Former Director of Pentagon “UFO program” on why UFO information is being made public now

Part Two: “Pay attention for the next thirty days. I think this… is about to get real interesting… This is a process not an event.”

What are the odds that an alien race visiting us would be using technology only 100 years ahead of ours? Why not thousands, millions, or billions of years ahead of ours? One hundred years is next to nothing on cosmic time scales. So if Elizondo is right about this claim, then: 1) the technology could be terrestrial, coming from Russia, China, or Western Europe; 2) a much more advanced alien civilization is allowing us to see only this technology and not more; and 3) the alien civilization is technologically only a few centuries ahead of us.

The third option is the least likely while the second is the most likely—an alien civilization is allowing us to see only technology we can (almost) understand. In my view, any highly advanced civilization visiting earth would almost certainly not want o harm us. They would show their hand gradually to prevent panic and confusion. Based on this reasoning, the second option again seems most likely. Since UFOs have been reliably observed since before the 1950s, it seems very unlikely the technology is a human invention.

Is Big Tech a Big Money loser?

Donald Trump responds to Facebook’s decision to keep him banned, calling it a, “total embarrassment.” Notice he has not yet created clones of twitter, facebook, and other Big Tech giants. The reason may be, even he could not afford to operate such a losing business model, without a huge inflow of pilfered cash directed from all of Cabal’s corruption. It would bankrupt him in short order. Think of Hotwheels, who founded 8Chan, only to end up losing it because he could not afford to run it. All that traffic, and he could not advertise, he could not monetize, he could not get donations – all he ended up doing was paying massive amounts of cash for seemingly never-ending bandwidth.

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The idea is that the Cabal uses social media to spy on everyone while simultaneously propagandizing everything, controlling all information. Consider that covid has been treated by MSM, Big Tech, and globalists the same as Donald Trump was and is treated—with lies, censorship, and a stupid narrative—and you can see a pattern of information distortion, fabrication, and control. Who or what is the Cabal? Look at who is doing it and who is pulling the strings. Cabal will look different from different angles and locations like the proverbial elephant, but you can see it is there, an elephant that is always in the room. DC is a captured government as are all its agencies. Whether Big Tech is a money loser or not doesn’t change this picture because money at the top flows like a river and top people can direct it wherever they want. It’s all free money for them.

AZ audit apparently surveiled for disruptive purpose

An Intelligence surveillance aircraft has been circling the AZ audit location and collecting information on American citizens working for election integrity. Oddly enough a lot of times you can search a tail number of something flying over you low and slow and come up with a twitter hashtag with somebody outing a plane as running surveillance on them or their areas. My guess is Cabal is identifying everyone who goes in there, assigning their local coverage teams to put them all in fishbowls, and looking for anybody they can turn screws on and get them to corrupt the process.

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FLASHBACK NOV 5: Dr. Steve Pieczenik on WATERMARK sting operation

Trump arranged a sting operation hiding trackable QFS blockchain encryption code onto ballots. “This is really a sting operation, contrary to what everyone else said,” Pieczenik explained. “We watermarked every ballot with QFS blockchain encryption code. In other words, we know pretty well where every ballot is, where it went and who has it, so this is not a stolen election.”

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Reveals Ballots Were Watermarked With QFS Encryption – US Election 2020

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America first ride review

Harley-Davidson has introduced an adventure motorcycle that will redefine the approachability of large adventure bikes.

I’ll spend the next 4,000 words or so dissecting that statement, but if you read nothing else, you can walk away with my general thesis.

Let’s take a second to appreciate the significance of this model. This is Harley-Davidson’s first time venturing outside of the cruiser and touring segments since before I was born (at least with a gasoline-burning model). So for them to branch out into the wildly popular and hugely competitive ADV segment is a big deal. For them to introduce such an innovative and impressive machine is even more important.

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Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey

(NOTE: I first posted this in July 2013. Hit the mark pretty good, I’d say. ABN)

The NSA database shows once again that it is technology that moves the world more than ideology. I doubt there is anything anyone can do to stop this database or others like it, here or abroad.

We can maybe hope that those who have access to databases of this type are completely honest and that they function within perfect systems that have no corruption, but historically that is highly improbable.

Big databases like the NSA’s (and we know there are more of them) create a form of international competition akin to the arms race. If we don’t get ahead of others, they will get ahead of us.

In the near-term, our best hope is probably for even more technology in the form of accurate lie-detectors that can be used to keep all of us honest, including those with access to the database. I do believe that the database has rendered our traditional form of government obsolete and that there is no turning back.

In the long-term, the database will surely look passe, even puny. Isn’t it likely to be a precursor to the even larger database that will house our electronic/digital “selves” once we have achieved a non-biological stage of evolution (if we haven’t already)? Will we need or even want privacy then?

For today, a conundrum in the database arms race is that the NSA has in one way made us “safer” by staying ahead of other countries (I guess), but it has also made us less safe because no database like that can be made perfectly unhackable.

The database should make it clear to even more people that we fundamentally have no idea how our government works or who controls it to what purpose. Rather than look behind the scenes for who has the “real” skinny, as we naively did twenty years ago, now we must wonder if anything known to the public has any bearing at all on what is really going on.

first posted JULY 13, 2013