewed Canadian study in Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight: "Majority of uninfected adults show pre-existing antibody reactivity against SARSCoV2"

"Pre-existing cross-reactivity to SARSCoV2 occurs in absence of prior viral exposure"


2/ “>90% of uninfected adults showed antibody reactivity against SARSCoV2. This seroreactivity was evenly distributed across age & sex, correlated with circulating coronaviruses’ reactivity.. We conclude most adults display pre-existing antibody cross-reactivity against SARSCoV2″

3/ "The presence of pre-existing SARSCoV2 antibody reactivity in uninfected individuals in the current study is consistent with the detection of Tcell reactivity against SARSCoV2 in about 40% of uninfected individuals."

Originally tweeted by Kulvinder Kaur MD (@dockaurG) on May 16, 2021.

Are vaccines CAUSING the recent spikes in deaths? Strong evidence cannot be ignored

Mike Whitney proposes the following hypothesis, which is well-worth considering:

The sharp rise in cases and deaths following mass vaccination is NOT related to Covid “the respiratory illness”, but Covid “the vascular disease”. The vascular component is mainly the result of spike proteins produced by cells in the lining of the blood vessels (Endothilium) that are activating platelets that cause blood clots and bleeding. The other main factor is autoimmune reaction in which the killer lymphocytes attack one’s own body triggering widespread inflammation (and potential organ failure.). In short, the post-injection fatalities are caused by the spike proteins produced by the vaccines and not by Covid. Once again, look at the chart of Cambodia. There were no deaths prior to vaccination. All the deaths came afterwards. That suggests that the fatalities are attributable to the vaccines. (Mass Vaccination triggers sharp spike in Cases and Deaths)

One piece of evidence he provides is this:

“What is very clear looking at data worldwide, is that vaccinations are certainly not associated with a reliable fall in covid cases in any predictable timeframe. This, alongside the observations in the trial, surely must be addressed. What is happening here? Is it just that vaccinations are coincidentally being rolled out at the same time as outbreaks are due? In very many places? Or is the vaccine not working immediately? If not, why not? … Or is the vaccine making people more susceptible to infection? If this is the case … is this a temporary effect? What causes it? … How long does it take for any increased susceptibility to diminish?”…We are told that everyone must be vaccinated (but) How can free informed consent be given under these conditions?” (“Covid-rates Post Vaccination around the World”, Inform Scotland)

Another piece is this:

there is also a very real possibility, supported by animal experiments as well as by the studies cited above, that the vaccine itself may produce symptoms in vulnerable people which are then attributed to Covid-19. The damage to health may be especially severe in an individual who has been recently or is concurrently infected with the actual virus.

There is therefore every reason to doubt the manufacturers’ assurances that the deaths and injuries seen to be accompanying vaccination, and that in some instances look like and are being attributed to Covid-19, are unrelated to the jabs. The situation is serious enough for some doctors and scientists to be calling for a moratorium on further Covid vaccinations until it has been properly investigated.” (“Every reason to doubt the vaccine makers’ reassurances“, Conservative Woman)

A third piece of evidence provided by Whitney is this:

The team then replicated this process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells (which line arteries) to the spike protein. They showed that the spike protein damaged the cells by binding ACE2. This binding disrupted ACE2’s molecular signaling to mitochondria (organelles that generate energy for cells), causing the mitochondria to become damaged and fragmented.

Previous studies have shown a similar effect when cells were exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but this is the first study to show that the damage occurs when cells are exposed to the spike protein on its own.” (“The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness, Salk.edu)

I can add that Geert Vanden Bossche has advanced a similar hypothesis while also noting that vaccines may drive the evolution of more contagious variants, which we are also seeing.

Similarly, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi has argued that the vaccines risk harming epithelial cells. Other doctors and medical professionals who have argued along the lines of Whitney’s hypothesis can be found by scrolling through our health tag.

A very disturbing aspect of all of the above is MSM and the CDC are completely ignoring all of it.

Whitney also includes the following video, which ABN posted yesterday. I am including a Bitchute version of that video below in case the YouTube link is disappeared.

The impact of vaccines on mortality: