CodeMonkeyZ: “What I put out is maybe 1%… Maybe 1% of 1%”

Ron told us, “The video I put out was 1 minute 13 seconds and I’ve got approximately 30 minutes of video total.”

…Ron Watkins: And what I put out is maybe 1% is conservative. Maybe 1% of 1%. What I put out is highly focused because it caught the CEO of Dominion in perjury. He said there’s no way these machines can be connected in his Michigan testimony. Well they can be… Technically they can be connected by the administration BIOS.


CodeMonkeyZ: Video and boot information on Dominion machines

Code Monkey has more. It turns out the boot options are to boot from the SATA drive on board, or to boot from an embedded network interface card, ie from a remote drive somewhere else, probably off the internet. He shows the screenshot of the screen, which shows USB boot enabled, which was a third option, to boot from a USB stick somebody brought with still different software. The question is were any of those remote or USB boot option software packages reviewed and/or certified by the election certification bodies?

Code Monkey’s 1:17 minute long video is here, showing the whistleblower’s evidence that the state has the bios passwords Maricopa claims they don’t have (which they can’t release because it would prove the system was knowingly rigged instantly), and that the voting machines connect to the internet, which Dominion denies, because that would show the elections were knowingly rigged by a corrupt system.


More than 2 million bot hits from China took journal offline for 3 hrs: Dr Robert Malone

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This refers to the article with the “smoking gun” news about Antibody Dependent Enhancement. Why is China attacking Robert Malone? Why is US government ignoring Robert Malone? In this and in many other areas it seems bad actors in USA are colluding with bad actors in China. This collusion always promotes pseudoscience and always blocks real science. From the beginning of covid till now this pattern has been apparent. ABN

The USA’s four branches of government

…There are now officially four branches of government.  The modern and corrupt Intelligence Community, the proverbial IC, is the intelligence branch that supersedes the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

…The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government all defer to, and facilitate, the Intelligence branch.

The Intelligence Branch of government is a public-private partnership that includes governmental agencies and private sector technology groups, Big Tech.  The partnership is funded in part by public taxpayer dollars and massive financial interests like BlackRock and Vanguard.  The IC Branch is a partnership between the U.S. government and the private sector; that is why various elements within the Intelligence Branch use ‘contractors‘.


It’s been this way for a long time. I do not see what anyone can do about it. The most powerful and valuable perch in the world is control of the NSA database. See this for more: The NSA database. ABN

The Guy That Designed the AZ Ballots Blows the Lid Off What’s About to Come Out Monday

In this video, BOB HUGHES receives a standing ovation after previewing some of the security features used during the Arizona audit. This includes the fact that the ballots were authenticated by police forensic cameras. On Monday, additional details of the audit will be revealed.


Ethical Skeptic’s Take on the Preliminary Assessment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Ethical Skeptic does a fine slap-down on phony skeptics as does the Preliminary Assessment itself. ABN

From ES:

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has issued its long awaited Report on the UAP phenomenon. Sorry UFO skeptics, but you lost this round of the argument. In addition, you were implicated by government and military officials for oppressive anti-science sociocultural impacts surrounding the issue. This Report was a spanking. Better get used to this happening over and over again.

…Despite what may be spun on the part of oppressive voices regarding the conclusions of this Report, nonetheless its implications are rather astounding and merit particular attention on the part of science. Although the document was deemed ‘preliminary’ in its release title, it also unequivocally identifies eight monumental disclosures within its structure – indeed six of an observational and two of an ontological nature.1

From: Ethical Skeptic’s Take on the Preliminary Assessment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

From the report:

Disclosure #7: ‘Sociocultural stigmas’ (exempli gratia Social Skepticism) constitute a main obstacle to UAP research science. Risk of ‘disparagement and reputational’ harm ‘serves to keep many observers silent’. The Report stipulated that this suppression is waning, but also needs to be ended by means of formalizing a ‘recognized UAP reporting process’.

Advances in PCs and PC 5G connectivity

Every major PC brand is incorporating more of the technologies that have made our phones so central to our lives. They’re embracing power-sipping but powerful processors and sharper displays, along with the related decrease in thickness and weight—and increase in battery life. And these evolving technologies are making possible more post-clamshell laptop designs, including “detachables” (tablets that snap into keyboards) and 2-in-1s (thin laptops with 360-degree hinges that fold into tablet form).

Why PCs Are Turning Into Giant Phones

Bernard Kerik: “They’re using the same methods CASINOS have used for decades to catch cheaters”

An interesting article on the Arizona audit by Bernard Kerik, where he seems to indicate the auditors bought in experts in Casino security and surveillance, and had them set up a Casino-type surveillance system for the audit, designed to catch fraud and cheaters in a Casino. He says with the system he saw documenting things, the entire audit will be 100% unimpeachable, and that is what is terrifying the Democrats.


Attorney General Merrick Garland Pre-Positioning Assets Against Looming Election Audit Results and Voter Data Forensics

The next war will not come from foreign soil, it is about to happen based on a great awakening in the heavily corrupt and manipulated voting system in the United States.  The battle is about to happen right here on our soil.

BIG PICTURE – United States Attorney General Merrick Garland is pre-positioning assets from the DOJ and FBI [LINK].  Simultaneous to this, the U.S. military leadership is purging patriots and putting all service members under surveillance [LINK].  These two factual events are directly related.

In the background of these maneuvers Big Tech and Corporate Media have been instructed to push the “domestic extremist” narrative; and any truth-tellers are considered subversive and against the interests of the U.S. government.  The January 6th DC protest is being used as evidence for that narrative.  Deplatforming, censorship and ultimately control of voices who would warn of the larger issues continues daily.

Let me be very clear… stop and hear the drums… Something is about to happen.

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Flooding the Zone, Another Report of Hackers Stealing Personal Data of 26 Million Big Tech Platform Users

Color me increasingly suspicious of the sudden ‘uptick’ in cyber hacking reports. The timeline tells a bigger story and my hunch is this is the creation of cover for a future U.S. government position that audit outcomes should be ignored because cyber security breaches are common.

In March of this year the media reported about the U.S. Department of Homeland Security getting ready to hire public companies, individual contractors outside government, to scour public data and social media in order to provide information for the new “domestic terror watch lists.” From the description it appeared DHS was going to pay “big tech” (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, etc.), via contracts, to hire and organize internal monitoring teams to assist the government by sending information on citizens they deem “dangerous”, ie “domestic extremists” {LINK}.

To facilitate that national security objective the Feds were going to need to work with outside government entities, FBI contractors, to permit access to monitoring systems. However, additionally interesting…. immediately after that DHS announcement suddenly there’s an uptick in cyber intrusions, pipelines hacked etc. Then the FBI says they recovered the ransom payment by knowing the private credentials to the hackers. That’s very fishy.

Now today:

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