CHINA: Shanghai lockdown starts again; real reason unclear

Shanghai, China: Shanghai will lock down a district of 2.7 million people on Saturday to conduct mass coronavirus testing, city authorities said, as the Chinese metropolis struggles to fully emerge from punishing curbs.

The city eased many restrictions last week, after confining most of its 25 million residents to their homes since March as China battled its worst Covid outbreak in two years.


We can only guess at the real reason for the many lockdowns in China. A major guess is they are serving as domestic discipline in preparation for war, either aggressive or defensive. Or preparation for a major economic crash due to war or not. Since zero-covid is not possible, there must be some other reason than the ones given by Chinese authorities. Is Xi Jinping an obsessed germophobe and that’s the reason?

One thing is certain: there is great tension among and between the world’s top three military powers—USA, Russia, China. In KOBK game theory, if two of those players team up and attack the third, they probably will win the first round. But even if two of them are teamed up, as many believe China and Russia are, how can they be sure their partner is not double-crossing them? However you look at it, all three of these top players must be tempted to do a first strike with overwhelming nukes on the other two. China probably does not have the weaponry to do that. Russia and USA do. China has manpower, so if teamed with Russia a first strike on USA would be followed up with an invasion of Chinese troops into North America. ABN

RUSSIA invited to send military forces to NICARAGUA: Ortega calls on Putin “to roll out something powerful”

Russian State TV host Olga Skabeeva has hailed the announcement from Nicaragua’s Ortega as she called on Vladimir Putin to “roll out something powerful” to take on the United States amid the war in Ukraine. The Russian anchor spoke out angrily over the deployment of US long-range missiles in Ukraine which have the power to hit targets far inside Russia‘s territory. 


Nuclear vs Conventional War: China (and Russia) vs USA

…The best way to defeat Taiwan is to defeat the U.S. Navy and force Taiwan to surrender by using a blockade. This method is so simple and effective, in fact, that PLA strategists would not fail to use it. Since China must defeat America itself, or suffer isolation as a pariah nation, then China must proceed to nuclear strikes on American military targets in conjunction with her Russian ally. Short of this, a war against Taiwan does not make any strategic sense.

Chinese officials are recorded saying that they are mobilizing for “the final war.” What they are preparing must live up to this characterization. It follows that they are preparing to target the United States with missiles and troops. First, they must destroy America’s land-based missile forces and bomber forces, track down American ballistic missile submarines, and withstand an American nuclear retaliation from the surviving American missiles. This is how a world war is fought in the nuclear age.


I’ve excerpted from the middle of this essay by Jeff Nyquist. The essay is not long and well-worth reading in full. ABN

The secret Ukrainian military programs: Thierry Meyssan

In 2016, the United States committed to arming Ukraine to fight and win a war against Russia. Subsequently, the US Department of Defense organized a biological research program in Ukraine, and then huge amounts of nuclear fuel were secretly transferred to the country. These data change the interpretation of this war: it was not wanted and prepared by Moscow, but by Washington.

Throughout this series of articles, which began a month and a half before the war in Ukraine, I have been developing the idea that the Straussians, the small group of Leo Strauss followers in the US administration, were planning a confrontation against Russia and China. However, in the tenth episode of this series, I related how the Azov regiment became the paramilitary pillar of the Ukrainian Banderists by referring to the visit of Senator John McCain to it in 2016 [1]. However, the latter is not a Straussian, but was advised by Robert Kagan during his presidential election campaign in 2008, a central thinker among the Straussians [2], even though he has always cautiously denied his membership in this sect.


SHANGHAI: Shops and alleyways being fenced off in continuing preparation for war

[This is not about covid but rather domestic discipline in preparation for war. Does not mean war will happen but does mean it has never been so likely. This is preparation for a “People’s War” where all citizens will be required to work toward the war effort. The war may be to take Taiwan by force or it may be to feint toward Taiwan and attack USA. Or it may be to take Taiwan while also preparing for war with USA if USA intervenes. Of course, there are other possibilities. See this for more on this topic. These are very serious events in China. Jeff Nyquist has estimated some 280 million Chinese are locked down right now. ABN]

Shanghai. Authority reinstalling barriers to stop all these shops do their businesses.


This is how Chinese government reinstalling barriers to lock up the shop owners in their shops in the middle of night.

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Dr Li-Meng Yan on leaked PLA Audio & CCP’s plan to invade the world

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Nightmare scenario: 50,000 CCP moles already inside USA on the same day release a new bioweapon in over 100,000 locations, completely paralyzing US society within one week and killing 90% of US population within two weeks. Bonus scenario, the lockdowns and testing in China today are not just preparation for this war but the testing is actually a nasal vaccine being administered repeatedly for best protection against the bioweapon. Similar scenarios will play out simultaneously in Europe and maybe Russia and Japan. End result will be a world completely dominated by CCP, just as General Chi Haotian described. ABN

Jeff Nyquist: Details from the CCP Meeting in Guangdong

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Given the bogus covid lockdowns in China which appear to be disciplinary and which fit with military preparedness described in the leaked meeting, it is not unreasonable to expect strong action against Taiwan soon. Such action could take the form of a blockade or an invasion or an invasion following a blockade. The speech referred to at the end of this short clip is The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian, which describes using bioweapons against the United States with a feint towards Taiwan as an opening ruse. Given the inscrutable origin of covid, which was certainly a bioweapon, one cannot be sanguine about a war between China and Taiwan. From a Chinese point of view, the weak Biden administration must look like their last and best chance to destroy USA and the Western world order. ABN

Scott Ritter: Russia to Score Major Victories in Donbass, Must Adapt to New NATO Game

…Russia’s objectives in this thing – and this is what Russia has said, a permanently neutral non-NATO Ukraine, linked to the strategic objectives that were outlined by Russia. I believe, on 17 December, when they provided two draft treaties, one to the United States, one to NATO, that said that Russia finds the existing situation in Europe this to be NATO and Russia unacceptable and it goes beyond simply Ukraine, beyond simply saying no to the eastward expansion of NATO. And it includes that NATO must work with Russia to redefine what European security looks like and that the new European security framework needs to include NATO’s withdrawing back to the 1990-1997 lines. Now, this is Russia’s stated objectives.

And now we have the United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin speaking about using this conflict to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia by inflicting so many casualties that Russia becomes weakened to the point that it can never again carry out an operation like this in Europe.

That’s a completely different objective than what the United States was saying at the beginning. And NATO is bought into that objective. So my point is, when Russia finishes phase two, they’re still going to be confronted with a hostile Ukraine that is more closely linked to NATO’s today than they were when the conflict started. And with a NATO that is not willing to roll over and accept Russia’s demands regarding a new European security framework where both sides can live in peace together, but rather which is focused on destroying Russia and Ukraine through continued nonstop combat operations. Which means that Russia better have a phase three in mind because this war isn’t over when they finish with phase two.

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Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year

Elite media outlets around the world are on red alert over the world’s first-ever global outbreak of Monkeypox in mid-May 2022—just one year after an international biosecurity conference in Munich held a simulation of a “global pandemic involving an unusual strain of Monkeypox” beginning in mid-May 2022.

Monkeypox was first identified in 1958, but there’s never been a global Monkeypox outbreak outside of Africa until now—in the exact week of the exact month predicted by the biosecurity folks in their pandemic simulation.