Senator Mark Warner Says “People Will Die” if Trump Mar-a-Lago Documents Become Public

Now you are going to see why it was necessary to write the previous article about the Trump -v- Clinton lawsuit.

We must stop pretending. Everyone, including everyone who reads here and specifically SSCI Chairman Mark Warner, already knows what is in those documents from Mar-a-Lago.  Those documents contain the evidence of the collective government effort to target candidate Trump and then effectively remove President Trump.  THAT effort included the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  Stop pretending.

Senator Mark Warner was at the heart of the legislative branch effort in the aftermath of the failed attempt to stop candidate Trump from winning the 2016 election.  Senator Warner specifically instructed Senate Security Director James Wolfe to leak the Carter Page FISA application, with an intent to further the effort to install a special counsel to help cover-up the pre-election activity.  Warner is enmeshed in the corruption created by the false Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy nonsense.

With Warner’s instructions to Wolfe in mind, there is a specific statement in this ridiculous effort at narrative construction called an interview, that is just exponentially hubris, [@6:16] “The record of our intelligence committee of keeping secrets secret, that’s why the Intelligence Committee shares information with us,” Warner claims.

No, the direct ideological alignment between the corrupt intelligence apparatus and the SSCI that is why the Intelligence Committee coordinates with the Senate.  WATCH:


Said it before and I’ll say it again, Sundance is one of our best analysts of how American politics really functions. I tend to see a nefarious cabal above it all plus a great deal of clandestine interpersonal violence, which is a form of kinetic asymmetric warfare, below it all—neither of which Sundance includes—but for everything in-between he is a master at describing American political machinations. I highly recommend checking his site daily. I have no financial or other interest in this recommendation and doubt Sundance even knows who I am. ABN

‘He must be insane, or suffering from late stage dementia!’ Trump rails against Biden after ‘awkward and angry’ Pennsylvania speech and calls for someone to explain MAGA to him ‘slowly but passionately’

  • Donald Trump took to his Truth Social account late on Thursday to slam Biden’s ‘awkward and angry’ speech
  • The ex-president called on someone to explain to his successor what MAGA meant, ‘slowly but passionately’
  • Trump also accused the 79-year-old of ‘threatening America, including with the possible use of military force’
  • Earlier Biden had taken to stage at Independence Hall in Philadelphia where he furiously denounced Trump
  • He accused him of ‘destroying American democracy’ and slammed him saying the 2020 election was stolen
  • Biden also branded him – and MAGA Republicans who follow him – as ‘extremism that threatens our republic’

Who is the puppet master?

This is the right question. And not only Birx, but also who controls Fauci, Collins, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, McConnell, Garland, Wray and all the rest. The West has been taken over and we actually do not know who did it and who rules us today. A major clue is they clearly hate Western society and peoples. ABN

President Trump has “records that are very damaging to Obama, Biden, Hillary, the FBI… and that’s why they did this unprecedented home-raid on a former president”

President Trump is the true and actual president of the United States of America. His office and power were usurped. Biden is a marionette, a morally insensate actor being used by the traitors who have stolen the presidency from the American people. By raiding President Trump’s home they brutally underscore their disregard for law, decency, and and the rightful occupant of the president’s office. ABN

Early treatments for covid, which were BANNED, shown to be more effective than masks and vaxxes – study

Link to study: Statistical Analysis Methods Applied to Early Outpatient COVID-19 Treatment Case Series Data. Not only did USA not use early treatment for covid, early treatments were banned. Banning early treatments constitutes a crime and may be the crime of the century, certainly one of the worst crimes ever perpetrated by official health authorities anywhere. Mandating untested and dangerous vaxxes is a partner in that crime and may prove within a year to be even worse than banning early treatments. ABN

Report, Congressional Gang of Eight Wants to See FBI Affidavit and Trump’s Evidence Against Them Contained in Confiscated Documents from Mar-a-Lago Raid

It simply makes sense.  The legislative oversight group known as the “Gang of Eight” want to see the documents confiscated by the DOJ National Security Division from the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.  The reason and motives are simple.

If Donald Trump has evidence of the corruption in the Trump-Russia collusion fabrication and targeting effort, there would be evidence of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) participating in joint-effort with the DOJ and FBI.  When the FBI launched their 2016 targeting operation against candidate Donald Trump, it was the SSCI who coordinated with them.

epitome of degeneracy

Something is Looming Geopolitically, and We Better Start Taking It Seriously

As a result of western governments’ taking collective action under the auspices of a ‘climate change’ agenda, we are on the cusp of something happening with ramifications that no one has ever seen before.

Western governments’, specifically western Europe, North America (U.S-Canada) and Australia/New Zealand, are intentionally trying to lower economic activity to meet the intentional drop in energy production.

This is the core consequence of the Build Back Better agenda as promoted by the World Economic Forum.

Anyone who says there is a reference point to determine both the short-term and long-term consequences is lying. There is no precedent for nations’ collectively and intentionally trying to reduce economic activity.


Covid lockdowns were practice for what’s coming. Looks like they are going for more control, moving beyond covid, establishing digital identities, inducing doubt, obedience and fear in Western populations. All of this strengthens the supposition that usurpers in the West did the initial covid attack on the world, especially when considered in light of the extremely abusive and very well coordinated Western response to covid. There is no question in my mind that we are at war with whoever is doing this. Western civilization has been taken over by people who hate it. ABN

Paul Sperry: Lies, Damned Lies, And The Jan. 6 Committee

The Select Committee to Investigate Jan. 6 has adjourned for a well-deserved summer break. Misleading the public is exhausting work.

A careful review of the official transcripts of its eight long hearings shows the committee repeatedly made connections that weren’t there, took events and quotes out of context, exaggerated the violence of the Capitol rioters, and omitted key exculpatory evidence otherwise absolving former President Donald Trump of guilt. While in some cases, it lied by omission, in others, it lied outright. It also made a number of unsubstantiated charges based on the secondhand accounts—hearsay testimony—of a young witness with serious credibility problems.

These weren’t off-the-cuff remarks. Panelists didn’t misspeak. Their statements were tightly scripted and loaded into teleprompters, which they read verbatim.

In other words, the committee deliberately chummed out disinformation to millions of viewers of not just cable TV, but also the Big Three TV networks—ABC, CBS, and NBC—which agreed to preempt regular daytime and even primetime programming to air the Democratic-run hearings. And because Democrats refused to allow dissenting voices on the panel or any cross-examination of witnesses, viewers had no reference points to understand how they, along with the two Trump-hating Republicans they allowed on the committee, shaded the truth.


Coordination Between J6 Committee and Politically Motivated DOJ is Intended to Break Attorney-Client Firewalls in Trump Targeting Effort

The long-term motives and plans of the J6 committee and their coordination with the DOJ are starting to come into increased clarity as the mid-term elections draw near.

A key indicator of the strategy from within the J6/DOJ effort surfaced when the quasi-constitutional “committee” sent a subpoena to former President Trump legal counsel Pat Cipollone, then leaked the subpoena, then leaked the testimony, then shaped, edited and broadcast the testimony during their prime-time broadcast.   After the J6 broadcast, attorney Cipollene was then subpoenaed by the DOJ and recent reports indicate he is being called to testify before a grand jury.

The legal strategy, hereafter called by what it is, a Lawfare strategy, is now clear.


This demonstrates the degree of parasitic infiltration into our government. There is almost nothing left that has not been corrupted. ABN