‘There’s enough money in play for people to lie about it. That’s just the truth’ — Stew Peters on Damar Hamlin

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Very good analysis by Peters. You have to admit he is an excellent speaker, whether you like his style or not. He lands on the main point in every sentence and almost never allows extraneous anything to enter in. He also is able to maintain a flawless telegenic focus on the topic or the person he is speaking with. I don’t know about the glitter in his eyes, maybe that’s the only thing slightly off but even that works if you don’t notice it. From a linguistic, rhetorical point of view, Peters is an exceptionally talented speaker of American English of a certain type. I see strains of preacher, carny barker, Alex Jones, and huckster, but he has well-transcended all of those forms and made a style unique to himself. And that’s just the truth. ABN

So they let you work as “essential workers” throughout the entire pandemic where you could literally become infected and die. And now that the 💉 are here, you must all get one or you can’t work anymore…where you already were working.. during the entire deadly pandemic… and you didn’t die ☕️🐸

So they let you work as “essential workers” throughout the entire pandemic where you could literally become infected and die. And now that the 💉 are here, you must all get one or you can’t work anymore…where you already were working.. during the entire deadly pandemic… and you didn’t die ☕️🐸

Don’t forget many companies refused to give hazard pay for being forced to work during it all.

Yup. I was essential and worked through the whole thing with no vaccine. Now all of the scared office workers are coming back and demanding everyone that’s already been here get vaccinated.

I worked every day and never wore a mask at work, including my co-workers. Nobody got Covid. I was even around people that had gotten Covid, and I never got it, and they recovered with no issue, despite them being elderly. In my experience, Covid seems preferable over influenza. There are groups of people that are susceptible to both, but for the average person, neither is a big deal.

I like how they called them essential workers but now that the “pandemic is over” they are just regular fast food and service workers

Unique American voice: Anonymous

What we wanted was an audit, signature verification, ID requirement for voting. They called us extremists.

What we wanted was transparency in elections and real democracy. They called us extremists, nazis and conspiracy theorists.

Meanwhile, Antifa and BLM can bash us all they want and still get out of jail with no consequences.

You guys know what’s happening right?

They’re trying to take away your rights. Your second amendment, your right to vote, your freedom of speech.

Especially, they’ll be targeting your ability to vote the coming 4 years. Their goal is to be a totalitarian party. Same as the CCP, but they’re using other methods.

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“this has transcended politics; this is living history, and it’s an amazing time to be alive”

Before we moved last September, I promised my wife that after the election I would be done with politics and commenting on political websites. She was very happy; she hated the politics talk and all the nonsense that went with it.

For the past week, she’s been asking me a lot of questions about the Trump-Biden issue and what is going on. I’ve given her some information based on what I’ve learned here and on a couple of other sites, but I also told her to be patient and wait it out; there is nothing more that we, as individuals, can do about it now. It’s in God’s hands, so prayer is the best option.

This morning, she just called me asking if it was all going down now. Even now, people are waking up to just how utterly corrupt the system is. And we aren’t in the U.S.; we live in Prince Edward Island. But she is glued to this right now, and she still insists that she hates politics.

I told her that this has transcended politics; this is living history, and it’s an amazing time to be alive.

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Two first-rate essays from The Conservative Treehouse

If you want to understand the deep reasons Donald Trump is so popular and why he is not like any other politician out there today, the best place to go is The Conservative Treehouse (CTH).

Recently, CTH was kicked off its platform of many years due to its consistent non-mainstream wrong-think and for being far too popular for Big Tech to allow it to continue unmolested. Something similar happened to the The Unz Review • An Alternative Media Selection, about six months ago.

CTH and UR are very different sites and should not be confused with each other, though both are good compliments to each other if you want information that is being deliberately kept off mainstream media.

After being deplatformed last month, CTH has made a new home free from Big Tech oversight. Two essays appearing yesterday are well-worth reading.

The first, Jumping Ju Ju Bones, Congress Agrees to 2.3 TRILLION Spending Package, 900 BILLION COVID Bailout Plus 1.4 Trillion Omnibus Spending, provides deep insight into the so-called “COVID Bailout,” AKA yet another “Blue States bailout.”

CTH knew Pelosi and UniParty leadership were going to use the 2008/2009 TARP approach to construct the scale of their COVID bail-out package, but we had no idea they were going to use the EXACT SAME amount…  The UniParty is flying high tonight.

According to recent reports (which seem accurate) congress has just agreed to the largest bailout and budget combined spending bill in history.  The seriously sketchy COVID “relief” (insert term “bailout”) package is $900 billion, and they are throwing in a $1.4 Trillion omnibus spending bill… This is literally identical to what Pelosi and crew did when Obama was coming into office in 2007.

The second essay, COVID-19 Study of Almost Ten Million Finds No Evidence of Asymptomatic Spread, Media Quiet, discusses the lack of evidence for asymptomatic spread of covid19. This lack of evidence is obviously very significant since lockdowns and universal masking are based on the notion that the virus is spread by people with no symptoms.

An interesting article from the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) is gaining increased attention as questions about asymptomatic spread of COVID-19, the baseline for all COVID mitigation, is being reconciled with the latest tracing data.

In essence, the larger question being asked is: can people without coronavirus symptoms spread the COVID-19 virus?  This question is at the heart of all current COVID mitigation efforts.  If there is no asymptomatic spread then what is all of this mask wearing nonsense and shut-down mandates all about?

I highly recommend visiting CTH regularly. It brings a very well-argued American conservative perspective to current events; a perspective almost never encountered in mainstream news, which frankly has become almost nothing but shallow globalist propaganda.

Unique American voices: USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins interviewed by federal postal agents

I am posting this because the interview is controversial and does appear to be coercive in the sense that the agents want Hopkins to recant or downplay his original testimony.

I posted this video yesterday and then took it down after watching more of it because it’s long and probably not going to have much bearing on the election. Reposting this morning under the tag “unique voices” because the video does reveal how an interview with potential national repercussions can be conducted.

Here is a Twitter thread that has a good discussion in more detail: