On the Genomics of Supernormality & Close Encounters of the 6th Kind

Garry Nolan offers some informed speculation

We’re all just quantum information fields. The proteins and everything that we are sits in a quantum information field. Those proteins and the atoms that make them up are as well quantum information. So why shouldn’t they be receptive to other forms of quantum information transfer that we already naturally assume is real?


Dr Garry Nolan on UFO encounters and brain anomalies associated with them

…Everybody has this connectivity region in general, but let’s say for the average person that the density level is 1x. Most of the people in the study had 5x to 10x and up to 15x, the normal density in this region. In this case we are speculating that density implies some sort of neuronal function.


Did the people who claimed that they’d had an encounter, especially the pilots, describe any perceivable decrease in neurological capacity? 
Of the 100 or so patients that we looked at, about a quarter of them died from their injuries. The majority of these patients had symptomology that’s basically identical to what’s now called Havana syndrome. We think amongst this bucket list of cases, we had the first Havana syndrome patients. Once this turned into a national security problem with the Havana syndrome I was locked out of all of the access to the files because it’s now a serious potential international incident if they ever figured out who’s been doing it.

That still left individuals who had seen UAPs. They didn’t have Havana syndrome. They had a smorgasbord of other symptoms.